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Dad Fucks My Cousin Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 22, 2015

Hello readers, in this story I am going to tell you about an awesome incident wherein my dad had sex with my cousin sister. I had never known about their relationship until one day when my dad left his phone at home and went outside. I decided to watch some movie on it. I picked up the phone and was browsing through the movies when a file named virus caught my eye. I opened it and found that the file was encrypted. So I copied it on to my phone and then later, tried to decrypt it. After some hard work I succeeded. It was a video file but I could not play it then since I received a few visitors.

Later that night, I opened it. At first, my reaction was shocking. It was a video in which my cousin and dad were hugging. As I watched I could feel a tent forming below. It was in a hotel room so I guessed it happened last month when my dad went to visit her where she stays. They were sitting on a bed. Dad was wearing only his inners. She was asking him whether this is right or what if somebody finds out. He assured that nobody would find out. She was looking very nervous and excited at the same time. He pulled her hands. She came and sat on his lap. He began playing with her hair. She had lowered her head in shyness.

Slowly he placed a kiss on her cheek. She was feeling shy. He raised her chin and placed a light kiss on her dark pink lip. He began to suck and bite her lips and Soon enough she was responding and now they were sucking each others lips dry. His tongue was deep inside her mouth exploring it completely. She put her hand around his shoulders and looked at him invitingly. His right hand caught hold of her soft and juicy breasts and he was squeezing it like it was a soft ball. Her breasts were huge and a bit firm. His fingers circled her nipple. Since the camera was placed not so far, I could see her nipple get hard. He asked her to stand up and take off her top. She stood up and removed the top. I could see those dark juicy melons bulging out of the pink bra. He pulled one boob out of the bra and began sucking the nipple. She was moaning in pleasure and her head was swaying.

He licked her shoulders and even kissed her arm pits. She was laughing and moaning. As he could see that she was getting horny, He slid his hands inside her leggings and her moaning increased. I could see his hands moving around in between her fat thighs. He kept playing with her inside for sometime. She couldn’t hold it and threw of her bra and leggings. Her white panty was wet and dripping. She took out his dick and began sucking it. He pushed it entirely inside her mouth and pulled it out, giving her more pleasure. In about ten minutes, he dropped his cum all over her. She was licking away every drop like it was some precious things. Her whole face and boobs were covered in his come. He then caught hold of her melons and placed his cock in between her breasts. As she lubed it with her saliva, he began fucking her breasts. She was enjoying every bit of what he was doing to her

By now she was completely aroused and was begging him to fuck her. She stood up and he pulled down her panties. I couldn’t clearly see her pussy since she was turning the other way. But her black booty was making me go mad. She laid on the bed and he began to lick her juices. She was wreathing and turning in pleasure. As she turned i could see her amazing chocolate brown pussy with pink pussy lips. He bought his dick near her pussy lips and gave it a few hits. Then in one go, inserted it entirely inside her love hole. I guessed it was her first time since she began to bleed and cry. He was fucking her slowly but she wanted it faster.

So he increased his pace. All I could hear amidst her moans were the sound of his ball sack hitting her inner thighs. They fucked in that position for sometime.. Then they changed to doggy and he was slapping her ass as he fucked her. Her large melons were dangling like a pendulum. As he came inside her, the cum came out dripping. She got quite scared of getting pregnant so she asked him to lick it off as much as he could. He was eating her pussy hungrily.

After a while, she sat on his lap and he guided his snake into her burrow. They kept fucking for another hour or so. Then they got up and went to the table nearby. She placed her body on the table. He picked her up and inserted his tool once again inside her. He kept her tilted at an angle so that they could get more pleasure.

After some time of hardcoreness, She felt tired and asked him to stop. He put his cock inside her mouth and forced her to give him a blow job. They were exhausted now and fell asleep on top of each other. They had forgot to switch of the camera. So I fast forwarded a few minutes. She was still sleeping while he was licking her beautiful pussy. Soon even she woke up and he began applying some oil to her pussy and ass while she realised what he was going to do and was telling him not to it.

I then realised. He applied some on his cock as well. He asked her to stand on fours and very slowly put his cock inside her asshole. He had to pull her ass cheeks so that he could insert without much difficulty. As he began pounding her, she was crying and her boobs were swaying to and fro. He kept fucking her for two more hours slapping and abusing those juicy ass cheeks. As they fucked she was asking him if he did all this to my mom. He told that since my mom was not very interested in sex, he used to have fun with a few of his colleagues.

By now Her ass looked red like a tomato with all those hitting and pounding. I was wondering how the camera was recording everything for so long. After so much of fucking, she went to the restroom. He told her that he is coming and came and switched of the camera. We all can be very sure what happened in the washroom. I turned of my phone and realised that my dick could burst anytime. So I quickly relieved myself.

Dad Fucks My Cousin Sister

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