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Cherry Taken By Own Bhai

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hey all the ‘Indian Sex Stories’ readers, I am Sweetyy, a regular reader. I love all the experiences posted out here. I have had my share of sex experiences in my life which I am going to narrate here. I would love to hear your comments and compliments on me at my email –

Before starting the narration, Let me tell you about myself. I am Sweetyy Jain from Guwahati, Assam. I am presently 20 years of age and my figure reads as 36-28-38. This story goes a year back in Feb, 2011 when I was of 19 years. I was a virgin but this whole idea of having sex was making me more and more horny as I was looking for an opportunity to lose it soon. The story starts here…

I had a brother named Yash who was 2 years older to me. He was well built with height 6’1’’ and a great organ of 7 inches. We shared a great bond between each other but I always sensed that he looked at my body hungrily. Previously, I didn’t use to like the way he used to stare but then it strike to me that who else would be better for me to lose my virginity than him as he would treat me with love and care.. Now, I started enjoying his secret touches and his stares and I always made an effort to show him more of myself as we slept in the same bedroom but different beds. So, at night, hiding from my parents, I used to wear sexy gowns which showed my body to the maximum to arouse him more and more.

This act of mine was having a positive impact on him.

One day, we were just talking in our room when suddenly, he asked me whether I have a boyfriend and I am still a virgin or lost it. I replied am a perfect virgin. To this statement, he was happy and he put his hand on mine and said, “Richi, Tumhe pata hai ki mein tumhari purrii body ko dekhte rehta hoon, Mujhe pata hai tumhra bhai hote hue mujhe nai dekhna chaiye, par kya karu You are a sex bomb and anyone would love to fuck you hard until his strength goes off… I just love staring at you and I would like to love you more I would like to take away the virginity of my sweet sis and make her a woman… I wanna lick your cunt… I wanna fuck you hard until you beg me to stop!”

I was amazed at his straightforwardness but all I asked was whether he too was a virgin. He responded in negative and said he had had it with prostitutes imaging me in their place. I blushed and he came near me and kissed me on my forehead. He then, placed his lips slowly on mine and gently kissed me. I closed my eyes as put his tongue inside my mouth and had started sucking my mouth. At first, I was scared but the way he did everything, I was comfortable.

He now put his hands on my back over the gown and made me rest gently on the bed. He came over me and started kissing the whole of the face. First it was my forehead, and then he started biting my earlobes now… Aaaaaahhhhh… What a feeling it was! He had now started to kiss my lips again and started sucking my tongue. Now, he went a bit down and started kissing me in my neck. “…..ummmmmmmm….” I was moaning continuously. He got to know from my hard moans that the neck was my sensitive area and started kissing me more and more. I was like… “aaaaaahhhhh… Bhaiyaaa, aur kiss karo mujhe please… aaaaaahhhh… make love to me… I wanna loose my virginity to you…!” he responded by biting me in my neck and told me to call him just yash when we are alone. He went more down on me and kissed me on my cleavage and started licking it . He opened the knot and now I was lying under him showing off just my lacy bra and panty which hardly covered my assets.

He exclaimed, “Woww, You are damn gorgeous Richi. I love this sexy body of yours and I have been craving for this since a year from the day I saw you naked…!” I was shocked and asked him when he saw me like that. He was busy finger fucking my navel and replied… ”Yes! I and Ashish (his best friend) saw you naked around a year ago when you hadn’t locked the door and was changing your clothes. You then got naughty as you sat on the bed that day and spread your pussy… Oh… What a fucking body you have… Both of us said together as you slipped one of your fingers inside your cunt and started finger fucking yourself. We both had started masturbating ourselves by then as you ripped yourself into an orgasm.

We left the room that day and from then now I don’t know how many times I and Ashish have masturbated imaging you naked in front of us and fucking you damn hard. Finally, my dream is going to be true. I hope someday you’ll fulfill Ashish’s dream’s true also…!’

I was soo shocked. But he laughed and put his hands on my bra covered breasts and started fondling them slowly. I was moaning when he put his hands under the bra and caressed my nipples. His hands then went back and opened the hook of my bra as I helped him in removing them. He now got hold of my right boob and started kissing it slowly. I told him to suck my nipple but in order to tease me; he started kissing the whole boob but left my nipple untouched. I was moaning in ecstasy and I just got hold to his head and placed it on my nipple and told him, “Please yash, meri nipple ko suck karo, bahut acha lag raha hai mujhe. Please.. aaahhhhhhhhhhh … Aur jor se chuso mujho.. aaahhhhhh!”

He loved my act. He started sucking one of my nipples and rubbing his hands on the other. I was moaning hard and I told him to remove his T-Shirt. He removed and now his naked chest was touching me and I loved his love making. He proceeded downwards and came near my tummy. He kissed me on my navel and started licking my belly region. My moans didn’t stop for a moment as he went down near my panty line and kissed me at my vagina over the panty which had now become completely wet due to my juices. “..Aaaaaaahhhhhhh… “I moaned.

He put his finger over my panty and slightly slid it side and kissed my naked vagina. Damnn…He couldn’t control now and removed my panty in one shot making me completely naked under him. He parted my legs to the maximum and came in between He put one of his fingers at the entrance and slid it inside… I moaned… “Aaaaaahhhhh… “And he started finger fucking me. He then put his wet finger inside his own mouth and tasted my juices. He exclaimed..”aaahhh… you are soo tasty..” Saying this he put his mouth near my vagina and touched his tongue at the entrance of my vagina…”aaaaaahhhhhh….” I moaned loudly. He parted my vaginal walls with his finger and thrusted his tongue deep inside my vagina. He started sucking me hard. I was continously like…”aahhhhhhhh.. ummmmmm.. Suck me harder… mmmmmmm… lick my cunt… aaahhhhhh.. Make me cum… aaaahhhh.. Please do it faster” I don’t even know when my hands went to his head and I started caressing his head. Suddenly, I sensed my orgasm building up.

It was my first orgasm given to me by any male and trust it this feeling was damn awesome. I was getting pleasure at its peak and I moaned louder. I was telling yash to suck me harder as I got hold of his head and tried to make him suck me deeper. Aaaaahhhh.. And at last I released myself filling the whole of his mouth with my love juices.

I sensed a feeling of relief as he came upon me and started kissing my lips. I got the chance to suck my own juices from his lips. While he was kissing me his hands touched mine and he took my hand to the bottom and made me touch his pyjama covered cock. I sensed the hardness of the dick as I pulled down his pyjama as well as his underwear together to touch the naked cock. I was moaning. I removed him from my top and sat on my knees. I got hold of his dick and removed the foreskin. A drop of precum landed on my hand as I tasted it. I then put the head of his dick near my mouth and started to lick up the head. Then, I put the whole of its head inside my mouth and started sucking it. I felt that his cock was growing every moment inside my mouth. I was trying to take the whole 7 inches inside my mouth but was unable to when he got hold of my open hairs and pushed the whole dick inside my mouth… I gagged and moaned loud. But he replied…”Bitch… Suck my lund hard… Make it cum… aaaaaahhhh.. give it all the pleasure. Mmm “ I sucked him hard. He started moaning loudly now.

He sensed that he would not be able to hold it longer, so, he removed himself from my mouth and came in the missionary position placing him above me. He parted my pussy lips and gently pushed the head inside me. I shrieked as it pained a lot. He remembered that I was a virgin and started sucking my boobs without making any movement in my pussy. I started enjoying the suck when he removed his cock from inside and again put the head inside. Now, seeing me enjoy, he started kissing my lips hard. “mmmmmmm.. I was enjoying the kiss very much..” when he gave a sudden push and more than half of the length went inside my vagina… I cried loud and tears started flowing from my eyes. He looked on the bed sheet and it was full of my blood..

My cries could not be heard as he was kissing me but he saw that my eyes were full of tears and I was crying very badly. He broke off the kiss and I said… “Yash, Please remove yourself. It is paining very much. I can’t bear it. Please remove the dick from inside.” He replied… “Richi, Thodi der pain hoga bas, phir main tumhe jaanat ki ser karwaunga aaj. Tum hi chahti thi na apna virginity kisi close ko do. I have taken it. Thoda der pain and I promise you’ll enjoy baby…” He now started sucking my nipples and removed his cock from inside. He again slowly slided it inside my pussy and took it out. He was doing everything very gently as I sensed pain going away… Ummmmmm…. I started moaning now as I started enjoying. He increased his pace of fuck andI was moaning hard…”yaaassssshhhhh… aaaahhhhhhh.. I love you bhaiyaaa…..

Fuck me hard ..fuck me more…aaaahhhhh…..suck me soooo hard today Aahhhhhh… mmmmmhhhh ….. fuck me hard…aaahhhhhh..” Saying all this.. I got another orgasm. The juices made it easy for him to fuck him as it lubricated the passage. I was moaning hard as he started kissing me and then filled my pussy with his juices.

Sooo guys… Did you enjoy? This was my first encounter. I had many more in my life and I wanna describe all here but it all depends on the response I get from this story. Soo…Please leave your comments. Thank you for reading.

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