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  • September 13, 2015

Hi to all desipapa readers.this my true incident with my younger sister who is 4 years younger 2 me.Am 20 n she is 16.She is having a great figure with 34 -28-30 which i use 2 read on her bra n panties n then she told me personally.I loved her very much as a sister but idonno when this love became erotic may be i think it is becoz of the erotic stories only.I often use 2 read the stories n then made up my mind 2 do it with my own sister.Basically am a shy kind of guy with an average body n use 2 mastrubate regularly.She use 2 tease me n fight wid me n in that i use 2 touch her boobs n ass .I use 2 catch her neck from behind n slowly use 2 slid my finger till her bra from her upper part of the dress n she does’nt care n din mind becoz sje thought it was incidental.But some games were goin in my mind i always thought that she wantedly did all this n gave me more freedom and sometimes i feel these incidents are always accidental.One evening it was about 2 rain the wind was blowing high n the power was cut off.My mother asked her 2 bring the clothes from the terrace or else it will get wet.She also told me 2 assist my sister with a torch as it was dark in the house.I normally went with her and when she was climbing the stairs step by step i saw her ass cheeks moving up n down.Again the erotic game came in my mind.When v reached on the terrace i also helped her in gathering the clothes in that i found her bra i picked it up n gave it 2 her she felt shy n quicly took of frm my hand.She did’nt talk 2 me 4 some seconds.Then i asked her 2 stand here as the weather was good.We stood near the wall f the terrace side by side.She had put her hand on the wall n me 2.Slowly i slid my hand on her hand with great courage.I started carressing it.We did’nt talk 4 a while.then i started like about the weather n all.May be i hink i ws lucky due 2 weather only.It was cool n she was also getting young those days.Slowly then i moved near 2 her.with that my hip touched her and i removed my hand from her hand so that i an get more contact 2 her body n put it on her ass.She moved her body front 2 the wall.Again i moved my hand towards her waist for sometime n then 2 her boobs fom behind n beneath her hand.Our conversation has stopped htere for that moment.She didint moved n stood still.She was pressing her self 2 the wall i thought she was getting hot n mastrubating with hthe wall.I think she explored herself that time n slowly wen she got in her senses my hand was caressing her boobs,she ran away from there.I mastrubated n came down alone.When we were sitting in the house suddenly the lights came and she was like happy from inside smiling always alone.i cannot make an eye contact 2 her.She saw that n started an arguement n fought wid me in that instance she came near 2 me n presented her boobs again.

After that day the small instances went on and we enjoyed ourselves.But one day came when we were alone at the house.She was wearing a shalwar kamiz and i ws wearing a jeans and at shirt.I thought that the day has come.
But we started with a fight and i was so hot that i picked her in my arms n kept on my shoulder and then caught hold of her legs and put her in the air up side down.Becoz of this her kameez got down 2 her head i saw her boobs for the first time but over her bra.I got hot becoz of this n made her lay on the bed on her boobs and her back 2 my face.I sat on her ass and caught her neck n told her 2 say sorry 2 me but she was stubborn n did tell anything i got my chance of sliding my hand in her kameez.Then i caught hold of her hands and took 2 her back with this i touch her bra hooks n zipper over her kamiz.I slowly released her as i saw that she was not saying anything n was breathing heavily.I put my palm on her back and other hand on her boobs from besides her hand and started careesing.I slowly took of the zipper and carresses her back and boobs over her bra.Those were very soft n we both wer enjoying.I slowly undress her kamiz and tunred her around.She was closing her eyes n does’nt want 2 c me.I put my lips on her lips and kissed her for sometime.Then i moved towards her boobs cupped on boob and made naked 2 the other one started sucking it.I did’nt remove her bra but just released her boobs.I was sucking it n she was moaning with pleasure and was co operating me by holding and pressing my head toward the boobs.In the moment i undid her string of shalwar and removed it.Then i moved my one hand to her pussy n other hand and mouth on her boobs.I was carssing her Pussy over her panty.She was wet there and when i was putting my hand inside her panty she caught my hand and slowly but erotically said no.But i was hot n ikissed her and made my move and undid her panty.I was moving my fingers over her cunt and sometimes fingering her inside the pussy hole and sucking her boobs.I left those boobs coz i want 2 make her more hotter so i licked her pussy when i touched her clitoris she shivered and caught my head and pushed towards the pussy that time i knew she 2 wanted it.So sucked and fingered her badly becoz she was 2 hot she cummed in just 2 mins. and i dranked some of her juice.

Then i quickly stand up and removed my clothes i was already wet with precum she slowly opened her eyes ans saw my lund.She was seeing my 6″ rod like anything.I laid near her and staretd kissing and carressing again.I moved up on her and my lund started pressing on her cunt.It was so hot i rubbed it over for 3 mins an i cummed on her belly.She saw my sperms took it in her hand and smelled it.She found the smell very erotiv n likcked 2 taste it but she found it was too bad.I went near her pussy hole and startes licking it again.Now we were free and she started talking she told me bas hain na bhai main thak gayi hu.I said it s ok tujhe kuch bhi nahi karna sab kuch muje hi karna tu bas enjoy kar.I wanted 2 fuck her.So i ws making room with my fingers in her pussy hole.I put my 3 fingers and was making way for my lund she started screaming dard ho raha hain.Then i went 2 the dressing table and brought the bottle of parachute oil and put it on mu lund and on my fingers and put in her pussy.It as like it slid very easily and she having pleasure with three fingers in her pussy like i was fucking her.I was aroused and make way for my lund in her pussy hole with makin her hole apart.she was moaning and screaming like she was in hell.I did nt care and put my lund inside and started pushing.But she was screaming bhaiya please nikalo dukhta hain aaaahhha
I had some mercy on her and thought that something might happened 2 her.But i was hot and wanted my lund 2 be cooled so i put my lund on her lips but she refused.But i tld her maine teri baat maan li ab tu bhi meri maan le please open ur mouth she did nt wanted it but i careesed her hairs like a dog and she realised favour 2 favour.So she took mu lund in her mouth and rubeed it with her hand.Initially she was like shy but then she took it full.When i was cumming i knew she did nt like the taste so i took of my lund from her mouth n spread it all over her body but at the end she licked my tear away of lund i was like shivering and my body was in heaven and a current went in my body.We laid there and took bath together and put all the clothes.Then the holeday we hugged kissed and carressed each other till mom came.

Then whenever we got a chance we use 2 cool ourselves.But i never got a real chance 2 fuck her and was upset with that.Then again one day our family was going 2 to attend the marriage out of station.It was the marriage of my dad’s very close friend’s son.He was also my friend.We also had a reservtion in a hotel room.But for some good reasons my dad cannot accompany us,so my mm also fropped the plan and asked both of us 2 go and attend the marriage.Again erotic games strted in my mind and i saw towards my sister and she saw me she was like feeling shy and i read her mind and i thought that she was also ready for the fuck this time.

The day came and we left for the destination in a train in a/c coach.Our seats wer side upper and side lower with curtains so we enjoyed a lot in the train also.We landed the destination and went 2 the booked hotel.I wanted the game 2 start at that time only.But she said no becoz we wanted 2 leave for the party.So she started to take off her dress from the bag which she wanted 2 wear even she took her under garments out and kept on the bed.I took her bra and panty and started playing with it and she was getting angry and started beating me i got caught hold of her.She said jaane do na bhaiya raat me dekhenge na please i said ok meri jaanu raat apni hain and we took bath together and i dressed her up for the party i hooked her bra set her boobs upwards in the bra and hooked her dress tied her knot of the ghagra between that she said bhaiya abhi to itna pyar se pehna rahe ho raat ko bhi itna hi pyar se utar dena.I said choti aaj raat ko woh hoga jo aaj tak nahi hua and pinched on her ass.She understood and smiled but she asked me as if did nt understood she questioned me kya hoga bhaiya kya karoge i said i will give ur pussy my chicken leg piece n then v left 4 the party.In the evening after the party we were about 2 leave the uncle stopped us and asked us 2 stay at their home i was like disappointed and forced then that v had a reservation in the hotel and the bill is already paid thru creditcard and there will not be any refund,then after lot of convince they dropped us to our hotel.

After entering to the room she started taking of her jewellery i caught her hand and stopped her,she was like shocked and said bhaiyya yeh to utar ne do,maine kaha aaon baitho idher imade her sit on the bed and took her odhni and put on her head she also applied mehndi on her hand and he color was so dark the fragrance of it was still on her hand.I was getting erotic by that smell.I made her sit like a dulhan.She said bhaiya yeh kya kar rahe ho,i told her yeh apni suhaag raaat hain jo chahe woh karo.She din argued and started acting as a dulhan.I started with undoing her jewels and odhni.I kissed on her forehead,earlobes,neck from backwards 2 front and slowly undid her string of the choli.I made her lay on the bed i made my self naked and laid on her.I started kissing her lips and explore her tounge she was like enjoying in pleasure becoz she never got kissed by anyone,not even me in that fashion.I then released the kiss ans i saw she was completely hot and i removed her hooks of choli and the knot of her ghagra and took it off.She wass in her bra and panty i was pressing her boobs over her bra and kissing all over her body and then sucking and caressing her pusssy i the removed her bra and sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy over her panty.I removed her panty and smelled the fragrance of the wet panty it was giving me moood and more ideas to fuck.I then liked her cunt and played with clitoris she was moaning i knew her timing of the prgasm so i stopped which left her in an erotic mood becoz she would not stop me while fucking.I then put my lund on the entrance of the pussy it was so wet this time did nt need any parachute oil.I slid my lund in her pussy she was like screaming i then pushed more she was out of her senses and began to shout oh bhaiya dukh raha hain pls nikalo na sirf muh se karo aaah ahhh ahhha i said wait chup ho jao dheeraj rakho nahi dukhega .

I told her don t shout kiss me when i bent to kiss her a bit again entered in and she was like aahhhh i kissed her and made her quite and kept the lund as it is her time was over she wanted to cum so she moved her hips and slowly my lund was entering in but it stopped in the half way i had to adjust but it was not going in had to force till then she had cummed and now she was in her senses feeling pain bhaiya pls nikalo na pls bhaiya apni choti behan ki choti pussy per rahem khao na pls, isaid ok main nikal raha hu lekin dekhna thosa aur dard hoga nikalte time becoz yeh phas gaya hain she said ok isaid 2 her catch my waist so that thoda dard kam ho ga she caught me by waist and i caught her.I told her ki tum apni ass thodi uper karo to nikal jaayenga she did it and i like pushed it in one force there was a sound of something breaking inside i think it was her virginity and she was gone out of her senses and her mouth was wide open with scream aahh ahhhhhh mummy margayi mii aahh i kissed her she co operated to make her pain go away i kissed her long and kept my lund that way.After sometime i saw that she was moving her hips up n down and i also started rythmically now she was moaning aahh aahhhhaaa bhaiya aah bhaiya maza aa raha hain thoda aur under aane do aahhhhhhh hhaaaaaaa i was moving inside her like pushing in fast and taking out real slow till my head of cock and touching her clitoris while pushing in i touched her clitoris with my hand 2 this made her cum she was oozing her juce and now again she atarted 2 shout bas bhaiya ab bas bhi karo kitni der karoge apni behan ko pls bhaiya isaid let me also finish i kissed her and started real hard playing with clitoris she was moaning again i was abt 2 cum but i wanted 2 cum with her si istopped and played and pinched the clitoris she was on her high and she said bhaiya yeh tum kaise karte ho main teen baar cum kar chuki hu aur tum ek baar bhi nahi kiya i tols her i am also abt 2 cum i started stroking vey hard and now the sex voices began to flow in the room i was on my high and pushes the last stroke in her and cummed in while oozing out i gave love marks on her thighs and pulled her they cam out a little,becoz i scratched her thigh in pain she also nailed my waist and we were like hush and huh and slept in the same position after 10 mins she wanted 2 piss so she got and she sae blood was flowing fom her pussy and she got afraid.I convinced her that nothing will happen.After pissing she came and hugged me tightly and started kissing me and questioned me ke bhaiya kuch hoga to nahi maine pucha kya.She said khoon nikal gaya hain under se,i said nothing and kissed her and told her ki chotti ab tu chotti nahi rahi hain aurat ban gayi hain,she asked bhaiya bacha to nahi hoga na i enquired abr her periods she said she had finished it just before leaving , isaid her then it s safe,we hugged each other and started sleeping.She said bhaiya aaj tum mera bister ban jaao,i want 2 sleep n u, isaid ok she slept on me.We slept naked that night and in the middle of the night i again fucked her.

Now friends let me give u my introduction my name is appu and my sister name is guddi we stay in hyderabad.

That was a true story of us now we have sex whenever we wanted amd do not mastrubate ourself we help each other in that.She does nt call me bhaiya now she calls me jaanu wen we are alon and i call her biwi

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