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Cleaner who swallowed

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Hi its me again with another story for you hot chicks. I am 35 years old and living in London. This happened 6 months ago. I live with my parents and they decided that it would be good to employ a cleaner to come 6 days a week, monday to friday and Saturdays. Now I am at work so I didn’t know about the cleaner until saturday. The story goes like this. The cleaner was a paki lady in her late forties, about 5′ 5 looking like a normal mature lady with an okay figure. She dressed in traditional shalwar chemises, quite boring style and always with a duppatta. She would wash up first and then start cleaning the house room by room. For the first month I never even bothered to look at her and left the room if she was cleaning. She worked hard and never stopped to rest. One day I was upstairs and she was cleaning the stairs. I walked down the stairs and saw her cleaning. I stopped because she was in the way. She did not notice me so I standing there for a few minutes thinking how to stop the noise of the vacuum so that I could get passed.

While she was bending I noticed that her dupatta was on one side and she was wearing a little low neckline. I looked closer and I could see down her front of her chemise. To my surprise I saw she was without a bra. This got me excited. I looked carefully and could see her breasts which looked about 36 C. She then looked up saw me and moved to the side. I was now interested in finding out why this lady who acts so good doesn’t wear a bra. So I decided that I will try and trap her to see what she really is. This was dangerous as I might have made a mistake and she was really a good lady. Anyway next Saturday I decided that when she is upstairs I will pretend that I have not seen her and walk dressed only in a towel from my bedroom to the bathroom. Lets see what happens. I heard her upstairs and I walked passed her without noticing her and went to the bathroom. No reaction. So next Saturday I thought that I will pretend to be asleep in my room when she is cleaning and when she enters the room I will give her a surprise. So when I heard her coming into my room I lay on my tummy pretending to be asleep removed my pyjamas and I left the blanket open so that my bum was partly exposed to her. I have a good size firm bum. She entered the room saw me said sorry and left.

She must have seen my bum and naked back but she didn’t react. Now I had to get a bit naughtier. Next Saturday I was alone in the house for 1 hour so I decided on a new game. I sat on the sofa in my pyjamas and watched tv. I waited for her to clean the sitting room. I made sure that I was facing towards the window so that she would be cleaning behind me. I could not see her but she could see me. When she started cleaning I slowly opened the buttons on my pyjama trousers and placed my hand inside and started to play with myself. Now I knew that whilst she was cleaning she would be able to see what I was doing but would think that I had not seen her entering. She entered the room and was cleaning. I was playing with myself. No reaction from her. Good. So next I opened the front completely so that now my hand and my dick which was hard and big was visible to her. No reaction. She must have been enjoying the free show cos she kept on cleaning behind me for 10 mins. I loved it and kept on playing until I came all over my pyjamas.

The I buttoned up my front got up to go and wash myself. I pretended that I had only seen her then and walked passed her without looking or saying anything to her. I could see from the corner of my eye that she was looking at the wet patch on my pyjamas and had a little smile on her face. My plan worked. Now for the ultimate. After washing I put on a pair of new pyjamas but no shirt and stayed upstairs. I was waiting for her to clean the stairs. After 30 mins she started cleaning the stairs. I deliberately decided to go up and down the stairs a few times to see her mood. I went down the stairs to get a glass of water. As I returned up I stared at her ass for a few seconds and also brushed her ass as I passed her on the stairs. After 5 mins I went down to return the glass. I noticed that she had undone the top 2 buttons of her chemises and continued to bend and work and gave me a good view of her tits and her nipples.

Boy by this time I was hot. As I returned to climb the stairs I stroked her backside and gave a little rub between her butt just on her pussy, as i passed her i turned around and i gave her a smile. She smiled back. Now for the final plan. She was nearly at the top of the stairs. This time as I started from top I stood above her while she was cleaning. She had her head down and was busy. I then removed my pyjama and was standing totally naked with the biggest hard on i have ever had. I was so far gone that I could not care what she said. I was totally out of my mind and just looking at her tits I started to get crazy thoughts. I now went down until I was 3 steps above her. She looked up and was amazed and stunned.

There i was with a massive hard on and i was rubbing my dick. Her face was now at the level of my dick so I quickly grabbed her hair really hard and before she could shout or scream I pulled her mouth to my dick. She closed her mouth and tried to pull away. I now held her tightly and started to run my hands all over her body. For a nearly 50 year old she felt good. I pulled open the front of her chemise and freed her lovely large tits. I massaged them both and she didn’t know what to do. She was now getting turned on. I put my hands down her shalwar and found that she was not wearing any panties. I seized my chance and pulled her mouth again to my dick and this time she let it in.

She licked me, sucked me like a lollipop, and then I came in her mouth. So much cum came out that she started choking and cum ran down her mouth. She licked every drop until I was finished. I then asked her if I could lick her and fuck her. She said no but she allowed me to place my dick between her tits and get a great tit job, until i came over her chest. She said that if I continued to play with myself whenever she was around then she would always give me a blow job to finish. She was true to her word. Even when my parents were at home we used to go upstairs and I used to strip for her and play with myself and she would give me an excellent blow job and swallow all of it. It was so daring to do with people in the house. Boy I never realised that older indian women could be so sexy even though pretend to be so good. Oh by the way my parents have now sacked the lady ‘cos she was to slow. So now I need my own personal cleaner, so any mature ladies interested please email me and let me know why I should employ you! email me on

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