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Cousin Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hi 2 all desipapa readers.i m raaj from pune ,a regular reader of desipapa sxy stories.well I love 2 read stories but I wasn’t knoin that one time will cum when I will also hav 2 post my sexual exp.with u.

Anyway guys&gals without wasting any time I would like 2 prescribed u my sexual encounter with my cousin asha

It happen like this ,when I just gone 2 my aunts house 4 spendin few days with their aunt has ;

One daughter named asha.let me describe ab;t her.well asha was studyin 11th at that time,soft milky skin,broad eyes,sxy feautres which make any one 2 masturbate that time.Her most sexual asset was her big breast as I love that part of gals body.she was 32-28-34

Wel guys &gals I m 22 tall,handsome lookin guy with nice muscular body who always like 2 exp sex once in life as all of u ,after all v r human beings yaar.anyway my aunt work in some co.n my uncle used 2 go at his buiss at home only me n asha used 2 stay.

This all happen ,when one day as usual I woke up at my time ie-9am at tht time aunt &uncle goes 2 their work.,only asha use 2 b their at when I got up from my bed I came 2 baraanda havin my tooth paste at tht time I heared some sxy voice from asha when I gone there I saw asha was lyin on bed with her skirt up n fingerin her pussy,n moanin like crazy sxy bitch.i saw her first time in this situation,my cock get erect n ready 2 shot all his load .suddenly my cousin saw me from one side of window

N got up make her dress down n react normaly.on that whole day I didn’t sleep all time I used 2 masturbate by my cousin name imaging her naked in front of me .

Finally one day came when I got the change 2 hav sexual intercourse with my night asha came 2 my room n v r havin just normal chattin ab;t our studies,gf.finally I asked asha that hav ever she done sex with guy.she got angry but from inside she was also enjoyin she said nope.than I said hav u kno wht happen 2 first night of marriage,she smile sexily n said nope than Igot up went out of my room 2 saw whether my aunt ,uncle had slept or not.after havin fully satsify I enter my room n close the door.n brought one bp movie from my draw n start that movie .asha was lookin very carefully n fully concentratin 2 tht xxx movie n breathin heavily.suddenly I kept my hand on her shoulder n gav her sweet kiss on her lips she got hot very kissin her I move my hands on her breast which got very hard n dyin 2 come out from bra.

I press them harder as much as I this she moan loudly tellin me don’t stop just do it.after kissin her lips I removed her t-shirt n she was on her black bra wowwww.!wht a sxy barbie she was lookin u can imagine guys.i took both the boobs in my hand n press them hard by kissin on his chest .neck,lips.slowly I took off her bra n her milky melons fall down wht a scean it was first time I m lookin gal boobs in front of me naked ,I wsnt knoin that it will b of my sxy cousin.her boobs was fully white in color n nipple r of brown got so erect ,I press both boobs n suck both nipples one by one ,wht a releif I got that time .it was amazing.

After suckin her boobs I came down n kiss her navel n remove her payjama.she was wearin red panty.i kiss all over her panty .slowly I remove her panty n wht a heaven way I saw ,her pinkish pussy with some hairs ,by lookin I got very crazy n spread her legs n began lickin her pussy badly ,all this time my hands were pressin her big boobs n she was moanin in very sxy way aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh suck it don’t stop ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was getting more crazy by hearin her voice n l;ickin her pussy faster n faster,finally she got orgasm.

Than I stood up remove my shirt-pant n got fully naked in front of cock was very hard that time n saluting her standin strainght in front of her.when she saw my 7ich lund she got shocked n said so big lund u r havin I took her handon my lund which was very hot.i said take in her mouth n give me blow job.first she hesitated lot but as I said I hav also lick ur pussy n gave ur tremendous satisfaction so as I also want.than she said ok.she took my lund in her mouth n suckin my lund in very sxy way wht a releif I was geetin guys u can imagine this,I was in heaven I put whole of my lund in her mouth movin in n out.she was suckin it like a bitch faster n faster finally I load all my cum in her mouth ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but she took all them out than I said 2 take all cum in mouth it is very tasty than she took some n enjoy my cum taste n suck my lund clearly eatin all my cum .

After this she got in bathroom 2 piss n I also gone behind her.first time I was seein any gal pissin in front of me .asha saw me lookin at her .she got up n I took her in bed spread her legs n told now the main target starts so r u ready 4 the real one play.she was very scared as she was virgin so I told her that first few sec it will pain but after that more n more enjoyment so don’t worry asha I will do slowly I spread her legs wide as wider brought condom n told her 2 put on my lund she put on lund n slowly I put my lund on the main enter way of pussy she got shivered than I push my lund slowly inside her pussy she was monain badly as it wass her first time I again push slowly n now half of my lund was in her pussy than I speed my pushin n lettin all my lund 2 enter in her pussy . she was moanin badly I kiss on here lips so tht voice cant get out of room.asha was cryin badly as increase my speed fast,faster n faster .after sum time she relaxed n enjoy with me fuckin .i was fuckin her harded as I can while she was enjoy my fuck.finally I got orgasm n shot all my load n she also get her orgasm .v both slept naked on each other 4 some time.after some time me n asha had taken bath by clearlin each part of our body n once more v fuck in bathroom .really guys it was great havin sex with asha .she was very beautiful n sxy .so whenever I visit her home v used 2 daily fucked n enjoy our life.

Any sexy gal,woman who wants real sex n statisfaction do reply me with full of confidence secrecy will kept mail me on i hope u all hav enjoy my story.

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