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  • September 11, 2015

Hi readers, thanks to everybody who enjoyed my stories and true instances. I hope you all remember my story of Vibrator service to females. I am really amazed to see that a lot of Delhi females are still starved of sex and a lot of hubby’s are too writing to me to get the address of purchasing these type of vibrators for their wives as they feel that they are not satisfied and there requirement is still there. I know a lot of females or couples still feel worried about contacting me as I only handover the vibrators on rent to females who themselves wanna use them and coming in open of their sexual requirements is not so easy and that too with a total stranger. The lady who got in touch with me was from Rohini , Sector -9 and she was hesitant first to tell about her requirement but soon after my coaxing up tell that her hubby is working in Dubai and she is deprived of sex for last one year. She requested me to keep the privacy of her requirement as she belongs to a good upper class family. I told her that I am professional and belongs to a good educated family and aware of the social taboos and she should not worry about anything.

She decided to meet me in a coffee shop in a mall and on Sunday the things were fixed. I met her on the right time and was delighted to see a sweet sexy lady of around 28 yrs ,fair tall with sexy assets. We both talked for around half and hour regarding some common things and then she told regarding her requirement. Actually I got to know the full story after she told that her hubby told her regarding this idea and want her to make a small clip of her enjoying this nasty thing. I was shocked but was aware that there is no harm in it and its their personal life and both can enjoy in any way they like. She then requested me to come along with her apartment as this is not the safe place to see these things. I totally agree with her and go along with her to her house.

It was a nicely built 3 room apartments with all modern facilities. I had a glass of juice and then show the vibrator to her. The spark in her eyes was clearly visible seeing that good big delightfull toy. She was showing her joy before a total stranger like me and I can just imagine her requirement and desperation to have this in her hungry cunt. She then told that her hubby request can only be possible if I can help her. I was looking at her face in question mark as I did not understand her words. I asked her how I can help her ? She smiled and told me to wait in her bedroom as she will come soon after changing her clothes. The moment she entered the room I was stunned to see her……..She was wearing a long transparent White gown with a thin white silk Bra and a thin Panty inside. Those perfectly shaped breasts, her deep navel, buttocks; thunderous thighs were visible through the light material of the gown. The chocolate colored areolas of her breasts with projected nipples, a golden chain laying lazily in her perfect waist over the deep navel, well-shaped thighs. She was wearing a thin panty and the love triangle was covered with that. She had a very sexy and lusty look and a brown lipstick made her look hornier. Again my eyes went to her beautiful buttocks. She had a panty on and that showed the whole of her perfect buttocks. The protruding cheeks of her buttocks were so firm that they hardly even quivered; they had stuck out more than what would make any dick start to throb. Total scene was making me mad since I was not expecting this much from that couple.

Most of the breasts were out from her thin bra but they stood proudly in her chest and not drooped a little. Her breasts are a magnet for our eyes. They’re large, full, round and very tempting to touch. I like good dilations of shapely and slightly heavy breasts. I was really mad about her perfect body. The way her big breasts jiggle while she walks makes me masturbate instantly. To me, she has the biggest, heaviest and the most beautiful BOOBS in the whole world. Her breasts are really big and it stood perfectly and proudly in her chest. I had an intensive wish to crush them and suck all by my hungry mouth and suddenly she put her hand on my bulge and squeezed that. I was just stunned! Then I realized what was happening. I was so excited while watching her that I didn’t notice my huge bulge was clearly visible through the tight jeans of mine. Anyone could see that.

She was doing all these just to tease me and make my bulge even bigger. I was loosing my consciousness and slowly she I was getting more and more excited. I was loosing control already. Slowly she has taken my face on her hands kissed me. The first kiss was awesome. Those voluptuous lips slowly taken my lips to mouth and started sucking it like she was sucking juice out of ripe mango. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging in and out. I met her exploring tongue going deep inside her. We tangled each others tongue and I could feel her saliva going inside my mouth. The feeling was an incredible one that I felt never before. Then her thirsty lips traveled all over my face and that feeling was really terrific. Slowly she laid me in that lawn and her thirsty lips traveled to my hairy chest through my neck. She has taken my erected nipples to my mouth and bitten hard. Then that beautiful luscious lips traveled down and to her hand. She requested me to take that vibrator out as she wants to enjoy with that, I hand over that dildo in her hand. It was pulsating in her hand and size was almost 8″ and she was staring at it with widened eyes in disbelief. She moaned “Oh my God.” I got the biggest cock in my life. She then told me see straisht as her hubby is watching both of us through the web cam fixed on lying laptop. I was actually not prepared for this and keep looking at her face and she quietly said that please help her as this will make her hubby happy. I agreed and she start checking the dildo in her hands.

She was a lover of big cocks and it was for the first time she is seeing such a big cock and that too with exciting vibrating effect. Really she becomes hot and her eyes were glistening with lust. She began cuddling the vibrator with her kisses . She was licking that vibrator from the bottom to top and she went back. Meanwhile she has taken those artificial testicles also to her mouth and it was a wonderful feeling .She then taken the entire cock head to her mouth and started to bite it slowly. Slowly she has taken the entire cock to her mouth with great difficulty since it was so big. But she was enjoying every minute of it, sucking that dildo all the way like an Ice-cream cone. I was really in heaven because it was my first experience and too with the beautiful sexy idol. Suddenly she varied the rhythm and ensure her hubby is seeing all her activities through that web cam. A wonderful feeling, which I cannot describe in words, was passing through all over the body and nerves.

I felt my cum boiling in my testicles. Expert movements of her luscious lips were taking me to heaven and I was feeling that 1000 rivers are going to start flowing from my testicles. She was sucking that vibrator like a boy or girl enjoying an ice-cream candy and her movement become very fast. Really she was really mad since she got a big cock to make love and she was not getting much pleasure while making love with males. She is reaching the extreme pleasure while sucking a cock ,moreover it is the biggest cock she ever got for sucking and every movement of me made her madder. I was in seventh heaven and enjoying the perfect oral love with closed eyes while she was enjoying the entire movement. She never had such pleasure before while sucking the vibrator along with bringing her hubby to climax since the taste of the cum was really an intoxicating one.

I kept my eyes closed and was fantasizing of exploring each and every inch of that magnificent body of sexy goddess. Suddenly I felt the wetness of her hungry mouth and tongue licking out the sweat drops of my body like a cow licking a calf and that process made ready within minutes to explore that sexy naked body. Both of us were panting like wild animals. She taken my face in her hands and whispered , “I am ready to take this vibrator inside me. I am here for you. Enjoy me” She licked her lips then kissed me. As she kissed me she darted her tongue, her saliva into my mouth and it did taste good. I kissed her face, her neck, moving down to her shoulders as I caressed her body with my hands. I continued kissing down her shoulders and her arms then moved over to suck her breasts. I removed the bra and that perfect twin stood proudly in front of me. Her nipples were rock hard. Her Breasts were perfectly round shaped and exactly resembles breasts of naked statues of temples.

The areolas and nipples were dark chocolate color and were really erotic. Her navel is very deep and a perfect one. I sucked first the right nipple while gently holding and squeezing her left breast. Then I started to lick her entire tit and moved my mouth to suck her left nipple and flick it with my tongue. I then started to kiss my way down her flat stomach, arriving at the waistband of her panties. Slowly I removed that also. I look at the web cam and tell in a way that I am loving it and preparing your wife for taking this big vibrator inside her. I got on my knees and I nuzzled my face and nose against her pubic mound and scraped my teeth against her. Her crotch was absolutely soaked with pussy juice. I continued to nuzzle her pussy and nip at her with my teeth .She sat back on the bed and spread her legs wide, giving me total access to her fabulous cunt. As I brought by tongue up across her outer lips she put her legs over my shoulders, putting her heels on my back and pulled me toward her. She rubbed her pussy with to my mouth and I just lost control. Because I was dreaming for that sweet cunt and it was here for me to explore, to suck, to bite, to taste and to do whatever I like and this thought made me almost mad. She looked at the web cam and made a sign towards it and said. “It is for you Vikas – just see how I am gonna enjoy with this stranger before you. She then instructed me “to taste as you like explore it and take the juices out” I started exploring that sweet pussy and I have taken the outer lips to my mouth and sucked very hard. She also becomes wild and cried.

I grabbed her by the buttocks and pulled her closer. She opened her legs to welcome my tongue, and finally I tasted what I’d waited for all of my life. Her pussy sweet tasted and soft, the juices were running down my face! She moaned and pulled my head in jerking motion as if she were facing my face. I buried my face in her pussy and tried to crawl inside. I licked, nibbled, kissed and bit every delicious fold, crevice and crack of her hot wet sticky pussy. Then I came to her aching clit. It was huge begging to be attacked, to have its lust satisfied. I loved the intoxicating aroma of her beautiful cunt and couldn’t resist in pressing my face to the hairy triangle. I parted the outer lips of her cunt and slowly taken it to my mouth and sucked it hard. She was getting wetter every minute and she was pressing my face to her cunt very hard and when I started to suck it very fast and she started to moan very loudly. I rubbed and rubbed till her breathing was rapid and her moans became screams, then I buried my face in her hot pussy again and I teased her swollen clit unmercifully, tiny, fluttery sweeps of my tongue slowly taking her to the climax she desperately needed. But I decided to start the process again and I licked lightly over her pussy as it began to open like a flower blossoming. I then licked harder, my tongue going between her outer lips, tasting her nectar and ending up on her hardening clit. I licked circles around her clit as she began to moan.

Then I moved down and stuck again my tongue into softest inner areas of her pussy as deep as it would go, flicking it in and out and up and down tasting her sweet juices. She was pulling me to her with her legs and grinding her pussy into my face. I was driving my tongue in and out of her cunt as she bobbed her hips up and down, then I moved down and began to lick the inner areas of perfect thighs. After sometime I moved back to her dripping pussy, sticking my tongue in as deep as it would go, swallowing the love juices running from her cunt, then sucking on her clit, then tongue fucking her some more, then sucking her clit. As I sucked her clit, I would flick little circles on it with my tongue. She was now really grinding her pussy into my face and making more noise, moaning, groaning and yelling, telling me to lick and suck and eat her. I kept on licking and sucking her pussy as she grabbed me by the hair, pulling my face into her soaking pussy. I again shifted my face from pussy to her thighs and but she grabbed my hair and kept my face on her love mount again. I moved back to her pussy and put my tongue in deep, at the same time sucking her clit. I had a mouthful of cunt. I was grinding my tongue as far as it would go and moving my head up and down. She was constantly hissing like a snake, she again had both her hands on my head pulling my hair, pulling my head closer to her cunt. I moved my tongue up to her clit again and I knew she was going to come. She was holding me like a vice, grinding her pussy into my face. As I continued to lick her clit her I could feel her legs tense and she was crying in happiness “Vikas I am cumming, see your wife is getting pleasure from this stranger”.

Oh you have done it .”I am commmming” Sarika’s pussy opened wide and drenched my mouth and face with her delicious come. As she came, I lapped up all I could and she kept grinding against my mouth. At last at a fine moment she reached the ecstasy and then shuddered in pleasure and instantly had one, two, or maybe even three or more orgasms, which was one of the best in her life. She was floating without weight in air since I had given her a perfect and fantastic oral job, which she never experienced in her life. Moreover she never expected such a terrific experience from an in experienced virgin boy. I kept licking the juices but soon She pushed me and we both got up. I sat down on the bed. She looked at that vibrator. Her pussy was still dripping and I slid in easily, filling her with that thick length. Her womanhood wrapped around that vibrator like a glove as she put her arms around my neck, leaned her head back and gave a deep sigh saying “It is really good .It is full inside me my sweet boy. So long… so deeep.. . . very delicious, baby”.

The feeling of seeing that dildo buried to the hilt inside her was absolutely amazing. She leaned down and kissed me. As we kissed, I ran my hands over her body, across her back, caressing her breasts and she let her hands run over my body as well. It was more than a dream come true! It was hard to believe that that sexy bitch was riding on me. I never dreamt this even in my wildest dreams. I could feel her pussy begin to grip that dildo.. it opened an closed rythmicly. Soon, she was gently rocking that dildo inside her and I was leaning back in the bed, moving my hands to slow rhythm. I reached up and held both her breasts in my hands, lightly squeezing her nipples between my thumb and forefingers. Then I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth as she arched back putting her hands behind her on my knees, grinding her pussy onto that dildo. As I sucked her breast, I reached around and squeezed her ass, pulling her onto me. I leaned back again, arching my hands to drive deeper into her cunt.

She bore down with her pussy, grinding it onto that cock, taking every inch into her. Her pace began to quicken. She was raising her hips higher, taking longer strokes of that vibrator, I was in awe as I watched her taking that fat piece inside her, watching that big cock split her pussy, watching as her pussy loved that dildo, making it wet, stroking it, swallowing it. She now had her feet on the floor straddling me as I leaned back in the bed. She was riding that cock with long strokes now, fucking down with her tight pussy, taking the entire length inside her, and then raising up, letting six or seven inches slide out then coming back down on that. I was matching her stroke for stroke, pumping my hands up into her to meet her down stroke, driving that big dick as deep as it would go. Her fucking was getting quite vigorous and her pussy was slurping and farting as my hand piston in and out. She kept stroking and fucking that cock with her glorious pussy, and I watched as my thick member was engulfed time and again. She would change the rhythm, from fast and frantic to long and slow then back again. She was making sounds again, grunts and moans interspersed with words like “Ooooh yes, Oooh harder, harder, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me with this dildo, yes’s! , its so, it’s so fucking good!” It turned me on, making my cock stiff to hear how she loved fucking with that vibrator. She was now getting fucked with that vibrator hard now, riding up the entire length of that dildo then driving back down, taking every inch deep inside her, grinding her pelvis against that dildo then riding up again. She was throwing her head back and forth saying “Yes, ooh yes, oh God yes!” as she thrashed on top of my hand holding that dildo in side her pussy.

I could feel that cock going to the very depths of her vagina. Her wetness was continuously flowing, soaking our crotches as I felt my cock grow even larger as I got ready to come. I reached up, grabbing her tight tits and squeezing them in both my hands. She increased her pace, riding that dildo faster and faster with long strokes. She looked almost delirious, her long hair flung about, her hands grabbing at my chest, scratching, pulling me to her as she rode that vibrator, frantically trying to get every inch available. Her cunt walls were very tight and the vibrator was full inside her pussy without any gap and while riding it was touching innermost depth of her hot pussy .I am gonna come, I wants to gonna come in you!” She said, “Yes! Yes! Come in my pussy, fuck my pussy till you comes! Fill my cunt with your big prick! Fill my cunt with come!” She was in ecstasy, want only riding that vibrator, on the verge of orgasm. Her pussy was opening up taking all of me, taking so much I could feel her pussy lips on by balls. I was getting close, very close.

My touching was adding to the wetness that was in her, flowing from her. I was straining to ram my hand holding that vibrator as hard and far into her pussy as I could and she was taking all of it and then some, grinding back, swallowing that giant cock with her cunt. She was fucking fast and furious now driving toward orgasm, losing track of time or setting. She even harder trying to bring it on. She was crying in ecstasy “Fuck me, Yes, Oh God Yes! Fuck me deep, Fuck me hard! Hard! Harder! Fuuuckk meee, Fuuuckk mmmee! I’m going to come! I’m going to come. My hand was throbbing and pulsating gigantically into her wet cunt. She was yelling, “Oh Yes! Ooooh Yes! I’m Coming! I’m Coming! I’M COMING!!!” and she rode that vibrator for all it was worth, grinding herself down on it, taking the entire eight thick inches into her, squirming on it, riding up again only to thrust back down.

I could feel her cunt pulsating as my hand continued to throb and pump come into her. I watched as she stroked her pussy up on that dildo, come dripping from her pussy, making my vibrator slick, soaked with her love juice. Then she would come back down, taking every inch, squirming to get more. As I slowed,she was softly moaning, We stopped with her sitting on top of that dildo with my hand still buried inside her. She said, “You are not finished yet, are you?” I was incredulous; we had been sucking, fucking and eating for almost an hour. She stood up slowly, letting that dildo slip from her pussy. She watched with a gleam in her eye as that vibrator slid out. “There’s one position I haven’t tried yet.” I said suddenly. “What do you mean?” she said. I turned her around and slapped on her beautiful butt. I stared at me with narrow eyes and then started to laugh, “So, you like to fuck me like a bull from my back?” She was very hot and was eagerly waiting for the biggest cock she ever seen to enter her awaiting pussy.

She changed her position on bed and bent enough like waiting for entry of that fat cock. I cupped her big boobs in both hands while she guided that dildo to her cunt. She was shivering in excitement. Then I started entering that vibrator inside her from behind. She was hissing like a snake. While entering her cunt she was hissing like a snake. A little sigh from her was the only resistance to an otherwise perfect entry of my fat and 8″ vibrator. Now the moment of truth arrived. I was dreaming for this moment. Then with a sudden thrust I pushed it in. A huge cry came out from her pretty throat. “Oh! Please. Slowly my boy. “Without bothering for her protest, I continued my piston like motion. As I was fucking her from rear, her boobs were moving back and forth. The sight of her boobs moving made me crazy and I got hold it and started crushing with all my force and she was crying in pleasure. It turned me on even more; I kept slapping her beautiful perfect buttocks.

The bed was moving according to the violent movements of us. She moaned and squirmed saying, “Oh God!” She said, “Oh God, it feels so fucking big! Ooh it’s so fucking big, it’s so good, and I never thought it would be like this!” Her pussy hole was tight and hot since I was fucking her from behind. I could feel the tightness of her cunt around the base of that dildo. God! It was so tight. I started to gently stroke that vibrator in and out and could feel her pussy relax, accepting my big vibrator into her nether region. She was groaning, saying, “Yes, Yes, I want that big fucking cock, Fuck my pussy with your big dildo!” I started to move more, the lubrication was good and She started to move with me. The smell was like an aphrodisiac and just watching my hand pump in and out of her ass was getting me excited. I was taking long steady strokes in and out of her sweet pussy. She was pushing back to meet me every time I would push it in. She was making sounds now, “Oh, oh, oh, oooh”, every time I would fuck my big dildo into her. This was fantastic, pussy was tight. With my strokes, I was rubbing and squeezing the most beautiful buttocks I have ever seen. It was tight and soft. I slapped those beautiful cheeks, squeezed them. My cock was getting harder, bigger, getting ready to come. I kept on stroking my cock with my hands as her cries became louder, more insistent.

She was constantly moaning now, holding onto the bed to brace against my thrusts, moving in concert with me, fucking her in her ass hole. She was now getting ready to come, taking long fast strokes into her pussy, She was bouncing back against me, fucking back hard saying “yes more. Please Fuck me hard” I held her by the hips as I rammed my dildo into her. She let out a sob as she felt my dildo explode inside her and began to come and come. I was coming and fucking my vibrator into her pussy and could feel it as she came. Her pussy lips gripped that dildo and I could feel her pussy pulsating fast.. She was yelling, “Yes! I’m coming! Oooh yess! Don’t’ stop! I’m coming!” I continued to piston my dildo into her. Cum was dripping out of her ass hole and running down her crack as I fucked her. She was still coming, I could feel her insides vibrate and her pussy lips gripping my dildo as I continued to ram it into her. She was yelling and crying out “Ooooh I’m coming! Ooooh Yess, Yesss Yessss! Ohhh. Ahhh…Yesss!” I was ramming my hands holding that vibrator deep into her pussy as she came and came and lost control and was wetting herself as she came.

I could feel the wetness running down my legs as she was now roaring like a wild tigress and suddenly I was coming, my cock exploding, and shooting lots of come. I kept ramming my big vibrator into her now slick and dripping pussy hole and she kept on coming like there would be no end. I was fulfilling her hubby’s desires with much happiness and was sucking that love pot mercilessly as if there is no tomorrow. At last at a fine moment she reached the ecstasy and then shuddered in pleasure and instantly had two more orgasms, which was her best one in her life. Finally after a several minutes, we began to subside and I slowly slowed and finally stopped stroking it into her. We stood like that momentarily, breathing hard, reflecting on what we had just experienced her, bent over the bed with her head turned to one side, hair splayed out.

We were both covered with sweat and the smell of sex filled the air. Then I withdrew my vibrator from her and we both lay down on the bed exhausted. She was enjoying each and every moment and me also. Both of us were enjoying the lovemaking to the extreme extent, especially me since it was the first one of my life. I was tired too much and she kept my face on her lap and she given those breasts to mouth and cuddled me like a baby. I have taken that melons one by one to mouth and sucked it very hard and she enjoyed it very much. While I was sucking that hardened nipples she was watching me with much happiness in her eyes. We both were looking at the web cam and I know her hubby would have enjoyed the whole show. Her hubby would be extremely happy to see her wife enjoying every part of this show. I will be waiting to get invitations from all you horny females and couples at

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