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  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

This is the story when I was 19 years old girl and was studing in St. Joseph college in Karachi. During my vaccation one of my cousine introduced me to Rose Beauty Parlour for the time passing. And then I was regular employ of the parlour. Firstly I describe myself that I have a full large pair of tight breasts that my classfellows and sometime my teachers appraise my figure and sexy body. During these days one of my cousine came to visit our home, since he was politcaly active so he used to visit many cities, during election he visited us.

Thouhg he was my cousine but we were not having closed relations. Once I wake up and came down for breakfast, crossing the lounge I saw a very unusaul and arousing and shoking scene. My cusine Tony was washing his face on wash sink, he was half bent on wash bsin. Now visualize, that the side I was satnding in little dark and the light was coming from the other side from him to me, so crossing his semi transparent clothing. He at that time as was just woke up in the morning was wearing only shalwar and vest. Through the light passing from his clothing, there was hanging a trunk like half standing his tool, and it was so clearly visible tha I can visualize each of its dimensension and shape.this was of unusaul length and fatty. Since no body can notice even tony, I took full opportunity to have a look of this marvelous mail tool, which was moving like spring shaft with tony’s movements. It made me frenzy that there arouse a strong wish to tuch and hold it in my hand. But there was no such chance for that. The whole day I failed to wanish this scene from my mind and eyes.people might think me as a bad girl, but I believe any body at my place will react the same way.

As more I tried as it more strongly came in my sight. I then keep on planning to come closer to my smart cousine tony, who was 3 years older than me. On coming back hame I starting to be frank and free with tny. But he was a little reserve type. During talking I offered tony to massage hair oil in his head and after a little hasitation he agreed. For an hour I massaged his hair and talked to him friendly, finaly he also became frendly with me. After few days of our friendship I nvited him to my room, which was on first story of our house, and having a separate access from outside, which was unusualy used by any body. After noon he came back from his work and came strieght to my room thru the outside stairs. He came and I again start massaging his hair. During our discussion the topic came on body massag. He asked as I have any experience of full body massag, I said no, because in our beautparlour we only give little body massag to brides. I asked him has he any such experience, he said no, but heared that in some cuntries this is a popular business. Then we decided to why not to try ourselves. This was exciting for me but I kept controle my self. Tony removed hi shirt and vest and only in shalwar lay down on my bed. I start massaging his head, then shoulders chest and meanwhile kept on talking light discussion.seeing his excersisved body and strong mussles, my breathing became heavy.

Than I start massaging his feet from toe and reached to his ankle, where hie shalwar was snug fit on his legs. Now we both were silent and beathing heavily. I massaged his flat belly and my fingers slightly entered into his shalwar bend but did not touch his bush. During massag, my body was very much closer to his, and even some time my bulging breast touched his hand, but he made no movement. I lay his hand in my lap and massagibng, and purposely letting his finger tips brushed lower part of my breasts which were moving up and down due to my heavy breathng. I was so horny and sexy but he was looking cool, except his havy breating. I then took notice of a bulge in his loin under his shalwar on which tony was failed to hide from me and to keep pressed between his thighs. I was so hot seeing this but wanted first move from him. I crushed my small fingers in his belly flesh and warm them. Suddenly I heared a little sigh from his half open lpis and his half closed eyelids. This was the turning moment. I lost control on myself and hurriedly took hold of his harh cock! In my hand. It felt hard like steel and strieght. I start rubbing it from shalwar. He also proccede and start open my shirt. Loosing out my both beasts he sqweezing and milking them. When he tried to tuch my most private girlish untuched part of my virgine body,, I opened my thighs for him in a welcome manner. I kept on massaging his cock and opened his shalwar bend with other hand, and freed his cock, oh what a cock it was. It was warm like burning stone and solid and hard like iron rod. It was not lees than 9” and so fatty that I could not grip in my small fist.

Both my hands wrap around it but half of it was still out with its blunt pink head. All of the shaft was white and slippery because of massaging oil on my hands. Madly I tred to take this lovely shaft in my mouth, but even his head was this much big that I could no swallow it full in my mouth. My dream to tuoch this cock came true and I was madly taking the full opportunately. Tony was bussy in undressing me and I gave him full liberty and cooperation. He undressed me completely and puuled me on him and started kissing my lips. We thuged each other kissing, caressing and crushing each others body. He made me 69 position and eating my virgine cunt vigorously. I took maximum possible part of his huge cock in mouth and sucking harder. His white cock became pinkish due to my lipstick and shiny because of my saliva. He laid upon me and break my body in every possible position, crushing me hugging me. We both crying, moaning, sighing, as I was knowing that no one can hear us from my room. Finally he made a move and laid me on my back, opened and raised my legs up to his shoulders. Tony placed a pillow under my hips to widened my wet & virgine pussy. Since I was not experienced girl, but known from few of my naughty friends about fucking, I was knowing wat was going to be. I closed my eyes and let him do what he want. Tony placed tip of his cock at the opening of my cunt opened my pussy lips a little and pushed his cock slightly inside me. Since we both were wet and slippery, he find it not difficult.

But as he pushed a little more, I felt pain. I closed my eyes and crushed my teeth. With more power tony pushed his cock in my tight virgine cunt, he felt it difficult and hurdle. The pain in my cunt was now severe and pinching, that I tightly closed my eyelids, pressed my lips between teeth and hold the bed sheet tightly in my both fists. Tony was frenzy now and gave a power full stroke of his huge cock into my cunt. AAAAhhhhhh….i cried in pain and felt that my cunt walls are tearing apart, tony was giving contineous ins and outs strokes, and I was crying and moaning. Tony crushed my vibrating breasts in both of his manly tough hands, and glued his lips on mines. Some time he chewed my large red nipples and gave me pleasurable pain. The pain in my cunt was now finishing and I was feeling the nature’s most beautiful and wonderfull pleasures. Tony was enjoying each and every part of my body other then my cunt. He kept on fucking me for about 20 minutes, and finally after taking my virginity, we both exhausted and finished. After cooling down I noticed blood traces on my cunt and his cock. Readers! This was my first experience of fuck.

After which I ealized that every girl must have gone at least once thru this experience in her teen aged. Now I am married for 6 years, but I can not forget the first experience before marriage. Truly speaking after marriage my husband obveously had intercourse with me but even for his first time I did not enjoy the fuck, I enjoyed at my teen age with tony. May be because my hasband fuck me to have a child, and tony fucked me for purely enjoyments. So this is my advise to every young girl who read this that don’t let go any chance to be fucked by your lover or cousine before marriage specially during teenage. The fucking of teenaged is unforgetable both for boys and girls. WHAT IS UR CMMENTS, DEAR READRS ???

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