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Chinni The Little Guru

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

My name is Veer, age 20, studying F.Y.B.Com. Usually I go to college in the mornings and come home by afternoon. I never liked to waste my time in college campus after classes were over. I like to study seriously at home. Because of this all my friends call me a nerd and laugh at me, so I don’t have much friends. My father works as a Manager for a bank. One day we had one of his old colleagues, Mr. Raghu Srinivasan, to stay with us for a month.

I call him Raghu Uncle. He had arrived with his wife, Veni Aunty approx. age 35, and a daughter Chinni, age 16 appearing for S.S.C. I felt like love at first sight with Chinni. Since they are from the south, both the females had a very sexy figure (the heavy bulky type). Although Chinni was being very shy with me. I was quite polite and friendly with her but she kept running away from me. Veni Aunty is also a very kind lady. I felt terribly attracted towards Chinni’s seductive movements such as swaying her hips gracefully when she walked, swinging her arms in the air to express during a conversation like classical dancers do, pushing her large breasts out temptingly when bending forward, etc. Chinni always wore only salwar-kameezes of a very fine choice and most of them were pretty see-through from which she loved exhibiting her white lacy bras. Her mother was no less. Veni Aunty was always seen in sarees in pastel shades and unmistakably expensive. Similar to Chinni’s, Veni Aunt’s sarees and blouses were so see-through that others used to feel embarrassed to look at her. And the blouses generally were low-cut-neck giving a panoramic view of her cleavage.

One other difference between the mother and daughter I observed in following days was that Veni Aunty had a wide range of colourful and fancy undergarments that were naturally visible to the naked eye under the thin film of her saree and blouse fabric. I can’t imagine her boldness to move in public in such provocative attire. But she seemed simple by nature, loving and caring to all and so I respected her. I was so obsessed by Chinni’s sex appeal that I wished to get to touch her at least once before they left our place. Every time I made an attempt she would slip away with some excuse. Raghu Uncle was accommodated in my father’s bedroom and I had to share my room with all the ladies together, including my mother of course. My mother liked to sleep in between Chinni and Veni Aunty so that she could gossip with both of them before sleeping. My mother is a deep sleeper and is totally unaware of her surroundings while sleeping. She’s also extremely punctual, waking up at 6 a.m. sharp, not a minute before or after that. For natural reasons Chinni was made to sleep at one end and me at the other. So it was Chinni, then my mother, then Veni Aunty and finally me. I cursed my bad luck with Chinni. I was still trying to work out how to reach her. Since Mummy is a deep sleeper I knew I didn’t have to worry about her waking before the clock struck 6 in the morning. Now the only person I was really afraid of was Veni Aunty since I didn’t know of her sleeping habits. Other than the mother and daughter’s provocative dressing during the day, at nightfall they both wore the most irresistible nightdresses. Need I say they were even more see-through and sexier than the day clothes? The first time I saw them in such nightgowns I felt my pyjamas were on fire. Imagine these massive boobs, ready to explode, partly hidden behind their intricate undergarments.

My hands and groin were itching to get a strike at anything available at this point. On the first three nights I was judging Veni Auntie’s sleeping habits to see what my chances were like with Chinni. Veni Aunty appeared to be a peaceful sleeper, but I couldn’t tell how alert she is during sleep. To find that out I pushed my fingers gently to touch Veni Auntie’s back and waited to see her reaction. There was no reaction from her for a long time. So I believed that she is sound asleep. My next task was to crawl silently on the floor towards the other side of the bed where Chinni was sleeping. When I reached Chinni I found her also as deep in sleep as my mother. Additionally Chinni was even snoring softly. My hands made their first attempt to touch her. Chinni’s back was towards me. So first I gently felt her ass with my fingers as delicately as possible. The softness of the fabric of her nightgown and panty plus the tenderness of her meaty butt was too much for me to handle. My hand was shivering. I waited to see if she woke up, but no sign of that. This built up my courage to go ahead further. I browsed my hand lightly from Chinni’s waist to the armpit. Once reaching the armpit I felt her bra under the skin-thin nightgown. Using both my hands I tried to feel my way to the hooks of the bra and tried to open it. After struggling for a few minutes I did manage to unhook it. I didn’t know how much this would help me to uncover her tits. Taking the whole bra off her was a nearly impossible task. I still tried to slide the bra as much off her huge tits. Just then she moved to lie completely on her back. Now both her boobs were stood firmly in front of me like two fortresses commanding me to capture them. I noticed there were about three press-buttons on the front of her nightgown. They came off very easily. Then I gently pushed the whole bra to completely expose her juicy melons. In the dim midnight light I could see her wide and hardened nipples. As I touched the nipples they kept getting harder and slowly breath was becoming faster than before. I wondered if this meant that she could wake up. I paused for a few minutes again.

I saw a mild smile on her face that assured me that she was enjoying whether consciously or not. Gathering some more courage I decided to kiss her tempting breasts. Lightly placing my thirsty lips on her melons I was on high alert to watch out for her reaction. She seemed to be drifting into a world of fantasy as I stuck my tongue out to lick her skin on the breasts. She was unbeatably delicious. I gently even bit her nipples and still no sign of her waking up. Taking full advantage of the situation I put my one hand on her pussy and started rubbing it mildly. At this point she suddenly woke up shocked to see me. But she didn’t shout or yell. Instead like a mature person she noticed all the my hard efforts made to uncover her boobs and understood that they had been kissed and licked since they were still wet. She smiled at me and whispered softly in my ears, “If this is what you wanted then why did you not ask me openly. We could’ve planned it out properly”. I was too shocked to hear a 16-year-old girl talk like this. So we decided to plan up a jam session where just the two of us could freely take full advantage of our common desire. The next morning Daddy went to office accompanied by Raghu Uncle, and Mummy took Veni Aunty to the club for a kitty party. Which means that Chinni and I had almost the whole day to ourselves. Mummy and Veni Aunty suggested that Chinni and I could keep ourselves busy by sharing each other’s knowledge in computers. We were indeed going to share, but knowledge of things that mattered to us more than the usual boring computer. As soon as Mummy and Veni Aunty left for the club, Chinni ran to our room and asked me to wait outside. Within a few minutes she opened the door and for a change I saw her in a black shirt and a red mini-skirt. I felt electric currents rushing through my nerves. Feeling fully charged with high voltage it was as if I were possessed by an evil entity. I asked her how come she is so cool in these matters and if she had done it before. She laughed and said “of course”. Apparently she studied in a co-ed school where the boys and girls secretly experienced a lot about sex.

This only made it easier for a nerd like me. I thought it was going to be difficult with an inexperienced girl much younger than me. But here it was the other way round. She could guide me instead. I thought let’s see how much of her boasting of such experience is true. I closed the door behind me and bolted it so that no one comes in accidentally. She pulled the curtains to create a dark and sexy atmosphere. I turned on my dim corner table lamp, in the light of which her body clad in the black shirt and red mini-skirt appeared ablaze. My forehead, chest and armpits were already dripping with sweat. I didn’t know where to start. I thought giving her a warm hug might make us more comfortable with each other and so I did that. I held her for quite some time in my arms massaging her back softly. I continued in the same way for some time. Suddenly she pushed me away and looked at me angrily. I thought maybe she couldn’t handle the excitement and all her boasting was lies. Instead she scolded me that if I carry on like this then that is all we will be doing the whole day. She gave me a wicked smile as she started to pull the red mini-skirt upwards, giving me glimpses of what seemed like a black panty with red lace. Within the next few seconds she had unzipped the skirt from behind and threw it on the floor. Her innocent face had turned lustfully wild. Then she kneeled on the floor and stretched her whole body like a yawning cat. In the process of her stretching the shirt shifted further up her back to give a full view of her great mass of ass. Placing her one hand on the butt, she said, “Come, kiss my ass”. I thought that was a rude statement to make.

But she told me that she meant it in the real sense. I had no experience so far, so I hesitated initially. Gathering all my courage I also knelt down gripping her mounds of ass with my strong hands. She screamed pleading me to be gentle, at the same time she was also impressed with my manly strength. Her ass was like hot buns out of the oven. Before I proceeded to kiss it I got distracted by the black shirt she was wearing. I wanted to see her whole body bare first. So I pushed the shirt all the way up to her neck and without unbuttoning it, wrapped it around her head to blindfold her. She liked my creativity. Then I asked her to lie down on the carpeted floor while I shed off all my clothes. Then I opened her bra and took off her panty. It was an ultimate sight for me to have this sixteen-year-old girl lying fully naked on my floor. There was absolutely no hair in her armpits or even the pussy. Her whole body was naturally smooth like satin. While her head was still covered with the shirt I feasted my eyes on the fresh and tender pink lower lips. Strange fluids were flowing out of it wetting the whole area as well as the carpet. I could not miss her beautiful round boobs crying to me to suck them. That’s when I started kissing her body from top to bottom. And licking every hidden corner of her meaty flesh. Finally she requested me to remove the shirt from her face so that she could also appreciate my body. When I removed the shirt she was astonished to see my extensively long and hard dick. She said that the ones she had seen of so far were only those of the boys in her school with their puny little knobs. She was extremely delighted to see such a huge powerful one.

My pride hit the sky, I felt almighty. Taking total control of the situation I parted her lower lips with my one hand and held my dick with the other to guide it through her gateway. Carefully I pushed my penis into her you-know-what. She didn’t make a single sound when I entered and was absolutely comfortable giving me an encouraging smile. Once that my dick had fully loaded in her pussy we both savoured the bliss of paradise amidst the hyper-friction. I thought I saw smoke from the carpet. I wouldn’t be surprised even if the whole house caught fire. Such was my first sexperience that too with the fully experienced 16-year-old girl Chinni. In my next story I will also narrate to you my secret sexperiences with her mother Veni Aunty who is obviously far more senior by experience in these matters.

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