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  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi every1, I am shahzad from UK. I have had a very good sex life and now I am very good lover. As they say after every successful man there is a woman and I won’t say its wrong coz the girl who made me successful though wasn’t the first 1 with whom I had sex but was the 1 who increased my confidence in having sex. She was my college mate Sameena Majid a sex bomb. It was my first year in A1 in a new college and from the very first day I was attracted towards sameena coz she was the most beautiful girl in our batch. She had a perfect body, small waist, big breasts and big and long thighs with perfect curves that attracted at least half the guys in college. But 2 their most displeasure she had rejected every1 who had tried 2 have sex with her. However, I guess I was fortunate enough 2 have friendship with her, just friendship and she turned out 2 b a good friend of mine. The 2 of us use 2 have group studies at her house and never did v indulge in kisses or even sex talk until that day. It was Saturday evening and her family had gone out of town 4 some party. I didn’t know of this until v were at her place, but neither did it matter coz v studied as usual.

Fortunately I wud say, v finished our studies earlier. I was sitting next 2 her as I normally do, but she had come unusually close 2 me, so close that I could feel her warm breaths. Then suddenly, she planted a kiss on my lips. I was taken completely by surprise; a girl who had rejected atleast half a dozen guys was now herself kissing me. The surprise was 2 such extent that I backed of and asked,” What’s this?” she replied,” It’s called sex, its fun and v should try it,” and planted another kiss. I backed off again. “V shouldn’t b doing this, v r just friends!” She answered,” who says friends cant have sex,” and another kiss. Yet I backed off,” I don’t want this!” She replied,” Then what do u want?” “Right now”, “Yeah,” there was so much heat in her breath and ecstasy on her face that I said, ”This!” and himself planted a deep kissing her lips and in a few seconds my shirt was off and v were on bed, kissing. V kissed 4 sometime then my hands started 2 move down her breasts 2 her shirt and I was about 2 take her shirt off when she stopped me and requested me not 2 do anything else. Though I was disappointed yet I agreed. I told this story 2 my friend and he began laughing and told me that I wasn’t the only 1 she herself kissed and that after driving every1 crazy, she doesn’t allow any1 2 have sex. I got furious 2 hear this and decided no matter what I will fuck her.

Therefore, next Saturday, I asked her 2 come 2 my place at 5pm 4 group studies which she agreed. Next Saturday due 2 some work I returned 2 my apartment late. I opened the door went in 2 see that she was already there. She had the alternate keys 2 my apartment. She was wearing a black tight skirt which was showing her legs and was looking very sexy. She stood up walked over 2 me and said that I got very late and now she needs 2 go. After saying this she made her way towards the door. I, who had already taken off my shirt, hurried after her. She opened the door and I slammed the door shut,” Where do u think u r going!” and held her tightly next 2 the wall from her waist. She said,” I will kill you!” I replied,” v will c that later,” and planted a deep kiss. As my hands clasped her buttocks, she started feeling the ecstasy as well and started kissing me back. I lifted her 2 the bed, laid her there and started 2 invade her. The kisses were more deep and passionate. After some time, my hands started 2 explore her body and in a hurry I took her skirt off. The scene was fantastic, she was wearing a black netted garment which was very much transparent and showed her body.

My hands immediately ventured towards her cut which was already getting wet. The touch of mine send a current through her and there came that usual moan, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I loved that sound and start 2 play with her organ. The aftereffects were a delight. She cummed but I let her juices flow onto her legs. Now it was my turns 4 a blowjob. Since I had made that magical touch on her cut, she had surrendered completely, infact now she started leading me. She took of her garment then off came my pants and underwear as well. Now v were lying completely naked on each other and she was on top of me making all the moves. She moved her hands down towards my organ and held a stern 8 inch rod in her hands and soon that rod was swallowed in her mouth. I felt as if in heavens and off came my moans, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.” She sucked it until I had my blowjob and yet she swallowed the cum as well.

She said she loved the taste of it! As my dick started 2 lose its strength, she placed her large breasts in mouth. Perfect sized breasts with long and erect dark brown nipples were in my mouth, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh I sucked those breasts, licked and bit the nipples. Her moans had turned me on once again and my penis turned as hard as ever. Her breasts were a treat 4 me and I sucked them until I was ready 4 the final invasion. I was on top of her sucking her breasts. She was getting impatient 2 get herself fucked. When I didn’t make the move into her, she finally grabbed my dick and led it in her with loud moans, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. Her hole was very tight but the juices made it easier for me 2 penetrate into her. As I went deeper her, there came the expressions of agony on her face. Her face went all red and screams were ears tearing. From her reaction it looked as if she was doing this for the first time, “Hey Sameena r u a virgin?” she smiled, “Not any more!” I smiled, stopped 4 a moment, then with a sudden and powerful thump, I penetrated through her wall. There was an instantaneous cry that filled the room with agony, but then came the easier and exciting portion of sex 4 her. Her sex life had begun. Slowly and steadily I started 2 penetrate deeper and harder.

The initial pain had eased a little and now she started 2 move with my rhythm. Both of us were moving up and down and her breasts were constantly hitting my chest making me feel of the hardness of them. So as I moved my dick in and out of her vagina, I also started 2 bit her nipples and suck her breasts. That made her excite so much that she started 2 lose control of herself, bringing my ecstasy nearer and nearer As it was the first time 4 her therefore I didn’t try another position and concentrated on thumping hard from the top. Now the action was getting more intense, I was coming down with full force and could have carried on 4 a bit longer but suddenly without any warning her juices started 2 flow. The touch of her juices on my penis drove me crazy and I also came in her the same moment.

The jerks were breath taking, and soon she started 2 gasp 4 breaths. As v finished she gave a sigh of relief but that wasn’t the end of it from my side. That evening I fucked her 5 times, different position each time. After getting fucked 4 the first time she started 2 look more seducing and now many guys found it easier 2 have sex with her. But still she is a bit resistant at the start. V do meet each other and she still looks very appealing. Any1 who is interested in her can contact her at And 4 those who want 2 fuck her, this is her and address, 44 01706 718204 and 100 Mitchel’s street Rochdale, Lancashire. UK. If u do succeed in fucking her do write back 2 me.

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