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Crazy Mita Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Its about a girl, Mita. Aren’t all things about girls? Well our heroine is from the rural area. She is one of the three siblings, the youngest of the three. She had a father and two mothers, both of them were step ones since the original one had died while giving birth to her. Her brother and sister were twins, Vikki and Nikki respectively. They are two years elder to her. From beginning she had been a loner.

Every one treated her with kindness but she had realized by now that kindness couldn’t substitute for love. Her father was too busy all round the year managing his farm, her elder mother was too occupied with her twins and as per the latest mother, the only thing that mattered to her was looking beautiful. Nikki was somehow always resentful of Mita’s good looks and as of Vikki, Mita had started avoiding him since the day he showed her his thing and had asked her to touch it. Her only real companion was her dog Maddy, who slept in the same room as her. She is fifteen now. Last year she had her first periods. No one had forewarned her about it. She had thought that she has been infected by some serious disease or maybe punished by god for her sins (she had watched her dog Maddy copulating and then she had always resisted going to the temple among other things). She has been so ashamed about her periods that she quietly kept a cloth down below, waiting to die. After four days the bleeding had stopped.

She was exhilarated with the knowledge that she is not going to die, until the next month when it started again. When this kept on happening month after month, she became convinced that her bleeding routine was to even off her monthly sins. Later enlightenment came to her that since her sins are not accumulating to take her to hell, so she can afford to commit an odd sin once in a while. With the periods few things accompanied. Her breasts which were small pears earlier took shape. She had now an ample bosom and she was really disgusted with it. There were no bras for her, so she had started wearing two coarse chemises to hide them. She was now always hot and sweaty because of this. She had seen her choti ma (the younger mother) buying bra and panties from the local baniya who came once in a while from the city, but was afraid to ask her for one. Also, there was this funny growth of hair on her pubic area. She was now sure that god was punishing her. She had gone to the village school till class seventh. After that her father had discontinued her studies because girls who studied more were supposed to start getting ideas in their minds.

Nikki, the elder sister, had done the same. Now they helped there mothers in household chores like sweeping, washing clothes , feeding and caring for poultry and the two cows at home and also in milking them. Vikki was still studying and went to college in the town thirty kilometers away. He had discarded the traditional dhoti kurta to more fashionable trousers and shirt. Every second day he got something new from the town to amuse Mita(he didn’t show it to Nikki as she always complained to mother). Last evening he had shown Mita a book in which girls were all nude (this was an awakening for her because she realized that she’s not the only one who had pubic hair). She had seen through the whole magazine with interest though she pretended that it was a favor on Vikki. Vikki had later requested to touch her breast. She refused initially, but then when he promised to make a doghouse for Maddy, the dog, she agreed to let him touch it once. He did it roughly as if doing it with vengeance. It hurt but at the same time a strange feeling swept through her body. Her face became red. But it all stopped abruptly when they heard there father coming back from the farm. Mita suddenly realized the power of her body. She was always disgusted earlier when she had found Vikki staring at her boobs, but now she started teasing him. It was as if showing a bone to the dog. She also stopped wearing those coarse chemises.

Her boobs which were firm and shapely because of all the work she did at home now moved freely with in the choli(traditional blouse) which she generally wore. But she avoided Vikki as she didn’t know what level of intimacy with the male made you pregnant. It was a normal day for Mita today. She had finished her daily chores. Badi ma, the elder mother and Mita’s elder sister were out to her parents place. Vikki was supposed to be in the town for his college and father at the fields. Choti ma,the younger mother, was sitting in her room massaging her self with almond oil, her daily routine. In this she stripped down to bra and panty and massaged her body with the fragrant oil. At times she called mita to do it. She didn’t mind except for the fact that she asked her to rub her breasts and bums also. This she really got embarrassed in doing. But today she planned to avoid this. So she slipped into badi ma’s room. Inside the room she got curious as she saw the jewelry box lying. She had overheard her father talking of Nikki’s dowry which he was preparing. She opened the box which was full of jewelry. It was beautiful. She started to try it on. She had heavy dark hair which when opened reached her waist. She let her hair free from the bun. Thinking herself to be one of the nude beautiful goddess of the magazine that Vikki had shown her, she posed in front of the mirror with the gold necklace. She slowly unbuttoned the buttons in front of her choli so that her milky cleavage showed. The necklace clung to the sweaty bosom which rose and fell with the excited breaths of Mita. Slowly she uncovered one of the breasts of the choli. It was hard and firm with angry pink nipple staring angrily at the mirror. She wetted her index finger and the thumb with her saliva and took the nipple rubbed it slightly.

She moaned involuntarily. She had realized that whenever she had this kind of feeling her hole became wet. And when ever that stupid dog maddy was around he always moved her nose towards it as if to lick it. She had seen maddy’s thing grow big the last time he did it and he had started rubbing his reddish hard thing against her knees. She had to literally push him away. It was funny because he was really in heat and kept on licking on his thing for long and made funny noises. While she was in her thoughts the door flew open with the loud thud. Suddenly she found her standing in front of her father, who was staring at her exposed breast and was equally shocked. She covered herself and ran out of the room. She was really afraid but excited. She went to her room and locked herself. Thankfully her father didn’t call after her. Her body ached of excitement. She quickly got out of her clothes. Her hands automatically went to her wet hole. For the first time she violated it by inserting her fingers in it. She rubbed madly till the time her body shook with pleasure and then she went into the deep sleep. In sleep she dreamt of a hooded man. He was tall and muscular with his back towards her. He was naked and kneeling. His head was in the centre of a woman who sat on a maroon sofa in white dress with her legs apart. There was no talk of there meeting after this. Only that, both of them now avoided each other. But something had happened to mita. It was as if someone has broken her dam of sensuality. Whole day she kept on thinking of it.

How it would be to be touched by a man, how will it be to have your nipple sucked by a male and all such questions? But then she avoided experimenting because she didn’t want to get pregnant. Now she masturbated regularly. With her limited exposure to actual experience she invented the means of fantasy. One day when she was lying naked in her bed with her legs apart, slowly rubbing her hole her dog maddy leapt on her bed and start licking the wetness in between her legs. As she started to push him away she was overcame by the sweet sensation caused by licking of maddy in her womanhood. She experienced her first orgasm. It was a Sunday morning. Vikki was at home today it being a holiday. Nikki and badi ma were on the roof preparing mango pickle, which was an elaborate process and would take them the whole day. Mita was tasked to do the cleaning and cooking and serve the food upstairs only. Father was away on the farm as usual. As she broomed the floor, she felt a gaze on her back with an instinct only women have. As she turned, she noticed Vikki looking her with a look which had nothing but raw lust in it. The sight of her kneeling while sweeping with her skirt hiked to her thighs and a sweaty back has turned him on. As she turned towards him supposedly unaware of him and busy with her cleaning she gave him the ample view of her deep sexy cleavage. She could watch him rubbing his crotch as if to pacify a raged animal. She breathed hard and he thought that he saw the pinkish darkness of her nipple.

The rubbing became harder as she moved along the floor. She moved closer to him apparently to sweep the floor under his chair. While she did this, she casually rubbed her breasts to the bare part of Vikki’s legs. He moaned.ame. His body became stiff. Mita quickly moved away and went into the kitchen. She started preparing the lunch still thinking about Vikki’s moans. All the heat of the stove and the episode had really made her hot. She decided to have a quick bath. She moved to her room to get her towel so that she can move to the common bathroom of the house for the bath. She really needed to get out of this sticky dress. She also hoped Maddy will be there to give her a nice lick down below. She whistled for Maddy and moved to her room and left the door open to let him come. As she was looking through her cupboard, she heard the door being opened. Thinking it to be Maddy she said, “Come my baby lick me all over”. Suddenly she felt her skirt being lifted up. As she turned around she saw Vikki’s face next to hers. There was a strange look on his face and it was all red. An involuntary cry left her lips. Immediately the coarse hand of Vikki covered her lips with a force, she was pinned down to the wall behind. Vikki got more excited with what he saw. Mita had a frightened look in her big baby eyes, her small beautiful nostrils flared with excitement, her blouse was disheveled with one side off her shoulder and with her boobs touching his chest each time she inhaled. He slowly moved his body close to her still pinning her against the wall.

Their bodies rubbed against each other. He started rubbing his hard crotch against hers, his muscular thighs pressing into her soft fleshy ones. She wanted to cry out loud with pleasure, but as she did it she bit into his hand. Thinking she was resisting her pressed her lips harder. His free hand lifted her skirt and start feeling her legs which were so warm against his cool hand. His hands as they moved to up found her cotton panties. Unable to get through her panties he tugged savagely at them. The soft cloth gave away and he had her tattered panty in his hand. He took it to his face it smelled it for the womanly hot smell. For a moment Mita forgot her pain and thought how similar Vikki and the dog maddy looked now, she almost smiled. Vikki was crazy with passion now. He groaned urgently to Mita that he will let go her but if she makes any noise he will beat the shit of her. And slowly he let her mouth free. Her lips have become red and swollen with the mishandling giving them a deeply sensual look. They both stood close to each other panting like animals. Mita slapped him hard on his face but their eye contact didn’t break. The next thing she did took him by surprise. She grabbed him by his hair with both her hands and drew his head closer to hers. Their lips met. It was the first time that both of them had ever kissed. Their only teaching on the subject was what they have seen on the magazines brought by Vikki from his college friends. Their lips met with passion. It was clumsy but hot. Each trying to drink other’s wetness and their tongues mating with one another. Their hands explored the bodies of other. Mita’s hands went to his buttocks which were as hard as a rock, she dug her nails in to it. Vikki cried out aloud. He lifted her in his arms and threw her on the bed. He got hold of her blouse tore off the buttons. With a tug he got her skirt off her. She had now nothing on but her chemise on. She was a picture of seduction lying out there like that. Her long hair flowing all over, her beautiful face red with pleasure, a thin long neck, a white chemise which had moved up to show a flat belly with a small belly button, a tiny waist moving out to a womanly hips.

One of the legs was slightly raised while the other was straight. The thick bush of her dark pubic hair highlighted the fairness of the skin all around. The legs were arched with her toes stretched to enhance the effect of already long legs. Vikki took off his clothes in hurry. As he got out of his shorts, his huge hungry organ popped out like a spring freed out with tension. Mita watched it with fascination. It was of thickness equivalent to her wrist and pretty long. The angry veins bulged all around it with a round thick bulbous head crowning it. His body was hairless except the bushy hair around his penis. As he moved on top of the bed and came close to her she had this uncontrollable desire to take his throbbing penis in to her mouth. But he pounced on her grabbing her shoulders and moved her mouth on her breasts and started kissing them like crazy. He mouthed her nipples and started moving his wet tongue over it in circular motion. She wanted to shriek with joy but bit her lip hard. She could feel him sucking her nipple as she had seen a baby doing to her mother. His hand moved all along her waist to the softness of her thighs. Her legs parted on reflex. His one hand played around with her pussy hair while he continued sucking her nipples. The wetness from her cunt flowed all down her thighs.

Slowly he moved his tongue down to her belly button, where it lingered on. Her back arched up in response. He moved his mouth down below. With his hands he parted her legs and watched her womanhood. The inviting rosyness of her pussy lips and wetness all around was what he saw. And he moved his lips to the opening and drank her juices from it. The orgasms she felt were like the earthquakes, she moved a pillow on top of her to keep herself from crying out aloud. He moved up to put his now aching penis inside her, but she pushed him away. She was scared. She had once tried putting two of her fingers together inside herself while masturbating and it had really pained for a day. This huge thing will really tear her apart. Instead he took it in her mouth. She took it half way inside her mouth. She moved her tongue on the eye of his thing’s swollen head. He groaned loudly. She moved her mouth over his penis as if she has been thirsty for years. Her hands moved to her buttocks and she inserted a finger in his anus. The whole thing became unbearable for Vikki and his body stiffened as his cum escaped his penis. It fell all over Mita’s face. She took it in her mouth. As his body loosened up, she sucked out his penis of all his cum. They lied side by side for sometime still feeling each other’s bodies.

Now she had one person who loved her and would do any thing for her. The story will continue as I write further. Please send in any comments on

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