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Daughter Seduced Father

  • desipapa
  • October 31, 2015

Hi, I am Rucha from Mumbai, working one of the good firm after completing my master’s degree. I am now 24 year old, 5.7 feet tall, very fair complexion, black long silky hair. I have figure of 38 33 35 and looking sexy and hot. During the hostel life, when studying , we used to have sexual fun like touching or pressing or kissing with room mate with cloths or without. We used to watch porn on our mobile as well. But no male touch so far. I like to be well dressed and try to presenting my body in sexy way. I love my curvy figure.

I stay with my father, Anup Kumar, who is working with MNC at higher level. I lost my mother before 2 year. My father is 48 year old, 6 feet tall with very strong body. We are like good friends since I was a kid and we share all important matters. We go out in mall or shopping or movies like a friend. He is my dream man.

Few times, i started thinking about my father’s body and his handsomeness. I wish , we can have a sexual interaction as I like him very much. I hug and kiss him when ever I got the chance and he too hug me. I wear all short of cloths when go out or in house. I know very well that how sexy I am. Some how I started wearing sexy and short cloths when I am at home and try to attract my father. I noticed that, he watch and stare me which motivate me more for such sexy actions.

In last rainy season, we were struck in the house for few days and really bored. The next few days were weekend and I asked my father to go out for few days. He agreed and told me to go Khandala and booked his company guest house. We left on Friday afternoon and reached there by evening.

During travel, I was in tight top and shorts and wore undersized bra so as I look sexy. My father looked at me few times and whenever, our eyes matched, we exchanged smile. I sometime touch or massage his legs on some matter and he too.

Rucha, U looks gorgeous today.

ohh really dad. I am young now. You are looking handsome too.

I liked your dressing very much and starring on my boobs.

It was rainy when we reached Khandala and little disappointed. We had our evening tea and went for the bath. It was a big suite room consisting 2 bed room and drawing room with big open terrace with lots of green plants, sitting and resting arrangement.

After bath, I wore thin cotton shirt without bra and open my top 2 button so as my white cleavage seen clear. I kept my hair open and applied little make up. I was watching TV and my father came out from his room and looked at me. I smiled and asked him to sit. He was looking at me and his mouth were opened. He said ohh Rucha you looks gorgeous dear.

Thanks dad. I hold his hand and made him sit behind me. We sat so close that our legs touched. We both wore shorts so our legs were open. I felt some warmness on my legs.I sat keeping his hand in my hand and fingering cross with his. I started massage slow his hand. He was constantly starring at me and I felt good. I kept his hand on my leg and i kept my hand on his leg. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled as well and leaned my head on his shoulder.

Our hands were moving slow on legs for few times. I took my other hand up and kept on his shoulder in such a way that my boobs touch his chest. My one hand moving on his leg and other on shoulder n hairy chest. I felt his warm breaths. I placed my palm on his cheek and kissed. He moved his face and kissed my cheek.

My naughty dad.

It seems you are naughty as well Rucha.

I smiled and press my body more with his and pushed my boobs more. I felt he is confused and uncomfortable but I had decide to seduce him. I know he is away from sex since 2 year. I was hot n horny and he too became hot by now. I looked at his cock and felt some movement under his short. I was feeling happy and pressing my body more with his. My boobs were pressed with his chest and he too trying to touch my boobs. Now I could see his cock jerking in his short and he was trying to adjust and press his cock in his short. Now I was sure that he is hot and started thinking about me as well.

I than, laid on his legs and kept my head so close to his cock so as I feel touch of his cock when jerk. I hold his hand and placed on my hair. He start fingering my hair slow and looking in my eyes. I smiled at him. I took his other hand and placed just under my boobs. He was very hot now and his cock was jerking and swinging in his short.

Dad, are you ok ?

Yes dear. What about you babby ?

I am enjoying.

I moved my body little and now his hand touched my boobs and he did not moved his hand. I took his hand and kept his palm on my boobs and he took his hand. I again took his palm and placed on my boobs.

Rucha, It is wrong.

Ohh dad, i love you.

I love you too dear but it is sin as I am your father.

I pressed his hand more on my boob and looked at him. I shift my head and touched his tight cock. He was hot too and unable to control himself. I was pressing his palm which was on my boob. I felt after sometime his palm was moving on my boobs. I unbutton my shirt and made the excess for him. I kept my hand around his neck and lift my body up. I kissed his cheeks and planted a kiss on his lips. I watched in his eyes and invited him. I kept his hand behind me and kissed my lips. We kissed deep and passionate and hold each other tight. Our body was touching and felt warm. We kept on kissing deep tongue to tongue and taste the saliva.

We kept on kissing and massaging and moan slow ohhh ahhhh ahhhh , kiss me hard dad, ohh yes and kissing me hard. I sat and removed his t shirt and fingering his chest and kissing his nipples. I was very hot now. He removed my shirt and hold my boobs and start pressing pushing hard. He was moving his palm all over my body till my back and ass.

I now, start lowering his shorts and his tight cock came out and stand straight. Oh my god what a big cock it is , I Thought. I hold his cock in my palm and pressed and felt hard like a rod. I again lay in his legs and kissed his cock. I hold his cock in my both palm and massaging up and down slow. His cock reddish cock tip are out and oozing precum. I clean his cock tip and took his cock in my mouth and start sucking. I was in heaven not and enjoying his cock in my mouth like candy.

He place his hand proper on my body and massaging allover my body and pressing and pushing my boobs well. He removed my shorts and we were naked now. I kept on sucking his tight cock and found his cock jerking in my mouth. My palm was on his balls and I massaged with every suck of cock. He placed his one hand on my pussy and massaging my pussy lips.

I saw in his eyes and he was looking too and i said I am enjoying much. He said I am enjoying too.

Dad, your cock is big and thick. Very tight and long.

You like my cock sunny.

Yes, dad. I liked your cock but scarred to see your cock size. I have very small pussy.

I will make your pussy big dear. Your mother was smaller than you when married me. Her pussy was small as well but after taking my cock she was very happy.

Really dad……… I wanna you in me. wanna your cock in my pussy.

I will honey. You have gorgeous sexy figure. Very nice boobs and good nipples. I like to play with your boobs dear.

You can play with my boobs dad. I play with your nice hard cock. What a cock dad at this age.

Wanna go to bedroom Rucha.

Yes dad, we can go to bedroom. Will enjoy more in big bed.

We stand and walked in bedroom holding each other. His cock stand straight. Really a big cock . I lay in the bed and invited him on me. He laid on my and hold me tight in his strong arms. I kissed his lips and he locked my lips with his tonge and kissing me deep and passionate. I felt his tight cock on my pussy lips jerking. I was enjoying very much. We both were very hot now. I felt wetness in my pussy.

Dad, fuck me now with care. I am scared with your cock. Your cock will tear my pussy.

I will fuck you slow dear. Let me check your pussy inserting my finger.

My pussy is wet dad. I want your cock now. Fuck me dad.

Rucha, my dear, hold my cock and adjust on your pussy hole.

Dad, I am virgin. Break my pussy seal with care.

Yes babby, I will break your seal tonight. You may have pain for few minutes because of your untouched pussy but I am sure you will enjoy than after.

I kept his cock on my pussy hole and asked him to insert his tight cock.

He hold me tight and pressed his cock inside my pussy and inserted by nearly 3 inch and i shout loud ohhh nooooo dad …… remove your cock ohhhh nooo dad ….. I can not take your cock in my small pussy hole. He pressed me under him and locked my kips and kissing me hard and deep. He unmoved for few minutes and pressed his cock inside my pussy and it was painful and unbearable and I shout nooo dad…… ohhhh please remove your cock from my pussy…… my pussy is burning dad ohhhh no ………. remove please ahhhhhh ohhh ohhh no dad. I was crying and requesting his to remove his cock.

He pressed me more under him and laid on me. He was massaging my thigh and kissing me hard and deep.He kept on kissing me for few minutes. I was feeling little relax and my pain was reduced. He kept on kissing me allover and i was feeling good now. My palm started moving on his back and nailing his back. I looked in his eyes and moan, dad, I am feeling good.

He smiled and hold me tight in his strong arms. He took his cock from my pussy and brushed with my pussy lips. He adjusted again on my pussy hole and hold me tight and gave me a powerful stroke to his tight cock and his full cock traveled in my pussy touching my G spot and pussy wall. I shouted like hell and nailing his back with lots of pain and shouting ohhh dad nooo please ….. remove your cock from my pussy ohhhhhh noo daddd ahhhh ohhhhhh noooo please remove. His cock was very thick and very large for my pussy. I was feeling very hard rod inserted in my pussy. I was in heavy pain and felt like my pussy is burning from inside.

He laid on me and pressing my body hard and kissing me nice. He kept on kissing me and jerking his cock inside my pussy. The pain is reducing now but feeling burning inside my pussy. He started up and down slow on my pussy and I felt his cock traveling inside my pussy. He kept on doing up and down his cock slow inside my pussy and kissing me as well. Now I was feeling good and interested to take his cock. I hold him tight and my hands were moving on his back. He now increasing his speed and fucking me nice.

I was really enjoying great and lifting my ass little up and down with his cock stroke. He is increasing his fucking speed more and I was in cloud now. I kissed his cheek and moan in his ear ahhhh fuck me dad….. I am enjoying …… fuck yr babby this way …… yes dad….. fuck me ahhhh ohh dad what a cock you have. Yes dear….. your pussy is very tight….. I enjoy fucking you …. ahhhhh what a boobs dear …… nice firm and soft boobs….. and he is fucking me fast. His tight, long and thick cock is traveling full inside my pussy and touching my pussy wall.

We started moaning slow ohhh ahhhh dad ahhh ohhh dear ….. ahhh dad fuck me …. yes fuck me…. nice cock dad……. fuck me more ….. ahhhhh ohhh dad fuck me hard n deep…… I was lift my ass with his stroke and taking his cock more inside me….. lift your ass more dear …. take the cock more inside you ahhhhh Rucha ,my dear, I love you …. I love you too my dad….. dad fuck me more ahhhhh still deep and hard dad ahhhhhh ohhhh dad fuck me still deep ohhhh dad I am enjoying your cock in my pussy …. ohhhh Rucha …… I am enjoying your pussy much …. what a tight pussy you have my dear ….. ohhhh dad fuck me still deep and hard ……… and lifting my ass up more …. fuck me dad ahhhh ohhhh dad increase your speed dad…… stroke your cock hard n deep ohhhhh fuck me dad ahhhh ohhh dad fuck me ahhhhh ohhh dadddd.

Dad, fuck me deep ahhhhh ohhhhh dad I am cumming dad…. i am cumming dad ahhhh fuck me hard ….yes still hard …. fuck me dad… ahhh hard dad .. fuck me hard …fuck me ahhhh fuck meeee dad ohhhh I am cumming dad ahhhh ohhhhh ouchhhh ohhhh dad ….. ohhhh my dad ahhhhhh i cummed dad ohhhhhh dad… you cum inside me dad….. fill your babby’s pusyy dad ohhh Ruchastill my cock is hard …. still will fuck you for long time ohhh dear I masturbated in the morning and now will take long time to cummm I fuck you long and hard ohhhhh daddy…. fuck me ….. fuck me…. I am feeling tired dad……. fuck me after few minutes…. I love you dad ….. I love you to my daughter ahhhh ……..

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