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  • August 22, 2015

Hi my all desi friends. My name is Vicky. I am 25 years old and I belong to the N.W.F.P of Pakistan. I want to share with you my experience of sex with my cousin (Mamoon’s Daughter) who lives in a village and she is also form a Pathan tribe like me.

The story begins when two years back I went to the village of my uncle. He is a Landlord he has three children. Lubna (19) Beenish (17) and Guddu(6). I went there in my winter vacations. They come to our house in Peshawar regularly but I went to theirs once in years as there isn’t any friend of mine. As I went there they were very happy to find me between them. I am very frank with my cousins, and uncle and aunty loves me like their own son. Cut a long story short I often dreamt about Lubna as she is making sex with me but I was afraid to do any practical as if I offered her any hint and she told to her parents than I will be disgraced in my family which I never want to be. One beautiful sunny day I was looking for my cousins to play karim board but I found that Beenish is bathing and Lubna is up on the terrace. So I went up to the terrace and there I found Lubna was looking down to the fields and her one hand was inside her kameez and she was squeezing her breasts. I was stunned with this scene as Lubna has a figure of 38” (breasts and hip), and as she was rubbing her breasts they were going up and down smoothly.

She was gazing towards the fields straight and she even didn’t notice that I am there. So I went near her and look that what she is watching. I found that in the fields a dog was fucking a bitch and she was so involved that didn’t noticed my existence. When I said to her what are you doing she jumped and cried in fear. She quickly controlled her self and said to me when did you come. I said since you are watching the show. She said I was just taking the sun heat. And at the mean time she turned her back to me and put her both hands in her kameez and placed the bra on her breasts and then I realized that her breasts were out of her bra. She then turned back towards me and said I hope you wont tell any body she was smiling and then she returned towards the stairs I was watching her hip and it was shaking so much that I never saw before she stopped near the door and said to me will you like to play the karim board.

When we were playing and she made a score I throw the striker towards her and accidentally the striker went in to her neck and inside her kameez. She passed a smile and put her hand into her bra and took the striker from there. When my turn come I hold the striker and said it is very hot. She smiled and said it should be as it touched my body. I was very happy, as it was the first sing of sin. At the mean time Beenish came there so there wasn’t any chance of asking her any thing.

At evening I was sitting in my room and making a planning that how can I fuck her. An idea hit me and I took the sexy magazine out of my bag in which models were wearing only bra and underwear. I knew that at mealtime she would come to call me for the dinner. So she did and at that time I took the magazine and open it. When she entered the room I saw that she didn’t wear a bra as her big boobs were shaking so much that I wished I could hold them. She came near me and said “kia daikh rahay ho” I said “tumharay kaam ki cheez naheen hai”. She came behind the sofa and watched the pictures and said “sharam karo nangi larkion ko daikh rahay ho” I said “larka hoon larkion ko hi daikhon gaa”. She than came so near to me that her boobs were laying on my shoulder, she suddenly put her hand in to a picture and said “iskay boobs too bilkul maire tarahan hain” I said “main kaisay yakeen karloon main nay to tumhary daikhay hee naheen hain”. She said “ aaj raat das bajay aa kar daikh lena”. I suddenly jumped with joy and tried to catch her between my hands but she ran and said “raat ko das bajay”.

These few hours were the long hours of my life and as it was 10 o’clock of night I came out of my room and headed towards her room, which was 10 feet far. It was very cold out side but I was feeling very hot. I saw that the light of her room was On and one thing was disturbing me was that Beenish and Lubna sleep in the same room and her father mother and Guddu sleep in the room next to her. I first went near my uncle’s room and found that there wasn’t any sound and the light was off, as villagers sleep early in the night.

I came near Lubna’s room and pushed the door it was open. And as I entered I saw Lubna was sitting on her bed while Beenish was sleeping on her own bed. As she saw me she ran towards me “aur meray galay laag kar bolee bohat intizar karaya”. “Main nay Beenish ke taraf dekh kar kaha iska kiya hogaa”. She said “yeh soo rahe hai aur waise bhi yeh mere razdar hai hum aik doosaray say kuch naheen chupatay isku patta hai ke tum aaj raat ko aao gay”. And as she said that I feel relaxed and then I realized that she was so near to me “aur uska gisam halka halka kaanp raha thaa aur gaisay main nay ussay kiss kia us nay bhee bharpoor saath dia to main nay us say kaha ke tum to experienced lagti hoo. Then she said “yeh dish ka daur hai hum deehati larkion ko bhi saab kuch aata hai aur main to waisy bhee college kay hostel main rahteen hoon. I didn’t waist my time and pushed her on the bed. The light was still on and I said to her turn it off but she said Beenish can’t sleep in dark or dim light and we never switch the light off. It was an advantage for me. So I slept near Lubna now I couldn’t control my self so I quickly turned her kammz up and put her boobs out of her bra. They were really sexy 38” pathan boobs and I started sucked them. I put her nipples in my mouth and sucked them hard and caught them in my mouth and pull them and then released. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning slowly. I was sleeping on her and after some time she widens her legs and caught me between her legs tightly.

She was feeling my iron rod erect penis against her pussy and she was enjoying it. “Kuch dair kay baad main nay uskee kameez aur bra utaar diya too usnay kaha kai tum apnay kaparay bhi uttarro. So I put all my clothes off and now I was naked she was gazing straight to my huge erect penis and she said “Itna barra”. “Main nay kaha pathan ka lund hai barra to hoga”. Now I slept on the bed and she was kissing me on all my body and was rubbing my penis with one hand. “Uskee sansain taiz taiz chaal rahee theen to main nay decide kia ke aab yeh tayar hai aur isko aab choodna chaheyee. “To main nay usko neechay litaya aur uskee shalwar uttar dee”. “Aab who poori tarah nangi thee”. Her body was really very sexy, her thighs were smart and her hip was larger than I realized. Her body was shining like phosphorus in the light. “Uskee kus par baal naheen thay to usnay kaha ke main nay tumhary liye saaf ke hai”, “Main nay moon say uksay boobs ko choosna shoroo kia aur aik hath ki unglee uske kus main ghusaa kar ghoomata raha uskee kus kafi geeli ho rahi thee. Ab us say bardasht naheen ho raha tha to main nay soocha kai usay aab karna chaheyee. Usie waqt us nay khud kaha ke aab mujhay karro aur intizar naheen hoota. To main nay uskee tangain utha kar apnay kandhoon par rakh leen aur apna lund uskay tight pussy main ghussanay laga to who cheelai ke dard ho raha hai main nay doobara aahista say dabaya to usnay phir kaha kay dard horaha hai. Uskay kus ka geela pan bhi kaam naheen aa raha tha to main nay kaha kay “oil” laaoo to ho ga. Usee waqt Beenish bistar say uthee aur kaha ke main “oil” latee hoon.

I was stunned that she is awake and I put Lubna’s shalwar against my cock. Lubna said to her “tum kab jaagein. Beenish said main to soie he naheen thee aur kambal say chhup kar tum dooono ko daikh rahe thee”. Lubna didn’t even noticed it and said to her “maire almare say “oil” lay aaoo”. I said to her “isnay sub kuch daikh liya hai”. But she said Kuch naheen hota yeh kisie ko naheen batayee gee”. “Beenish uthee aur almari say oil lay aie aur mujhay day dia main nay kaprra hatta liya tha aur Beenish mere penis ko ghoor say daikh rahee thee aur muskara rahee thee. Main nay ussay kaha kay tum apnay bistar par jaaoo. Lubna nay oil mere lund par lagaya aur usay malnay lagee jab oil achee tarahaz lag gaya to usnay phir apnee tangain mere kandhoon par rakh dein. Main nay apnay lund ko uskay kus par rakha aur ahista say andar kiya to who andar chala gaya aur Lubna nay halki si cheekh mari. Aab main nay ahista ahista apna poora lund uskay andar ghussa diya. Lubna nay kaha keh dard ho raha hai. To main nay ahista ahista jhtkay dainay shoorh kar diaee. Main nay ahista ahista taiz jhtkay dainay shoorh kar diaee to Lubna na ahista ahista cheekhna shoorh kar diya aur main nay apne lips uskay lips par rakh liayee keih koi suun na lay. I was now fucking her very hard and she was crying a little bit. Her breasts were shaking very much with every jerk on mine at last I cum and I cum inside her vagina she already had cum. That was a lifetime experience as her pussy was really tight. After I fucked her I saw that Beenish was sitting naked on her bed and she was masturbating. Boys she was really beautiful and sexy like her elder sister.

She was looking towards me and smiling. Lubna saw towards her but didn’t say any word. That night I fucked Lubna twice and she also enjoyed it. But as I said to her to suck my cock she strongly denied so I didn’t insist on it. Also when Beenish said that its my turn now she also angrily stopped us to do so. As she said you will just fuck me not my younger sister so I didn’t fuck Beenish. When I said to Lubna that I cum inside your pussy and I will sent pills for you from city but she said it doesn’t matter my room mate in college have many boy friends and she uses pills for abortion and I will take some from her when I will go there after vacations.

I spent there three more days and every night I fucked my desi cousin Lubna. Every day Beenish also undressed with us and she always masturbates there. After that when ever we met we make sex when ever it is possible. Lubna also told me her first lesbian experience in her college hostel and I will tell you that story later. But the big one is that I fucked Beenish after that as we were both willing to do it and we didn’t tell about this to Lubna. As “Mian beve razi to kia karay ga kazi” and I will tell you that story next time.

I hope you would like my true story. Only the girls are invited for e-mail friendship. My e-mail is

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