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Chodu Lund

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

I am sending my story to you 2nd time which is better then earlier as a point of erotic story. When we shifted our home from Nazimabad to North Nazimabad . there in the front of my house 5 sisters and 4 brother living with their parents in these family one elder brother living separate from this family in the area of Ranchorline why I don’t know and one brother of 2nd number was married his wife is realy very sexy and have fair colour and I got  a room in our new house at 1st floor as this house was ground + 1 in that room I have 1 window but no balcony and I was often seeing that sisters from window in that sisters one sister was flirting with the boy who was living in our house before we purchase this I knew later when I make some friend in this new area and many boys said that he pumped  her boobs and also pressed her body but no one seeing other act except this and that family migrated to u.s.a and we purchase his house.


One night I wakeup what time I don’t know but I just seeing from my room’s window and look into the window of their married brother their was light on and a part of curtain slightly give passage to my look I saw that they both mian biwi is busy with their game playing on bed and I just look their laegs were twisted to each other and they were scrolling on the bed and I am feeling that my heart come out from my chest and all the blood of my body came and store in my heart and my heart was deparessed after seeing this scene 1st time in my life and I feel erection of my lund in my shalwar and I was try to continusely see this scene but suddenly one moong phaly wala come in the street and loud selling his penuts in the street due to his voice the man close window and I was feel thrustness to miss this beatifull scene and I go to wash room and masterbate with my lund I pressed my lund time to time and get full erect of 6” with a small cap of my lund I was always want to see precum on my lund’s toppa but I never get and find this on my lund finaly I started jerking my lund from my right hand and feeling taste of a fucking I was jerking few minuets with my dry hand but I cant off load my mony from my lund and I was feeling that this way I cant off load my mony from my lund so I open the tap and take some water in my hand and then bring bath soap and massage to soap to prepare some foam and from that hand I again started jerking to my lund and feeling so sliky then earlier and I do this jerking more few minuets but cant off load my mony from my lund finaly I decided to bang with my self in a doggy style and make some more foam by soap and continue jerking my lund with my hand and finaly I feel great taste due to take highest place of orgasam and got to success off load my mony from my lund and after that I again wash my hand and do the pee and wash my semi erect lund and wear my shalwar and go to sleep after that day I often awke in the night to see some scence but not more then the first day. And after some time that women we called her bhabhi make some disputes with this family and day by day disputes increasing and finally they both mian biwi left that house and go to liaqatabad area in a rented house. I missed forever to see these scenes but I got easy way and chance to make contact with this family.Passes day by day I made relation with this family and their father mother and all other family members trusted on me that I am a sincere and sharif person who is not creat any problem I was young and also horny about these girls I tried to three sisters turn by turn one sister who was flirting with our earlier house owner’s son cant give me chance for flirting why I don’t know but two sisters cant resist and I often said to them some sexy talks.


One day I am laying on the bed in the ground floor which was in the room front of  their main door and my family taking lunch in the other room suddenly the door open and one elder girls from them came in our house to take water in the bucket as in Karachi often problem due to water supply she went directly in our bath room and take water ithe bucket and then she want to go back to her home from that room in which I was on the bed she also noticed that my all family taking lunch in other room and I am alone sleep on the bed to usne jate jate halkey se mere balon ko nocha or mery gaal par chiunty bharti huwi nikal gai jis ki wajah se men heran rehgaya keh aaj to kamala hogaya lagta tha keh yeh mujh se kuch sex chahti he or foran he todi dair baad dobara pani bharne aagai is time men thoda alert hogaya tha magar meri gaand bhi phat rahi thi or men soch raha tha keh is ko pakad kar kiss karoon ga magar ghar waley sab mojood they is liye himmat na hoi or who dobara muche nochte huwe chali gai or mere ghar walon ne lunch bhe karliya or yeh mera 1st chace life ka miss hogaya us ke baad me nen himmat pakadni shruu ki . I was always sleeping ealier in the night and also earlier awke in the morning due to this habbit I got easy chance to excess her home in the mornig as their father went to his shop early in the morning and go with out taking breakfast as their family alsway awke late in the morning and their father take break fast at his shop from buying paratha and tea from a pathan hotel.


Then he went to his shop he close aldrop (kundi) from out side the home one day I see that man go to shop and close the door from out side I came down and go straight with lot of himmat to their door and open kundi and slowly entered their home I knew their boys are sleeping in separate room and girls in separate 1st I saw very passiously that no one wakeup in their home and then I close kundi of boys room very slowly and entered in the girls room they all sleeping with out any movement and I get chance to lay with the girl who was come for water at my home I lay with her and very slowly kiss her face and she awke and see me and found stange that I am kissing her she open her eye and keep sielent and then I uplift her kameez and take out her boobay from her brazor and really I was fully erect but there is more people in the home and I don’t have the experience to fuck any girl or women in my whole life so meri gaand bhi phat rahi thi magar jab usne kuch na bola to me ne uske boobon ko sehlana shru kiya or us ke boobey dekh ke khush ho gaya is se pehle men ne kabhi kisi kanwari larki ke boobay nahi dekhe they aksar aurton ko dooodh pilate huway(to childs) dekha tha to un aurton ke boobay latke huwe hote they or nipple ki roundness bhi bari hoti thi magar yahan to kuch or hi dekh raha tha men ne dekha keh us ke boobay khoob taney huway they or tight the jab ke us ke nipple bohot hi chote the or nipple ki topi bhi flat hti magar aurton ki jin ke dekeh the un ke nipple ki chonch hot thi jo keh bachche mun men lekar doodh peete they kher men us ke boobon ko choosna chahta tha magar us ki nipple he nahi they jab keh boobey bare bare they magar ma ne finaly apne munh men uske boobeay ko le liya jo keh mere munh se buhat bara tha aur men ne center men se dabi hui nipple ko suck karma shuru kiya magar who munh men sahi tariqe se nahi aarahe the to m ne suck karke nipple ko apne danton men dabane ki koshish ki to us ko shayad maza aane laga ya darad hone laga or who apne ooper control nahi karpaai or us ke munh se aaaaheee nikalne lagi meri gaand phati keh sab yahin sorahe hen agar koi uth gaya or kisin ne dekh liya to be izzati ho jayee gi men ne foran us ke booobe chore or aik final kiss kiya or unke room se nikal kar us ke bhaion ke room ki kundi aahista se kholi or bahar nikal gaya magar us ke baad men ne aksar aisa kiya or who bhi jaan gaye keh yeh gaandoo subah subah aata he phir who mujehe apni bhabhi ke kamre men le jati thi keh who karma kisi ke istimal men nahi tha or ham aksar subah subah us room men aik doosrey se chimate or kis karte or man aksar uske nipple suck karta aur yeh silsila chalta raha phir aid din mere ghar walay kahin gaye huway they aor men akela ghar men tha or raat horahi thi men door per khada tha or who bhi door par khadi thi us ke ghar us ki khala or cousin aae huway the men us ko isharey kar ke apne ghar men bularaha tha magar who aane se dar rahi thi keh achanak light chali gai or gali men andhera ho gaya to us ne himmat karli or mere ghar men bhagti huwi aagye or men bilkul khush hogaya keh aaj to is ko chod don gan magar gaand bhi phat rahi thi keh yeh kanwari he or josh josh men mere ghar men aagaye he agar men ne kisi tarah is ki choot men apna loda daldiaya to is ki choot phat jae gi or blood bhi nikle ga to us ki wajah se mere ghar waley kahin samajh na jaaen or agar men ne apne upper control nahi kiya to yeh pregnant ho jae gi or aik musibat or azab khara hoga who to jaldi se aagye or men ne uski shalwar guthnon tak niche bhi kardi or usne koi resist nahi ki magar meri gaand musalsal phat rahi thi men ne jaldi se apna lora nikala or us ko kaha keh munh men le magar who mana karne lagi men ni bohat insist kiya magar who na mani or who kamar ke bal chit late gaye keh jaldi karo light aajae gi ya koi aajae ga meri bhi gaand phat rahi thi men ne apna lund right hand men pakda or left hand se us ko by force ulta kardiya keh is ki choot nahin maroonga gaand marron ga magar mujhe pata nahi tha ke us ko choot men dalwana tha men ne jese hi us ko ulta kiya or for hi us ke chutar khol kar whole dekhne laga or whole dikhte hi apna lora uki gaand men daalne ki koshish ki who jhat palat gay eke nahin ham ulta kam nahi karwte sidha sidha karo magr meri gaand phat rahi thi jo keh men ooper likh chukka hoon or men ne thodi koshihs ki keh us ki gaand marron magar who na mani or bhag kar bahar chali gai or meri life ka pehla chance miss hogaya.


Dear reader I will let you know about my othe experience near future so any married women need my lora I can provide her but only in Karachi ,if any women want to contact me please e mail me on

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