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Delhi Mai Chudai

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hello folks, this is Yogi, an 19 yr old guy from Delhi, who’s had the privilege of having a wonderful experience with a girl called Pooja, one thought was opposed to sex. I was her classmate for 2 yrs during my higher school,was a very good friend of hers, and did never have sexual intentions towards her. But both of us changed our college after our school, we went to different colleges though. Only after we separated, did I realize her essence. Yes, u got it right, I was getting sexually attracted towards her. But I seldom made any moves, the most I did was to ask her out for a movie- Dil Chahta Hai, to which she said that she planned to go with her college mates instead.

I was disappointed. I nonetheless was her friend, gave her an occasional call. One fine day I invited her over to my college, and she surprisingly came, cause she was averse to coming near my college. We did spend some nice time, decent time, but my thoughts were elsewhere, a possible encounter on the bed. I also invited her to my house, knowing very well there weren’t anyone at my place, and guess wat, lady luck was smiling at me, she accepted my invitation again. I took her home in my car, this was the first time she’s come home.I was just hoping for a miracle,and u know what that miracle is. To tell u people about her, she’s pretty decent, in the sense that, she’s not a pub hopper, leave alone smoking, she doesn’t even crack adult jokes. She neither does mingle around with guys much, in other words, she’s a typical goody goody kinda girl. I made her comfortable on my sofa, whilst I went to get her some squash. All the while I was making up my mind, whether to make my first move or not. If I did and she accepted it, nothing like it. On the other hand, if she chided me, that would be my worst humiliation.

But I couldn’t hold back any longer, the poster on the wall saying ‘if u love someone, show it’, was coaxing me to make the move. Just when I was handing over the squash to her, I held her hand, and confessed that I was attracted towards her and asked for permission to kiss her, to which she rudely refused. She didn’t even accept the drink. She sat in deep thought. I sat beside her, and softly placed my hand on her shoulder. She turned towards me, and now we were within kissing distance. Lemme tell u that Pooja always liked me, and I guess she wouldn’t have minded a kiss from me, but probably it came earlier than expected. We came closer to each other. I could feel her warm breath, and this gave me a hard-on, not that I didn’t have one all this while, but was most prominent now. Within seconds, we were sucking at each other’s lips like no one else could. We were both becoming horny, we clasped each other’s faces and were just not willing to let go. It was like a competition, with both of us trying to outwit the other in the game. Just then, I made a very good move. I caught hold of her breasts and squeezed them to my heart’s content (or was it to her heart’s content???). I kept caressing and pressing them, and she became really horny. We rolled over to the carpeted floor, and she took off my shirt with such amazing swiftness, it would put a professional conjurer to shame. I too unbuttoned her shirt, and, boy, did she have wonderful breasts!!! We were both topless, still sucking away at each other’s lips.

Our hands were exploring all that was uncovered in each other’s bodies. Her nails were hurting, but I loved it. I was in heaven! When the smooching was going on in full vigour, she pulled down my pants with disdain, and my rock hard cock sprung out with eagerness. This was the moment I was waiting for. We stopped kissing. I had to reciprocate her goodwill gesture, so I pulled down her pants in as professional a manner as blue movie actors would do. And then, I saw one of the most amazing sights, her moist cunt, waiting to be plugged by my tool. Although I was thinking of all this, I dared not ask her for sexual intercourse, coz I had always under-rated myself, I thought this encounter would end before the climax. I decided to let my taste buds experience a new taste. So, I started licking at her cunt. And now she yelled. Shouts of aaah, oooh, yesssss, filled the air. I then refused to continue licking hers, for which she pleaded me, so I told her to ask her college-mates to do it, coz she preferred going for the movie dil chahtha hai, with them. She now swore that I was the best, and she could find no one better. She was now at my disposal, but nevertheless, I gave her a good performance. She was closing her eyes, biting her lips, and sometimes shouting at the top of her voice. After some time, she asked me to stop, which I did immediately, coz I too wasn’t very good at doing it. Now I went close to her face, my dick was precariously placed on or just around her cunt. We were sweating terribly.

‘I want u inside me’ is what Pooja whispered in my ears. I immediately took my tool in my hand, and was about to guide it inside her waiting cunt, when I remembered I didn’t wear a condom. I asked for her suggestion, to which she said ‘all that matters is u, now fuck me, I want you to do that quick’. I wasted no time. I placed my dick at the threshold of her cunt, and being an inexperienced guy, gave it a hard push. She yelled like as if I stabbed her (well I did, but in the right place and with the right equipment). I was taken aback, and was just about to retreat, thinking that I hurt her immensely. But she held me tight, cupped her legs around my back, and said that she wont let go. ‘Yogi, I’m loving this, plzz don’t ditch me, do it, fuck me hard’. This was a morale booster for me. I held her breasts for grip, and started pumping, or rather boring her cunt. Aaaaaaaaah, ooooh, yessss, yesssss, do it, that one, shouts like these were coming thick and fast. There was some kinda blood oozing out of her cunt, I did break her virginity vigil, but she wasn’t bothered, so I didn’t either. I was getting cramps, but nothing would stop me. I was trapped between two stubborn elements, one being me( coz I definitely wouldn’t let go) and the other was she(coz she had her legs tightly around me, and gave no room for any distraction). Now we really were in heaven. She was loving it, she whispered that she wanted me to become a father, of course it was a touch too much foresight, but at that moment, every word was golden.

My dick wasn’t spared of pain, remember, I was a virgin too. But this was pain at its pleasurable best. We were both shouting like wild wolves. Then, with a sudden spurt, I shot all my semen into her. For a moment, I was wondering if I had to withdraw, just before ejaculating, and I even asked her that, to which she said nothing but gave me a tight hug, which gave me the obvious message. She too reached her climax, and I was just filling the remaining fuel into her tank. We were panting like dogs, kissing desperately, and hugging like long time lovers will do. We were thanking each other, for the great time we had. And she finally said ‘congratulations Yogi, u will be a father very soon’ for which I reciprocated by suggesting some name for our child. I then withdrew my tool from hers, it was drooping dead by now. After this incident Pooja underwent a great change. She called almost everyday, and asked for sex. I accepted with glee, but not always, the fear of making her pregnant, was in my mind. But I wasn’t a fool either, I satisfied my sexual desires too. But what is unfortunate is, when I sometimes rejected her offer, she had sex with other guys, guys she didn’t even know for long.

Well she can’t be called a prostitute, she didn’t fuck for money, and there’s no such thing as an amateur prostitute. And just last week, she informed me that she is pregnant, and there’s a serious complication in this- we don’t know who’s the father (although I fancy my chances best).

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