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Deflowering Young Cousin Sister

  • desipapa
  • December 30, 2015

Hello all Desipapa readers… I am Sammy here 19 m and here I want to share my story which happened just a month ago…. actually I have been always a big fan of Incest but never had any experience. Okay let me tell u something about myself I am 19 and have a very athletic and strong body as i regularly go to gym and play tennis. any mature lady, girl, housewife or any female want to have a great experience pls mail me at I assure you of a great experience and confidential as well hot phone sex and chatting as well as actual oral sex in Ahmedabad is welcomed and this story is about my cousin sister.

Reema she is 18 and studying her levels we were always very close friends and use to share everything about or friends, girlfriend and other issues. She comes from a very typical family so is not allowed to talk to any boys and as the age works she was always fascinated by boys and all. I knew that and always had an eye on her. So after her exams she came to visit us for a few days, we use to sleep in the same room and man I couldn’t sleep at all. I use to wake up 4-5 times and see her gorgeous body… btw she has very firm tits and a body of around 34-24-34.

Slowly we started going out for movies and dinners as she had missed it all coz of her exams. And I use to touch her whenever I can knowingly. And I think she also enjoyed my touches now my parents and my aunt (her mum) decided to go to a relative’s place for a day but i refused and said that it’s too boring to go in Pooja and all. So we both were allowed to stay back and this was the chance I wanted. Everyone went out around 7am and I decided to have my sister’s young cunt asap. So I went for a shower and deliberately came out without my t shirt on.

I was just in my shorts and was roaming around the house. She was reading newspaper and did notice me. I just stayed like that and when having our breakfast I saw her looking at my chest and nipples, and I knew that she was liking them after that she went for her bath and when she came out I was so amazed.. She had worn a black tight capri and striped t shirt.. Her hair was wet and she was smelling awesome.

I just lost my mind and wanted her badly, I just told her that u r really looking awesome and any boy would go awestricken looking at u like this. in replay she said don’t tell anyone but I want a boyfriend and if asked the reason she said that all of her friends had one but she didn’t as she was afraid to trust anyone. so i asked if she trusted me and she said of course I do. so I said okay I will be your bf… she was amazed to listen to this and said how’s that possible,

I said rather than making a useless guy whom u don’t know your bf I can be your bf and no one will know about it as well as u know me as well. Listening this she just smiled, and i got the red signal for the bull. I went near her and hold her face in my palms and kissed on her cheeks and then kissed on her lips she didn’t say anything so I kept on pushing my tongue and finally she allowed it to enter her mouth and she too then kissed me back we were going wild in our hot smooch kissing.

We exchanged our saliva while she leaned back on wall. I started sliding my hand inside her t shirt while our kiss went on then my hands roamed around her breast and i put my hand inside her bra and boy her nipples were hard and erect.. so i just took her to the bedroom and removed her t shirt and unhooked her bra and wildly kissed on her neck moving down to her nipples.. They were awesome, her tits were perfectly round and pink and firm. I just took her left melon in mouth and sucked it hard she just said ahhhh bhaiyaa, its paining but I ignored my other hand went down her capri and went under her panties to find a hot and little hairy cunt oozing from juices. I sucked both her nipples for 10 mins and then removed my t shirt also, then I threw her capri and panties away and saw that she had a wonderful love hole, very pink with little hair surrounding it,

I just put my tongue there and slowly flicked it and kept on doing that.. by this she just moaned loudly and jerked, I kept on licking and fondling her and she kept saying ahhhh bhaiyaaa, pls don’t do this finally I removed my shorts and my undies to show her my 8 inch tool, she just went silent looking at it, i was so hard that my cocks veins were literally coming out I put her hand on it and she too started stroking it gently although she was a bit hesitant, man her soft touches were amazing..

Now I really needed to get relieved and I just took out a condom that I had in drawer and wore it… looking at it she said no bhaiyaa please not this.. it will pain a lot but I was in no mood to stop so I just took her nipple in mouth and sucked it hard, she was just enjoying it and then I put head of my dick at her entrance and she just shivered by it… she was very tight as she was a virgin so I slowly kept pushing in her and she was crying with pain. And then with final push I entered her hot cunt and man she screamed like anything so

I just put my tongue inside her mouth and sucked it so hard that she almost couldn’t breathe she had her hands around her thighs and I saw stream of blood coming out and I knew I had broken her seal… so I just started thrusting in and out and then even she enjoyed it but her moans were like a slut from porn movies, she was moaning amazing and that motivated me to pump her hard.. being an strong guy I hold her tightly and got my meat working overtime for next 20 minutes

I just fuck her horribly hard and in order to stop her crying and moaning I kept on sucking her breast and tongue with one big shiver she jerked and she had her second orgasm and soon I also felt pressure in my dick.. And loaded tons of cum in her cunt man it was the most amazing fuck I had, I must have sprayed so much come that i never had thought I could… soon after we both were breathing furiously and I just laid her on my cheat and caressed her butts and kissed her for a long time.

And then we had a great shower together.. that day we had sex 4 times again and it was just great to fuck my own young cousin like a slut…. I fucked her ass, also in dog position as well as by pushing her on the wall…. it was truly an amazing day for both of us, if u like this story pls tell me I’ll put the other 4 incidents soon on as well.. any mature lady, girl, housewife or any female want to have a great experience pls mail me at I assure u of a great experience and confidential as well.

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