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Cousin Fucked Me

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hello all desi papa readers. Hope u r enjoying this lovely site. today i m going 2 share my own true story with all of u. i m 21 sexy and hot girl of Patiala,34-c,26,36. i m a student today i m telling u the real sex stody which was happened with me before 3 months. i m shilpa and i m interested in sex from my childhood but i never got any chance 2 have sex with someone. i have a cousin named raj(raju)he is 2 yr younger than me but he is very handsome. i always dream about him that he is fucking me but he is very simple boy.

I gave lines him many times but he never understood what i meant for. one day when i reached his home he was sleeping in his room at afternoon and his mom(my aunt) was making lucnh in kitchen. His sister was not there as it was school time. so when i asked his mom where is raj she said that he has been sleeping 4 a long time and i tried best but he is not waking up. so i took permission from her that let me wake him up so i reached 2 his room. i saw that he was sleeping in very deep sleep and he was looking very sexy at that time. i got oppurtinity and reached very close 2 her and then i kissed her cheaks. he suddenly changed his side and i again go 2 otherside of bed and then i again kissed him. he was sleeping. then i thought 2 see his dick( about which i always dreamed about) but his that side was underhis body and it was not easy 2 see that thing so i pulled him and make his front side towards me and now i touch his dick and it was very soft cos it was sleeping.

I felt very nice. but suddenely i saw that it was getting hard and hard so i realised that he was not in sleep. but what should i do now? i was puzzled . now he woke up and asked me what i was doing? i didint have anyword on my lips and i went away . he was watching at me .now i was very afraid that he could tell his mother about cos of this fear i went away from his home and reached my home. next morning was my birthday and everyone in my home wished me. so at that day raj had 2 come (like every yr). i was waiting 4 him but i was little afraid that he might tell about last night. so i was lilltle confused too. when he came he wished me but i didnt see any gift in his hand so i asked about my gift then he said that he will give me after sometime. i didnt get him. i said “ok”. so when i asked him after sometime about my guft again when he was in living room theh he suddenly hug me and told that i wana give u the most preious gift . i was little understanding thet wat was his meaning. so i again said that where is my gift then he toldme 2 come his home in eveing 2day. so at eveving i went there and i reache d his home . he was alone as his sister and ,other was not there. when i reached there th en he hugged me and started pressing my boobs.i was shoked and he said now i m going 2 give ur gift. he suddenly took off my bra and starting eating my boobs . oh my god!!! i was in heaven. my dreamed same true i was in his arms.

He asked me 2 take bath with him. then i said yes. he took me in his arms and we reached bathroom. there he 1st took off my clothes one by one and the stareted playing with my tits. my pussy was watered as it was my 1st experience. he kissed my pussy and then asked me 2 take off his clothes . i did. when i was about 2 take off his inderwear his cock was about 2 come out in my mouth. i slwoly took it off and ,OH MY GOD!!!! I HAD A 9 INCHES ROD IN FRONT OF ME AND IT WAS VERY BEAUTIFUL. now he asked me 2 suckhim . i didnt take anytime and started my job. it was very tasty i was in heaven .i was sucking full of his rod in my mouth and my every dream was coming true. now he told me 2 lay on bed and he wanted 2 eat my pussy. i did what he asked 4. so now i opened my legs quite wider and thenhe could see my hole.he 1st inserted his finger in me and i was feeling very 2 and then 3rd and then 4th ……. so on.he inserted somehoney in my pussy and then started 2 suk it. oh!! i was moaning cos it was a sweet pain i never had in my life.slowly he sucked all my juice and i was about 2 cum now. he said that he wana fuk me now.

I didnt let himw ait 4 anything and i suddenly jumped on him and then slowly sat on his dick. it was entering me slowly and slowly.MMMMAAAAHHH!! AAHHH!!!!!OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH . I CANT XPLAIN HOW NICE IT WAS.he was fucking me hard and i was enjoying well. about 10 mins he fuked me like a dog fuk bitch. he was about 2 cum now.i told him 2 gett off in my mouth and then he pull out his dick and put in my mouth. mmmmmmhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ooooeeeeeeee. it was upto my throught and i couldnt even take any breath ..i was in fire. he suddenly put his all juice in my mouth and filled my mouth with the sweetest liquid.aaaaahhhhhhhhh. still his cum is present on my tongue.some semen was still left on his dick and i cleaned it and make it like a new one. now we were tierd and then the door bell rang.

It was his mom. then she wished me and then we enjoyed a little party but my real party was already given 2 me and i was feeling very nice . so that was all about my story.hope u all liked and and i m thankful 2 those who atleast read this and i m also thankful 2 those too who didnt like it. if any guy or girl wana know anything about me he can main me at bye all.

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