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  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi I’m constant reader of the Desipapa so I’ve just decided to post my erotic story which happened with me some years ago. Hi, my name is Ravi and long years ago I had a girlfriend. Her name was Roopa (Names Changed). I proposed her after a lot of things that I’ve done for her. She was a sexy brunette with a voluptuous figure which was quite difficult for her to conceal. Her stats were like 5 ft 2 inch height, fair face, long black shiny hair, hard and big boobs and nice tight ass. We were mad for each other in love or I should say for each other’s bodies.

I used to sit in the classroom with her on the same desk and we used to do naughty things with each other instead of kissing as everyone could see that. One day I was sitting with her in a Hindi class and on that day she was wearing white salwaar kameez with blue dupatta which was the uniform for the girls in my school, that was a very transparent salwaar kameez, I must say as her white bra was very much visible. In the class I kept my hand on her back tightly or you can say I almost hugged her.

Firstly she rejected but lately she agreed as she was also having fun with this or you can say she was getting wet. Moreover our Hindi teacher was taking a nap in the class as other students were busy in revising their notes and some of our close friends knew what intentions I had to do, but I told them not to look at us, as this will make other students and our teacher cautious. I started to move my hands on her back sensually. She was feeling shy and I fastened my movement especially touching her bra as this was giving me pleasure.

With this I started touching her boobs little-bit from her back and her ass. She was getting wet so am I, then I inserted my hand into her kameez from her back so that I can feel her sensuous body. My penis was as hard as rock. Oh! God she was damn sexy. Her body was so sexy, sensuous and voluptuous which was fair enough for any guy or gal to lose their senses. After touching her body, I had only one thought during that period that I just want to fuck her. I started moving my hand from downwards to upwards.

I touched each and every corner of her back, shoulders and specially her white bra. Most of the time I was moving my hand on her bra and sometimes I started playing with the clasp of her bra as that was the three hook classical bra, at this moment she was little reluctant as she was nervous that her bra will get undo, so on this reluctance of her I controlled myself (which was little difficult), but I continued to do what I was doing i.e. playing with her bra as
I’m a bra freak person. On this she was completely wet because with my left hand when I touched her pussy just for fun I recognized that her underwear was wet, on the other hand my penis was also rock hard, so I continued to do what I was doing as it was giving pleasure to both of us.

While moving my hand on her back and on her bra, sometimes in excitement I pulled her bra strap down from her right shoulder and started massaging her at that position, She used to enjoy this, but at the same time she got nervous also so that anybody can watch her in this position with me. Then suddenly she told me to pull the strap back on to her shoulder. I did that. Then I did the same thing with her left shoulder, I pulled the strap down then massaged her, then on her saying I pulled the strap back on to her shoulder. During all this period she was breathing heavily.

When I was massaging her on her band of the bra she was reluctantly telling me not to open the clasp of the bra and I promised her that. While moving my hands on her bra, I Touched her boobs sideways and sometimes used to pinch her sexy black skin. On this, she made some moaning “ohhhhhhiiiiiiii aaaahhhh saaalllle kutttteeee”, which increased the excitement. On her moaning, I also told her in excitement that” saaallli kuttiyeee tere ko to main chaaat te hue chodonga”. After this we exchanged really sexy looks. I continued to massage her. She was feeling erotic and was laughing by keeping her head on the desk.

Then suddenly I thought to insert my hand into her ass and I did that. I opened her salwaar from backwards little-bit so that I can insert my fingers into it. I massaged her little-bit ass through my fingers as her salwaar was tightly knotted, but I inserted one finger into her parting line of the ass. On my movement, she moaned heavily but not louder as she was controlling herself “uuuuuhhhhhiiiii maaaa saaaalllleeee haraaamiiii”, and I told her “hiiiiii Reshma kyaaaa mast gaaannd hai teri”.

After that I moved my hand from her ass again to her sexy bra which I couldn’t resist at all. While massaging on her three hook bra, suddenly I bite her on her left shoulder and suddenly she moaned louder this time which was hear able to our adjacent students which were fortunately our friends, she said “oooouuccchhhhh”, and we both started laughing little embarrassed this time as everyone heard us and more importantly knew what we were doing.
But we both were so horny that we didn’t notice anything and kept enjoying ourselves. I did this action for whole period. It was uncontrollable for me to digest all this action because I just want to fuck her as hell, I want her milky boobs in my mouth, I want to lick and bite on her hard and erect nipples, I want to keep my penis between her boobs and want her to masturbate it, I want to feel the aroma of sexy shaved armpits and at the same time I want to lick them and most importantly I want to lick her pussy and to fuck her ass. I was losing myself on my thoughts and actions, when suddenly bell rang indicating us period were over and I unfortunately have to take my hand out of her kameez. I hated that moment. I saw in her eyes she was also little disappointed on this as she was also enjoying this.

First time in that period I saw at the classmates, as nobody had any doubt regarding us, except to our common friends and they all had smug smile on their faces. When our teacher went out from the class and all the other students also went out from class, as it was the leaving time from school, I was so horny that time that I kissed on her lips passionately as nobody was there except our friends who knew everything about us and she was also horny as she took completely my tongue into her mouth and also I pressed her left boob while rubbing her back with my right hand, on this action she moaned ”uuuuuiiiiii aaaaahhh. We stood up from our desk. She hugged me while leaving and I gave her a small kiss on her cheek. Then we all got moved out of the class and went to our respective ways with our friends. How do you like my story, I have many more experiences and will keep you posted but mail me your comments at Ur Comments will make me write my next experience.

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