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Cousin Fucked In Abbotabad

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

First, I thank desi papa’ stories, which encouraged me to have sex with my Cousin. I am a regular reader of desi stories. These stories helped to feel women’s sexual desire.. I am Khan from Abbottabad.I am 24 years of age. I am a M.Sc student in Abbottabad and very shy. This sweet moment is happened just 3 months back.

Let describe herself. friend to everybody.I called her Baji For me she is different. Her body and beautiful sexy boobs . That will attract anybody to bring towards her. Normally she wears Shalwar & Kameez with Dhuppatta. Her body shape is very good. God has given to her unique boobs and hip. Her size is 36-28-38. and height is 5’5″.

She is married & she is living with her husband & mother-in-law. Her Husband is a truck Driver & he come to hme after15 days trip.

To tell you the truth I was very much tempted to have sex with her but always scared to make the first move thinking that it might be the cook up of my vivid imagination and may be she is just being polite and being honest to me. waited

One day suddanly as I was going to my home by SUZUKI (Small Bus) As i sat on the seat of suzuki after some time I saw Baji came with her mother & she sat infront of mine& call me hi I also reply hi & where ect.Let me describe about suzuki there are two sides one for male & one for Female they both sit infront of each other & you know in this position men’s legs strikewith female.

Same situation was with me as her legs strike with my legs I saw she don’t mind I start rubbing my legs with her she also start rubbing her legs with me.I slowely pressed her leg with my thies she is so hot like electric heter then I slowely touch my hand with her side coz we were siting very close to each other I can’t do openly coz she is my Cousin I saw her eyes telling me that “i am very hungry”after some time she closed her eyes& pressed my legswith both of her.Meantime we reached to our station.

Now I start thinking about her that how I can entred my 6 inch lond in her choot.I never went to her house,but after this happen I make a plan to go her house.After 5 days I went to her house As I reached there I ringed bill of her door but no reply I opned the door & entre in her house I saw She was sleeping on her bed beside of her mother in law.OH great ass,about 5 minute I stoped there continously watching her ass I thought that whynot touch lond with her ass but I afired that if some one see me then I knocked door of her room.Then she opened her eyes & awwaked by sleep with these world “tum kab ay ho please batho na” Then I sat there & i told her I came to see my friend & i thought to meet you.She replied Whynot & sit I am going to kitchen.After 5 minute she came with tea as she gave me a cup of tea I saw her sexy boobs clearly.But her mother in law was at home so I can’t.After 15 minute I came back to my home & I 100% realised that She want sex with me.

Finally the day came for which I was waiting ,her husband had to go to Lahore. He was to away from home for 15 days & luckely therewas a marridge Her mother in law went there . I thought this can be the great moment for me to fuck her. I went to her home in the morning of 4th july 2002, just to see her as she is my cousin. I went to her home & door was opned I entered in her house but no one was there I call Baji..Baji..Then I heared “Khon hay Khon Hay” she replied from bathroom as she was in Bathing. OH.THEN I asked Baji its me She asked me Ok please wait I am In bathroom & I am comin.I said ok & I sat there But As I hear the noice of soap”Shup Shup” I couldn’t contrled myself & I start to serch from where I can see her Then I saw a small hole in the door or her bathroom.Oh I can’t explain when I saw firt time a full naked girl.

At that time My 6” Lond want to hole in the door really I became mad at that time.I saw Baji playing with her tits(boobs) fingring in her choot I clearly saw her big round ass.After 5 to 10 min She called me Khan Please give me my tovel(Toiea)But at that time I was busy to watching her I saw there was already a Tolia in bathroom I came in room & then I asked Baji wher is it se tod me in other room & also I realised her plan.

I take Tolia from another room & went to gave her,I knock her door AS door opened he slipped & fall dwon like an accednt.She was fully naked she start crying oh uf mar gie. Shethen asked please ‘Mug ko athow please” I caught her arm & take her to the bedroom Now How I caught her My right arm was under herleft arm& my left arm was on her right hand.She was crying Uf Uf .

Then we reach in her badroom I gave her DOPATAH & clothes.After wearing clothes she told me please don’t tell anyone about this. I told her that Baji, I am not that kind of guy, I came here clearhearted, If u mind it I am going. She caught my hand & asked me Khan don’t mind, I am sorry.I was very happy.Then I sat there she asked me please take Bam rub my back I am feeling pain I tld ok and I start rubing her back as she was laying on bad & was sat with her ass My arm was touch with her ass which is very soft like fome. I slowy start moving my hand on her back under Kameezshe start mouning oh uf “Dard ho rah hay” I understand This is a sweet pain.Then I slowely turened my hand to her chest & I saw she closed her eyes & replyed please slow slow, My lond become an Iron rod,her hips were looking like grat sexual, and my penis started up and down, as I had not seen a lady in that position earlier. I came in and sat besides her on a chair. She brought the oil bottle and asked me to massage slowly on hands only. As I am feeling Pain.I started massaging her hand. She was becoming hot and I was going uncontrolled. While massaging I kissed her hand. She did not mind, and I became happy that everything is going according to plan. I said her baji get the whole body massaged today. She said Ok go on. I started massaging her back and and the stomach. She said ‘ Oh Khan u r so good, Koi apna hi itna pain le sakta hai, otherwise I have been requesting my husband for the same for last 3 months. I said baji, u don’t worry, consider me like Bheia. She smiled and I proceeded.

Her nipples were erect.I started massaing her nipples. Oh Khan please don’t do like that. It is paining. I stopped, and again started at back. She asked me to massage her boobs also, I will bear the pain. I wished that she will say herself Khan please do please do. The same thing happened. Khan please massage my nipples, and I started massaging her nipples, she screamed shhhh. Then I took her left nipple in my mouth. Khan please don’t do that I am getting very horny. I started sucking her nipples. She was saying like mmmmmmm, shhhhhh, ahhhh. And I undressed her completely, I removed her panty. Her hairy pussy excited me to the great extent. Her eyes were on my erect penis under trouser. She unzipped my trouser and I slipped it out.

After that she took hold of my penis which she whispered, it might me of 7 “. I said no it measured only 6.” she sighed thank GOD, otherwise it could hurt my vagina. She slipped my underwear very wildly and my erect penis which measures 6″ was in front of her. She started sucking my erect penis. I asked her for 69 position, she agreed and came on me in 69 position. I started licking her choot and she was wildly sucking my cocks, Soon she discharged fluid, which tasted very good, and I pushed my whole tounge in her. She got up and bend in doggy style and requested me to please fuck me.First I fuck her by my Toung.Then I inserted my whole cock in her vagina, which easily entered as her pussy was lubricated with her fluid. I started fucking her and she was ‘ oh hi uf mmmmmmmaaaaaaahhhhhhh faad dalo meri choot ko, aaj asli maja aa raha hai. And she came twice, after that I showered my hot semen in her vagina. We went to the attached bathroom and washed our organs. She asked me if I was interested again, and replied positively, and we again start the same game, we had sex 3 times on that day.

My desires were completed only due to desi stories, otherwise I could not plan anything. She is now pregnant, I feel it a great occasion. Any girls, ladies wishing to have sex with me from Abbottabad can contact at Privacy assured and expected.Because u know about Abbottabad culture.

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