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Crush Becomes Love With My Bhabhi

  • desipapa
  • December 14, 2015

Hi I am Madhan from Hyderabad.. I am 25..& 5.11″….. Gym and fit body with hairs…. she is 28.. Looks pretty and hot…
This incident was happened since last year April..

The beauty queen of this story is my family friend and relative.. my babhi.. ( vadhina )..she soo hot and very formal conservative family person.. very close to me..and my family… thanks to whatsapp.. because thanani nannu kalipinaa credit whatsapp..

When I got a smart phone as a gift from my close friend.. I was installed whatsapp..staring friends tho daily msgs soo alaa konni rojulaki .. I got a message from my bhabhi just like asusa…thanu maku relative..thanatho matladalantenee.bayam ga thani natho chalaa mobr ayyaedhi.. Daily wishes cheppukovadam.. Jokes and personals.kuda.share.chesukune vallam our chatting was continued it for few weeks.. Then she was very close to me..literally she believes me.. Our chating was turned into personal things.. One fine day I was wonder to know that she likes me a lot since my child wood..thanaa.chating lo epudu na gurinchi topic..nannu flirt cheyadam.start chesindhi.. Naku thanathoo alaaa. Matladam ante.chalaa.estam.. Finally she me a lot… I was shocked to hear this from her.. Nenu em.cheppalo nakem ardham kaledhu.. Ahh roju night naku nidraa raledhu..

Nenu thaanaki rly.kudaa evvale.. Next day chalaa times csll.chesindhi resopnd avaledhu.. Night malli msg chesindhi.. Thanaki nenu antee chlaa estam ani.. Nannu cheyadam.start.chesanani.. Enkaa chalaa.chepethuuu thaa kiss chestu pic send chesindhi..ahh pic lo thanu nighty lo undhi thanaa bobbs clear ga kanipistunnay..naku kuds.thanu antee estamee. Soo lobe u too ani msg cheyagane.. Call chesi kiww chesindhi… Ala rojuu ph lo kisses ans pics shar cheskunnam.. We share our pics daily.. She sent me kiss and hot pics also… We did exchange kisses and hugs.. Late night ph sex.. And everything happend asusual… Her hubby was a business man.. Soo he dnt care about her needs…soo thanaa personals annii.nathoo share chesukunedhi.. She was very kind and Nice one..

She was very close and we are almost like wife and hubby.. Alaa 6 months apoyay.. Finally… My luck was in my favour.. Valla relatives function undji ani cheppindji.. Thanu vatsa ani cheppindhi.. Soo thaanani ma entlomee.undelaa.set chesaa.. She has visited to some function in Hyderabad… Soo she intimated to my parents and came to my home for stay with us for a weekend..I’m soo happy to see her.. and next day we went too movie.for second show.. She sat beside me.. Then my mom was after her.. So in the middle of the movie I touch her ties.. And she enjoyed it à lot… After came to home at midnight.. Every one has slept… ( I can tell u in Telugu bcz English I can’t explain More)

Mom and dad valla room lo padukunnara.. Thanu gest room lo padukundi.. Thanaa pakka room lo nenu padukunna.. I got a msg.. From her

She: please open the door I’m coming in 10min..

Me: I’m waiting for u..

After 10min she entered into my room.. Nenu thana daggaruki vellaganee nannu gattiga hug chesukundhi.. Wowww 1st time inmy life… Nenu thanane alagee kisss chestuu gidaki petti thanaa lipsss ni korekestu thanaa back ni melligaaa nokkdam start chesaa.. Alaa kasepu kisse chesakaa Thanu vachi na bed paina padukundi.. Nenu door close chesi vachaa.. Anthalo power kudaa poindhi.. Thananani gattiga hug chesunna… Thanaa lipssssss.kisss chestu.. Korikestunnaaa… Thanu bagaa enjoy chestundhii… Melligaaaa kisss chestu.. Thanaa forehead, eyes, nose, earlabs, meda painaa kiss chestuu korikestunnaaa.. Na hands ni namudi paina peeti melligaaaa nokkadam start chesaaa…thanaa back painaa hands petti thanaa lopss.kisss.chestuu korikesaaaà…

Edharam alageee kasepu chesaaaakaa.. Thana dress ni melliga thesesaaa nenu kudaa na dress thesesaaa.. Edharam hug chesukunnnm thanai back side turn chese.. Thanaa meda painundi kiss.chestuu dorakadam start chesaaa.. Thanaa back anthaa kisss chestuu korikesaaaà…toes varaku .. Nenu padukunnakaa thanu na body anthaa kisss chestuu na modda ni adinchindhiii… Thanuu na modda ni thanaa notloo petti sick chestuntee. Abbbaaaaaa ahhh ahha hhh… Ala chalaa sepu cheseeee na liqid anthaaa notlo vesi thagesindii…

Ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahh abbaaaaa ummah umahhhh umahhh uamhhh umahhhh umahhh uamhhh umahhhh umahhh uamhhh umahhhh umahhh

Nenu thanaa brest ni nokkestuuu nipples ni notloo petti suck chestunna… thanaa nipples painaa ice cubes petti melligaa suck cjestuu korikesaaa thanavii light pink clour…chalaa.peddavi… Thanaa.nadumu nokkuthuu nippls ni korikestuuuu boodu painaa kisss.chesaaa boddu painaa ice cubes petti adhi melt ayyavaraki role chestuuu kisss chestuu korikesaaaà as….ahhh umahhh uamhhh umahhhh umahhh uamhhh umahhhh umahhh uamhhh umahhhh umahhh uamhhh umahhhh umahhh uamhhh… She enjoyed a lot.. Meeligaaa thanaa boddu chuttu kisss chestu korikesaaaà.. Andhulo na nalukaaa petti full ga suck chesaaa..

Thanuu meeligaaa moanings estuuu bagaa cooperate cheyadam start chesindhi.. Nenu thanaaa thadalani wide chesiii thanaa panty painundi thanaa pussy ni kisss chesaaa. Thanaaa.panty thesesiii thaanaa pussy lips open chesii thanaa pussy lopalaa varaku na lipsss peeti suck chestuu lick.chesavaaa… Thanaki.appatike full ga wet aindhi.. Thanaa legs na bajulapi vesi bagaa lick chesaaa… Thanaki adhey 1st time..

Full ga karchesindhi adhi anthaa lick chesaaa wooos soo tasty.. Appatike 3am aindhi.. Thanaa enkaa agalekaa na modda ni thanaa legs madya lo peeti dengalani request chesindhi.. Nenu thanaa pussy paina petti meeligaaa push cheyadam start chesaaa thanadi full tight ga undhi.. May be chalaa gap vachindi… Thanu malli kasepu suck chesindji… Nenu esari gattiga push chessas half varaku lopali varaku vellaganee thanaki tears vachesayyy.. Then malli alahee enka kastaa gatttigaa pushj chesa..naku edhey 1st time.. Matallo.cheppalenu..

Thanu noppini apukoleka.edvadam.start chesindji…. Nenu thanaa lipsss lock.chesi meeligaaa strocks evvadam start chesaaa thanu kasepatike full ga enjoay cheyadam start chesindhi.. Nenu thanaa nipples ni notlo petti full ga strocks evvadam start chesaaa edhsramm alaa 5 times chesukunnammm till morning 5 varaku.. Then thanu thanaa vellipoindhi.. Thana size cheppaledhu kadhu.. 36-24-36..

Enkaa apoledhuu thanu unna 1 week lo malli chalaa.times chance thesukuni.chesukunnammm. I will tell u next time

Meeku na story na story nachithey.. Me comments. Rayandi..

Emina mistakes unte sorry because its my 1st story here… I’m very professional manner of sex and foreplay… If any one interested ping me..

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