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Colleague Seema

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015
This is a true story that I wish to share with my co-readers. It happened last year with a girl’s named is Seema. She was one of my Junior Executives at the office where I work as a Management Consultant and was supposed to be having an affair with a colleague Malik. Very sexy babe. Good soft but firm tits. Gorgeous figure of 37-26-37. Used to call me Uncle by way of joke. Ofcourse, I used this relationship to get physical with her. Hugging her, cuddling her, indulging in sexual talk and sometimes even pinching her waist and bums. It was Monday night and the party was in full swing at Malik’s house.

The guys and gals had drunk heavily and were falling all over. The smoke in the air mixed with the smell of the drinks. Some of the couples had already retired into small corners to indulge in their own private fantasies. Those who had come alone were left to pant at the sight of the open lovemaking and indulge in masturbation. The smell of sex pervaded the atmosphere. Seema had cuddled against Malik and both were unmindfully smooching each other. Seema was drunk but not Malik. The clock struck 11 and Malik was suddenly aware that he had a responsibility to see that Seema left for her home at Defence, the other part of the city. I was around and offered to drop her at her place. We pulled her up, buttoned her half-open jeans, and arranged her shirt. She was wet with sweat after the long dance session. She managed to hold on to me and followed me to the car.
We dumped her in the rear seat and I drove off after thanking and wishing Malik good bye. I adjusted the rear view so that I could keep a watch on Seema. She was muttering something barely audible. She got up and leaned against my shoulder. I held her face and gently pushed her back to the seat. She lost her balance and lay on the seat. I drew up the car to the side and stopped to look. She was not conscious. Her shirt was way up and I could see her bra. She was breathing hard and her 37-inch breasts were heaving in rhythm. The top button of her shirt was open and only three others held it in place. A small artery gave way to a flow of blood to my penis. I could feel the heat building up in my loins. I adjusted myself and set off for my place. On the way, I stopped at a public booth and called her parents to tell them she was safe with me. They were reassured and told me to escort her tomorrow morning. They let her stay at my place for the night.

I parked the car. I pulled her out and had to lift her in my arms. As my palms touched the corner of her breasts, I felt the heat building up again. I entered the flat and headed straight for the bedroom. I lay her on the bed carefully. I made myself coffee and returned to the bedroom. Seema had turned over and now lay on her stomach. Her shirt was up again, and I could see the hooks of her bra. The label read 37D. Wow. She had a lovely back, smooth and sexy. I could see the beginning of the cleavage of her bottom from the corner of her jeans. She continued to sweat and was now completely wet. Her shirt clung to her body. I went up to the cupboard and brought out a blanket. I flipped her over. And as I did so, she awoke from her brief slumber and smiled at me. I returned her smile. I said, Thank goodness. You’re back. I was worried. I have called up your parents and they have let you stay here for the night. Do you want coffee? No. I need something else. What? You. I was shocked. What do you mean? I asked. I want to give you myself. I always wanted to. And Malik? Just a flirting affair to gain experience. But that nut doesn’t even hold me properly. But I saw you two kissing and cuddling. Yes, but no more than that. I wanted him to touch me where it affects me and give me himself. What? Yes. I wanted him to touch, squeeze and suck my breasts and have him inside me. But all that he did was to kiss me on my lips. He never allowed me to even touch his cock. So what do you want from me? I want to lose my virginity to you. I gulped the last drops of coffee. I stared at her. My eyes involuntary wandered to where her great breasts might have been. Wet with desire. I whipped my mouth. I was dumbstruck at her proposal. I brought out a towel for her. You are sweating. Go take a wash. The bathroom is over there, I said. She got up, ambled over to the bath, swinging her round ass, and closed the door. I sat down on the bed trying to contemplate the options I had. None, I was holed up with a sex-starved beautiful virgin. I would be lying if I said that I had no desire to make love to her.

She was young, only 24. Reasonably good looking. Her shapely 37-inch breasts looked delicious. And I had always imagined what sex with her would be like. The time had come to give it to her in the right orifice. She came out and I stood up. She came and sat where I had. She hugged me around my waist and kissed me on my navel. I held her head and looking down asked her, Are you sure you want to do this? She nodded and without waiting for my reply, she kissed my loins. It was hot and my flaccid tool didn’t take another second to become a flagpost. She held my hands and kissed them. Undress me, she said. I thought one last time and went right ahead. I unbuttoned her shirt and took it off her arms. Her large breasts were heaving. Encompassing her roundness was her white bra, the hook straining for release. I caressed her shoulders and arms, as she continued to kiss me down there. I bent and unhooked her garment, releasing two of the most precious and delicious boobs I had ever seen. Full, Ripe and Juicy. Her pink nipples were erect with desire and responding to my touches. She removed her bra. Naked from the waist above, she unbuttoned my trousers and the belt. Unzipping me, she pulled down my underwear with great difficulty and gently pulled up my hot rigid cock. She was nervous and looked at it with amazement. It had grown to about 8 inches long. She kissed it gently. What should I do? she asked. Take it in your mouth and suck and I assure you’ll like it? She nodded and with great care she licked my penis. It was heavenly to feel her wet tongue on it. She opened her mouth wide and gently and very carefully enveloped her lips around my cockhead. With her wet tongue inside she licked the glans. I was already leaking precum inside her hot loving mouth. She licked the juice. It was wonderful to see my dick vanishing into her luscious mouth. She withdrew and looked up at me, questioningly for my approval. I smiled and nodded. You’re doing well, I said. She pulled my foreskin and again licked my glans. She closed in on my hard cock and slowly began to suck on it. It was amazing that she liked what she was doing. I was now fucking her mouth vigorously. I was approaching my climax. Her sucking and licking was gradually pushing me into orgasm. And then it happened. I sent in a huge load of my hot cum straight down her throat. She immediately withdrew my penis and continued to masturbate me. I sprayed the remaining load all over face and mouth. She licked my penis and cleaned me off all cum. I sat down beside her. Her job had tired me. It had taken twenty minutes. My dick was shrinking. She was swallowing my cum and licking off the cum on her face.
She placed her head on my shoulder and held my hand. Her nipples brushed my elbows. As she leaned over, her soft breasts pressed against my bare arms. They were hot. I held her face and kissed her forehead. Thanks Seema. That was great. Her lips were quivering. They were full and swollen, due to the continuous sucking of my cock. She came close to me, and I was obliged to kiss her lips. Our tongues met and searched each other’s mouths. I could taste my semen in them. I kissed her cheeks and her neck. Her ear lobes were soft. I moved my lips to her bare shoulders and arms. It was arousing her. My mouth moved to her chest and I started to lick her. She was beginning to breathe hard. Her nipples were stiffening. I knelt in front of her. I moved my hands behind her back, held her waist, and gave her a hug. My face was close to her breast. Large and ripe like delicious alphonso mangoes. Dark pink nipples. She smiled at me. She caressed my hair. Take them, she said. Feed me, I said. She held my head and with the other hand on her right breast she moved closer. Holding her right breast, she brought her nipple and thrust it into my everwaiting open mouth. My lips closed over her erect nipples. I tickled them with my tongue. I began to suck on it. She took a deep breath as I sucked her breast. It was ecstasy. I shifted to the other breast and sucked it. She was losing control. Is it the first time you are having your tits sucked? Yeah, and I love it. I got up and moved her up and she lay on the bed. I climbed over her and continued with my sucking. I did everything with them. Sucking, squeezing, licking, biting, tickling and teasing. She was writhing in excitement. She was wildly moving her hands in my hair. She embraced my waist with her legs. She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I helped her remove my trousers and underwear. I was naked. I resumed my work on her boobs. I had been sucking for about ten minutes now. Her nipples were swollen. I stopped after another five minutes. I moved further down on her and tasted her waist and navel. She was high. I unzipped her jeans and tore it off her legs. A pink panty lay covering her black triangle. I slowly removed it off her legs. She became conscious of my movements and covered herself. Don’t you want me to do this? Yeah. But I’m afraid of the pain. Don’t worry. I will be gentle.
I kissed her legs. The feeling excited her. I kissed the inner thighs as I slowly made my way up to her hairy triangle. I glanced at it. Her pink cleft was exposed and she was wet. Her juices were oozing. I held her legs as I went down on her and briefly my tongue licked her wet pussy. She screamed and climaxed. I licked once more. She was screaming with immense pleasure. My cock meanwhile has grown back to it 8 inches hardness. And it was hot and stiff. I lay over her and lifted her legs up exposing her wet cunt. I positioned myself comfortably and gently guided my shaft into her hole. She screamed in pain. I withdrew gently and repeated the insertion again. This time, it was smooth and I was deep inside her. She let out a deep sigh and began to breathe hard. Her lovely boobs were heaving with the pleasure and seemed to burst anytime. I began my motions gently into her and soon it was fast and hot. She was enjoying unmindful of the pain. I was sucking her breasts and pressing them. My pumping was vigorous and soon I felt a shudder and she held me tighter than before, digging her nails into my back. She climaxed with a scream of pleasure. I paused and then continued my to and for motion into her cunt. She had closed her eyes and a catfish smile on her sexy lips indicated that she was enjoying every moment. I was reaching my climax, my body shuddered, and then it came. I filled her vagina with volumes of hot semen. I withdrew immediately and let the remaining cum drop on her pubic hair. I moved up to her face after kissing her, inserted my dick into her open mouth.

Suck me and clean me, I urged. She took me in and I felt my tips touching her throat as she sucked me dry and swallowed the last drops of my cum. I withdrew and collapsed over her. I never knew fucking could be so good and beautiful, she said. She kissed me on my lips and embraced me tight. Thank you for giving me so much pleasure, she said. The pleasure is mine Anytime you feel like having sex, call me. I will be more than willing to fuck you. She closed her eyes and dozed off to sleep. I slipped beside her into the blanket and went to sleep sucking her right breast and the one hand on her left breast and the other hand finger inside her wet cunt. I have not stopped fucking her. Every weekend we meet and I fuck her in every pore and she asks for more. She is now engaged but that has not stopped us from doing it. I hope to fuck her on her wedding night, two months from now. Females (Who are BOLD AND NOT SATISFIED from their partners or DON’T HAVE ONE) from RAJKOT or who are to come to RAJKOT want real physical sex, can contact me at also join my yahoo group and enjoy Secrecy will be kept and expected too.

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