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Choti Baji Ke Sath Sex

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi readers, this is again shah from Rawalpindi pakistan. As i promised you that i shall tell my second TRUE story how i fucked Baji Rukhsana s’ younger sister Rehana who we call as Choti Baji.Let me describe herself.She was tall,very fair complexion,with small but tight boobs.We were frank to each other before but not in this way.Infact i never considered her for sex before this incident.
Now i’ll start my story.One day baji rukhsana asked me to reach her home with motor bike as she wanted to go with me some where for some urgent work. Next day when i reached at her place on my bike.As a result of my call bell her younger sister choti baji opened the door and i entered into the house.I asked her about rukhsana baji but she told that her uncle Waseem died last night and all the family members went there and she also told that she was supposed to go with me then for that urgent work.She asked me to wait for some time as she had to change and told me”Thora saa make up bhi kar loon”.To listen her words,my lower part of body asked me some thing and my cock beginned to stand for that sexy gal.and it started planning to fuck that sexy bitch.and i told her “Choti baji aap ko make up karnay ki kia zaroorat hay.Ap to bani banayi beautiful lady ho”.She turned into red for a while after listening my words.and she said “Maska nahin.Araam say baitho main abhi aayi”.I said “OK.par zara jaldi”.She replied nothing and went to her room. When she came back after a while,I said as per plan,”Wahhhh!!!… Kia khoob lagti ho ,bari sundar dikhti ho.Choti baji aap nay kamal ka hossan paya hay” She said.”really.?????”. I gazed her.”Qasam se baji .You are the most beautiful girl in this world.”and i can see her becoming red after listening my comments. Then she said “Ab chalo gay bhi yaa mujhe hi dekhtay raho gay”.She smiled at me and my cock knocked with joy ‘Kay kaam ban gaya hay’.then she locked the house and ride on my bike. When we start ed our journey.I raced my bike and then suddenly braked.She slipped and her small breasts touched my back,and i felt very soft body touching me.

She said nothing and became normal.but then i started braking again and again.after a while she said ” “kia kar rahy ho Shah jee,zara dheray chaloo n” I replied that “Road kharab hay aur career bhi nahin hay aap zara qareeb ho kar baith jaao”. oh achaa ye baat hay sying this she site near me and now her right arm was at my belly. I felt after a while that her breasts were tightened and hard like my cock i saw her in the back mirrer she was become red now.then after a little while,she put her hand at my lap.My cock was already trying to come out of my shawar.After some more time,her hand was on my cock.and she was rubbing that slowly and gently.Then our destination was changed and we were going on the other direction where there was no body,no car and no bike.

She kissed on my neck and whispered “Pahlay ghar naa chalain”. ghar but why baji? kuch kam hay she replied Before she completed her sentence,i was back to her home and she was pressing my cock now a bit more faster. When we reached at her home,She smiled ,saying “Ab to road sahi thi aur brakain bhi aaram say hi lag rahi theen.” I replied “ab kam jo ban giya hay break kasay lagtee”. she unlocked her house and asked me to bring my bike into her house.When i entered her house and parked my bike.I hugged her firmly into my arms and she didn’t resiste and i kiseed her as i put my lip at her lips i feel that her lips are tooo soft n tasty she enter her toungue in my muth and suck my toungue wow kia taste tha.after that she asked “Chalo meray bed room main chaltay hain.” now on the next moment we were both standing in her room.When i unclothed myself.I found her eyes wide open in amazement..”WAH kia zabardast cheez chupa rakhi hay.. saying this,she took my cock in her hand said, “kitnaa sakhat hay may i suck it? “. “why not choti baji please do.” then she kissed on my cock,knobed and then licked my pee hole. “Aissa he lun tu mujay cha’heyaa thaa shah i love your cock and she sucked from top to bottom and also licked my “ta’tay””.

During sucking she felt my pre-cum in her mouth and she pull out my cock from her mouth and spited on cock.I could saw my pre-cum alongwith her spit.She pasted on hole cock carefully,after pasting she again sucking madly. wow kia sexy lady thee yar kia maza diya us nay i felt myself flying in the air.

After some time she was ready for a fuck. As i entered my cock in her cute pussy,suddenly she asked me with a very husky voice. “please peechay say karo”. i said why baji. she replied i love ass fuck please “dair na karo”. saying this she turned her back intoa dogy style and said “thoraa sa thook(spite)maree gand (ass) pe tum lagaoo aur main tumharay lun pe lagatee hoon she spited on my cock and i spited on her ass hole. when i put my cock at her hole it was tinny but as i slightly pressed, it entered in the hole easily and baji cried cccccccccccccccccccccccccc OOOOOOOOOOOoooeeeeee “kia howa baji?”. she said “mirchee se lag rahee hay please thoraa thook aur lagaoo pleaseeee” then i put my thook(spite)at her hole and pressed again. “0oooooohhhhhhh uuuuuuffffff aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooooohhh dard ho rahaa hayccccccccccccccc ahhhhhhhhhh Araaaaaaaaaam say pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”.
Her soft asshole gave me soooooo much pleasure that i ignored baji’s request and accelerated my speed in more cruel she cried with joy n pain “ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh uuuuufffffffff oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh zoreee say shahgggggggggggg mauzaaaaaaaaa a rahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa hay pound it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”after few mint i asked baji where i cum/ she replied “inside my ass inside my asssssssss.”i cumed inside her ass and now we both r laying at her bed.

After some time we kisssed again and over tongues were intermixed with each others she also took my cock in her hand and pressed and now cock was going to be big again then she told me “shah maray upper a jaoo aur lets 69″.and we turned into 69 i licked her choooot. it was a hairy pussy with a strong smell. After few mints she told ” shah g fuck me’and spread at the bed now i entred my tool in her cute hairy pussy and she cry with joy “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhh greatttttttt shah ggggggggggggggggg zoreeeeeeeee say ………aur zore sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ccccccccccccccccccccc “and i pumped her with full force and she enjoyed my “big dhakay” in and out. Few minutes later i told her that i was about to cum.she said immediately “no no ab ander naheen. please”. “then where?”…. “cum in my mouth i wanna taste u cum n”.I pulled my cock from her silky chooot and the cream of her own pussy was also pasted on it.I put it in her mouth she welcomed my cock and sucked it with pleasure.After few seconds i cumed with a big ooooooooooh in her mouth and she swallowed my every drop of cum after that she also cleaned my cock with her tongue. and after that i fucked her many times……..

So friends,Next time i will tell u how i fucked her mom called aunty saleema. any female at rawalpindi/islamabad for koool sex or wanna exchange her view/experiences please contact at

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