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Cute Parosan

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Hello Desi Friends I (IT Professional) read many stories here and I really liked every one of them and this gave me courage to share my experience with all of you. Now let me tell u about myself i am 22 male from Karachi & my name is A. Khan (Fake).

A few weeks ago a Family (Hasband and Wife=>Shabana=>SHAB) came into the opposite on my house. Shab is so cute. 36-26-36, 5’4″; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, long hair; big eyes. Shab was just 25. In a very Short priod we becomes Very closet.

One day Shab was alone Shab told me that in between chating (at her home), about on sex and, r u vargin. Then i told her that yes i was, then i ask Shab that r u satasfied woman then shab replied not completely and said can u satisfy me. I replied, Yes offcourse if U can …at the same time my dick was erected. Shab saw my dick erection.

Shab then sat just close to me and started to move her hand on my legs. Then i understand that the Shab needed sex with me so i kiss softly on her lips and shab hold me and started a French kiss. Shab took my hand in her hand and placed it on her boobs. Shab was wearing a pink saree and a pink blouse. Soon my hands started playing with her soft and smooth boobs. I removed her pallu which exposed more than half of her beautiful breast. I started opening her blouse and then her bra and her beautiful huge boobs were set free. I had never seen such beautiful breast I started sucking her boobs. I continued doing that for about 10 minutes. Shab was moaning soooo loud. Shab was really enjoying very much. Shab was just wearing a petticoat I removed her petticoat and her pantie and saw Shab had a really beautiful and shaved pussy because her husband liked shaved pussy. Her pussy was pink and very soft. I started licking it. As I did it Shab started moaning, I started licking more and more fast. Shab was squeezing her breast and moving her hand in my hairs. I push my finger inside her pussy it was not so tight that my single finger immediately went inside. I moved my finger in and out, faster and faster. Shab was really moaning loud so I moved my other hand by which I was squeezing her boobs near her mouth and Shab started licking it and said awwwwwww mujhe bohut maza aaa raha hai. Ha aur zoor se zoor se… mujhe aap ka cock chahiye abhi and Shab made me sit on the edge of bed and removed my pants my cock made a tent of my underwear. Shab couldnt belive her eyes it was so huge and was throbbing out of my underwear.

Shab saw in my eyes and said, Today U did very happy to me, and started sucking cock. Shab took it really deep Shab said Aap ka cock to mere gale tak ja raha hai Shab took it really deep till my balls. Up and down, up and down as Shab was sucking. Shab was tired. I grabbed her hair and push my cock deep in her mouth Shab started liking it and Shab increased her speed and in a few sec Shab made me CUM. After few minutes Shab started sucking it again, but I stopped. I grabbed her hand and pulled her on the bed. **** I lifted both her legs high up in the air and I slowly push my cock inside her pussy. Her pussy was really warm. I push my cock completely inside. I started to pump slowly. Shab was enjoying I started moving faster Shab started to moan I started moving faster and faster Shab enjoyed. **** I cummed once and again.

I was tired so I went to the bedroom and laid down on the bed Shab came on top and started riding me and Shab said Aap nay mujhey aaj sach me bohut khush kiya hai. After that we some wait, Shab had never experince anal sex and Shab really want to do it with me to break her ass virginity. Shab kiss me on my lips my dick was again like a hot iron rod. I took the bottle of honey and applied it on her ASS and I also applied it on my dick. After that **** I made her on the DOGI STYLE and just entered the mouth of my dick and Shab started screaming loudly. At my first powerfull push just entered my half dick, while with another stoke my whole dick inside her aas and Shab was screaming with pain and pleasure and moaning at the same time. After that I started to fuck her ass faster and faster and Shab was moaning with my each strokes and was screaming and telling me ah ah ah ah a a a ahhhhh fuck me harder and harder and faster and faster. **** At I was about to cum, Shab told me that cum inside my anus and I cum inside her anus.

Whenever Shab is horny Shab call me and we both enjoy with each other. If any meture girl, married, divorsed and widower women (In Karachi) interested can mail me. I will keep it secure and reply them soon. My email id

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