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Desi Action In Train

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

I was travelling by train from Bombay to Delhi when I saw this gorgeous indian girl in the same compartment that I was sitting in. She could not have been more than 19, had short black hair, attractive facial features with strong lines and big full bodied red lips. I am guessing from memory that she was about 38B-27-38, 5ft 5 and wore a light coloured salwaar suit.

I could not help but stare at her throughout the journey, she was just stunning. It did take me long just through looking at her to get a raging hardon. I crossed my legs to hide my erect tool still looking at her. Of course her grandparents who where accompanying her on their journey did not appreciate my attention towards their grand daughter. Really this is where the luck comes into it. I do not really know whether it was fate or luck. Anyway, I had to relieve myself as my squirming had now becoming discomforting. With one last glance at her, her image still fresh in my mind I headed for the toilet for some relief. The latch on indian train toilets as you know are pathetic and this particular toilets latch was broken so I had to hold it closed with my foot while standing astride the hole in the floor dick in hand. I started thinking about the gorgeous girl sitting opposite me how good it would feel to fuck her.

After a couple of strokes I completely forgot about holding the door shut with my foot. Anyone could have walked in. In fact the last person I thought would walk in, did. It was the girl sitting opposite me who walked in. She did not see me at first because she had opened the door looking behind her talking to her grandma. Still talking to her grandma her back turned to me she closed the door. When she turned round she just froze mouth a gape. She saw my pants around my ankles my 9 inches in hand. She was staring at my dick for a while not saying anything. Fascinated by its twitching and length. This was a girl that had not seen a hard cock of my length before. Before she was going to decide to scream, leave or stay I decided to act. I could not have been given a more better opportunity. I quickly guided her hands to my throbbing member. At first she flinched but once she felt its warmth she began to experiment. Her _expression was more of fear. I tried to calm her down by showing her how much pleasure her touch was giving me. In the meantime I removed her dupatta revealing a nice cleavage and delved my hands under the material to feel her supple breasts.

She gave a little moan as i rubbed her nipples, her hands now rubbing my cock well. She was definetly warming to the task. Any apprehension left was removed when I kissed her sweet lips. She responded with harder thrusts on my tool. I pushed her hard against the door of the toilet lifting her of the ground. Pulling v! iolently down on her kharta pyjamas and cream lacey panties. To expose her very hairy bush. I lined up my cock with line of her slit and pushed in hard forcing all nine inches in with one thrust. She moaned deeply biting into my shoulder her legs wrapping around my waist. I used the rhythm of the train to help my thrusts into her wet pussy. I could feel her vaginal muscles tightening around my tool with every thrust. My hands squeezed her breasts tight our kisses becoming uncontrollable. I flooded her pussy with warm cum and she climaxed heavily. Her screams muffled by our kisses.

We kissed one more time before she knelt down and tongued of the excess cum. I have to go she said or my grandma will worry. For the rest of the trip she returned my glances and we fucked in the toilet as many times as we could. I lost count the number of times we kept going to the toilet. But her grandpa did comment on her frequent trips to the toilet. Its the train food grandpa, it doesn’t agree with me she said acting all innocent , giving me a quick wink. I just smiled. females from 18-45 who are interested in sexual relationshp and sexual true stories may mail me

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