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  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

My name is Rahul and I’m 19yrs old from hyderabad.Though i know a lot about sex various arts and techniques I learnt from many different books though I’ve not been able to apply any of them till date.Well this is my 1st story which is just a fantasy and looking at the response from various females I’ll continue writing the stories.Well I hope to recieve response mainly from the hyderabadi girls and women for just friendship or discrete relationships .All girls and ladies preferably from 18-40 can mail at . Well here’s the story…… Chasing Fire By now, most of the people had drifted away. Laxmi knew she should be leaving herself; it had to be very late. She looked down at her wrist automatically, but her watch was on her dresser, atleast half a mile away. She looked around to see if there was anyone who could give her the time, but she was alone. The fireman she’d been watching had gone back to his job. He was to her right now, standing in troad where the dog had hidden.

For a moment, Laxmi sucked on her lower lip as she studied his movements, then, making her decision, she pulled Blacky(her dog) over to a house farther up the hill and tied him in a shadowy spot where he couldn’t see the action and wouldn’t be tempted to bark, then she went back down the hill and approached the fireman. “Do you have the time?” She asked quietly. She’d startled him. He swiveled his head and swore softly. Finally the man spoke, “Yeah, I have the time.” But instead of looking at his watch, he moved backwards into the darkness. “What?” Laxmi didn’t understand where he was going and she stood there until he stepped out just far enough and long enough to take her arm and pull her in with him. She stumbled as she entered the shadows and then he grabbed her hard and held her up only to suddenly pivot and push her back against the cement wall of the house. She squeaked in surprise, but that was all because his mouth came down covering hers and the heat – the shock of it – silenced her. The kiss went on and grew, his lips moving over hers, demanding things they both knew weren’t his to take. Not here; not now.

His tongue licked along the slit of her mouth and Laxmi knew she should pull away, stop this, but it felt so damn good all she could do was cling to him. His jacket was open and she slid in between the heavy lapels, wrapping her cold arms around his hot, sweating torso. When the need for air made him break the kiss, she gasped and laid her head on his chest. He smelled like smoke and canvas and danger. His heart pounded under her cheek. Laxmi slowly rubbed his back and pulled his tight tee shirt out of his pants. He groaned, then groaned again when her hands slipped under the coarse material. “This is wrong,” he whispered, but then he pulled her back and tipped her head so his mouth could reach hers again. One hand encircled her neck, the thumb sliding slowly up and down the delicate outline of her throat, while the other reached behind her head and roughly pulled at the loose pins that held up her hair.

Laxmi felt a thick thigh insinuate itself between her knees and she responded without thought, rubbing herself up and down the length of the rough fabric that covered it. Now the hand at her neck slid a few inches down and stopped at the collar of her jacket. One sharp tug and the snaps gave way. A second later there was a popping sound as a pearl buttons separated from shredded silk. All she could do was suck in a breath as calloused fingers moved between the folds of the delicate fabric to brush against the smooth skin of her breasts. His fingers found a nipple and gently worried it under the lace of her bra. Laxmi arched up and hissed at the feeling. She felt more buttons give on the shirt, but she couldn’t worry about that, couldn’t think about anything, only feel and react to the need she felt at that moment, the utter certainty that regardless of what the man in front of her said, this was right. “I want you,” she whispered.

He drew back and laughed softly and it wasn’t a funny sound. “Want what?” Her cheeks flamed and she lowered her eyes in hot shame even as her stomach contracted and made a mockery of her modesty. “What’s it going to be,sexy? You wanna kneel down, for me? That it? Or maybe you’d rather wrap those pretty legs around my waist while I fuck you?” Oh god,” she moaned. This was such a bad idea. What the hell had she been thinking? She half turned and tried to slip under his arm to escape, but he’d anticipated her reaction and trapped her with one strong arm on her shoulder, pinning her up against the peeling paint of the building to her back. “No way, baby. Not now. Not until we’ve finished what you’ve started.” His words were harsh, angry and they scorched her much as his touch had a moment before. She didn’t want to, but she looked at him, looked deep into his eyes and what she saw scared her. So much anger, cold green fire that burned deep into her brain. But again, he was right, it was too late.

She gasped once before the feel of his lips and the rough wetness of his tongue erased all thought, but the incredible emptiness she knew she couldn’t fill with anything else but him. “It’s fucking you want, isn’t it?” He whispered. “Go ahead say it, I know you want to.” “Ungh!” She groaned as he pushed his heavy groin into her hip. “Say it, goddamn you! You know it’s the truth, just say it.” Laxmi sagged in his arms. “Fuck me,” she murmured no longer caring how admitting her need made her feel. “Just shut up and fuck me.” He laughed in bitter triumph and stepped back. She almost fell without his support. He unzipped his pants and waited until Laxmi finally figured out what he wanted from her and reached up and slid his suspenders off his shoulders. The pants sagged around his knees and should have been funny, but Laxmi didn’t feel like laughing. He still had jeans on underneath and she reached out and unsnapped them and pulled down the zipper. She tried to push them off his hips, but he grabbed her hands and when she looked up, he shook his head. He reached down himself and pulled out his cock from where it had gotten hard and trapped under the band of his cheap, white cotton underwear. She looked at him, aroused and dripping, and something inside her melted. She started to slide down the wall onto her knees, but he caught her under the arms and pulled her up. “No,” he said simply.

He leaned over and took the hem of her skirt and slid it slowly up over her hips to bunch at her waist. Laxmi couldn’t watch, couldn’t look at him at all and turned her head towards the darkest regions of the alley. She felt his hand ease itself between her thighs. There was a rip and cool air brushed against her skin where nylons had been only seconds before. He didn’t tear the panties though, just shoved them aside where they stuck wetly to her skin. “Spread your legs.” He ordered quietly and when she was done he lifted her and slide her up onto the wall until they were eye level. “Look at me.” Slowly Laxmi turned to face him. They stared at one another until she finally wrapped her legs around him. His cock slid into the crack of her pussy and she cried out softly at the feel of its pulsing heat. So good. Oh god, so perfect! She shuddered as he found her entrance, and again as he slid in, in one slow, wonderful push.

He shoved against her hard, filling her with every inch he had and then held her tightly, not moving, waiting for her to stretch, to accommodate him easily enough to take the punishment she knew he was about to give her. Even when she relaxed he didn’t move. She stirred uneasily, anxious to begin, feeling only the throbbing that no amount of self-control could stop. “Oof, you have a hot cunt,” he hissed and then he proceeded to open her up. Making her feel like it was the first time again. There was no build up; one hard thrust was followed by another. Laxmi felt herself lifted up on each inward stroke and the small grunts she tried desperately to stifle escaped anyway. Over and over he filled her, making her moan, cry out, pant for lost breath. She felt the buildup of release and arched her back to try and hurry it along. Instead it seemed to hang just as she was hanging on the neck of this man.

She twisted her head and begged him to fuck her harder and when she got too loud, he shut her up with his mouth. All the while he never faltered, never broke the pounding rhythm, never stopped fucking her. And still she couldn’t come. Dry-eyed she shook as every cell in her body screamed for something she had no power to give. Her legs scrambled for better purchase on the man in front of her, but his sweaty back was too slick and she found herself slipping further down until all she could do was lock her ankles and pray that they could hold her up for a little bit longer. On and on it went, hard and wild sex. Her back was raw from scraping against the wall; her arms and legs trembled under the strain of holding her in place for the cock that had become the focus of her world, the center of her universe. Something changed. He was slowing down, gentling his thrusts, turning the sex into something she wasn’t sure she recognized anymore, wasn’t sure she wanted. It began so gradually she didn’t even realize it was happening until she felt gentle kisses down the hot skin of her neck. It was then that she knew. No, she wanted to scream, don’t do this.

Don’t fuck to me. It was too late. Raw passion was replaced by tenderness, grunts by sweet kisses and soft hands. She felt one of those hands slid down next to the still plunging cock and work it’s way in between the lips of her wet sex to seek out the magic button that would allow her finally to come. She struggled against his thoughtfulness. Still he went on. Gentle and oh so sweet, enveloping her in tenderness. Drowning her in the emotions she’d been half afraid had been gone from her life forever. Now she found herself opening to him. Not just her legs this time, but her heart. It hurt more than any roughness ever could. She sobbed and he kissed away the tears, delicately licking the corners of her eyes. “It’s okay baby,” he murmured. “I’ve got you.” And then his hand found its target. He stoked her once, twice and the third time she froze as the world exploded, red shards of light danced under closed eyelids as her body writhed in the heat and the blasts that signaled her climax. Dimly she heard a cry as he too erupted into flames.

His arms swept around her and pulled her in tight as his hips twitched with the power of his discharge. Then there was nothing. Her head fell onto his chest, her gasps for air matching his own. She breathed in his aroma and suddenly she knew that whatever came next, she’d never get rid of this moment, that it would always be there in her memory, haunting her, letting her know that there was something missing no matter how full her life might seem. It was, she thought, so goddamn unfair. They held each other like they’d never let go. Neither of them seemed willing to be the one to break away first. A voice at the entrance to the road brought them back to reality. “Rahul,” the man yelled and the fireman froze like stone in Laxmi’s arms. “Hey, you,” at first she thought he’d seen them but then she realized the other man had his back to them and must have been talking to someone else. “Any a you guys seen Rahul?” There was a general chorus of noes and the gruff voice continued, “For fuck’s sake where is that guy? Oof yar , Rahul!!” He yelled. Anna felt strong arms push her down behind some lorry. Through the dim light she watched as the fireman quickly pulled his clothes back on and trotted out of the road. He never looked back. “Here I am, Chief,” he called, scooping up the last of the hose as he went. “Oh good, where were u, anyway? I been looking for u for the last fucking twenty minutes.” “Had to pick up this line and it was snagged on something, took me a while to figure it out.” “Okay now?” The younger man glanced back into the alley. “Yeah, I think so.” “Great, but next time, ask for some help. We’re ready to roll here.”

A dog barked in the distance and from her hiding place Anna recognized Blacky’s making his presence known. “Arre, yar” the Chief swore again. “Go find that dog and shut it up before someone else comes back outta their house and thanks me again. We should a been back at the station and off shift a goddamn hour ago.” He moved away from the road. “Sure Chief,” the younger man said to his back and moved off to find the now frantically barking dog. Laxmi got up and pulled her skirt down over her legs. She ran her fingers through her tangled hair and smoothed it down into a lumpy mess. She couldn’t do anything about her ruined blouse, but she zipped up the down vest and hoped that covered the worst of it. Another thing she couldn’t help was the oozing feel of cum around between her legs and dripping down onto her thighs. That wasn’t going to make the walk home easy, but she didn’t give a damn. She edged along the wall of the road, on the lookout for anybody who might be watching, but there wasn’t anyone.

She slipped out onto the deserted sidewalk and walked quickly up the hill towards Blacky and the man who was now hunkered down over him. “Arre Kutte, you like that don’t you? Yeah, I know you do.” She heard him say as she approached. “You better behave there sport, no barking or my boss is going to get really pissed. I know, I know, mommy deserted you, but she’ll be back soon.” “She’s back now,” Laxmi said, though Blacky didn’t exactly seem all that glad to see her. The fireman stood abruptly and turned to her. “You okay?” She nodded, but said nothing. “Look,” he stopped and seemed to be struggling with something. “I was out of line back there, I should never have pushed it. But you gotta understand, you threw me for a loop. All day I’ve been in this … Well, when I saw you standing there, I don’t know, something just grabbed me.” He shrugged. Laxmi hugged herself and stared at the ground. “Don’t apologize, I understand.” She swallowed hard “And you were right, I did want it.” “Well still, I’m sorry.

I was a little, intense. ” He grinned sheepishly then looked around to see if there was anyone watching. When he was satisfied there wasn’t, he stepped forward and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. He handed her Blacky’s leash even as the dog tried to jump up into his arms. “You better take this.” “Thanks.” She would have turned and walked away then, but he stopped her with a gentle hand on her arm. “You aren’t walking are you?” “It’s not that far.” “Still, it’s late,” he argued. “I have the dog,” she countered. They both looked at the little dog who maybe weighed 15kgs on a good day. Their eyes met and for the first time that night they shared a smile. “Yeah well, walk fast.” He smiled again, then turned and started to walk down the road. Halfway down he turned taking one last looked as he walked backwards. Suddenly Laxmi knew it was all right. The realization made her giddy and she smiled at him He shook his head in disgust. “You’re a real sexy girl, you know that?” he called out to her. She giggled and waved and turned up the road. “Hey Laxmi, I’ll be home in an hour,” he had to yell this time for her to hear him. “Order us a pizza, I’m starved. Extra hot peppers.” She nodded yes and watched as Rahul ran down the hill and caught the side of the truck just as it move. She looked down at Blacky. “Hot peppers my ass. He’s already got all the spice in his life that he can handle.” The thought made her smile the whole way home.

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