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Indian Girl Pinki Ki Mast Chudai

  • desipapa
  • August 15, 2015

Hi guys this is Pinky and Devil here submitting before you our new stories. These stories here are our real life experience which we keep on experimenting with each other. We hope you like our experience and try it at home also but secretly. Secrecy is more fun than doing it openly.

Well my name is Pinky 21 yrs old, study in WLC college of Panchgani which is situated in Maharashtra near Mahabaleshwar city. I live with my elder brother in a flat in Panchgani. We brother and sister are staying on our own from a very young age. Our parents are of of the super rich families residing in Hyderabad. It suited them to keep us in a good apartment instead of any hostel or pg. They bought us a luxury apartment in Panchgani and appointed a maid servant to take our good care. Since a very young age we brother and sister have been staying like this with each other. We are very good friends. We, before this incident used to stay like normal brother and sister type, but this incident has changed our whole life.

Let me tell you about my brother Devil(name changed but many of ISS readers know who he is). His age is 26 years old, he is a very fair and a muscular boy. He looks very handsome. He has no girl friend as he is not open, an introvert mostly in public. Many of my friends wanted to befriend him but he keeps to himself, seldom mixing with my females friends. He likes to stay in privacy mostly chatting on the net, writing stories, doing his business of computer peripheral. He too has a good income through his business. He treats me as his baby rather than a sister. He is always there whenever I need him around.

Where as for me, I am 21 years old, with height of 5’3”, short hairs, sharp nose, pink lips, doe shaped eyes, protruding hips, poking breasts, in short a very fair girl with a sexy figure, very sharp features, a perfect killer looks, I am mostly found wearing minis and shorts which could be covering till my upper thighs. You can say I have a heart breaking features. My brother and myself enjoy a very luxurious and a fun filled life. As there is no shortage of money in our life we can be called as stubborn brats. Many boys have proposed me in the school and my college time I had rejected them leaving them with heart broken. I even flirt a lot with many boys but till now I have only slept with my brother only.(Don’t jump, I will tell you how it happened.)

This incidence took place 4 months back, before that both were virgin. It was summer time in Panchgani and extremely hot but pleasant. Being a Sunday my brother and me both were at home. I was really getting bored and had decided to go and irritate my brother. In my residence I never wear inners under my outer clothes(as amny teenagers do). I like being that ways always in the house. I went to the room saw devil reading some sex stories on his laptop. We both knew each other very well. I went and picked his laptop and tried to run away. He was not prepared for such action. He followed me and caught me within seconds. His arms encircled me and stopped me from running away.

He pulled me back holding me by my waist, I lost my balance, so did he. He fell back on the carpet and I fell on his lap. His erect cock poking me in my ass. I felt disgusted but continued acting innocent. ( He was hard as he was reading porn.) His hands were roaming all over my waist and tummy. My top had bunched up revealing my naked tummy. I was getting goose bumps as well as I was feeling disgusted by my brother’s stupid action.

I sat on his lap, pulling down my top and told him “ Bro, I am getting seriously bored. Talk to me na.” He then pulled me higher on his lap and started moving his hands on my upper exposed thighs as I was wearing a short jeans, trying to distract me in a bid to snatch the laptop from me. I got up and tried to run away from him. He followed me with his erect cock swaying left right. It was such a funny but erotic scene.

My brother jumped at me, “Pinky don’t mess with me. Give me back my lappy. I am doing some urgent work.”

I knew what urgent work, watching porn. But I said, “Leave aside, what ever urgent work you have been doing. I am your sister so demand your attention. Lift my mood. I can’t even go outside, all my friends have gone shopping. It is so hot outside.”

He said, “Not now, come to me later.”

Suddenly I noticed the tent in his shorts. It had become bigger means he was getting excited by touching me too. (This was a revelation to me. I was shocked to notice that I had that effect on him.) He saw me looking at his erection. Maybe he felt ashamed. He came behind me trying to camouflage his tent. He hugged me from behind tight pressing my tummy in.

Means he was just on the verge of doing something nasty. He very seldom parts with his laptop. But today I wanted his attention, so snatched the laptop for him. After all he is my brother so he must listen to me. As I am a spoilt brat, I never stop till I get what I want. His erect cock was rubbing on my ass, I could feel the heat, but still continued playing truants with him.

(I think he had become too horny reading porn stories. I knew he reads such material as I also use the same lap top some times.)

His hands were searching for my hands which I had raised above to extend his laptop away. In trying to pull down my stretched arms he accidentally brushed my boobs. I got a jolt in my body which he also felt. An idea struck him in the process. Maybe he thought if he touched my boobs I would let him have it. He again caught my boobs acting as if he did accidentally but actually deliberately, I was in no mood to relax my hold on the lappy. (He was scared if he pressed too far I might drop the lappy and break it.)

I stretched my hands further. He caught my boobs the third time and as he had become bold by now, he began pressing it. Now this was too much for me. I wanted to turn around and bash him up. His pressure was paining too.

I said, “Bhaiya leave me, stop being ruthless to your sister. What ever you do I won’t give your lappy. This is final now. Leave me or I will drop the lappy breaking it into two.”

”No please give me back my lappy else I won’t let you go nor loose my grip on you.” saying this he increased his pressure on my boobs.

Suddenly something in me snapped. I tried very hard to hit him but his grip was too tight for me to turn around. He wound his arms around me like a viper. I tried to get off his hold. Now he grew very bold, instead of searching for lappy he was fondling my both the boobs., vigorously. I also began liking it. The effect was intoxicating on me. I had hugged him many times but I never felt like this. I was getting weaker in my knees.

Even when I lowered my arms my brother allowing him to access the laptop but he didn’t try to seize it, rather went on squeezing my nipples from above the thin fabric of top. Since I was without inner, my nipple got erected and was poking through the material. I too enjoyed his fondling and which girl won’t like, tell me. But I had to release myself from his grip. So I pushed my ass backwards to wriggle out, in doing so my ass hit his erect cock. A shiver ran through my body. I immediately straightened myself. I had to set myself free. The more I tried to wriggle out, the tighter his hold became.

I tried to reason out with him, “Leave me, Ok Ok I am giving it back to you, now release me. You are strangulating me.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

He loosened his grip a bit, I was left gasping for air. I began breathing hard and so was my brother. His hot breath was keeping my ears warm. Then thinking that I had given up my effort he turned me around facing him. I turned around to slap him hard for his animal like behavior. I raised my hand to slap him but sensing my anger he caught my hand mid air and smiled at me. My eyes were showing fire and I tried hard to release my hands. He let go my hands and suddenly he inserted his hands inside my top. His hands touched my bare breasts. It was the last straw. My heart skipped a beat.

I gave out a sigh, and yelled at the top of my voice, “No stop this bhaiya. You should not do this to me. I am your sister. Dad had left me at your guardianship and you should not betray his trust. You are crossing your limit. There should be certain limit between us. I will complain to dad.”

I warned him in stern tone. But he was in no mood to listen I began cursing my action of inciting him. I wanted to push him off and run away to the bedroom and lock myself in toilet but my body was suddenly not listening to me. My body wanted to stay there with him and let him do those nasty boyish things. (My friends had told me that boys do many disgusting things.) My feet had become of ton each and were not moving at all. All I could do was close my eyes, breath hard and wait for destiny. But I decided to take action else I would end up losing my cherry. (Secondly there were only two of us. He would do it again when ever he gets me alone.)

He began fondling my boobs with his hands inside my top. I pushed him away using my full strength. Then seeing such a severe attempt from me to stop his actions, he sat on the bed and pulled me on his thighs in a bid to cool me down. Now I sat on his lap facing him, heart beating faster like never before. His eyes had turned red due to lust. He was not my brother any more, he had become a sex animal. He began stroking my thighs. I wanted to run away from him but again my feet did not listen to me. I didn’t know what to do? I was torn between the lust of body and demands of my mind.

He was caressing my thighs and looking straight into my eyes. He also noticed the lust in my eyes. I BEGAN SHIVERING…….. (maybe due to excitement, maybe due to fear.) Maybe he also got scared and wanted me to relax. His grip now softened. He started talking generally to me about my college so that I get relaxed and feel at home. After all I was his sister na. He had love for me and cared for me too. Something inside me snapped too.

I also began asking him about his office in between hard breathing. I also wanted to cool down before taking any drastic step which might break our future relationship. He was continuously feeling my thighs some times and resting his hands on my ass keeping his palm on my hips over my tight shorts. I was on his lap facing him and reading his facial expressions. I didn’t mind talking to him like that. I noticed his bulge was still intact. He could not remove his gaze from my nipples which had grown to double it’s size.(You don’t get your brother fondling you daily. I wanted him to start the good work again but was scared.)

In between he was even feeling my hips. I was liking his touch on my body. He began to bend towards me, his face barely few inches away from me. We were very close to each other. While talking we could feel each other’s breath as well as each other’s thumping heart beat. I closed my eyes and suddenly out of blue, he kissed me on my lips. I was shocked at his bold attempt but before I could react he again kissed me on my lips. Now his lips were resting on my lips waiting for some reciprocation from my side, but I remained calm. Taking it as a positive signal of my affirmation, he began sucking my lips. He was stretching it too far for comfort.

His lips were sending goose pimples to me and I also began co operating with him. Unknowingly, I wound my arms around his neck and pressed my lips further. His hands were cupping my face and his lips sucking mine. Then he inserted his tongue inside my mouth. I let him enter and he began rubbing his tongue with mine. Then I caught his tongue in my mouth and began sucking it. It tasted sweet, just like my brother. If I had protested it would have stopped then and there, but I let it drift further. He was also sucking my tongue. I felt his hands again fondling my breasts, but this time I did not feel bad rather I felt excited and wanted him to insert his hands in my top.

He, as if reading my mind, lifted my top a little and again caught hold of my naked boobs. I threw my head backwards as the touch was new for my boobs. He began pressing and fondling my boobs. He caught my nipple in my thumb and forefinger and tweaked. He, emboldened by my moaning, planted his mouth on my nipples and began kissing the aureola. I was enjoying his lips on my nipples and breast. He licked the entire circumference of my breast starting from base to center. He pulled in my entire nipple in his mouth. His mouth was roaming all over mine twin globes. My nipple disappeared in his mouth. He licked my underarms too. I felt wetness in my nether mouth(pussy). It was asking for more and more.(I think a girl’s worst enemy is her beauty and her pussy down below which gets wet at the drop of hat forcing her to co operate with her tormentor.)

God, I was enjoying his feather touch. He was lifting my mood beyond my imagination. I had asked him to lift my sagging mood and he was doing a wonderful job. But how far would it go? I had to reign in before it was too late. But before I could push him off he moved his mouth to my tummy licking all the way leaving a trail of wet saliva. I was loving my brother now. He licked my naval button. He inserted his tongue in my naval and sucked it. Now he had made real horny.

I pulled his face closer to my face, kissing him said, “I know why you want your laptop back. I even know what you read on your screen. It is only after reading these stories your tool feels very hard. Its poking on my thighs even now, bro.”

To which without blinking an eye lid, he replied looking straight at me, “Your thighs are getting dry, why don’t you put body lotion on it?”.

Then, to tease him further, I said, “Oh, I just felt lazy so forgot to put it on today.”

Then I saw a glint in eyes. He said,”Why don’t you let me do it for you, as you look so tired too. After all I am your loving elder brother.”

I grabbed the opportunity and said, “Why not, but be gentle, not like the way you were few minutes ago. And still I won’t give you your laptop. Is that clear.”

My brother nodded his head, “Ok, it is deal. Anything for my baby sister. Now you lie down on the bed while I fetch lotion for you.”

Saying this devil made me lie on the bed, got the lotion bottle from his dressing table, “Close your eyes and let me apply for you” ,

I said “OK, if you so insist.”

Then devil brother sat on the bed and caught my legs and stretched it a little side ways. He then took a generous amount of the lotion on his hands and started applying on my lower legs, on my ankles, knees and toes. He kept my leg on his shoulder and began massaging my calf and thigh muscles. He was even pressing my calf muscles which was giving an amazing feeling. Then he took more lotion and started applying on my thighs. He was applying lotion on it and was even pressing and massaging it like a expert masseuse would do. I was enjoying that feeling with my eyes closed. He took it as my sign of liking it, which made him bolder. He wanted to do something more excited. I wanted him to stop but his touch made a quiver in my stomach making me not to react. Who ever made boys was such nice God.

He started coming upwards and massaging on my thighs. Firstly he tried outer thighs then inner thighs too. Since I was in shorts these were easily accessible to him. I was getting hot and hot. Occasionally he brushed his fingers on my pussy. Then in frequent intervals he was brushing his finger tips on my pussy area over the shorts. My pussy began watering too. I just wanted to enjoy that feeling. I could not control my moaning. My breathing was now getting harder and harder. He could see my chest rising and falling with every breath.

He spread my legs and even started to apply the lotion on my inner thighs and the upper thighs. He was trying hard to keep his eyes of my teeny pussy. (I think he was able to peek at my pussy triangle as shorts do bunch up a little.) I could feel that he was touching his fingers on my pussy lips, time and again. He deliberately brushed my pussy time and again as if to gauze my reactions. I lay still waiting for his further action.

In the pretext of massaging he was poking his middle finger in my moist pussy from above the thin fabric of shorts which was getting a wet patch due to my secretion. In no time he would know that I was getting wet due to his poking and fondling. So I had to distract him but didn’t know how to. I was getting excited with that feeling and was breathing heavily with my eyes closed enjoying that feeling. I lifted my head and saw he was busy watching my pubic area as if waiting for the fabric to get wet patch and believe me in no second it would have formed.

I pointed him to my tummy, “Bhaiya, apply on my stomach too.”

He, disappointingly came upwards slowly and began pulling my t shirt upwards. He then started massaging on tummy with the lotion. He started to apply lotion on my waist, tummy and the navel. He was naughtily playing with my navel. Putting some lotion on his finger then inserting it in the navel and massaging me there.

Devil asked me “Let your body flow with the motion. Relax your body for me. Tell me, how are you feeling dear?”

To which I replied “Oh bhaiya, please don’t stop brother dear, your hands are feeling amazing, please keep doing that way.”

Devil then said “Oh God, you have such a hot and beautiful body which you were hiding from me under your clothes till date. Today I am tempted to feeling and tasting your whole body.”

I closed my eyes with my palm in shame and said, “Do You like what you see. Am I beautiful?”

He got happy hearing that, and inserted his hands further inside my top almost reaching my boobs. He rubbed his palm on the underside of boobs. He poured some lotion on his hands and again began massaging my breast’s underside. Finding it difficult to reach further without spoiling my top he gestures me to remove it.

He said, “Pinky, lift your top a bit else it would get soiled with this oily lotion. My hands are also wet so can’t do it myself. Help me.”

I caught the hem of my top and lifted it a bit ashamedly. He insisted for more. I closed my eyes and lifted a little more, he caught my hand holding the hem of top and pulled it up. My breasts were bare to him. His gaze was fixed at my twin globes, I felt goose pimples all over my body. The nipples got erect when coming into contact with cool air. He watched it for good 3 -4 minutes which seemed to me as 4 hours. He playfully hit its underside of my twin melons.

They rippled delicately like a set jelly, as he did not waste much time enjoying their beauty and freed them of their encasing in a desperate hurry. He poured lotion on the base and massaged his hands around its base. My boobs were white milky with perky light brown nipples which shot into prominence, as he wasted no time in latching on to it as if it was the last thing he ever wanted to do. He was fondling and kneading my boobs as women knead flour. He kneaded both the breasts. He stroked my hairs pulling it back.

With his other hand caught hold of the other breast and began playing with the delicious twin. I could feel he sucked in his breath as the sensations began to engulf him and me. He shifted his attentions between my lovely breasts, that is the valley between th two globes. He was massaging my breasts very nice making me jerk my body time and again. He caught each boob with one hand and pressed them together trying to bring the nipples as close to each other as possible.

I liked the attention my breasts were getting so to take it a level above wished him to suck it. My hands went around his head to pull him in as I wanted him to kiss and lick my nipples. He planted his mouth on the nipple ans began licking the tip. He swiped the tip left and right. His mouth engulfed my nipple. His saliva was making my tits too wet. But still he could only suck half of my boobs in. I arched my back time and again as if to push in more of the magnificent tits into his sucking lips. I lavished the attention both the beauties were getting as his mouth was alternating between them. He sucked or nibbled on the delicate tit flesh and toyed with the nipples. He was enjoying himself and so was I.

My brother lifted his face for a second and said, “Remove your top and let me taste your milk wagons. You have such a lovely melons baby. Oh how sweet they taste. Lovely lovely….”

To which I wanted to reply “fuck off” but replied, “ Oh bhaiya, its all for you dear brother, remove it by your hands but now even you have to remove all your clothes in front of me and show me your naked body.”

Hearing which he smiled and stood up. He removed his t shirt showing his chest and then opened his shorts and he was fully naked in front of me. His cock was standing hard which had first made a tent in his shorts. Then he came on me and hugged me and then removed my top and made me half naked. Then devil made me lie on the bed straight and came on the head side of the bed.

His cock was standing just above my face. He stood some lotion and started applying on my boobs. He was pressing and massaging my naked boobs with his lotion wet hands. He was playing with it as its some kind of soft ball. He then started squeezing my nipples gently. He was pinching my nipples at intervals. I was getting hornier each moment. At intervals he was deliberately making his cock touch on my lips. He wanted me to lick it but couldn’t say it openly.

(How can brother, however horny he might be, ask his sister to suck his cock. He also needed some time and courage for it.)

I took his cock in my hands and started pressing it and feeling the hardness. I started shaking his cock in full speed. I was even kissing and licking the tip of his hairless cock. Some thick assent was coming from his cock, the smell of which was making me hornier. On the other hand devil was squeezing my round firm boobs and was teasing me my pinching my hard nipples as it got hard with the excitement. Devil ‘s cock was as rock as hard now. When he bent down to reach my naval his cock dangled over my face. I was tempted to lick it. I jerked up a little to lick his cock head. Seeing this he lay flat on my face with his cock hanging on my face

I first took the front portion in my mouth and started licking the the tip of it, while he was fondling my boobs. It had a drop of his pre cum on it which has a salty kind on the taste. I was taking devils cock slowly inside my mouth and making his whole cock wet by licking it. I licked from the base to the cock head.

I told him between hard breathing, “I need your big cock now brother………..come let me suck your swollen cock head………..mmmmmmnnnnnnn…………so nice……..let me tickle your balls…………..I also want to insert my lubricated middle finger deep into your butt-hole.”

Saying this I inserted my middle finger in his anus. He liked the insertion and pushed his body forward. This made me mad with lust. I kept on finger fucking his ass while sucking his cock. Then slowly I started sucking devils cock and he was enjoying it a lot. He let go my boobs as he wanted to concentrate on my cock sucking. He took hold of my face with his hands and was pumping his cock inside my mouth in a steady rhythm. He was slow at first. With every push he was inserting his cock deeper in my mouth. The cock started entering my throat. I was on the verge of gagging. I was lying straight and my head was upwards and my throat was straight so I didn’t feel that much difficulty in taking his cock deep inside my mouth.

He was getting faster and was pumping his cock in side my mouth. Same time he started to squeeze my boobs and pinch and play with my nipples. Now his cock was real hard and was about to release his cum.

After 5 minutes he could not hold it up and was about to cum he told, “I am about to cum. Where shall I cum. In your mouth or some where else?”

I told him, “No bhaiya cum on my face and boobs and do not cum inside my mouth as I am apprehensive of the taste.”

He took his cock out of my mouth and was rubbing his cock on my face. He then started shaking his cock hard in front of my face. After a minute of hard and fast shaking he started cumming on my face. Loads of cum was flowing out of his cock and directly landing on my face. My face was washed with his fat and hot white liquid. He was spreading his cum with his cock on my face.

Devil “Oh ho, wow you got a good hot face pack”, to which I just gave a smile and hit him playfully

I went to toilet to clean my face. I wanted to have a bath together, but devil had some other plan. I came out of the toilet and smiled at him. He gestured me to lie down on the bed and sat besides me. My breasts were still heaving from the after effects.

I went more close to him and asked him, “My God, you can bring about changes in a lady’s mood. You are the best brother in this world. Have you finished your massage or want more?” and kissed him hard on his lips.

He caught hold of my naked breasts(I was only in shorts) and said, “Baby, a little part is left. I can’ let you go half body done. Dear, the lotion is too oily it might spoil your shorts. So why don’t you remove it and put on small towel. That way it would be easier and I won’t soil your beautiful pants.”

I was in two minds, what to reply. I kept silent thinking of a correct reply without spoiling the mood. Devil, without waiting for my reply, placed his hands on my pants. He then waited with heavy breath for any reaction from me. (For some people silence means acceptance too.) Sensing no protest from me he opened the button of my pant and loosened the zip of my pants taking care not to entangle any pubic hairs, in a bid to remove it. (He didn’t know I keep my pussy shaved. Slowly he was making his sister naked?).

My heart, for few seconds, stopped at his action. I caught his hands. He stopped for sometime. He too was gasping for fresh air. Slowly he got his hands released from my grip and again kept it on my short’s zip. In one swift motion he opened the zip. We stood still for few seconds. Before his eyes lay open was my fresh pussy. The lips were actually shivering, opening like a lotus flower.

I guess he was surprised to see that I did not wear panty that time, or maybe he knew I don’t wear it at home(He had glimpses of my pussy while lifting my legs up in air on his shoulder.) Then he pulled down my pants to which I helped him by lifting my butt a bit. He pulled and removed my pant completely and started massaging my legs and thighs from top to bottom. Then he placed a towel beneath my butt so that the bed sheet doesn’t get soiled and covered my pussy with it’s edge. He was taking the massage part very seriously. But to tell you frankly the towel was not covering my pussy. He was mesmerized by the view. He was unable to shift his gaze. If eyes had teeth he would have eaten me then and there. I was also breathing heavily, waiting for his further move.

Then seeing no reaction from me he moved directly to my pussy without beating around the bush. We both keep our private parts shaved. He cupped my pussy with his palm. I could sense his palm sweating. He pressed his hands further. He was adoring my shaved pussy in front of his eyes. He spread my pussy lips with his two fingers and was having a good look at my pussy and the throbbing clit in that.

He was rubbing my pussy with his fingers from outside. My whole lower body was glowing wet because of the lotion. He then pinched my ass cheeks and started kneading………with one hand he was rubbing my clit and with other he was busy with my ass cheeks………..He also inserted his finger in my ass hole and started fingering my asshole. He was squeezing my ass cheeks with one hand and the other massaging my wet pussy..This was too exciting and moaned a little.

My eyes were red with lust. Then knowing that I was in heat put some fingers on my cunt hole and started massaging my clit. My pussy, although was shaved 2 days ago but there were some bristles of hair..He cleverly massaged over the hairs so it excited more..due to the friction. It was very exciting and my pussy started getting wet. I moaned and sighed but not loud enough. I didn’t want him to know I was enjoying his touch. But my body was giving me away. The room was filled with sexy aroma. My pussy juice had such fragrance. I wanted him to insert his finger or cock in my pussy. Reading my mind, that I wanted more he put some fingers on my cunt hole and started massaging my clit……… He bent down so his face was inches away from my pussy…

Then Devil said, “Now its my turn to eat something. I got such a beauty pussy before me then how can I stay hungry. Please, let me first taste your pussy.”

Imagine the scene, I lay on the bed nude with my legs spread apart, eyes closed, pussy watering and my dear brother fingering me. Brother moved closer to my pussy and kissed it. I jerked my body up. He planted his lips on my pussy lips and french kissed it. He began sucking it like he sucked my upper lips. Now he started to lick from up to the down and I was moaning.

He saw me enjoying his tongue action. He looked at me with a smile and again dug his face in my pussy telling me, “Do you like this? Shall I do tongue fuck more?”

I wanted to insert his cock in my pussy but I told him to keep doing that for some time. As when he was licking my pussy my mouth was making noise like ah ah ah a aaaaaaaahhhhhha ah ah ah aha ha and I was enjoying the music. Now he decided to put more effort into the pussy and he put one finger in the pussy and it went all in without any obstruction. My pussy muscles were not that tight as I used to do exercise and cycling frequently. Sensing my tightness he put his second finger inside but the second did not go inside as the pussy hole was not big enough since I was virgin. Now he again started to lick it up and down and while he was licking I was moaning and making a sweet noise.

I knew I was about to cum. I felt my pussy quivering. I laid on my back on the bed and he, sensing my orgasm was approaching, kissed my pussy area at first then slowly moved in deeper and deeper with his tongue, exploring every inch inside me until I shivered in orgasm. I arched my body up in air.

I was moaning, “Aaaaahhhhh I am spreading my thighs for you………opening my
cunt lips…………uuunnngghhhhh………am about to cum……..You kneel between my parted thighs and LICK me to a terrific orgasm !!!aur chato meri choot ko. Yeh ab tumahri ho gayee hai, bhaiya.?”

He said “Baby(my nick name),your pussy is really tasty and sweet like you. I am very lucky to have you. The more I taste you the more I want you.”.

I replied “Oohh, you enjoy it dear, I know you won’t disappoint me. Please now satisfy my pussy with your long dick. I have never dreamed of taking in such a long cock in my teeny weeny pussy”

I wanted to taste my pussy too. Then I got little naughty, I pulled him up to lick some of my juices off his lips and tongue. I didn’t know my pussy also tasted sweet. Imagine if I knew this, I would have eaten my juice way back. He was unable to keep his eyes open due to my kissing and sucking of his tongue. My tongue was coated with cum from his tongue. His mind was taking over his body. I wanted to begin the action as soon as possible.

I was panting hard due to the instant orgasm. He was still not done as he kept on kissing and sucking my tongue. His cock had become hard as steel rod. It was poking at my thighs with little precum salivating my thighs. As if it was searching for his sister’s pussy hole. Naughty cock it was. I waited for him to make move while he was making me hot. His cock was now rubbing on my crotch, waiting no more for my brother to make move, I grabbed his cock, jerked it a little. It raised it’s head like a cobra. My brother snatched it from me and aimed it at my pussy.

Waited for a nano second to gather his breath and he plunged his rod into my waiting virgin cunt. It was too big for me. I could not bear the pain as I had impatiently pulled it in. He began choking due to its girth. I never knew sex was painful too. My friends had told me it is painful the first time, but it would stretch my pussy muscles too that extent, I didn’t know.

My pussy hole was bearing a massive pain and so was I. His cock’s entry into my cunt sent a pain siren all over my body..My eyes opened up wide cause i hadn’t expected his cock to be this thick.I could only utter..UMMMMMM..UMMMMM..UUMMMMM..because of the tight grip of his lips on mine..

I pushed him away and began yelling, “Take it out. It is hurting me…it is so big ……I can’t take it any more. Pull it out at once or I will scream for police.”

He stopped any further action but did not pull out his cock. We lay there motionless for a moment. We moved and rolled around while he was still inside me. Then he very slowly started pushing his tool into my cunt. I pushed him a little and his cock came out of my pussy. I wanted to relax a bit but he wanted to speed it up. He brought his hands to my pussy and began rubbing it. Suddenly he bit my nipple.

My body froze and I squirted some cum, drops of which fell on his cock head..I could hear him suppress a laugh..He then started sucking my boobs again and rubbed his cock on my wet pussy..Unable to bear any more, I grabbed his cock and guided him to my cunt hole..

I was moaning loudly now, “I need your big cock badly…………come brother………climb over me and give me a good FUCK………..pump deep into my throbbing cunt…………let me have a good climax……… must shoot your HOT cummmmmmm into my pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………

My ranting was getting louder and louder so he put his lips on mine for a big wet kiss..and at the same time thrust his cock head fully into my horny cunt.

After few efforts only half went inside. Then he spit on his hands and lubricated his rod and my pussy. Slowly he pulled it out and again pushed with greater force this time. He repeated this act 4-5 times. Now my pain was subsiding slowly. Sensing that I had relaxed a bit he gradually accelerated the rate and when he gathered that I had relaxed more he pushed real hard tearing my hymen.


My brother had broken my seal. I was weeping with pain and joy. He saw me crying he slowed down a bit to smother his sister. I wanted him to keep on fucking me despite my discomfort. I caught his face and kissed him hard. He increased his speed of strokes.

To encourage him I shouted, “Aaaahhh aaj meri choot ko phaad dala tumne……… Aur zor se apna lund meri choot mein dalo. Jjalldiiii haaayyy meemeeerrirriiiiiii chhuchuuutttt jajaajaaalllllllll raraaaahiiiii haaaaiiii chhchhhoooddd chhchhhoooddd kaarr iiisss kiii gaaarrgarrrmii miiitaaaa deee. My darling brother, love you for this wild nice..I am your slave already..I always wanted to fuck you brother, but never had guts to say so.. You fuck me with your hard cock now..You must fuck and make me cummm ..You must shoot your cum inside my your loving sister’s virgin cunt.”

He was fucking me like a work horse. It went on fucking for 12 minutes. I sensed it was time for me to cum. I could feel my stomach churning and also felt him speeding up. He too was nearing the cliff. I began jerking my body from beneath.

I was telling him, “Uuummmmmaaaaahhhhhh..yes brother..fuck my cunt..fuck..fuck..fuck..fuck your sis..fuck..shit..your big cock is so good..shit..shit..shit..about to CUM..fuck..shoot your sperm into my cunttttttttt brother..”

He arched his back and paused for a nano second. Suddenly he began shooting his cum in me, yelling. “Take my cum in your cunt….Ohoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh…………. I am cumming in your pussy sister………………………..”

I bellowed out as as he continued pumping his cock hard in my no more virgin womanhood and let it spew out its lethal load inside. “Oh! Yes my brother, fill me up with your wonderful cream,”

And within few minutes both of us lay side by side panting hard still recovering from our sexual act. When he removed his cock from my cunt I was scared to see it all covered with blood.

He patted my face telling, “Don’t feel scared sister, it is natural. All girls have to see this day after marriage. You are lucky that you saw it before marriage.”

This was my first fuck that too from my lovely brother. We continued such fucking sessions when ever we get opportunity.

So friends please tell me how you liked this incidence of my sexual and lustful massage and sex with my brother. We are waiting for your response