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Cousin Sister And Sex

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello everyone.

I read desipapa stories a lot and this is my first story in This incident happened last year between me and my cousin sister Nisha. This story is a bit long.

I am a computer engineer as well as nisha. We both are from Nagpur. I have a slim body, moderate looks, fairly tall and wheatish complexion. Nisha is a bit short, chubby, not too fat. She has a wheatish complexion and has a stunning figure (will make any guy look once again at her). Nice round boobs and fairly big buttocks. Speaking of mine and her relationship, we were not that great in touch. Just meeting during family functions and just a hi-bye relationship. But i always had an eye for her figure. Made me masturbate thinking about it. I was guaranteed a strong orgasm when i thought about her and masturbated.

We both completed our BTech during the same year but in different colleges. We also got placed in the same company and in Mumbai. We lived in rented apartments around 15 minutes away. This incident happened in July last year. Our company had organized a night party on a weekend. And for some reason we had an off on Friday (Saturday and Sunday are usually off). So it was a 3day long weekend. My roommates and hers too were from Nagpur too. They decided to go home for d weekend. However, me and nisha thought of staying and attending the party (which i will never regret 😉 ).

The party was on Saturday night. It was in a hall which was quite near to where i live, just 2 minutes walking. And nisha did not want to dress up from her home and come to the party because it was 20 minutes travel and in bus. So she asked me if she could dress at my room. Since i was all alone, i said i had no problem. She then came in the evening at my room. She got her clothes and got ready. I also got ready. It was almost twilight and slightly overcast conditions. We anticipated that it wouldnt rain so we went without taking umbrella. We reached the party and enjoyed there. Time passed and it was late and thundering now. So we both decided to go. She was supposed to change at my place and take a taxi to her place. While walking to my room it suddenly started pouring and we both got drenched in water.

We quickly ran and reached my room. The weather worsened and it was raining heavily for quite a time now. So i told her she could stay if she wanted because of the weather. She agreed. I had not bad intentions till now ;). she was all wet and had only a dry top and jeans which she came in. I thought it would be uncomfortable to sleep in jeans, so i offered her my shorts and tshirt. her bra and panty were also wet so she wore my tshirt and shorts without her bra and panty.

It was only 1 bedroom flat. So i asked her to sleep inside and said i would sleep in the hall. She said ok. I was just getting sleep when suddenly she woke me up. I woke up startled (it was thundering and lightening also). I asked her what happened, she told me she is scared to sleep inside alone. Then i got her mattress outside in hall and asked her to sleep there. Now she was bending to adjust the bed sheet and i could see her bra-less boobs. They were hanging in there. I couldnt resist and i i got a full hardon. She asked me if i could leave the bulb on since she was still afraid of thunder. I said ok and put it on but i did not realize that it would show her the bulge in my shorts. She saw it and i was embarrassed. I said sorry and she said ok. I went into bed still trying to get a look of her boobs. i gave her my blanket . And now i was struggling without blanket. She saw that and said we could share the blanket (i bet she did that on purpose, she must’ve got horny seeing my erect dick 😉 ). I said ok and took the blanket. It obviously wasnt enough, so we both came closer to each other. Now there is a little gap between me and her body. Sometimes they were touching and i was exactly looking forward to that moment. I wished how i could fuck my cousin then and there only. Suddenly i felt something touching my hard dick. i Could make out it was feeling like finger. Now i was sure she was definitely horny. So i decided to show courage and advance.

I put my hand over her waist pulling her closer to me. She didnt resist. Now her boobs were touching my body. Oh my god!!! They were so soft. My penis was throbbing now. I planted a kiss on her lips. She responded back positively. We kissed for around 10 minutes. I took her hand and put it on my dick. It seemed like it id not stop growing bigger and it was all covered in precum now. It was getting hot, so we got rid of the blanket. I started caressing her boobs and she my penis. We both breathing heavily. We got rid of our t-shirts and now both topless. Our bare bodies touching each other and partly covered in sweat. I started sucking on her nipples, she started moaning lightly. She told me to remove my shorts because she wanted to taste my dick. I immediately removed it. She made me lie down on my back and spread my legs. Then she smiled at me and grabbed my dick comfortably in her hands. She put it in her mouth and oh god…what a feeling it was..warm and wet mouth covering my dickhead. i started getting butterflies in my stomach and i held her both hands. She told me to relax and sucked it nice and slow. I exploded very soon into her mouth and she dint even hesitate a bit. I could make out that this wasn’t her first blowjob. She was very good at it. She swallowed all of my cum. Now it was my turn to return the favour.

I got on top of her and ripped her shorts off (in fact those were mine only 😛 ). I spread her legs and saw a clean and shaved pink pussy. I touched it and she shivered. It was so wet and so hot. i started rubbing it from slow to fast and so she started moaning with the same speed. My tongue made way into her pussy all the kissing her inner thighs. She was moaning louder now and i enjoyed it. I planted a kiss on her pussy lips. The smell was so good and i could not resist it. I stuck my tongue inside it and she had gone wild now. Almost rising. I held her hands and started licking it. Slowly i started in and out motion. with one hand holding her hand, my other hand was working with her nipples. She came after some time and started to shiver. I hugged her and held her tight. I kissed her on the lips again and on the neck. She asked me if i had condom. As a matter of fact i did ( i enjoy jerking off in condom..its amazing 😉 ). I got d condom and my dick was hard again now. She said she would put it and she did it without any hassle.

I laid her on her back and got on top of her. I slowly put my dick inside her pussy slit and guided it in. She had a tight pussy and i used some force now. Clearly she was in pain. So i slowed a little bit and gave a few slow strokes. Now she was getting in the rhythm and enjoying it . i increased my pace and started thumping her hard now. She was moaning like anything now. She asked me to do it in doggy style. so I removed my tools and she got on her knees. I went behind her and guided my dick and started thumping again. I was about to cum now and i told her. She also told me she was about to cum. And soon i cummed and she a bit later while my dick was still inside her. We both fell on the bed tired and exhausted and smiling at each other. i kissed her again. She told me to get rid of the condom. and i disposed it and came to bed. We were staring each other smiling and thats the last thing i remember about that night. We slept instantly.

Next day we got up still smiling at each other. She said she will now go to her room . I said it was sunday and no1 was at her room , so asked her to stay in my room. She was thinking and instantly pulled her towards me and kissed. this led to another session and then she went. Now after this incident we do it whenever we get the time and opportunity. And now i am getting her to know well.

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