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  • August 19, 2015

Hi this is Vinu again with another story. This event took place on 2000. It was a bright sunny Saturday morning. I was in my bedroom on the Internet searching for porn movies to download for my own pleasure when I heard the water running in the bathroom. I paused. I quietly got up and went to my door. I listened. Daisy (my aunty) was taking a shower. She has a great pregnant body: 5’ 7” at 186 pounds and a 36C cup. She has brown hair with blonde streaks. I always have fantasies about her fucking me.

The water stopped. My uncle works for a corporate company that makes abundant of money to support our small family. He gets up at around 7 a.m. and doesn’t come home until 9 p.m. Which is perfect for me to spend quality time with my aunty on the weekends? “Vinu!” “What?” I replied. “I’m going to margin free shop, and will be back soon okay?” “Okay,” I said. About thirty minutes later I heard our front door slam shut. I quickly got up and went to the window to see if her going out. “Yes!” I then went to her bedroom and went to her pink laundry basket. (Pink is her favorite color) I bent down to find her blue panties and her pink C size bra. I took them to my room and sniffed at her aroma of her panties, fresh and wet. I licked every drop of her sweet juice and took her bra and smelled her perfume and sweat. My aunty was five months pregnant so her breasts were producing milk.

Luckily for me I found a small wet spot where her nipples were leaking. I licked it. It tasted like sweet milk. I wished there were more. I masturbated in her blue panties and then smeared it around until it soaked in. I then returned her belongings to her laundry basket and went to her bedroom. I looked around the drawers to find clean panties and bras. I took one of the bras and soaked it inside with my cum. Then I neatly placed it back to the drawer. My next move was to cum in one of her panties that was on the top of the stack and made it soak in. This whole procedure after my aunty left took about an hour or less. It was 12:40 P.M. when my aunty came home from margin free shop. She was wearing a churidar. I also saw her wearing her black bra because the shoulder straps were visible. “Need help daisy aunty?” I said. “Sure, if you don’t mind.” She accidentally dropped her keys when I walked toward her. As she was leaning over I saw the most gorgeous outline of her milky breasts. My dick was getting an instant hard-on. When we were finished storing our groceries, my aunty said,” I’m going to take a quick shower, ok?” “Sure,” I replied.

I waited about fifteen minutes for her to finish her shower. When she went to her bedroom to dress, I quietly placed my head to the door to hear her comments about her bra and panties that I’ve soaked with my cum. At one time she said,” That’s strange, these aren’t dry?” Then she said,” Oh well”. “Yes!” I said in my mind, she’s carrying my sperm in her panties and her bra!” My next move was putting a drug in her orange juice, which will make her drowsy and eventually fall in to a deep sleep. I heard footsteps coming to the kitchen, so I looked up and saw my aunty walking towards me in a weird way. Like she didn’t feel comfortable in her clothes. “Is there something wrong, aunty?” “No,” she whispered. “I poured you some orange juice, daisy aunty”, I said. Knowing that it was drugged and would take about ten minutes for it too take total control over her. “Thanks, vinukuttaa.” “No, problem.” “I’ll be in my bedroom doing some works, ok?” I said. “Sure vinu,” she said as she finished her glass full of drugged orange juice. I went to my bedroom and waited for about fifteen minutes, getting prepared for fantasy. I just hope it doesn’t hurt the baby. Fifteen minutes passed. I opened my door and went straight to the kitchen. And there she was lying on the tile floor in a deep sleep. My mind was going wild on what to do next. So I bent down and softly touched her breasts through her white nighty and black bra. It felt so good that I pulled up her nighty hooks above her white bra. I touched her soft breasts and slid my hands under her bra. God, it was a dream come true. I undid her black bra strap, which was in the front, and there, were her two C size breasts.

My mouth came upon her right breast and sucked her sweet milk like I did when I was breast-fed. I did this for about two minutes on each breast. After I was satisfied, I looked up and saw her still in her sleep. “Wow, that drug was strong”, I said in a whisper. My next move was giving her oral. So I carefully pulled up her white nighty and cream petticoat and there were her white cotton panties. I removed them and saw the first pussy up close. She had a little bush, which I didn’t mind. I quickly went to work; first inserting my two fingers into her until she was wet, then I licked her pussy lips. Inserting my tongue as inward as I could. This lasted for about five minutes. Her pussy hairs were all soggy wet. I looked up again to see if she was awake, but she was still asleep. Then my next fantasy was to insert my cock into her for five minutes. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and insert my 6.5-inch cock into her pussy. It was moist and warm inside. I didn’t want to cum in her because of the child and I didn’t know if it was safe. So I just let it hibernate inside of her bushy pussy for a couple more minutes until I was done. I quickly put my clothes on and hers also.

When I was about to snap her black bra, I thought of an idea. Which was to wet her nighty with her milk where her nipples were, thus when she woke up I would ask her what the two wet spots where. So, I sucked her breasts again and got two mouthfuls and let it out of my mouth on her white nighty where her nipples were. Then I would make her nipples hard by licking them, which took about ten seconds. I then got up to see if everything was in place and it looked just like I saw her except her leaking nipples. I waited about ten minutes, and then I woke her up by shaking her body for about a minute before she opened her blue eyes. “Where am I?” she said in a wearily way. “You’re at home, daisy aunty,” I replied. “What happen to me?” “I don’t know… I was doing my work when something didn’t feel right, so I checked to see if you were downstairs”, I said making it up. She got up and looked around her surroundings and said,” Could you help me to a chair.” “Sure,” I said. I placed my right arm over her shoulder and went to our sofa.

I helped her sit down and sat across from her. She was still wearily but recovering quickly. “Could you give me some water,” she said? “Yea, no problem.” I went to the kitchen and got her a glass of water. She drank it in about two seconds. “How are you feeling aunty?” “A lot better, I don’t know what I could of done without you vinu.” “Ah, it’s nothing.” “Aunty, can I ask you something?” “Sure.” “Why do you have two wet spots on your chest?” She looked at me for a second, and then looked down to her wet nighty. “Oh, my god!” Then she immediately covered her breasts with her hands and hurriedly upstairs. I then said,” Is there something wrong, aunty?” She didn’t answer and was in the bathroom. So I quietly went upstairs to hear about her leaking breasts. “Oh, my God vinu saw my wet spots,” she said in a faint whisper. “I can’t tell him…. I’ll just say it was sweat when I fainted.”

She then opened the door and saw me standing five feet away from her. “Is there something wrong, daisy aunty?” “These wet spots are from sweat vinu.” “But why are there two round spots?” “You know vinukuttaa; I really don’t know how they got in two spots.” “Let’s forget about this and get something to eat, okay?” “Okay, “I replied. As we finished our little meal it was 5:30 P.M. My aunty stood up and said, “I’m going to take a long bath, okay?” “Sure.” So, I went to my room to watch some porn movies on my television for about an hour. I jacked off like three times. Any aunties, widows, ladies 30- 39, gals, college and school gals can contact me 4 a secret affair mail me at

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