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Daughter Seduction! You Are Mine

  • desipapa
  • October 26, 2015

I am Jyothi from Bangalore. I am working girl in IT Company. I am earning handsome bucks.

I am 5 feet 6 inch tall. I have nice body as told by many boys while in college and company.

My boobs and butt are nicely shaped. My assets are good enough to attract any one. My father Was working in army but now he is retired. He has good physique and even running daily.

He is 6 feet tall and has good chest and biceps even this age. He is quite handsome. My mother is housewife and take care daily needs of home. This story is about my marriage .I am 26 years old.

Now I will tell my story about my father and me. When I was 23 years old, my parents were searching a boy who is earning good money and should be from decent family. My father called me to home and told about the program .I told to papa that I am not ready for marriage. I need sometime. I argued a lot to my parents but they are not ready to hear me. They said that boy is very good and decent. You should marry him.

One day you have to marry to someone. Why you should not marry to him. Even my father called him tomorrow to visit the home. I was angry but I could not do anything. So next morning they came to my home with their entire family. They saw me and liked me. They are agreed. I saw the boy. He was very slim and looking weak. He does not have good physique. I made my mind that I would not marry to him. I told this to my father. My father was very angry at me. I asked for 2 years that I would marry to someone after 2 years but my parents are not okay. My parents fixed my marriage without my approval. I was saddened. Nobody was hearing me.

I moved to Bangalore for job. I thought I would not marry to him at any cost. I decided to do something.

I was arguing to my parents a lot but they did not hear me. Now my marriage date was coming near and I was very sacred. One day I was searching movie in internet. Suddenly I found incest movie. I started watching movie. It is sex between blood relatives. It was movie about son – mom and father daughter.

I liked the relationship between father and daughter. They were having sex and were very happy. Father was fucking his daughter day and night and made her cum. Daughter used to seduce to father. Father was doing exactly as daughter wanted. I saw father was licking her daughter pussy and sucking nipples very hard. Daughter was on high and enjoying very much. Then daughter was sucking his cock deeply.

I was lost watching this movie. I started rubbing my boobs and pussy. I was wet. Somehow in my mind,

I was started thinking about my father, an army man. He is well strong. I started dreaming my father fucking me very hard and I was screaming loudly. It felt me so good while thinking about my father.

I thought If it was real, how much I would I enjoy. Now I was planning if I were to able to seduce my father then I would make him agreed to not get married me with that guy. I need more time to get married.

I slept thinking my plan. Tomorrow morning I got a call from my father that he would come to visit me very soon. I planned everything and would go ahead as plan. The day arrived when my father was coming. I was living in 1 bhk apartment. There was only one bed and one bathroom. I was ready with my plan. He knocked the door. I opened the door and hugged him very tightly. His big chest was touching my boobs. First time I got feeling like this. For 2 second I was lost. He made me aside and smiled at me.

I also gave him smile. I was wearing pajama and loose t-shirt with v neck. I was showing my cleavage intentionally. I made the tea and we were drinking the tea. He was staring at my cleavage time to time.

But I was being very innocent. Then we chatted a lot. He asked about my marriage plan. I told him because I did not want to make him angry. We made plan for chicken. So I started to prepare the chicken. But I smelled something about wine. I saw that it was my father was drinking wine.

I prepared the chicken and took it to my father. I sat beside him and showing my cleavage intentionally. When he was 5-6 peg down then I started to talk more. My father offered me wine and I drank 2 pegs.

Jyothi – Papa, Can i wait for my marriage 2 more years?

Papa- Why? Still you are not okay.

Jyothi- No Papa, It is not like that. I have one doubt on my mind

Papa- What is your doubt?

Jyothi- If my body is not prepared for marriage. Do I need to still marry?

Papa – What does it mean?

Jyothi- If my body is not prepared and still gets to marry him. Then after marriage I would not able to bear the pain.

Papa- How do you know that?

Jyothi- My periods are not regular. And I have heard something to my friend that at first night a woman has to suffer lot of pain. I am very much worried about that.

Papa- You should not worry about that. It is common about woman.

Jyothi- but Papa, I am not ready. I am really scared. I do not think I would be able to handle this.

Now I was lying on bed and try to sleep. My father also was lying just beside me. I just noticed that he was staring at my boobs as I wore tight t-shirt. I felt that it was right time to seduce him. I turned one side to him. Now my boobs were touching his body. I was pretending to sleep. He placed his hand on my waist. He was hardly in sense. I pulled my t-shirt up and now my stomach was fully naked. He placed his hand on my stomach and moving his hand up and down. I was feeling high as first time someone put his hand on my stomach. I was enjoying it so I have not stopped him. I went to him more closely .Now I touched his penis was erect. His penis size is 8 inch long and 4 inch in round.

I started thinking if his penis is in my pussy, how I will feel. This thoughts made me wet. Now he was sleeping deeply so I thought I should see his penis. I lowered down his lower. Now his penis was naked and I could see him clearly. I surprised how my mother had taken his penis in her pussy but at the same time she must have enjoyed most. I placed my hand on penis. It was hard erected and worm. I put my tongue on penis and started licking him. I sucked smoothly it for 15 minute then I stopped .Thinking if papa knew it then what would happen to me. I slept. Next day I woke up and freshened myself. I took bath and wore short and sleeve less t-shirt. My Boobs are clearly visible from side.

I woke my dad up and kissed him in his cheek. He took bath. We went to shopping. In evening there was program for drinking so dad picked up 2 whisky bottles from wine store. Dad was shipping whisky and I was preparing snacks. Dad asked me to join but I told him, I am going for bath after then I will join him. I took bath and covered myself in towel. When I came out at that time he was staring at me. He told me that you are fully grown up woman and you are ready to marry.

I asked to dad how am looking to get married. He smiled cleverly and said while staring my full body I was married to you mother, she was exactly like you even you are better than your mother. You are in your full puberty. You have body like full mature woman. See your breast, it is quite big. Hearing this, I was fully shocked. He does not feel shame while talking about my breast. But I said, Ohh papa, it is quite normal. Mine breast are not big but in shape while lowering down my towel till nipple were covered and I was smiling. I quickly moved to kitchen and changed in shorts. I put only loose t-shirt and panty. T-shirt was quite big as it covered my panty. I came and sat beside with papa and having pegs.

While we were down with peg and started discussing my marriage. Papa asked why you are so afraid of marriage. I said papa, only a girl can know this. She has to go through a pain. In marriage, a girl has to give whole body. What is wrong in that? Papa asked. Papa, It is about pain that a girl bear in first time.

A known person will not take care of that so I am concerned. Papa was fully drunk and said , so it about sex that bothers you. I said without hesitation, yes sex bothers me. Papa said, I saw your body and again having look of my body, you are ready with your body. Now I put everything aside and lay down with day and caressing his chest with my hand. Papa in first night, there is so much pain . Thinking of that, I cannot make my body. Now I cuddled my papa and pressing my boobs to his chest. He put his hand on my thigh just lower to butt.

He was moving his hand. I planted a kiss on his cheeks .He too kissed my cheek. He was trying to touch my boobs but he was shying and wanted to do without my knowledge. He woke up and went for pee. In mean time, I took off my whole clothes and lying naked in sheet with closed eyes. When papa came to bed and saw my clothes on floor. He knew that I was inviting him so he also took his clothes and lay down beside with me. He took my hand slowly and put on his penis. First I was not moving my hand the he took my hand in his hand and started shaking his penis. He left my hand then I measured papa penis in my hand. He put his hand on my boob and pressing.

I hugged my papa very tightly. He put his hand on pussy and started rubbing it. I started moaning. Papa kissed on my lips and inserted his tongue in my mouth. Papa and my tongue were pushing each other, tasting each other saliva. I was getting horny and started moan bit louder. I could feel his warmth.

Now papa pulled my leg and put his tongue in pussy lips. I was shivering. He continued for 15 minutes and I was about to leave my juice. Then he came over me and put his penis inside my mouth. I was sucking and I could only have 4 inch of penis. I sucked it for few minutes. I was in shocking state that now papa is going to fuck. I am losing my virginity to my papa. He put his penis on my pussy and started rubbing it. Now I was moaning higher. He pushed his penis inside my pussy and I screamed ahh Ahhh Ahhhh.. He slowly inserted his penis in pussy. He was stroking me hardly and I was screaming louder. He made me in doggy style.

He held my two boobs in his hand and stroking penis in my pussy. He fucked me for 15 minutes in this position. After fuck session, he looked at me and said now you are ready for marriage. I said that I am ready for you. He kissed my nipples and said why I should leave if god has given you to me. He fucked me again 2 times. Next morning he was smiling at me. I gave smile in back and took off my clothes and indicating him again while pressing boobs.

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