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Cuckolding Satish, With Help Of Vishaka

  • desipapa
  • October 17, 2015

Hi all, this is completely fiction, idea is to write erotica on different aspects of it, which helps the arousal around, mail me on for feedbacks, please respect girls, I do.

This happens every time, some body asks for a help, you help and the benefits are long lasting.

Hi I am raj, I own an empire of businesses, which my dad has left for me to handle, I don’t handle much, if you have filthy money working hard is the last thing you want, I like all good things in life, girls being one, I am aged 28, due to my money, I see girls falling all over me from my youth days, and I have had lots of them in lots of places.

I attend offices for namesake, this story begins there, have an employee called satish, who works in our accounts department, he always had problems with money, I have helped with more then what a boss helps his worker, and he is always obedient towards me, I see satish with a sexy lady in one of the posh mall, let me describe her, she is one sexy lady in her early twenties, very fair, she is not your skinny lady, she is voluptuous, having perfect shape, with bulging boobs, amazing ass, her navel are to die for, with some grooming, I thought she would make world go around.

Tomorrow, I went to office, and asked for satish first, and asked who the lady was, he said she was his wife, I was shocked, this looser having such bomb, and he asked something, which I wanted so badly, he said to consider her wife to hire her for my personal assistant, as they were having problems maintaining there expenses, I always had many ladies, but never been so excited for some reason, I agreed immediately, and asked for her no, and her name is vishaka, one sexy girl.

I said satish that I will interview her in a coffee shop, she should come alone, and nobody should know in office that vishaka is her wife, as that will accuse me of doing favour, he agreed readily, so the meeting was fixed in an upscale cafe, vishaka, came to kill, with red transparent saree, it was not informal nor completely formal, the way she had dressed, the confidence she aroused wishing me, and the way she conducted, was sure here is a slut, who is ready, I asked her, you understand the roles of pa, she said in a sheepish smile, anything which boss orders, I warned offering anything could be big mistake, she said, until, the money is good, nothing will be a problem, slut has spoken like a slut.

When she sees her phone, satish has called her more than 20 times, she calls him and thunders, asshole why are u calling me so many times, I know to come home, I have got a job and I earn 5 times more than you, previously after interview, I took her to hyatt, I sat on a chair, made her to stand on the bed where I could see her clearly, asked her to strip, she started sexily, removing her pallu, than comes the saree, then comes out her low cut blouse, she began to play with her boobs, fondling it, sucking it, those were bigger now, she removed her panties, she was naked as dream, I asked her to masturbate, she started rubbing her clitoris rhythmically, she was almost near her orgasm, I told her to stop, she cant stop now, she is begging to continue, I came near her, took her hands away, she was withering with passion,

I asked her to open my zip from her mouth, which she did, she took my erect cock and having a feast, I made her sit on my lap, feeling her ass, that was such good, she could not hold for long, I started entering her, she began screaming, ya, ya, harder, more harder, with all my strength I continued, we fucked for long time many times, in different positions, she was welcoming me for more, I did the need full.

I asked about satish, she said, he is a wimp, never been able to satisfy her, and told me do not worry about him, we will have sex where ever, she suggested she likes to have sex in presence of satish to humiliate him thoroughly, as she enjoyed it, I agrees, as it was new to me, I gave her one credit card, which had credit limit for 5 lakhs, and asked her to spend on whatever she wanted, and asked me anything she more, as a parting gift, she gave ,me a passionate blow job, taking all my cum, slurping it like professional porn star, money was well spent.

I begin to go to office regularly now, my cabin is a big cabin with closed enclosures, having steamy sex with vishaka is daily routine now, she comes dressed like a slut, she takes in what ever fantasy I have, she accompanies to parties, she has learnt to smoke and drink, which I appreciate, joining me to weekend outings, I am totally smitten towards her, she is milking me good for money which I least care about, life is going great.

One day, I just entered my cabin, vishaka was in a pink frock, white top, revealing her assets, she came sat on my lap, I begin kissing her passionately, my hands inside her frock, she was moaning slightly, and than we see satish inside the cabin, I was furious, he had not knocked the door or anything, he was standing and seeing, her slut wife, I shouted at him to close the door, I thought this was the right time to humiliate this looser, vishaka was sitting on my lap, I said your performance is worst these days, if it does not improve, will kick him out of office, I aksed for my cigar, vishala took out from her bag, and lighted for me,

I kissed her removed her top, vishaka was smoking now, satish was almost crying, asked me if he can go out, I said stand there you moron and see what your slut wife is up to, I asked him to hold her boobs for me, I begin, sucking on it, she is relaxing with cigar and smiling, he than broke down, I decided to stop than, told him, he is my whore, I will come to your new house which I have given her, make sure you personally bathe her shave her legs and vagina, pick out good clothes, jewellery and perfume to get her ready for me, she agreed and ran out, after this vishaka took me through my collar, made me lie on the table and started riding me, I was fondling her boobs, she was in heaven more than the sex, its the humiliation which she enjoyed.

As said, I go to vishkas house, satish has kept his word, vishaka was ready in a party wear, satish was standing obediently, I asked for my drink, which satish served for both of us, we drunk heavily that day, and than I got different ideas, I asked her to strip, he ordered him to lick her wife for me, he did, she slapped him tightly to not make sound while licking, we were kissing now, she took my cock, and shouted this is the man I need who fucks me like man, who gives me every comfort I need, you wimp, you will never get this pussy in your life, he said yes mistress, she asked him to take us to bedroom as both of us are drunk, once on bed, I made him stand in a corner, made her dance for me, showered the notes on her, made satish pick up those, and told, keep it as tip you looser, and fucked her thoroughly, I could see satish in tears, after wards vishaka tells, don’t cry baby, come here, clean my pussy, I know you like it, he comes craving for it, and takes all my sperm from her pussy, after that she kicks him from bed, asks him to serve dinner, we had one more session, I had my dinner and went home.

So this continued for 3 months, I replaced vishaka with savitha, an other sexy lass from goq, I passed vishaka to my partners, who continue to fuck the slut out of her, she is earning in lakhs, with satish still being cuckolded, wait for my romp with savitha, its more interesting, and sexy.

Encourage me to write more by mailing me on for feedbacks, suggestions and appreciations, please respect girls, I do.

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