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Cyber Cafe May Chudai

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

My Dear friends let me introduce myself, I am Raja, I live in Gurgaon, a place close to Delhi ,India. I run a cyber café. I am 23 years old, 6 feet tall and weigh 75 kgs. I fall in the category of handsome studs that girls get attracted to. My place being a cyber café, I keep on having sexual encounters, today I am going to tell you one of my best experience that happened with me.

Last year 2001, on Christmas Day around afternoon, I was sitting cool on my chair when two girls walked in. they took two different cabins (computers) for Internet and started surfing. Both these girls were beauties of my choice, they were wheatish in colour, around 5 feet 6 inches tall, well built bodies of sportsperson type (later on I discovered they have represented Haryana State in Volley Ball). These beauties had perfect boobs and well-shaped ass. In short they were well-maintained beauties who new how to carry themselves around. One of them was Sonia and her friend’s name was Seema.

After about 15 minutes of surfing, Sonia called me for help, I went to her cabin. She told me she was having problem in searching. I asked her what is that she wants to search. She told me I wanted addresses of some interesting sites, when I told her tell me the topic so that I can help her, first she hesitated then said, anything interesting site. I asked her if she meant sex, she just nodded her head. I opened Desipapa and showed her how to move around in the site. At this I left her and closed the door of the cabin and came back to my seat. Sonia went to Seema’s cabin within a minute and went back to her own cabin.

After 10 minutes I got up from my seat and peeped in the two cabins from top. Seema was also watching Desipapa and was keenly observing the nude pictures. Next when I went to Sonia’s cabin, I saw her watching Bollywood actors nude section and she had opened her shirt from front and was rubbing her left boob. Her second hand was in her skirt, messaging her thighs and pussy. I watched her for a minute and then she started lifting her skirt, she took her index finger in her mouth and with second hand took one side of her panty and then she started rubbing her pussy hole with her wet finger. She was breathing heavily, and I thought this is the right time to enter in the cabin. In a sudden move I opened the cabin and there she was, one hand holding her panty and other hand fingering her pussy. The moment she saw me, she didn’t knew what to do she just froze. I put my hand on her left cheek and then slowly on her shoulder. She was! still motionless, perhaps not deciding what to do. I immediately took out my rock hard 9 inch penis out of cage and she closed her face with her hands when she saw it. I placed tip of my penis in the gaps between hands covering her face. Her entire body started shivering by the touch of my penis. I slowly removed her hands and slowly positioned my cock on her lips. She slowly opened her mouth and took the head in and was sucking my cock like professionals, like a hungry bitch. She was breathing heavily, hearing her sounds and mine also her friend Seema came to our cabin and she had a long breath when she saw us, I told her join us. She looked towards Sonia. Sonia told her “Chat lay apneJeejaji ko”(to lick my body). Seema immediately bent down and started licking my neck.

I told them one minute, I went up to my shops front door and locked it from inside and drew the curtains. Now we were free birds, Sonia and Seema removed my clothes one by one. Then it was my turn, I removed Sonia’s clothes one by one while licking her whole body. When Sonia’s clothes were removed, I started kissing and licking Seema while removing her clothes. Sonia got aroused so much that she started masturbating using her three fingers. Seeing this I gave my tool in her mouth and Seema started licking my testicals from rear. Seema slowly went back and was now licking my ass hole. Ooooooohhhhhhhh what a feeling, one girl licking my cock and another one my ass hole. It became too much for me, I felt as if I am going to explode, I lifted Sonia and placed her on Computer Table, put both the legs on my shoulder and started beating her pussy lips with my rock hard 9 inch monster, slowly I started rubbing her clitoris with the ! head of my penis. She started crying with joy, the room was filled with ooooohhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh ffffffffffuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkk mmmeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzz sounds. She was pleading me to fuck her. Seema was licking my ass hole all the while she took my cock and placed it on the love hole of Sonia and I obliged by giving it a big jhatka inside her pussy. Ooooohhhhhhh my god what a feeling. Her pussy was really tight. Sonia was rotating her hips in such a way that I could feel each and every part of her love tunnel. All the time Seema was licking my back and was putting her nail bites all over my back, this mild pain added to my pleasure and I got more and more urge to fuck, my strokes rhythm increased every second and I started fucking her really hard, she had opened her mouth to breathe but was running short of air. Then the peak reached and she and me wer! e about to explode, both of us cried loudly and had our orgasm, oooooooohhhhhhh what a feeling it was flood all over, I could feel a river crossing over my cock and at the same time I was bursting my sperms deep into Sonia. Tears of joy were rolling down the cheecks of Sonia with a total sense of satisfaction on her face. She gave me a long kiss and whispered in my ears “plzzzzzzz give the same pleasure to my friend Seema, as she has given us lot of pleasure, plzz fuck her also”

How I fucked Seema and then Sonia again is another part of story which I will tell you later, sometime. This is my first story on Desipapa, do give me your feedback. Any girls around Delhi can mail me and can take my specialized services, mail me at See u soon on Desipapa with second part of this story.


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