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Cyber Love By Shehkar

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Roja was a beautiful 28-year-old woman. She had flowing blond hair, big blue eyes, and a figure that turned every head she passed. Her sex life seemed almost perfect, except for one unfulfilled fantasy. For many years, Roja had fantasized about having sex with a total stranger. It was not about just hopping into bed with someone she didn’t know, she could do that any time she wanted, what she craved was to have sex with someone whose face she would never see and who’s voice she would never hear, a mystery man of sorts.

That was one fantasy she never thought she would get to satisfy. Roja tried to make up for this unfulfilled yearning by cybering with strangers on line. It did help fill the gap a little, but somehow it was never quite enough to quell her lust for a stranger. Whenever Roja had a little time on her hands, she would be at her computer telling guys about her sex life and getting them off in a way that only Roja could. Most of the guys she chatted with were quick to describe themselves and ask for her picture. What they didn’t seem to understand was that being anonymous was a necessary part of her fantasy. If she knew what they looked like it ruined the fantasy for her. She came to feel it was hopeless, that this fantasy was never to be anything more than a dream. That was until she met Shekhar_akela. One day Roja was doing her typical cyber routine, when she received an IM from Shekhar_akela.

He introduced himself as a 30-year-old male, but told her nothing more. They chatted about everyday things at first, working out, dancing and other routine events, then the issue of sex came up. He started out talking about his favorite positions ‘like 69 and doggie,’ he told her. “Wow, those are my favorites too,” Roja replied. They went on talking about sex and cybering; what turned them on and what turned them off, and quickly began to discover they were very much alike sexually. They got together on line several times during the next few weeks, never revealing anything about how they looked except that they both worked out regularly and were very physically fit. One day as they chatted, Roja allowed her stranger fantasy to slip, something she didn’t usually talk about. At first there was an uneasy pause. While waiting for some kind of reply, she worried that she had gone too far and revealed too much to this man. She was almost ready to just sign off in embarrassment, when a response finally came. “Roja, that is the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. You’ve gotten me so excited my cock is throbbing and I can barely type. I would love to act out your fantasy with you if you would allow me that honor.” Roja felt herself getting wet as she read the computer screen. She knew immediately that this was the stranger she wanted so badly. She responded in agreement, and then they developed a plan.

Roja reserved a hotel room for the next Saturday night and insisted on having the room number right away. She then e-mailed Shekhar_akela “hotel we discussed, room 408, 9 PM. Knock 5 times, pause, and then knock 3 times. After you hear the door unlock, count to twenty then enter. No lights! No talking! I’ll be waiting in the bed.” Saturday afternoon came and Roja was so anxious she went to the hotel very early. She went to the room at 4 PM , closed the drapes, stripped off all of her clothes, and then decided to take a nap to pass the time. She awoke to the sound of 5 knocks on the door, a pause, then 3 more knocks. In complete darkness she hopped out of bed and felt her way to the door. Once there, she unlocked the door, then scrambled to get back into bed and completely under the covers. A few moments later she heard the door open and footsteps entering the room. She heard the sound of a belt being removed, then a zipper opening, and then clothes dropping to the floor. The footsteps moved around the room until they reached the side of the bed. She felt a hand patting the bed, and she reached over grabbing the hand placing it on her large, firm breast. Immediately the big strong hand began to squeeze her breast as the rest of the stranger’s body lowered itself at her side. A pair of lips moved up her cheek to her mouth and engaged her in a long, passionate kiss. She worked her hands up a well-developed chest and felt broad strong shoulders which she caressed as they kissed. She rubbed down the arms feeling bulging, well defined muscles there. This really turned her on and she could already feel herself getting wet. The stranger’s lips moved down her throat to her erect nipples, kissing and sucking on one nipple, while the strong hand squeezed and rubbed the other. Roja started breathing more heavily as the lips slowly worked their way down her tight abs.

She could feel a bristly goatee rubbing roughly against her skin as the lips move down to just above her shaved mound. The pair of strong hands then gently spread her legs apart. The lips kissed her inner thighs, and then slowly moved closer to her twat. The hands slid up the backs of her thighs to just behind her knees. Roja felt her legs being pushed forcing her knees almost to her chest. A hot wet tongue began licking her shaved outer pussy lips, and then teasingly began licking the inner lips. Roja loudly moaned. The tongue then moved to her now erect clit. Her clit was licked and sucked until she poured out a flood of cum. The tongue then went down and lapped up all her hot juices. Roja was just thinking about her strong desire to suck on a hard cock, when almost as though reading her mind, the body turned and laid at her side. She quickly rolled on top of the stranger, sliding her pussy down on to his lips. She felt his hard cock brush against her cheek. She reached out and grabbed the stranger’s cock and was surprised by its immense girth. She gently massaged it with her hand, as she worked the tip towards her mouth. She felt the wetness of pre cum on the tip of the huge cock and licked it off with her tongue. She licked this huge projection from the shaft to the tip teasing it with her tongue, and then slowly let it into her mouth. The cock was too big to go all the way in her mouth, so she had to let it enter her throat. Once the huge cock was all the way in she began to probe it, slowly at first, then faster. She felt the goatee being rubbed against her swelling clit, while her slit was vigorously tongue fucked. This mix of sensations made her cum then orgasm uncontrollably. As she moaned from the orgasm, the vibrations from her throat quickly penetrated the head of the massive cock. She felt a hot spray of cum shoot down her throat, which made her moan more.

The cock pulsated hard in her mouth as it emptied its heavy load. Roja lay next to the heavily breathing stranger, still feeling a few small aftershocks from her tremendous orgasm. Her mind drifted off for a moment, thinking about what the stranger might have in store for her next and wondering how long he might take to be ready for another round. She thought about his huge cock and how it was going to feel inside of her. Suddenly, the strong hands grabbed Roja and flipped her onto her belly. She felt a huge pile of pillows being stuffed under her, until the pile lifted her to her knees. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect, because she knew no man could possibly have such a short reload time. The hands began gently massaging her shoulders, then her back, then her butt cheeks. Then that glorious tongue came down on her tight ass bud and gently began licking it first gently, then more vigorously. She felt herself starting to drip cum that ran down to her mound and onto the pillows beneath her. As the tongue began to probe inside her ass, she felt a gentle finger rubbing her wet cunt from the slit to the clit, up and down, over and over. It didn’t take long for her to achieve orgasm again. Just at the peak of her orgasm that bristly goatee came down and rubbed her swollen twat roughly, which escalated her to a level of pleasure she had never felt before. Her body jerked uncontrollably with spasms as she screamed out in pleasure. The strong hands caressed her butt and worked their way up her back and too her shoulders, until she was completely relaxed again. Then she felt her breasts being massaged and her erect nipples being pinched. She knew the stranger wasn’t finished with her yet. The stranger then kneeled behind her and rubbed the head of his cock along the length of Roja’s hot wet twat. She wanted that cock in her so bad that she wiggled her hips trying to suck it into her cunt. The massive hands came down and held her hips tightly, preventing her from further movement.

The cock rubbed and tantalized her twat nearly entering her, and then teasingly moving away. Roja was craving that cock so badly that she began to whimper like a hungry child. She couldn’t take this anymore; she had to have that cock. The head teasingly rubbed against her dripping slit, then with a great thrust, slammed into her slippery cunt. The stranger slammed his cock in and out with thrusts that banged her ass with a fury. He held her hips, pulling them back, making his thrusts hit even harder. This was definitely the hardest Roja had ever been fucked. Her pussy spasmed around the huge cock, but it didn’t give up with out a fight. Just as she felt the spasms intensify, the cock pulled out and slammed into her wet ass bud. She orgasmed immediately and the cock followed suit, spraying her with a hot stream she could feel deep inside of her. A few thrusts later the load was completely released. The stranger laid on top of Roja, breathing hard, his heart pounding against her back. Her hot cunt was dripping a huge puddle of the mixed juices onto the sheets. They lay there silently for a long time and remained blanketed in total darkness. Then without a word he got out of bed. He felt his way to Rojas soft face and kissed her even more passionately than before. Once the kissing stopped, she heard his footsteps moving away. She then heard the sounds of his pants being zipped and a belt being buckled. The footsteps moved towards the door and she heard the doorknob turning. She quickly buried her head under the covers because she knew the hallway light would soon penetrate the room. When she heard the door close she got up and locked it.

She felt her way back to the bed and lay down. Her hand rested in at the warm wet puddle left by their lust. Roja was now filled with a newly achieved sense of total satisfaction. Roja’s life forever changed that night in a way she never expected. From then on, whenever she saw a well-built young man, she would feel the same immense lust she had felt for the stranger. But the biggest change of all was that Roja never again dated a man with a clean-shaven face

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