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Cousin Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hello, I am very much pleased to share my sexual fantasies with you. I am Shiva from Coimbatore. I have a very strange way of getting an arousal. A woman’s / a girl’s undergarments make me hard very much. According to me the sweet odor of a girl’s panty should be the best odor for a boy like me. I don’t know if any body of you have the same taste like mine. When I was doing my graduation I used to stay in my Uncle’s house.

He has 2 daughters, Asha and Hema. Asha was elder one; she was around 25 years, 5 years older than I was. Younger one Hema was 22 yrs old at that time. Both were unmarried. I used to call them by their names Even though they are older than I am. Asha used to be close and frank with me, whereas Hema was a reserved girl. My uncle’s flat was not a big one. There were 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. My uncle and Aunt used to sleep in one bedroom and the other we 3 used to share it. There were no cots in that room and we used to sleep on the floor. Asha had a very good figure, may be 36-25-38, with fair complexion. Where as Hema was somewhat obese, plump, so naturally I was more inclined towards Asha. One day when I was taking bath I noticed a pile of clothes in the bathroom. I was sure that they were Asha’s, as just 10 minutes earlier she took a bath there. I quickly searched through those clothes. Yes I was successful. I could find her bra, Panty, Salwar, Kameez. The bra was a black one, and coming to the Panty, my favorite garment of Asha, it was a White one, with light brown small flowers on it. The texture of the whole panty was not uniform. The Place where her pussy would touch was a little rough, had a few holes. There was a big cental dark brown stain on it. May be it was produced as a result of her juices. I could also find 3 or 4 entangled hair on those stains.

The very sight of that beautiful panty of Asha made my lund to grow like anything. It was throbbing high underneath my towel. My heart was in a state of flutter. I brought the stained part of the panty to my nose. Hhhhhhmmmmm my goodness, it was emitting a kind of smell, magical odor. By sniffing at it I was feeling like in air. My lund became rock hard. I rubbed my nose on the panty. I picked the hair, which were entangled on the panty with the tip of my tongue. I swept all my face on the panty. I could feel the warmth of the sweat of Asha as she was wearing it just 10 minutes ago. I couldn’t resist my lund, it was aching a lot. I shagged heavily with panty at the tip of my nose, and bursted out on the panty on the dark stains. I took a bath and stepped out of the bathroom, Asha was sitting there and reading some book, and she asked me to get some vegetables from the market, when she was talking to me I couldn’t see straight in to her eyes. It happened for the first time. After that whenever I found her panty in bathroom I enjoyed great. After few days I was searching for some more to have better fun in shagging. Whenever she bent I used to watch her big bulging boobs and the big round ass when she leaned forward to mop the floor. Once I was caught when I was staring at her boobs, she gave a sharp look into my eyes and corrected her saree pallu. During nights whenever she goes for bathroom, I used to keep my ears alert to listen the pissing sound, it Was so musical, buzzing sound, that I used to shag listening to it.

One day my aunt’s sister’s family came over there. There were 3 kids (below 10 yrs age). All of us played a lot of caroms, cards etc. on that night we 3(myself, Asha, Hema) and the kids were asked to sleep in our bedroom. We spread beds on the floor as usual. My bed was along one wall and Hema’s was along the other. the kids slept between Asha and Hema. that’s how Asha was beside me. There was not a big gap between us. It was night 12’0 clock. I couldn’t get into sleep as fragrance of Asha’s body was making me restless. She was facing opposite to me. And my favourate part (her ass) was pointed towards my waist. My lund grew large in me. Slowly I moved my waist towards her hips. Now my lund was pressing Her hips slightly. Her hips were somewhat soft and firm, round, sexy. I pressed my lund still harder. There was no movement in her. I thought she was in deep sleep. So I placed my lund in the cleavage between her hips and started moving slowly up and down. Suddenly she turned towards my side. But she was still sleeping. This time her face was so close to me that, hot air from her nostrils was breezing on to my face. There was not more than 2 inches of gap between our lips. I slowly moved ahead, placed both of my lips on her’s and smoothly kissed her and came back. The upper 2 buttons of her nightgown were open and her big boobs were trying hard to come out.

She wasn’t wearing a bra. I slowly moved my whole body downward, so that my face is opposite to her boobs. I don’t know what has happened to her, she moved towards me, and her boobs pressed my face really hard. May be the kid on the other side had kicked her. My goodness her gorgeous boobs were pressing hard on my face. Now it was my turn to act further. I rubbed all my face on boobs. I could feel her nipples touching my lips when I did so. I bit her nipples smoothly. My erect lund was pressing her knees. I placed my hand over her hips, pretending that I am sleeping, and started caressing her hips. But I shocked as she placed her hand on my head and started pressing on her boobs. It was really terrifying. I gained confidence and moved up to her face and moved close to her lips. She whispered to me” kiss me. I kissed her really hard this time. Her lips were so smooth, juicy, I cannot explain how good they were. She pierced her juicy tongue in to my mouth, our Tongues were fighting hard. She held my hand kept it on her right boob. I squeezed it like chapati dough. At the same time enjoying the taste of her saliva. I don’t know how it happened, may be it was an involuntary action, my hand got shifted from her boobs on to her pussy. I moved my fingers on her pussy over the gown itself. then she murmured “hey put your hand inside”. At the same time sucking my ear, she pierced her tongue in my ear. I was searching for a way to get inside her gown, I couldn’t find the edge of it. She understood my problem, she grabbed my hand and showed me the way inside. Now my hand was between her warm thighs. Her thighs were very beautiful, hairy, hot, I caressed her thighs. They were excellent. I went up I could touch her panty. I scratched her panty over the triangle.

When came along the cleft between the pussy lips my fingers became wet. She was oozing honey. I entered inside her panty from sides. It was full of silky hair, I pulled the panty down and placed my entire palm on her pussy and started massaging it, simultaneously kissing her hard. She was moaning at a very low pitch. When I pinched her clit she moaned a bit louder ssssssss…aaaaaaaah., and said “put your fingers inside my hole”.then I fucked her juicy cunt with my fingers, kissing her hard at the same time. I took out my hand from her pussy and licked all the honey on my fingers. It was deliciously and warm. I couldn’t resist now as I saw the taste of her honey, I moved down to her waist, lifted her gown completely up and gently kissed her pubic hair. It was emitting a sweet love scent. I took my tongue out, licked her hairy cunt top to bottom several times. played with the clit with the tip of tongue. She pressed my head on to her pussy, pulling my hair moaning at a very very low pitch. After giving her cunt a thorough wash with my tongue I moved up and whispered in her ears. What next? Do u want mine? She didn’t reply instead she moved down this time, placed her hand over my undy, pressed my lund, it was rock hard, she swept all her face on my lund, bit my cock and pulled the underwear down. my cock was really furious, came out of underwear like snake out of its hole. She sniffed all through my rod and testicles before she kept it inside her mouth. She pulled my fore skin back, then the purple head came out, kissed the tip of the cock delicately, then licked all around the head, and finally took all my length in to her warm juicy mouth, and started sucking it vigorously. It was fantastic. Mine would measure atleast 7 inches, I don’t know how deep she went, But I perplexed to feel that my entire rod disappeared in her mouth. She sucked my rod making sounds mch..Pmch..mch…mmmmmm. I was scared that anybody around us would get up. But nothing like that has happened.

When I was about to come out, I stopped her sucking, asked her to move up and warned her not touch my rod as it would burst out even with the gentle touch of her warm hands. I asked her to wait for few seconds. She said “I know what u do with my panties inside the bathroom”, I asked her “how do u know”? She said “Even I do the same with your underwear”, I love to watch u while u take bath through the hole of the door. Now I said i am going to fuck u now, she said don’t test my patience, go on.. She caught hold my rod kept it inside her hole. When I tried to push it inside it didn’t go easily, the tip of my cock was aching, even she complained of pain, but I didn’t give up pushed it further giving slight jerks, finally I could enter completely inside her. It was very hot inside her. I increased my speed fucking her. THE FEELING THAT I AM FUCKING A WOMAN, 5 YEARS ELDER THAN ME WAS MAKING ME MAD. Now I was fucking her juicy love hole very fast. The blows made sounds thup.thup..thup… I closed her lips with mine, preventing any sound that would make others get up. In about 2 minutes I bursted out. I filled her choot heavily with my semen. I never bursted that much of semen ever. It was my first intercourse, even her’s. That night we had it 5 times. When I got up in the morning she looked at me with an admiration in her eyes, and gave a sharp smile. After that day whenever we had a chance I fucked her great. After a year she got married, and now she is living happily with her family and her 2 children (one of them is mine), miles away from me. But still whenever she comes here, that night my rod asks for her. Even now I can’t help myself as she is away from me and ofcourse married to other guy. Friends, hope this experience of mine has made u hot. I request all the horny guys surfing around to mail me their experiences. Females u are most welcome for your physical needs. You can mail me at

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