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Corporate Trap

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hello readers my name is Lovelina. I am Just like any other girl from a middle class family. I had a younger brother and my parents to complete my family. For matters of privacy I won’t furnish any detail of me. But yes I will definitely tell about how I look. Presently I am 23 and completed my graduation.

After my studies I aspired for job and it brought me to Delhi. I got a job in the Noida area and started working. I had good friends comprising both girls and boys. After few days of my job I realized that my friend (girls) used to wear pretty high standard clothes like jeans and top and come to office. For me belonging to a middle class family I had my roots in wearing only salwar-kamiz. I was left out like the odd one out of them. And at times I used to feel ashamed when they went in shopping malls and other such places. I had a friend named Neha(name changed) who used to be a bit close with me. I expressed my desire to opt for such clothes and she readily took me to a mall and helped me buy some fancy clothes.

One of the dresses was top of bottle green colour and a pair of dark black jeans. I used to stay with her in the same rented house and one day she coaxed me to wear that dress to office. Reluctantly I agreed as I was not having the confidence to wear that to office. I had in my mind to wear them to some shopping mall or so. But I did and it made all the difference. People now got the chance to imagine the curves of my body. I found more people gaping at me now. We both took autorickshaw to office and the moment we reached office I saw that right from the clerk of the office to my fellow mates who were boys were stealing glances at me. And why won’t they when I have got such an attractive figure.

I was blessed with a fair complexion and good height. My figure is 36-34-38. My breasts were firm tight and pressed hard against the top. It was like as if they will tear out from my top. One could easily make out where my bra strip is inside my top. From that day onwards more boys used to talk with me being good friends. I knew their real intention behind talking with me of getting to see my body closely but I enjoyed their company as they were helping me with my share of work. I had too much of my work I used to pile it for later time so that someone can help me finish it off. Thus we became good friends. There were two friends named Hiresh and Tarun. Both were very good to me. Hiresh was tall well built but dark in complexion. He was from south. Tarun was from Delhi only and was rather thin and good looking. They often helped me a lot with my work. Usually on month end we use to have lots of work and I really wanted help. Due to my habit of piling work on a sudden check by my boss I got caught for my such deficit amount of work left and he warned me to finish my work by the month end or else my job will be terminated.

So I began working as hard is I can. Soon came the day of the last day of the month. But still I was left with lots of work to be done and on the next day I have to submit my assignment. My friends got to know about it and agreed to help me out by doing over time. My friend Neha, Tarun and Hiresh stayed back after office time to help me out. It was 5pm and the clerk came to close the office. They told him to stay for few hours and paid him few bucks. He agreed. At around 8 Neha told me that she will have to leave as she needed to change her pads (she was having her mens at that time).

She told that when we will finish our work she will come along with a friend and take me home. I had to agree. Also the boys were doing no harm as we were good friends and we know each other well. So we continued with our work. It was a very tiring work and so Tarun took a break and went out to get something to eat. At that time I was alone with Hiresh. He was sitting near me. Soon I saw him scratching his groin area. From the corner of my eye I saw him he was looking at my breasts. I tried to divert his attention by asking him something and looked at him. He started to reply me but then suddenly he started to stare directly at my breasts. That made me very uncomfortable and I went back to my work. He came near me and in the pretext to telling me something about my work he bruised his hand against my breasts. That sent shiver down my spine.

I could make it out that it was very intentional. I looked at him and saw him smiling. I had to smile back at him in a reluctant manner to ease the situation. But he took it as a green signal and caught hold of both my breasts from behind. I was shocked to say the least. I tried to release free from him but to no avail. Then he released my breasts and held me tightly in his arms from behind. He told me to cooperate with him or else he won’t help me with my work. I was in a fix what to do. I told him not to do such thing but lust was at its peak reflecting in his eyes. His black hairy hands holding me, completely over powered me. I could smell his body sweat. He was not good looking at all and never in my dream can I imagine having sex with such a black ugly man. I told him no I cant have sex with you. Hearing this he got angry and slapped me very hard. I felt the grave seriousness of the situation then. Such is the case that I may be raped by him and ever murdered if I do not comply with him.

Also cases of girls being murdered in Delhi came off and on in the news. I felt will I be such a victim. No I can’t die, I want to live. I stood there facing him. He came near and rubbed his hard dick over his pant on my thigh and asked me what I want. Unwillingly I yielded to him. I told him to finish my work and then he can have sex with me. Hearing this he began to smooch me.I stopped him after few minutes and told him to work for me.He readily began working.Then Tarun’s phone came that he won’t be able to come as his parents want him home.At around 10 we finished work and he was very happy. He cleared the desk and called me near. I again told him not to do such thing but this infuriated him and he hold me my hair and slapped me again. He began smooching me. I could smell his breath and his moustache on my upper lip. He slid his hand under my top to reach my stomach. He felt the smoothness of the skin and hurriedly removed the top. Now I was in front of him with my black bra and jeans.

His eyes were popping out on seeing this. He removed his shirt and vest and stood half naked like me. His body was very dark and hairy. Gently he pulled the elastic of my bra and exposed my breasts. He then spit on my chest and rubbed the saliva on my breasts and stomach. It was smelling so dirty. Then he began to lick the bare part of my upper body with his tongue. He was not leaving a single part of my upper body unlicked. As if I was an ice cream and he was eating me. After licking my back, stomach and shoulder he began to concentrate on my breasts. From my neck he began to slide his tongue towards my right breast .His tongue gradually climbed my breasts and reached my nipples. With his left hand he began to touch my left nipple and with his tongue he was licking my right breast nipple. He was circling his tongue over my nipples in a very comforting manner and it was making my nipples grow hard.

He then bit my nipple gently with his teeth and with by itself my hand took hold of his head and I began to touch his hair. He got the green signal now. Sensing me enjoying his lick he now began to take my soft breast inside his mouth. He was trying to eat it up. His act of lust was making me go mad. Then I heard the front door open and saw the clerk entering the room. He was smiling and came and stood near. He was chewing paan and his lips were red. Hiresh smiled him winked him and he took no time to come close to me and take my left breast in his arm. Meanwhile Hiresh was eating my right breasts and seeing it the clerk too took a mouthful. His saliva mixed with red paan stick to my soft white breast. He too licked my left breast and made it red in colour with paan. My nipple was soaked in pieces of paan from his mouth. At the height of my excitement I didn’t mind the clerk join in. He had hard and rough hands which were running all over my back. He was in his mid 50s and was from a typical worker class family. Seeing the paan and his red saliva stick to my breasts Hiresh felt uneasy and told the clerk to go and guard outside and come later when he would finish. But he won’t go. He just closed the door from inside and stayed there. While Hiresh was still eating on my breasts like a wild dog the clerk opened his pant zip and took out his hard dick. It was brown colour.

He began to stroke it as if to masturbate. I was looking at his penis and he was enjoying it. He came closer and forwarded his dick towards me. I could not resist. The sexy scene was getting into my mind. I wanted to push him but pulled him to me. I let my hands to touch it. I touched the tip of the penis and it felt so soft. I wanted to plant a kiss on it. I grabbed the penis by its base and squeezed it as hard as I can. The clerk felt heavenly and began to moan. Meanwhile Hiresh saw that I was enjoying the clerk’s penis and this made him angry. He scolded the clerk and told him to go and stay outside and promised him that he will have his chance. This made me little sad as I wanted him also. Reluctantly the clerk went out. Now Hiresh began to get naked. He opened his pant and just stood in his grey underwear. I could see the bulge in his underwear. Quickly he pulled down my pant. He saw the wet portion of my panty and began to smile. He smelled it and licked over my panty.

He now asked me to open his underwear and take his penis out. I knelled down and put my hand on his underwear. I inserted my slender fingers under the elastic of his underwear and began pulling his underwear down. I first saw his pubic dark hair. The moment his pubic hair got exposed he thrust my face to it and he began to rub it against my cheeks and lips. His penis touched my chin. He held my head against his pubic hair so hardly that I gasped for breath. The moment I opened my mouth to inhale a portion of his hair got into my mouth. I could smell his body and his pubic hair was wet with his sweat too. My saliva mixed with his sweat and stick to his pubic hairs. Now he himself pulled his underwear down. When he was pulling his underwear I saw how big and thick his penis is compared to the clerk. It was black with a red tip. The tip had some liquid sticking to it dropping from it. He took a drop of that sperm in his finger and applied on my lips and thrust his finger into my mouth. It smelled so bad at that time. He now told me to suck his penis. I didn’t want to touch his black and smelly penis even. I was waiting.

Now he began to thrust his penis in to my mouth by pressing against my lips. I could see he was getting angry and so I opened my mouth. His large penis dug into my mouth. It was salty and tasted weird. I felt like vomiting but his penis was deep into my throat and I could do nothing. His penis was so big that it made my mouth open to its widest size. It was like hell. He began to move his penis to and fro in my mouth. He took it out once and told me to lick the saliva off it .I had to do it. But he began to slap me now. He ripped my panty off and began to slap my ass too. It was a strange feeling. He took my breasts in both his hands and began to squeeze it as hard as it can. His dark hands were large and somehow cupped my breast. He made it red by rubbing it. He took a look at them and said, “Those juggs are the most beautiful I have ever seen, they are perfect absolutely firm, big dark brown areole’s are awesome. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen, and the most voluptuous cock hardening babe I have had the pleasure of knowing.” I thanked him for the wonderful compliments, and I told him he wasn’t so bad either, he was handsome and his cock was bigger. I was already wet. I started moaning. It felt very good.

He licked my pussy from over my panty and squeezed my boobs with his hands. Then he took off my panty and started fingering me. He kept on fingering me and made me wild as hell, I started to cumm and I was moaning more and more now. Soon I came and he licked my drenched pussy. He was becoming hornier and I could see that in his face. He was moaning too. He took his dick out of my hand and started to rub it on my clit. It felt so good. He said he wanted to put his giant monster in my pussy, I agreed readily, couldn’t wait for that beast to come back home deep in my hot wet pussy. He promised to be gentle with me and he would not hurt me. I wanted him to enter me now. He kept teasing my clit for some more time and then started to push his dick inside me. As I was a virgin, my pussy was very tight and it took a long time before his dick could enter my completely, it hurt a lot but it felt good too. Now he started to move his dick in and out of my pussy slowly while kissing my lips and squeezing my boobs at the same time.

He was such a gentlemen, slowly he started sliding his mammoth 8 inches in my pussy and slower strokes and thrust started becoming harder and faster thrust I tried to keep up with his rhythm, he was an incredible lover the best I ever had, Hiresh plunged his cock deep in me almost pushing his balls deep. His giant grapefruit like balls were beginning to bounce and slap off my butt, I never moaned like that in my life, I thought he was going to pop through my mouth. It felt like heaven, it felt like there was no one in the world but the two of us. Gradually, he increased his speed and started to pump me harder. I liked it and asked him to go deeper and harder, he smiled at me and kissed me again. He kept pumping me harder and harder until I was screaming. He kept going for what seemed like a very long time and I kept moaning and saying his name over and over.

Then he suddenly took his dick out and came all over my boobs. We kept kissing and hugging and then went to work in each others tight embrace. We quickly wore our clothes and he went to his room. I decided not to wear my panty as there were some drops of blood on it. As I was still tired, I went to my home. We made love to each other a couple of times after that until he left for USA.

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