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Chandrakant Kumar

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  • September 13, 2015

i have titled this real life experience as “yeh hai meri kahani” but it is not a ‘kahani’ as the name suggests it is a misnomer indeed!!.hence i will refer to this as an incident.u have probably not heard of me before this,as i was not very open and ofcouse comfortable of disclosing the happenings to anybody except those really very close to me,ie my friends,but reading all those fantacy and purely imaginable stuff  like fucking ur mom,or fucking ur sister and all other stuffs it feels pathetic!! c’mon guys we are mature people we are not here to pen down our fantacies,or erotic thoughts.we are here to share our sexual experiences of real kind which might have taken place in some time or the other in our life.i thought for a while and decided to share my own experience with all of u people!!.

Here it goes!@#$ again repeating not a work of fiction but real hardcore incident,thankfully lucky!! The event goes back to the year 2001, while the actual incident took place in 2004 while i was in the final year of my graduation.lets start frm the first. hi!! i am chandrakant a 5’5″ tall,fair,resident of delhi,well build and have a pleasing personality.Am a happy go lucky kinda person,who believes in living life to the fullest.i had enrolled for a computer application course in 2001 frm a university located in delhi. our student strength was 60.since our college was located midst a very popular and posh market in south delhi,i always imagined to be surrounded my hot chicks.girls and woman with great bodies,gorgeous figures,plunging necklines and rising hemlines!!,uhh too much to handle!!.but never in my wildest dreams had i imagined that in my own class i would have the pleasure of studying with a bombshell chick!!.

Her name was manisha,she was 5’2″ tall a bit on the plump side,a kashmiri girl,short  shoulder lenght curly blonde hair, extremely milky complexion,nice big ass,but all said The center of attraction in her whole body was her gigantic boobs,although i should use the word tits for them but i prefer the conventional word. my gosh!! i had never seen a girl with such mammoth boobs of age 18 years even till date.i think her size was 38DD or so!! i could’nt get my eyes off her boobs!!,her boobs were like melons!! imagine such boobs on a girl not a woman!!. i always fantasised of grabbing and fondling them.i wonder how big they are now, can’t think !!!.she appeared to be a conservative girl, she had a friendly attitude towards boys,but she had few friends of the other sex.i probably thought the reason could be her giant boobs again as they had the tenacity to put to shame the other girls medium breasts.she used to wear salwar kameez most of the times,thus unintendly exposing her neckline,one could get a clear view of the milky boobs and her cleavage whenever the dupatta shifted a little off her bodacious boobs.she therefore always adjusted her duppata seeing the guys eyeing like dogs.but this did not deter her frm wearing those salwar kameez. she sometimes used to wear tank tops,one could make out her pair of boobs bursting out of the top,waiting to be realsed from the tank top prison.guys would go mad at this sight and would day long think of fucking them. I interacted with her sometimes, she appeared to have less IQ than most of the other girls,she had a bindaas atitude towards life but she was serious towards studies.she was very good at craming things. she often used to say that her mother is such more beautiful than her,hearing this fact boys would just rub their penis frm beneath the table.boys desperatly wanted to lick her entire milky,goddess body and fuck her at any damm cost .i think she also probably knew this fact too!! whenever she used to sit on the stairs leading to the institute with her friends,boys used to go to the top floor of the institute building,just to get a glimpse of those enormous pairs.boys would rub their penis seeing the milky,boobs bursting out and also her entire cleavage,visible frm the top.their penis would buldge seeing this,but no one complained in the company of guys. they would talk dirty about her,often guys mentioned if she some day allowed them to place their hands on her boobs then this would rock their world,couldn’t ask for anything more, unimaginable experience!!. every guy used to talk to her boobs rather than maintioning the eye to eye contact.she very well knew this!!,as guys used to cannibally stare at her boobs all the time.guys used to talk hours at lenght on her boobs and her body!!. they fantasised about licking her melons like a dog and fucking them,squessing them hard as they could,sucking her nipples ,which would have been straight upright by then,inserting their cock in between them,fucking them slowly and spurting their entire hot cum on the heavenly pair and then forcing her to suck and clean the dick!!. the very mention of this,would leave guys asking for more,leaving their underwear drenched in pre-cum juices which were hard to control!!. i wondered what were the condition of the poor good o’ll boobs when she used to travel to the instititute in the jam packed  public bus,they must have been deliberately rubbed and squeesed in the bus by most male passengers with each viewing the pair with fucking intention!!,and the poor girl couldn’t help it either .the conductor most likely would be praying all day, for her boarding his bus. once i even noticed during a lecture one of our faculy member having a quick glance at her mountains of flesh!!,and admiring them to the core.he must also have quickly gone to the toilet and jacked his penis visualizing fucking her in the most compromising of positions,after class.married or unmarried status of the male faculty members didn’t make any sense here,seeing her virgin boobs could challenge even those of married woman .

Also i remember an incident, once when our lab was going on in the basement of the institute,and manisha was as usual late ,while she was walking downstairs to the basement,students as well as the concerned faculty was curiously looking at her,trying to figure who was coming!!,as she was walking downstairs first her legs were visible,then her thighs,now her waist and when finally her boobs were visible ,the faculty member couldn’t control his emotions and jumped to the conclusion that it was 100% ‘manisha’.all of us were left laughing and the faculty member was mischieviously smiling and giving her boobs a stare frm the corner of his eyes,and licking his lips. boys used to find different ways just to get a brush of her boobs,to get that divine pleasure.since our corridor was narrow lending to the classroom,boys used to take much larger space to walk down the corridor while she was in the corridor as they knew even even if she tried her best to avoid soft collison with her boobs  she could’nt help,so large were her boobs. once i had the god gifted opportunity to touch them while she needed my help in programming  in the computer lab,my 7′ 1/2″ inch tool immediately went to the perpendicular move and thus created a tent in the trousers!!.i think she noticed the tent and smilled mischievously she was not very good at programming,she asked me if i could help her  i immediately gave a positive answer,and went to her terminal.she sat on the chair in front to her terminal ,while i was standing besides her ,i saw her boobs almost resting near the sliding panel ,where the keyboard was kept,my devils mind signalled this was a oncein a lifetime opportunity and decided to grab with both hands.while i was fantasing this she was explaining me the problem. i took the keyboad a little toward me and now  my hands were in contact with boobs,i was in heaven,they were soft,like sponge,i started typing on the keyworrd not to solve her problem but to feel the pleasure,to arouse myself.this was the closest i had got to seen her  heavenly juggs.

I solved her problem,she thanked me and asked whether i was leaving the lab or not i said no i am just coming.i went to the second floor where our classroomas well as toilet was, it had a single toilet(american type),i went to the bathroom,bolted the door and released my cock from the prison it jumped out like a spring!!,hard as a rock i wondered a little more while in there and it could have created a definite hole in my underwear,my underwear would have torned by the hardness of the errection. i stroked my cock  very quickly fantasing fucking her ,making the foreskin up and down, enjoying every bit of it i was aware a huge storm was in store,increasing my speed and finally released my full  load on to the walls and the toilet seat. i was satisfied !!cleaned myself and went downstairs. she was there till now ,we craked few jokes and talked on some interesting ongoing topis,till it was evening and eventually deciding enough for today,went our ways.  as days went by we became good friends sharing our light moments with each other ,going to markets,movies etc.during this period i learnt that she was a very good cook.she used to say she cooks non veg stuff very well.kashmiri peopla are mostly non-vegitarians and they cook their non- veg dishes are very very spicy,lots of red chily in them and various exotic herbs.since i am a non-vegitarian ,she immediately told me she’ll cook some non-vegetarian dish for me so that i get to know how well she cooks.i said ok.she said she’ll bring the dish in the institute for me ,then suddendly said no!! and told there are other guys and gals there who might brutally attack on the food,like dog and bitches and ultimetely only i might no get a fair share,which was undesirable.she the asked me to one day come to her house and enjoy the dish peacefully, i replied affirmatively just for formality,without thinking much at that moment. our friendship became more stronger as the course proceeded to the second year, we beacme the best of friend  and used to talk hours on the phone or chat on the internet late nights.the other guys in the class became envy of me and started craking jokes on me,but on a lighter note!!. ours bonding was going stronger and stronger along with our course with was successfully proceeding with all the good work. another year went by and now we were in the final year of our graduation,everybody was thinking of the future,what next whether go in for a job or study further,but we both were relaxed we knew destiny defitely had planned something for us!!. we were sad,counting the days left  between us ,for she might be in some place,may be another city or so if she went for further studies. one night while i was in my room of my house laying back on my bed stroking my penis and fantasising of holding manisha’s hair from behind and  fucking her brutally in the doggy style, that i suddenly begam critising myself!! of not making the most out of the situation which was god given,i was destined to the visual treat for 3 good old years.i was abusing myself of being and introvert and not taking the full erotic advantage of the situation. it was at this time that i decided for the first time that no matter what happens,whether circumstances are there or not ,it will make the necessary circumstances and fuck the shit out of the girl.i pledged  to fuck her like a dog in the most erotic of positions  stated in our ancient kamasutra and satisfy her to the core,she would feel that divine experience to be out of the world feeling and remember it for the whole rest of her fucking life!!!,that a boy named “chandrakant” fucked like no one!!. i dedided to make a plan to trap her and fulfill my derire of 3 years. it was not me i had suddenly become  mr Hyde in place of the calm and composed Dr jackel.

I decided to make the most to the situation  which i was in control of.sudendly i remember in the middle of the night stroking my penis calling her name in my mind,that she had once invited me to her house for tasting the food made by her,i had recalled corrctly and decide to use this opportunity as my master plan .the building block for my plan was achieved. the next morning while attending a guest lecture i sat beside her,and while chating i reminded her of the promise which she had done sometime back.she first resisted by saying she didn’t make any promises but soon remembered it ,as i tried my best to make her remember.she immediately agreed to fulfill her promise and asked me to come to her home with her on friday after the class. she said there was no body in the house,except her grandmother who is deaf!!. she said she would prepare the dish on thrusday evening and we both will have it in the next afternoon. i immediately said yes,without seeing my things to do list on friday as i had no options.i had to agree to the invitation to do my intended job.i was eagerly waiting for friday to come,couldn’t wait any longer!!.finally the d- day had arrived.we went to her home after the routine class.her home was very far away frm the institute and took us good time to get there.finally her home was reached.her grandmother opened the door and enquired about me. all done both of us were tired.she took me to her room on second floor,she told me to relax while would bring the food.her grandmother was busying watching the afternoon show on tv. i was looking at her room,frm all angles as it was a beautiful room.the room was airy and one could see a park just near the building. in the mean time she came and was about to give the warm food which she had prepared for smeeling great!!.i told her this ,she reciprocated by saying first have the food then decide,whether it is great or superb!!.she bend a little while readying the plates and wow!!! i was in clear view of the her giant boobs!!.

Her boobies where poping out of the kameez,making their intentions heart was beating fast as i gathered courage, i could n’t control myself as she turned around,i in the heat of things, grabbed her huge boobs with both my hands from behind and pressed them,first she resisted and tried to push me behind,and said “what are u doing,u belong to a good family,don’t u do this to me ever!! and slapped me hard”,i didn’t listen,i was deaf with the happenings going on.i closed the door with my foot and i started squeesing her boobs ,she was now mourning “aahh-aahh ,stop this act now” while i continued with the act not listening to her,she suddenly uttered in hindi “enko dabao aur jore se” ,i was astonished hearning the reverse reaction of hers,i became more emphatic and squeesed them very hard that she ouched with pain. it was divine experience for me!!,as all my dreams were ultimately becoming reality!!,it was rocking time for me!!. while this was hapeening my rod was upright  90 degree exploding frm my trousers into her tight big ass.this act continued for 2 to 3 mins,then i quickly removed her tight kameez and now my lord her bra was in front of me hiding the mammoth boobs ,i almost fainted seeing their size ,they were heavenly blissful, her bra strap was at it full lenght,holding the boobs quite ardiously and i thought they could any time break with the enormous booby pressure.i placed my both hands on the boob cups closed my eyes and squessed them,slowly squessing them frm the side to the center.she was mourning “aur dabaa aur dabaa”.i then placed my both hands behind her slowly erotically moving them down,pasing the arc of her back,towards the ass,and massaging them by moving my hands in circular motion on the ass cheeks,squessed them hard that she moved toward me with pain!!.now her boobs were in contact with my chest and i experienced out of the world feeling.she took her boobs in her hands and pressed them against my chest.ahh it was a magical feeling.i then slowly moved my hands uphill till her bra stap was encountered.massaged her back!! slowly with my nails. i unhooked her bra frm behind,slowly unhooking each hook,taking my time while planting my hand on her ass in between!!.on unhooking the last hook of the bra,a pressure frm the  tighly held boobs released the boobs like a spring,moving sideways and front.i removed the bra completely and threw it on the sofa,as if it was the last time she was wearing that large piece of cloth. and now i was seeing the most beautiful,milky and huge pair of boobs in front of me,both were mammoth in size and volume, her aeroles where very big brown in color and were in proportion to her boobs,i grabed them  immediately wasting no time and i was now licking the melons and squeesing them,there were mighty big than i had imagined.suddendly i was lost in someother world,she exclaimed “dekh kya raha hai,enko chooso”.i sucked her nipples like dog ,they had became red and upright,licking her aeroles in circular motion  while i continued to  suck them,also sometimes grabing her big ass from behind and squeesing the ass cheeks hard,she was mourning sensously, looking at the sky and holding my rock hard penis frm  within the fly,encouraging me by saying “come on ,u can do better than this”.i licked her boobs frm various sides ,frm front bottom,sideways. she then threw me on to the sofa ,i was astonished by her act as i was not prepared for it!!,i thought what what the hell did happen?,everything was going smoothlly!!.before i got my answer, she then undressed me.she removed my shirt and then my vest, having a horny look at my slighty masculine body, licking my chest area,while erotically playing with my balls with her one hand. she gazed down to find my trouser  making a tent,which was moving towards left ,right,adjusting itself,she laughed loudly at me,seeing this, i uttered to my self,i’ll have the last laugh!! . she removed my trouser,which had hard to remove of the croth created ,and now i was only in my underwear, which she said was the first time she had seen an outsider only in  this piece of cloth.

She also told she had once seen her parents fucking. she held my penis hard with her both hands and wriggled it,as if churning somthing.she was licking her lips,bitting them and occationally looking at me and winking . she then quickly removed my underwear and now she was in full view of my 7′ 1/2″ inch tool she held it with her hand and began stroking it.she strocked my penis slowly,amazed by its full grown lenght and then increased the speed.she was happy with my size and uttered “tera to bahut lumba aur mota hai”,i replied “teri choot bhi to bahut badee hogee” ,i was mourning,my foreskin was moving up and the rolling back to its previuos position with each stroke.her hands were soft like cotton,and i was enjoying every bit of the activity,this was the first time my cock was being stroked my a forign hand ,instead of the hard,rough and manly hands of mine!!. she then licked the top of the cock and it sent a electic feeling  in my whole body. she then took the monsterous cock in both her hands and started playing with it ,i then made her suck my cock,to which she first resisted ,but i was the boss there and made her suck my cock.she guided the cock onto her mouth and sucked it,within no time she was enjoying the meat and she glupped the entire thing in her mouth and was sucking it like a lollypop,this made me mad ,and i mourned like a dog!!.i was fucking her mouth,holding her head and making her take my cock in and out.i was afraid i might shoot the entire load in her mouth, so i ended this thing and looked at her .she asked me to remove her salwar i removed her salwar ,and her black ,laced panty was in front of my piercing eyes,she looking like a blonde goddess,with the mindblowing combination of her milky white complexion with the black laced innerwear, i removed it with my mouth and she was full naked in front of me and was my property for the rest to the afternoon!!. she had few pubic hair ,i think she shaved her pussey ,as she knew guys like bald pussey instead of thick hairy pussey,seems like she was prepared for the future!!,what a whore!!! . i slapped her ass cheeks with full force ,to which they became red and i licked them. i rubbed my hard penis on her clitoris twice or thrice and my lord she was in heaven ,slithering on the sofa like a serpent,who had to be tammed!! .i withered my penis like a snake around her cunt area ,pleasing her  so much that she finally lost her patience ,and ordered me to insert that damm thing into her !!.sudenly she had become dominant and was using abusive language,a thing i never had witnessed frm her mouth!!. i continued with rubbing her pussy lips with my dick till it was enough for both of us.she lost her temper and screemed “abe  daal na!!.hila kya raha hai”.

I guided my rock hard 7 and 1/2 inch penis into her cunt, it was pink in color and very tight and warm. i felt it was there to welcome me.she was a virgin like me,hence the seal was intact!!.we were in the tried and tested missionary position. i had to push my way through her cunt ,she was yelling with pain constanly screeming slower slower,”dheere dheere” but i was not bothered of her pain,i was exicited of my pleasure i was about to receive, i was enjoying every bit of it and inserted my tool into the  cunt tunnel,i had inserted it a little,nevertheless she screemed!!.i then inserted the  whole rod in her cunt,giving it adequate thrust and now my cock had been eaten by her pussy completely.she was screaming and screaming ,tears were flowing frm her eyes ,while she was enjoying it too,as seems frm her facial expressions!!.she laughingly punched me,and called me a wild dog!!.i teased her a little. i was on top of the world for had maken it for the first time.i sense of jubilation ran through me. i started to fuck her ,her cunt walls had grabbed my penis tightly,slowly i moved my penis in and out without taking it out completely,gradually increasing my speed she was shouting “fuck me u bloody dog fuck as hard as u can ,fuck the shit out of me,fuck me hard and fast u son of a b****,tear my pussy”. these words were the perfect motivating words for me and i started to  fuck her hard,frm slow to fast to super fast, like a driver shifts gears in tandom!! i was on my top speed ,she was moving back and forth  and her boobs were dancing all over the place in round circles and she was yelling “aur jor se chod mujhe,farde meri phudee”,chodnewalee bus itna hee,jor hee tere lund mein!! . i felt she was critising me,and to prove my manhood i had to satisfy herself, at any cost now!! i pumping her pussy hard and squessing her boobs sometimes taking one boob in my mouth and licking it !!!. she turned out to be a bitch ,unlike her usual character which everyone in the class knew!!. she said she was cumming  and  she cummed, her cum was warm.i was still resisting my massive load for the end ,satisfying her completely before spurting the load. i grabed her boobs with both my hands and now i was pressing the with both my hands she was enjoying it very much and asking for more while i was simulatneously fucking her taking my penis out sometimes and inserting it again with full force to which she corresponded by yelling !!, i knew she enjoying it more than me,her face by then had become red  like a plum !! but the body was asking for more!!. i decided to fuck her doggy style and lifted her frm the sofa ,her body was plump.i made her drop down like a bitch and again began the act, this time inserting  my cock very very vigourously that she almost lost her balance. i was holding he hair frm behind and fucking her brutally and using abusive language,she was shouting fuckme more u ***, grabing my balls frm beneath ad massaging them with her saliva i was feelin more sensous by this act of hers and grabed her boobs frm behind they were moving front and back like danglers,i grabed them and was fucking her.i was fucking her madly like a horse,both of us yelling,keeping the sprits high!! .this was the position i always fantasised of fucking her.

I  then took my attention her big ass which was unattended till now.i grabed her ass it was very soft and slaped it two to three times.i held her ass by her waist and was fucking her hard and fast.i then licked her ass checks,they were big ,she was a bootylicios girl,her ass occupied a lot of surface area .i was fucking her with my full force ,and was getting exhausted by the act now and then the climax came i pumped all my load which i was resisting for sometime into her hot cunt she enjoyed it and i cummed a very more times in her cunt,i made her to lick my penis top and she enjoyed the left over cum !!both of us were exhausted and lying naked on th sofa lookng at each other and smilling mischieviously ,she winked!!,i was the indication of the perfect satisfaction which she received and there was no room for betterment!!! we didn’t go for anal as i am against this act. we took bath together and another around of fucking was in store . we cleaned ourself ,pretended as if nothing had happened between us and i left her home. After few days the time came which all of us were afraid of,the time to seperate, our days in the institute had completed and today was the last day at the institute before giving the university exams and then each going his/her ways to chart a  different carrer . we hugged each other,she had tears in her eyes,which she was hiding  probably the time had come sooner than she had expected, as saying goes “time never waits for anybody”,i wished her and other my friends the best of luck for their future journey towards  life and we moved out of the institute having a last look at the building were we  spent the 3 years of our life,enjoyed every bit of it!!!. she now works in bangalore with a call centre as a team leader!!. please mail at for any type of appreciation,constuctive critisism or suggestions of any type!! ur thoughts will be highly values and will be considered esteem

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