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Cousin Ki Choot May Mayra Lund

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

First of all I like to introduce my self my name is Angle Guy I am from Lahore Pakistan. Today i am going to tell u about my first sexual experience. My age 23, height is 5’’9 good-looking and handsome and have a Big Hard Dick:)
Tu janab main ab ap ko apni Story URDU or ENGLISH main suany ja raha huon ye mara first time hy koie galti ho jay tu ignor kar de jae ga.han tu guys , girls apny apny LUN or Pudi pe hath rakh lien:)

Now I tell you about Honey . She is my Cousin. She is also 19yrs old and very beautiful & sexy and her figure is 36,30,34 . AMAZING. One day, HONEY has come to Our home , but its my luck that my parents was not at home this day.

So Iam very surrprised to see her in my home. She asked about my MOM & SISTER . I have told her that nobody was at home. Iam alone. She asked me that what I was doing. I told her that I am doing some important work on Computer. She asked me to join my company. So i agrree & she came in my room & sit next to me on Couch. Suddenely, She asked me that do u have any girl freind. I said No. She said how is it impossible. So I asked her that do she like to make my GF ?? She said ” Why not “. Till Now, I dont have any bad view for her in my mind. Achaanak wo kahnay lagi kay mujhay koiee achee see movie dekhao. Main nay pocha ka konsee dakhnee hai. wo boli jo tum maray anay say pahlay akaylay hi dakh rahay thay. main bohat haraan hao ka yae kia kah rahee hai. main nay us kaha ka main to koiee bee movie nahi dakh raha tha. Wo boli ka tum nay abi mujh say dostee ki hai, agar tum mujhay apna dost samjtay ho to PLZ movie lagao. main na kaha ka soch lo. Wo boli dont worry. Main nay daraz main say XXX Cd nikali aur us ko play kia. wo yeh dekh her bohat hoosh hoiee. main masalsal us ki breast ki taraf dakh raha tha.

Us nay mujha kaha ka tum kia dakh rahay ho. main nay kaha kuch nahi. wo boli kia tum maree brest dekh rahay ho. main yej sum kar bohat harran hoa, us nay kaha ka main jantee hoon ka tumhain maree brest bohat ache lagtee hai. main aik dam hamoosh ho gaya. us ney kaha ka kia tum maree brest kay sath kahlan pasand karoo gey, main nay kaha yes. I was just shock to see that an horny matured girl was seeing an adult movie with me. The movies started with a scene in which i girl is undressing herself and the boy is kissing , pressing her boobs and then slowely the boy started licking her pussy. By the time the scene was over we both were really aroused and we now need a real action. So she told me that ” Angle Guy, chalo ab bed room ma jayea, ab to asali maza karangae”So we both went in the bedroom. As soon as we entered i hold her and started kissing her wildely, soon our toung meet each other and we could now tast each other saliva. I know that she was really horny after seeing the scene in the movie, and she hold me and started to kiss me on my head, lips, nose ears, and my neck.Slowely my hands move to her breasts which are covered by the thin material. Slowly i undress Honey, first i put off her dress and now she was just in her white bra and white panty in which she just look like an hot model standing nude in front of me. The she help me to put her bra foo and WOW what a scene it was her nice, firm round shape boobs were visible by me and it made me really hot and horny. My eyes glitter with excitment , while shina waass smiling and squeezing her boobs and giving invitation.she told laby plz zor se babavoo,aabhe ishe chooso & said me laby fuck me, her voice was filled with lust. Again i hold her tight and kiss hungrily and her toungue is quick and eager in my mouth and her body was hot against mine.Now she undress me quickly and her cunt goung against my crotch and her breasts press warm on my chest. She slidee a hand donw to my groin and fondle my swelling 7 inch long penis. i groan softly.

Her finger coiled around the long serpent of my penis .she fist me slowly,feeling my hard on her hands and slide to knees before me, her tongue expertly over my cock-head. Her breath was warm on my tool top and then her mouth envelops my cock in its moist warmth. She began to suck hard , her head moving rapidly back and forth. I groan and arch my head. I started fucking her mouth slowly , pumping my hips at her face, moving her head back and forth. My cock and ur lips and cheeks grow shiny and sticky with my pre-cum. I bend and foldle her breasts and fine then swollen and rigid nipples quivering under my thumbs.My cock thorb & pulse ominously in her mouth and shina was desperate for a fuck. Then shina said in a lustful voice” laby fuck my cunt, ass, breasts & any orifice i choose”.She started sucking my dick harder & jerking my shaft with firmfingers i was screaming “Yeh … suck it, bitch … suck my cock … oh fuck yes … that’s it,that’s good … c’mon … suck my meat, whore … oh fucking hell yes!”.Soon i told her HONEY i am going to cum and she told me that cum in my mouth, i cum and she drank each and every drop of my cum. Then she was really horny and now she wanted a real fuck by my prick. She now putoff her panty and i was just shock to see her clean shaved pink pussy” WOW what a pussy, it was just pinkish in colour:”.i can see her pussy ozzing with cunt juice .

Now i started kissing and licking her ear lobes and neck, i move her hands upwards and her sexy armpits are now infront of me. i begin kissing and lciking there,then i come lower, i touch her boobs with my hands softly and u gave me a passionate moan. I rub my hands on those smoothmounds slowly.with these she was biting her lower lips with passion and this sexy appearance of her give me more erection. i begin squeezing her boobs very hard she now scream & i started squeesing and licking the valley between those massive but tight breasts she was screaming with pain .”ummmm, ahhh, ooi maa” now i started moving my toung under her boobs and still squeezing them very hard. Her nipples have become tall and erect as it gave me pleasurable & inciting moan.i bend forward and begin to suck on them with constant circular excitation of her nipple region, some times chewing her each nipple while squeezing & rubbing the other one.She started to run her hands throught my hairs & press & rub my head against her boobs. i have gone crazy by the time and place my toung in the valley between those two mounds & begin sliding it lower.My toung reach her tummy and i kiss on her navel.i started moving my toungue round her belly button and then begin licking it.She was moaning , gets higher and higher. I then move donwards & reach her pussy which was pink wet hole. I grab her by butt & kiss her deeply on her I then spread the legs of nisha & reach her cunt , it was hot and wet now! Cum is dripping out of it.The sweet smell of her womanhood is coming out. i grab her pussy lips with my lips and kiss those like french kiss. “ahhhhh…ummmmm..” she scream with loud voice.She grab my hairs & use my head for leverage as she bounce around.i curl my tongue into long deep tube and thrust into her pussy with it, opening her raw pink depth. She buck & writh her fingers pull hard at my hairs & her nails scrap at my scalp.She made my face bob around between her legs, my nose involuntarily being ground against her slimy gash. i snort her smelly creams and gulp them down by the mouthful, i love the tangy taste of her cunt sauce.

As i jab my toung far insdie her cunt scoop out the womanly curd of her tasty cum, put my finger deep into her asshle and befing moving it in & out. This gives her extra excitement & i go on with both finger fucking her anus and licking her cunt. I lap the flat of my tougue up and woen over her entire crotch area.Then i lap all the way ip her creamy slit until my tongue reaches the pulsing tutton of her clittty. I then put her clit in between my lips & draw it out long and taut.Then i sweep the end of it with the end of my tongue, she buck & grunt helplessly & my hands are on her soft thighs, keeping her legs spread & also massaging to increase the excitement. Now she cannot hold any more and my tongue with a quick deep penetration, more tasty thick cream ooza out of her slit and she scream for several endless seconds “Ohhh Yaaaaa!! ” she cry, her body buck & jump, she reach her most intense orgasm of her life time.Then using both hands I gently forced her to lay on her back, her legs spread to both sides and I begin running my toungue down her legs & her stomach bbeing careful to avoid my crotch. She moan & writh under her minsitrations, thrusting her hops involuntarily into her air.Finally after one tongue excursion down her thigh, I began tounguing her balls. She go back and forth between them getting it wet with with saliva. I suddenly stop, look up at her and take my left testicle into her mouth. She suck on it softly and stoke it with her toungu. Letting it slide sensuously out of her mouth, she repeat with the right testicle. She go back and forth between them, sometimes using her mouth to fuck my balls, sliding them individually in and out, in and out.

She stop and takking a deep breath, take both balls into her mouth at the same time, gently stuffing them in with her hands. The sensation is overpowering. My cock feels more engorged with blood than ever before, bouncing up at the sky with every beat of my heart. I squirm repeatedly underneath you which seem to drive her into a heightened frenzy. She keep sucking on my balls like u can’t get enough, her eyes constanly open and my reactions. Suddenly, she pull back slightly and let my balls pop out of her mouth. She begin running her tongue up and down on the undeside of my cock. Occasionally she wrap yher lips as much as possible around the side of my cock and suck it or stoke her lips up and down, pausing close to the head. She open her mouth and place my cock insdie on her tongue rubbing it all around without closing her mouth. It is almost unbearable. It is almost unbearable. She grab my cock with her hands and close her mouth about the head, slowly sucking it in until she have about half of it in her mouth. She keep it there, sucking on it like a popsickle, her eyes glude to mine savoring my every reaction. She cose her eyes and start stroking her head up and down on my straining cock, going deeper and deeper with every stroke, until finally all of my cock is buried in her mouth . she ground her face against my stomach twisting her head back and forth, then returning to fucking my cock with her mouth. I can feel my balls swelling, getting ready to expel my juice. She remove my hands from her head and increase her sucking up and down. Again I grab her head and start helping her up and down on my cock.

The pressure keep increasing and increasing until suddenly, I begin to cum! She trust her head down on my cock, taking as deep as she can. I shoot jet after jetof cum into her throat while she continude to bob yout head up and down on my deeply engulfed cock. It is like I can’t stop coming and she can’t get enough. I see cum dripping out from her mouth. As the flow lessens, she pull her head back and begin running my still spurting cock around her face. The muscles in my body are shaking from my tensing them. Finally I stop and she take my softening cock back into her mouth, gently licking and sucking it. She use her fingers to makes my cock become hard again. I grab her and pull HONEY on me. We begin our passionate kiss again After a while I place her back on the bed, lifting her thighs up and part her legs, I take in a big breath of air. I push myself up to my elbows and separate her legs even more. I move myself to where the head of my member is at her outer lips. I raise myself to my hands and I push my rod into the tight vagina of nisha. The first thrust brings me to just barely inside her , I can feel the inner lips at the tip of my cock. I press again and she buck to help me , pushing her body to meet my dick. It is slow, but I don’t want to hurry. She close her eyes and I feel her pussy clamping tightly around my cock. Every trust brings a new sensation to nisha. Her whole body shakes as I begin thrustin. She arch her back and tighten her pussy. She inhale deeply at each push and moan and exhale at each rest. I begin to meet her breathing becoz of her tight pussy. I moan at each thrust for her vaginal walls are pushing hard against my stiff meat. The tip is being pushed against by her walls, as well as being pushed back as to stop any further advancement. I push again and again, I feel my orgasm approach. Finally I can’t take the pressure and I give one final thrust into her.

She arch her back so much that I think she will lift me as well. I reach my ultimate pleeasure, my cock drives deep into her body and I shoot, with full force my load that has been waiting. I pump my dick in her a few times to get all my fluid out of me and into HONEY. I move slowly pumping a little longer until I begin to grow soft. At this I pull out of her now with a slurp.She pull me on her and force my lips to meet her. nisha then kiss me hungrily and her eyes tell me that she is satisfied, but want more and more. She get onto the nearest armchair on her knees, her hands clenching the backrest , her buttocks thrust back, proffering her anus. Gasping with excitement, her lover stands behind her and press my cock to her asshole. She was burning with lust. She sphincter spasm once and I cry out, my head snapping back and jam my cock into her asshole. She scream softly, her face contorting in a grimace of pain and lust as the huge, fiery rod seares into her butt;s. she dig a hand into her crotch and begin to masturbate frantically. Overpowered by lust, I am ram-fuck her butt, jerking and slamming my hips back and forth, forcing my cock into her asshole again and again. It is burning hot and tight as a vice and it convulsing feverishly on my penis. I feel her orgasm and her ass cramp almost painfully on my dick. I cry out and rock into her savagely and finally loose control. Beneath me, she mew in pleasure enjoy when she feel the sharp sting of my spoot geysering in a searing flood into her asshole. I slide out of her asshole slowly, my cock quivering and throbbing. She moan and her breath comes in heaving, rattling gasps. Her head bow between her arms, I chuckle softly & squeeze her dangling breasts. She groan, she pull me over to the bed, I am hard and she lay me on my back and staddle my hips and lower her wet, ready hungry cunt down on to and around my hot, hard flesh. Mounting , her begin to fuck her . is ky bad hum dono ko jub b koie moqa milta hum dono aik dosry ko khuab CHOADTAY .

How was my story viewers, I hope u will like it. I will wait your of your comments. If there is any mistake, then forgive me as It is my first story,

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