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Daughter In Law – Bahu

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Raman Nair opened his daughter in law’s bedroom door and stopped still. The CD player was in full blast and his daughter in law, Menaka was dancing to the tune. He had actually come there to tell her to reduce the volume, but seeing her in her mini skirt and loose T shirt dancing with her breasts bouncing stopped him. He leaned against the door and watched as she wriggled her hips and stepped about her mini skirt half lifting showing her fleshy thighs and the red laced panties. Because of the music, Menaka did not hear him open the door and mesmerised by the music she danced about her eyes closed enjoying the music and loving the way her body moved in rhythm. Raman Nair felt his cock grow hard as he watched her dance and when she did not look his way turned and closed the door behind him and walked towards her. Menaka is married to his son, Rajesh only three months ago and after spending two months with his newly married wife he had gone back to his job in kuwait. He will not be back for another eleven months. From the day, Raman Nair saw this girl as alliance for his son he has fantasized about her.

Her slim and yet full body held him spellbound and he desperately wanted her under him. Her laughter and easy manner was enticing and he took all the chances he could to watch her even when his son was there. Now for the last one month since his son left, he has been bidding his time. Today he knew his time has come, for he has seen the girl looking at him sideways many times in the past three months and there was a look in her eyes that told him, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Menaka on the other hand had been waiting for him to come and she had deliberatly raised the volume on the CD Player and was dancing as though mesmerised. In reality she was anxiously waiting for him to hear the sound and come looking for her. She had carefully chosen this coffee brown mini shirt that hardly came half way to her thighs and the cream coloured T shirt was chosen for its half transparency and the softness with which it clung to her full round breasts. She danced with her eyes closed, so he could see her breasts bounce as she danced and see her white fleshy thighs. The red laced panties was a tease and she knew he would fall for her as she wanted him too. When her marriage was arranged with Rajesh, she knew he will be gone in two months and every year hence, he will be with her only for two months at the most. At first she did not like the idea but changed her mind when she saw her father in law whose eyes were filled with lust when he looked at her even the first time. Raman nair was six feet two inches tall and had a perfect body even at this age of 44. He looked younger than that and his service in the Indian army had made him a strong healthy man. Even when he wore only a dothi and vest at home, his muscles bulged and his wheat coloured skin glowed. Rajesh was a handsome young man too but he lacked the strength his fathers muscles proclaimed. Menaka had dreamed of him a lot and knew she would have him, at any cost. Raman Nair reached Menaka and half groaning he took her shoulders with both his arms and pulled her to him roughly.

As though coming out of a Trance Menaka, tried to pull herself away and exclaimed in feigned horror, “Uncle, what are you doing in my room?” “Easy there Menu dear, the sound of the music brought me here and I came to tell you to reduce the volume,” Deliberately, she wriggled her body against him as though trying to pull her self away from him, pressing her soft breasts and legs at him. She felt his hard cock between her legs and whispered, “Uncle, please let me go,” Nair heard her and also felt her pressing her body against him and knew he had won. His hands began to rub her back against the T shirt slowly pulling it up, so his hands could feel her naked skin. Menaka, moaned at the touch of his strong hands on her naked skin and again whispered, “Please, uncle, let me go, some one may come and see us,” Instead of struggling to get away from him she pressed her body further against him, wanting to feel his strong body against her own. “It is okay, Kid, no one will come at this time of the night, just relax and let uncle show you what a lovely woman you are,” His hands roughly kneaded her back as he whispered this to her ear and he pushed his hard cock against her to show her his intentions. “What about aunty?” “She is fast asleep and won’t wake up till morning, even if she did and came here I know how to handle her,” He now pulled her T shirt off of her and pushing her a little away from him cupped both her breasts and looked deep into her eyes. Unable to return his gaze that was full of lust, she closed her eyes and her hands went to pull his vest up and off of him. He helped her pull his vest off and then pulled her close to him and held her letting her naked skin feel his own strong naked chest. Menaka moaned as she felt his strong chest against her soft breasts and buried her face on his shoulder, her hands around his neck, holding onto him. Nair’s hands moved up and down on her back tracing her spinal cord and reaching her butt, began to squeeze her ass cheeks gently. He began to speak softly into her ear, words of love that had no meaning and as the sound of her moan began to raise he let go of his dhoti and began to push her mini skirt down. His hard cock touched her stomach and Menaka, whimpered and her hands came down to touch the throbbing cock.

Nair, now pushed her panties also down and quickly pushed her down to her knees. Willingly, Menaka sank to her knees holding to his cock lovingly and when her face came in line with it kissed the tip of it almost reverently. Precum oozed from it and her tongue came out to taste it. As her hot tongue touched his slit, he groaned and held her head tightly. slowly Menaka, took the head of his cock into her mouth letting her tongue circle around it and her lips tightening around it. Groaning Nair pushed his cock further into her mouth. As she began to suck his cock her mouth working slowly at it, he bent and cupped her breasts, two of his fingers taking her already erect nipples between them. He gently squeezed the breasts and his fingers began to tweak them gently first and then a little roughly. Menaka felt the wetness welling between her legs and began to suck him furiously her mouth taking as much of the cock as possible into her mouth, then pulling her mouth away and in again. She loved to hear him groan and as she sucked his hands began to squeeze and knead her breasts roughly, The pain in her breasts began to subside as pleasure took hold and Menaka felt her orgasm building inside her. The feeling that began in the pit of her stomach began to move towards her cunt and she moaned and sucked him harder and faster. Nair felt her body quivering and knew she was going to cum. He held her head between his hands and began to fuck her mouth as fast as he could makijng sure he was not hurting her in his lust. Menaka’s whole body shivered as her first orgasm found its release and she wriggled her body as she began to cum. As if waiting for the cue, Nair let himself go and his sperm spurted into her mouth. In the throughs of her orgasm she swallowed his sperm eagerly Nair groaned loudly and gripped her shoulders firmly letting her swallow his cum while she was cumming herself.

When it was over, Menaka held to his cock still and laid her head against his strong legs in exhaustion. Nair gasped for breath himself and waited till his breathing became normal. then bending he lifted her to her feet and took her in his arms like she is child. Menaka clung to him, her arms circling around his neck and her head against his shoulders. He carried her to her bed and laid her gently and sat on her side, looking at her heaving breasts. She looked up at him and smiled adoringly at him. Returning her smile he bent and kissed her lips lightly. she pulled him on to her so they lay side by side. “Uncle, you are wonderful,” “You are lovely too my sweetie,” “Was waiting for you for so long,” “Me too sweetie, From the first day I saw you, I had wanted you,” “I know uncle, I saw the lust in your eyes and knew you will come to me sooner or later,” she smiled coyly at him. Her hands moved carelessly on his body and she took his limp cock in her hands. Nair half turned towards her and caressed her long silky black hair. Menaka began to stroke his cock, slowly and turned her face towards him, her half open lips beckoning him. He saw her eagerness and pressed his lips against hers and they began to kiss passionately, his tongue slipping into her mouth and entangling with hers. His hands caressed her naked skin form her neck down and reached the mount just above her cunt. She kept stroking him with one hand as her other hand pulled him closer to her. His cock began to grow hard in her hands and his hands slipped between her legs to land on her cunt. He began to trace her cunt lips with his fingers and unable to bear the pleasure it evoked she pulled her mouth away from him and moaned. he slipped his middle finger into her cunt probing the inner walls searching for her love button. Finding it he slipped one more finger into her and taking hold of the clit between them he began to gently tweak it and Menaka moaned and cried as pleasure began to mount inside her.

Nair kissed her cheeks and with his tongue began to trace down her neck and reaching her rich round breasts took one into his mouth sucking it hard. his teeth took her nipples between them and he bit at it gently as his fingers kept the tempo on her clit. It was too much for her and Menaka went over the hills once more as a fresh spasm of pleasure began to erupt. She held his cock tightly as her body grinded against him and her flood gates opened once more, she screamed in ecstasy as her cum flooded onto his fingers. Nair kept probing her inner walls with his fingers and tweaking her clit as she cummed and one after the other she had three orgasms simultaneously. When he felt she could not take anymore he withdrew his fingers and sucked them tasting her juice for the first time. Menaka lay gasping for breath, a strong love for her father in law growing inside her. When Nair saw her come to her senses again he mounted her balancing his strong body on his toes and elbows, his body barely touching hers. She looked at him lovingly and whispered, “Uncle please fuck me,”. Her hand holding his cock guided it to her cunt lips and she rubbed the cock head against her cunt lips moaning in pleasure at the feel of it. “You sure, you want me to fuck you, Sweetie,” He teased and without waiting for her answer thrust his cock deep into her cunt. Menaka cried out as the hard cock pierced into her and held him tightly, moaning and whimpering. He let his cock feel the softness of her cunt for a while and kissed her nipples one after the other flickering his tongue around it. Menaka cried with pleasure at the feel of his mouth and tongue on her nipples and pushed her hips up wanting him to hump her. For a while, he lay on top of her unmoving and looked into her eyes, saw the lust in them and smiled. She saw the teasing in his eyes and wantonly said, “fuck me, uncle please fuck me hard,”

Nair, looked down at her and said, “So you want my cock inside your cunt?” “Yes” Menaka whimpered as she felt the tip of his cock touch her cunt lips. “Then take my cock in your hand and guide it into your cunt, Baby,” Nair teased. As if waiting for this she took his cock in her hands stroked it lovingly and guided it to the opening of her cunt and pushed her waist up to take it in. Nair pulled himself slightly up, the tip of his cock at the entrance of her cunt and kissed her lips lightly. Then suddenly and without warning he thrust his cock deep into her cunt, making her scream in pain. with his seven inches of cock buried deep inside her, Menaka moaned as the pain turned to pleasure and began to grind her hips letting her cunt’s inner walls feel the throbbing cock. Her clit was erect and on fire. For a while Nair watched her face enjoying the various expressions that appeared and disappearing on her face and then slowly pulling his cock out so only the head was inside, thrust again as hard as he could. Menaka cried in pleasure and her fingers sank into his shoulder muscles, Nair began to hump her cunt with his cock, slowing pulling it out and then thrusting it hard into her. As her moaning and whimpering increased, he added speed to his pumping, his hands under her holding her body close to him. He loved the feel of her soft breasts with their hard nipples against his chest and fucked her with wanton abandon. Menaka cried in pain and pleasure unable to distinguish between them and pushed her waist up to his every thrust taking his cock into her as hard as she could. Seeing the wanton humping of her, Nair began to fuck her as hard as he could savouring the splash splash sound that came as his balls slammed against her venus mound. Menaka wrapped her legs around his hips holding him within them so his cock never really came out of her cunt, but stayed inside even when he pulled it all the way out.

The sound of music shut down her moans and cries and now he also began to groan like an animal in his heat. Then he felt her cunt muscles contrite on his cock and knew she was ready to go over the hills. Pulling his hands from under her, he cupped her breasts, squeezing them hard as his cock pumped into her cunt relentlessly. His cupping hands opened her floodgate and with a scream Menaka let go of her and cried as the spasm of an orgasm gripped her and her juices began to flow freely covering his thrusting, throbbing cock. Nair slowed down his pumping as she came and then when she seemed finished began to thrust hard once again, his rough hands squeezing her soft breasts hard almost cruelly. The pain in her breasts and the vibration of his thrusting cock, once again opened her up and she went over the hills once more, shouting words that had no meaning at all. Nair fucked her again and again, holding back his own cum until she had come at least five times and then when she was ready for the sixth time, let himself go, his sperm spurting into her wet juicy cunt filling it and then flowing out on to her legs. Menaka’s cunt muscles contracted and squeezed all the sperm out of him and into her cunt. When at last it was over and his cock began to shrink, Nair pulled it out and lay on her side gasping for breathe. When the excitement subsided he turned and looked at Menaka. she lay their peacefully her eyes closed and a satisfying smile playing in her luscious lips. he pulled her face against his chest and felt her lick his manly chest, her hand on his back and her legs climbing on him. She pushed her soft naked body against him feeling his hard muscles and her tongue began to trace his chest and taste his skin.

Nair held her close to him and kissed her hair lightly and pulling her face away from his chest planted a deep his on her wet inviting lips. He mouth opened to take his tongue in and their bodies pressed against each other tightly. Nair began to rub her back and moved it down to squeeze and massage her ass cheeks. The heat of her body and her soft skin against his rough skin woke his cock and it began to harden once again. Menaka, pulled her mouth away form him and whispered, Uncle, I love you, ” and kissed him deeply and passionately. Nair pushed her on her back and mounted her, and Menaka took his cock and guided it into her cunt moaning in pleasure. this time he slipped his cock slowly into her wet cunt savouring the feel of her inner walls against his cock, watching her face twist in anton lust. this time he humped her slowly, letting her feel his thrust on her clit. Every time his cock passed over her clit, she gasped and Nair cherished it groaning himself.

He fucked her slowly and steadily until he could feel her orgasm building inside her and then fucked her hard and fast till she came. He would then relax giving her time to recuperate and once her breathing became normal would start again fucking her hard. His hands would cup and squeeze her breasts hard making her cry out in pain and pleasure. When at last he could hold back no longer, he let himself cum into her filling her cunt to the brim. Later when they both cleaned up he sat on the bed with her cuddling against his chest. “This is only the beginning, my dear, there is more to come, so be ready,” Nair grinned. “I will always be ready for you, uncle, any time,” Menaka promised him. “Better take some rest sweetie, I will see you later,” Nair left her to her sweet dreams knowing she will be hers from then on. His mind was planning for the next session which he wanted soon in a different way. hiii this my own made story i’m alex u can mail me comments on

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