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Cousin With Neetu

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi friends . My name is Raj  & I wish to share my intimate love with you .Readers are requested to have patience while going thru this as this is neither a Fantacised story & neither a fake story as I have gone thru many stories.Some of them seems to be good and have some reality but most of them are fake & you can easily judge with your experience .Most of the stories are based on a fiction  love with Bhabhi’s & Aunty’s & it seems that all Aunty’s & Bhabhi’s are just waiting that some Rahul/shekhar/Debu will come & F***K them .So, as I had mentioned earlier that this is not a story & so it does not have all the OOOH”S & AAAH’s.If you are reading it for these please go to next story.

It  started when I was around 28 & working with a four wheeler  dealer.My job was selling four wheelers as sales Manager. Before that let me give a little brief about mysely. I am sikh guy handsome tall 6’1’’ I was very handsome with an atheletic built ( I am using was because this story is 10 years old).Though I am still handsome with a charming face and a very good humour sense & a caring attitude .

So coming back to story, it happened one day when a lady along with a gentleman came to showroom to buy a vehicle for herself. As a routined job I delivered her the vehicle & she went away. After a few days  I was busy on my job , My subordinate called me & handed over the phone to me saying that some lady is calling you. I haerd a lady’s voice , she said I am Sonu  speaking .I disd not recoganize her as selling vehicles to customers Is a daily routined job & many lady customers comes to buy the vehicle. I thought she must be facing some problem in her vehicle & so she must have called me. With a professional voice I asked her how can I help . She said everything is fine & the vehicle is running ok .Again professionally I told her to call any time if her vehicle is giving any kind of trouble. She said OK & asked what I had taken in Lunch .I was blushed with the questioned she asked but coolly answered what I had in lunch. I asked why she asked me this question for which she replied nothing & hanged the phone.

A few days later she came to my showroom with some problem in her vehicle & came straight to me & explained the problem. I called the mechanic who started diagoniging the problem. Mean time I asked her to sit in the customers lounge.As I was also free I also went to her & started chatting .Then I asked the reason of asking the question ,she replied with her eyes down that she likes me & wanted me to be her friend. I was just surprised as I remembered that during the time of invoicing she had mentioned her name as Mrs Asha. I thought let me also go a little further & check what is there in her mind.I asked her to meet at a coffee shop next day in the evening which she agreed.

Next day after finishing my job we went to coffee house in the evening & there she informed that her husband died in a n accident & she is having a 4 years daughter & is staying with her inlaws who are giving her mental tourcher as they think that she is the reasons for their sons mairrage.Here I want to tell you some thing about sonu .She was an average looking girl hmmm & must be having an average height of 5ft , Aged 28 , with dark black hairs & an average body.Overall she is a average good looking girl . She may have looked more beautifull if she must be doing some makeup but she was not supposed to do because Indian customs does not allow. That day we sat for an hour & she explained how her husband died in that accident.After that we went home & she used to call on regular intervals & we chat general matters.

One day she called me & informed that she had left her inlaws & shifted near to my residence. She was independent as she was working with some company which she got after her husband’s death. That evening I went to her house for the first time, she offered me tea. There I met her daughter who was beautifull but I can see all the pains, which a child is facing after her fathers death. We chat for some time & then I told her that I am leaving to my home. Her voice chocked & requested to sit for some more time, which I can not deny. There was some kind of attraction, which prompted me to spend some more time. She was feeling distress & I could only give her consolation & for the first time I touched her hands & wept her taers. She put her head on my shoulder & again for the very first time I kissed her forhead. She controlled her feelings & asked me to go as my parents must be waiting & moreever landlord may doubt.

Few days after I was alone in my house as every one went to attend a marriage. I called Sonu & asked wheather she can come to my house, which she agreed as her daughter, had gone to her DADI’s place. She came after few minutes, I invited her to my house & we sat on a sofa, offered her some soft drinks. We felt that we were not having words to chat & just dazing in each other’s eyes. I sat besides her & again kissed her on her forehead. This time she lifted her face & from her eyes she invited me to kiss on her lips. Shyly I went near her & kissed on her lips. Initally it was just brushing but it turned down to a violent kissing session. For the first time I was experiencing a feel of a woman, her warmth, her passion, her aggression, her lust, her aroma & everything which a man always dreamt off in his entire bachelorhood.

We must have been engaged in same condition for some 20-25 minutes & a scene from Guniees world Record came to my mind where couples in America kissed for hours to beat the world record. Finally we could not break the record & separated .I slowly lifted her in my arms, she was very light weight & felt to me like I am carrying a feather. I took her to my bedroom & slowly undressing her. First her kammeez then her salwar .Now she aws infront of me in her white panties & Bra which were on floor soon. Here she was starked naked & for the first time I am gazing EVE in her natural clothes. I maid her laid down on bed & started kissing her everywhere. Though I was not experienced but enough seen adult movies gave me that confidence. I started kissing her earlobes,her naval,her neck,her back ,her toe fingures & the best of gods great creativity the BLOOSOMS she must be feeling on the seventh world which I came to know after wards that she had a triple orgasm just with that passionate lovemaking.She then removed my clothes & started fonding by tool


.She was getting so horny that she begged me to enter inside her.I too was not able to control & made her laid on her back & put her legs on my shoulders & then I gave a thurst in her opening which she could not handle as tears started coming out of her eyes. I was not able to understand but she smiled & said that after her husbands death I am the first man who she had loved & because she did not had sex for the last 2 years she is feeling pain.Her pubic area was full of lovely hairs which was not trimmed for years but it was so beautifull that I wished to play with them. Then I slowly shifted my mouth to her vagina .She gave a big groaning sound which I can never forget . She was shivering as she got fever of Malaria. She was trembelling with joy, excitement & lust . She moved her thighs & buttocks so high that I was finding it difficult to handle itpressed my head so hard in her thighs that I almost got syphocated .. She came again & was giving a wild cat look . She threw me to bed & jumped on me & put my Big tool in her mouth .Let me tell you friends that she was not licking it & was biting & eating it. Sometimes it was so painfull that I had to pull it from her mouth.  Slowly her pubic juices made her  wet & she requested to get inside her .She took mine into her & started giving me jerks from beneath . The whole scene was like a Steam Engine movement of shaft & wheel .We were pushing so hard which made our organs red ..We had a graet sex time & we made love in different styles for about 2 hours . Finally as every good thing has to come an end our love making machine also got exausted & we  came at same time . My cum came in  a force as if I am having a  loo.The pressure was so intense that it surprised her too.Finally it was all over & we had our clothes but suddenly we were shocked as someone rang the door bells. I immediately rushed to door to find my sister on the door. We were so afraid but managed to hide her in bathroom.I then opened the door & asked her the reason of coming back early.She told me that she forgot her purse inside which she took & left immediately.

I ran back to bathroom & asked her to come ,We came out of our fear & after we started laughing at the situation we had. She went back to her home & we keep on maintaining a very healthy, caring & intense love. After she went back I checked my body & was horrified to see nail marks everywhere,which got normal after few days.

She never demanded any thing from me & all she wanted to love her . The whole episode finally ended when I was transferred to another city.After that we used to send letters to each other & it all ended after she  got married. Today I am not aware where has she gone & never tried to find her as I do not want to disturb their marriage , but the way our relations started & ended is saved im my mind forever & I am sure that she must also not have forgotten me.I was having her love letters which I gave her after she married.


So friends this is all about my first intimate love affair. After that I had relations with other girls too & every relation was so successful & had a happy ending .Every girl in my life was very special in her own way. There are many more good intimacies stories which I can share with anyone specially to a lady/girl .If you are interested in maintaining a gracefull , long term relation please mail me at my mail ID

I assure you  will never forget the experience.So bye-bye evey one & have a nice time . I hope you must have enjoyed every word & moment. Presently I am working with an MNC as Zonal Manager & enjoying my staus well. I love touring & have an access to cities like Delhi, Punjab, MP, Bombay .Wishing you all a good health & happiness.Take Care

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