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Chandu Ki Mast Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

She was in 10th std. And I was in 12th. She was a sexy bitch (beautiful Indian teenager causing heartaches) with big tits, fair skin, standing tall at 5.1″ or so. Later on after we broke off I came to know she used to play around with five guys at the same time, but none of them could screw her as I did. I must confess that at that time I didn’t know about her other affairs. Well! It started when we were introduced by a friend in the school. Gradually she began to like me and we started to spend a lot of time together.

She used to write to me everyday, and how she missed me if we didn’t meet for one day. As time went by we used to be together for nearly 5 hours in a day, on fine day she proposed to me by writing on my hand that I love you and ran away. Next two days she was avoiding me, even I didn’t bother instead started spending time with other schoolmates and her friends whom I knew liked me. This made her jealous and furious she came and asked me why I’m not talking to her I told her you are the one who is ignoring me. We decided to meet after school. After school she told me how much she loved me and she means it. I told her that I am going to kiss her she said you won’t do that, I immediately kissed her on the lip. She was speechless. Then I went to the bus stop and left her. Since that day we used to meet regularly after school, but I didn’t kiss her for a long time after the first kiss. Depika and me we couldn’t meet during the weekends as the school was closed on Saturdays and Sundays. She thought of a way that we could meet even on the weekends, she told her mom that she is going to her friends house to study, but instead we met in the Buddha garden. Those days in 1992 there were a lot of plantation around the ground with shade.

We used to sit in between some bushes from where we could see if people were coming, but they couldn’t see us. On this Saturday, she sat in between my legs leaning on me. I hesitated to kiss her and fondle her boobs, since she was leaning on me I slowly lowered my lips on hers and started smooching her, this went on for about 20 minutes. The next thing I did was open the hooks of her salwar and put my hands on her huge breasts, mind you she was only 14 years then, man her tits were huge and baby pink in colour. I started pressing them and she started taking deep breaths, but that’s the most I could do that day, coz, she had to go home by 12 O’clock. We used to visit this place almost every weekend. Then I thought to myself how long am I going to just kiss her and ball her, it’s time to screw the bitch. One fine day she didn’t have her chemistry practical, so she sent word with one of my friends that she’s going ahead to the weekend place and that I should go there. So I ran to a chemist and bought a condom packet, determined that today she’ll get the fuck of her life. We met on the way and together we went and sat in the usual place, without wasting time to rest I started kissing her and she was responding well. Then I slowly opened the buttons of her uniform and lifted the bra, wow! Two beautiful globes or melons popped out one of them had a nice mole on it that further enhanced the beauty of the tits. I started gnawing on the nipples and vigorously squeezing the other, she started moaning loudly with deep breaths. Then to tease her I stopped and told her I have a surprise for you, so close your eyes.

As soon as she did that I unzipped my jeans and removed my 7’ monster and gave it in her hand she didn’t know what it was, then I told her to open her eyes she was shocked and removed her hand immediately, but at the same time I bit her nipple hard she screamed and I told her to hold my cock which she slowly did after we were smooching and caressing each other. I proceeded to remove the blouse of the uniform and the bra. She was resisting but by force I removed it and hung them on the branches over us. Now with her one hand on my Lund and the other holding me tightly, I slowly started to slide my hands in between her thighs. On feeling this she closed her thighs very tight. But then I started to press her boobs with the other hand and simultaneously push the other hand towards her pussy. She slowly began to part her legs, I reached her pussy only to find it soaking wet with her juices. From the side of her panties I put one finger in the crack and started rubbing and slipping inside she responded by saying no no!! One thing I learnt in the following years of fucking is that when a girl says no she actually means yes. Within no time my whole finger was inside and I began finger fucking her. Getting loud moans from her in response. At this moment I left her tits and with my free hand pushed her skirt above the waste and pulled her panty down to her ankles. She too was in the heats so she put her hands under my t-shirt and removed it to reveal my hairy yet muscular and athletic body she started sucking my tits, it was a sensational feeling, while doing this she started to unbuckle my belt and removed my jeans now I was only with my undies and she with her skirt.

You should have seen the site one the branches hanging with both of our clothes. I asked her to take my dick in her mouth she refused, but I caught her by the hair and shoved my monster inside and she was gagging, I didn’t care I started mouth fucking her shoving in and out for about 10 min. Then I exploded into her gob, she wanted to spit it out but I didn’t remove my dick and she swallowed the whole thing. I made her lie down and buried my face in between her legs and began to her slowly but surely. She was wriggling like a snake. Then we did a 69 position b’coz I wanted my Lund to get erect again. Flapping my tongue inside her she couldn’t hold any longer and she came all over my face, I made her cum two more times by licking her, all her juices on my face, by this time my dick was rock hard and I made her lick my face dry. Next I spread her legs and putting my cock head on her pussy lips slowly pushed a little she started pleading that it’s paining and that her mother will check her when she goes home. I told her don’t give me such bullshit. I shoved 1/4th inside and she was screaming it’s paining, MMMM MMM MAHHHHH HHHHH, Ouch Eh!Eh! MMMM MMMMMAAA AHH HHHH HHH HH it’s paining please don’t do it, to drown her screams I smooched her so the screams became only her groans in the throat. I shoved my whole length inside her with my hip moving up and down, my hands squeezing her balls and my mouth kissing her, I fucked her long and hard for about 15 min.

She came twice and gripped my back and even scratched leaving her nail marks. Then I came inside her. We lay in that position for a few min. Then I took some juices and applied it on the asshole, she didn’t know what was about to happen, I told her to go on all four and bend like a dog. When she did that I pushed my cock an inch into her ass she screamed so loud that I thought that passerby’s would come, but I told her don’t shout she replied that it hurting very badly I told her whether it hurts or not today is the day she’ll get fucked inside out that even when she gets married she’ll come to me for sex. It took me 5 minutes to put my shaft into her ass, all the while she kept screaming ouch eh! Eh1! Ouch! I came in about 10 min. all the while pumping her like a buffalo. With two fingers in her pussy, she came twice more and I pumped all my sperm into her ass. This day was just the beginning of our many sexual encounters and escapades in our favorite meeting place. Your comments are also welcome. We did it in many positions and styles, if any girls and aunties with milk because i like milk do mail me at

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