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Cousin First Orgasm

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi all. My name is Rohit my friends call me Adi 23 year old guy from the beautiful city of Delhi. I mean it all so natural but again it creates that thrill cause its usually about exploring our inner desires with someone . This story is about my very beautiful cousin Tanya al aged 17. She is a babe with lots of attitude and the body any guy would give his right hand for. She is 17 and her vital stats are 34C-28-35, she has all the curves at the right place. She is fair and looks pretty sexy when she wears those figure hugging clothes. Her breasts are round and huge yet very firm. Her ass is enormous, anyone would be tempted to grab them from behind or just brush his body with them. The guys simply cant stop drooling at her in restaurants, on road or anywhere cause she is such stunning beauty.

She is particularly very close to me as I am to her. we had discussed almost everything my first crush to my new girlfriend, her period dates to her new wired bra which was so uncomfortable for her. We were like the best of buddies but again she was my little cousin and I was her Big B. The thought of sex between us was simply ridiculous after all she was my little sister. One day masi and masaji had to go out of town for some wedding and masi simply called me up as usual to pick Tans from the school as she had already packed her clothes and sent to our place. Masi had already had a talk with mom about Tans staying at our place for the week. As I reached at her school ( A very famous convent school. ) she was quite surprised to see me and was so thrilled that she introduced me to her half a dozen friends. I told her about her parents, who had already left for the wedding and that she would be staying with us for the week. She almost shrieked with joy and asked me to treat her to ice cream before reaching home. I looked at her and told her that she was quite grown up now and ice creams and stuff are for the kids. She said nothing and just sat as if she was in some deep thought. I thought that she was upset cause I said NO for the treat. We reached home as my mom was already waiting for us to get back home. She had her food and went straight up to her room ( she always used to occupy the room next to mine on the first floor of our bungalow ) as we often used to talk late at nights or watch movies in my room.

My mom inquired with me as to why she was upset and I told her about my refusing the treat. My mom scolded me for doing that and asked me to take her out right away for the ice cream. As I came up to her room which was not locked and I entered I saw her looking at herself in the mirror. She was not aware that I was standing at the door. She was closely examining her young curvaceous body. Her hands were moving from her neck downwards as they came upon her breasts she put one hand inside her school uniform and was adjusting the position of her breast as they would look prominent even with the clothes. I was just stunned to see my lil cousin discovering and admiring her own beautiful body in such an innocent way. I tapped on the door to get her attention and she simply turned and asked me Bhaiyya did you really mean it when you said I have grown up ? I was taken aback to hear that and understood why she was in those deep thoughts. That night she had worn shorts and sleeveless Tee-Shirt and I was in my boxers and Tee-Shirt, as we were sitting in my room watching the TV, everyone in the house were already asleep.

It was around 11:30, she was acting different, she was also stealing glances at me and I asked her if she was comfortable. She said nothing and I turned towards her and taking her face in my hands I asked What’s the matter Tans what’s disturbing you? She said Bhaiyya I have never felt like this before for you but when you said I have grown up I want to be like a grown up with you. I was not able to understand what she meant and she suddenly removed my hands from her face and placed them on her breasts. She was wearing a sports bra inside that I could make out from outside the thin T-Shirt she was wearing. My hands were like glued there for a minute when I suddenly realized what was happening and immediately tried to take my hands off her soft fleshy bosoms. I saw her expressions and she was not at all sorry or maybe she didn’t understand what she had done. I didn’t say a word to her and after fifteen minutes of eye to eye contact with her, I asked her to go to her room. She got up kissed me on my lips goodnight and went away.

The world was revolving inside my head, suddenly my lil sister had vanished from my thoughts instead there stood a dream babe who every guy in the town would have thought to fuck every single day. That night I didn’t sleep well and woke up at around 11:00 in the morning. As I went downstairs for my cup of tea I was surprised to find no one. Only our maid Neeta was home. She informed me that that mom and dad had gone out for some work and would return in the evening. I had my tea and had my bath at 1:00 PM Tans came back from school. I told her that I would be staying home the whole day as mom and dad were out and would return in the evening. There was a sly smile on her face which she controlled abruptly and went to her room to change. At 1:30 Neeta went to the servants quarter for her bath and her personal chores and she usually came back at 3:30. This left me and Tans alone in the house. Suddenly Tans came down in her bathing robe and standing straight in front of me dropped her gown to the floor.

She knew about Neetas routine and she even knew we were alone at home. She was looking heavenly, a naked angel simply divine. Her beautiful breasts were cupped in black bra and she was wearing a beautiful panty below. This time I didn’t steal my eyes from her body and looked at her from her eyes to her toes. She was enjoying every movement my eyes made over her semi nude body and her face would give out a sly smile whenever my eyes stopped to glare at her beautiful valley and voluptuous breasts. She suddenly broke up the silence and said Bhaiyya I have really grown up na? I moved towards her and she stood right there wanting me to grab her and push her on the large sofa. I slowly moved my hands over her breasts and asked her if she had done anything like this before. She replied in negative and told me that I was always the only guy in her life and she had never paid attention to any of the glares and glances the other guys gave her. I was speechless to hear this from my sweet cousin who was untouched and a complete virgin and whos beauty was worth dying a thousand times for. She told me she has never even had an orgasm as she had always controlled her emotions and desires for this day to the extent she had not even fingered her pussy. I was more then surprised to see the Love and commitment this girl had for her first crush (ME). I told her to relax and I asked her to come up to my room. She quietly followed me. I decided there and then to give my cousin complete satisfaction on her first sexual encounter. I removed her bath robe slowly and threw it aside as I laid her on my bed like a small doll.

She was just in her black bra and black panties. As I looked over her fair body again and again she was shivering with desire. Her eyes were softly closed and she was watching me through those intoxicating eyes. I place my hands on her neck and started exploring her body. With every move she was letting out sweet moans and especially that shiver along with the moan when I pressed her waists with both my hands. I slowly moved my hands on her breasts and started to press them over her bra, I slowly removed one strap from her shoulder and brought my face close to her cleavage where my breath touched her soft smooth breasts and my lips almost brushed her half covered nipples. I was excited to see her nipples which were almost pink and were so damn erect. As I lowered her second strap and pulled them down her beautiful breasts were right in front with nipples as good as cherrys waiting to be sucked. I moved my lips over them and slowly took one of the breasts in my mouth, it felt as if I was devouring strawberries dipped in fresh cream. The expression on her face was getting hotter by the minute. I circled her nipples with my tongue and took that extra caution of not hurting her soft breasts with my teeth. She was now moaning and breathing too heavily.

I quietly slid my hands inside her panties and walla they were dipping wet with her love juices. I slowly slid my index finger inside her tunnel of love by parting her vaginal lips apart. She was getting too hot she was not able to hold herself any longer she threw open her panties and was now completely nude below. Wow she had a considerable amount of cubic hair which had grown only above her vagina in its dense form and became thin as it reached her vagina. Her juices were flowing like a small stream and she was on her height of excitement. I again pushed my finger inside her cunt and digged deep inside. She guided my hands to a special spot which made her scream in pleasure when I touched. Suddenly I stopped and still she was moving her body like a maniac. She had lost her control and was just about to cum but I suddenly said something to her and changed her mood which slowed her down. I made her spread her legs and put my face in between her legs she grabbed my hair as I pushed my tongue inside her pussy. I grabbed both her breasts and slowly licreased the velocity and intensity of licking her sweet pussy. Her juices were now unstoppable and she was moaning too loudly. Her body was shaking and then suddenly I pressed her breasts a bit harder and pushed mu tounge to that special spot in her cunt that she almost shrieked with ecstasy for the next 45 seconds.

She had an orgasm infact a multiple orgasm which she was not able to control for almost 45 seconds. She hugged me tight all the while and as she got over her first orgasm I kissed her and went outside. I left my beautiful sister to herself as she discovered the first pleasure of her womanhood and the first orgasm of her life. Also it was time for Neeta to return. We had many more encounters after that which I promise to share in my forthcoming series. I hope you guys would excuse me and suggest me if I have wronged somewhere in describing this experience. Your comments on the story would be welcomed and I will 100% try to reply each mail personally. I would personally appreciate response from all groups males/females, teens/adults mentioning their details in the email. Every one are requested to send their mails to

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