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Chacha, Chachie, Maid And Me

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hi to all readers. I was planning to write this story rather a true experience from a long time but was afraid but somehow by being drunked at the moment and by reading different and many stories listed on this site, I got the courage to share mine experience also. I do not want to waste ur and my precious time any further So clicking on straight to the story. Im a 21-year guy and one of the incidents rather sexy sexual encounters, which I am narrating, happened when I was 15 and other at the age of 18. My chacha was very frank with me from my childhood.

We do not live jointly due to some family problems but his house is adjacent to our house where he lives with my chachi and my newly born cousin. He every time used to tease me of something naughty right from my childhood and in some manner his comments were related to sex. He talked to me of SEX even when I was 11 and in Std. 5. But I never knew his frankness would grow to such an extent. I never even dreamt of anything like this but it really happened. Back to the story, as I began to grow up we became more like friends rather than chacha-bhatija, we talked off girls in my school and blue films. Dhere-Dhere we used to share our Blue movies CD and even watch XXX movies together when my chachi & cousin were out. One day my chachi was gone to her parent’s house along with my cousin for a full week and my chacha was really upset for not having sex for few days now. He told me he use to have sex twice daily when her wife is here but was hungry now. He told me that her maid gives her strange looks and he would try to seduce the maid and we would do it jointly if she agrees of something but I took it as a joke. But he called me at afternoon and said it was time for her to come and he was a little nervous so he called me. He than asked me to hide behind the curtains and he will try his best to take her to the bed. And now the real thing begins – The door ball rang and here comes the maid – Bhaiya(to my chacha) memsab nahi hai kya, Chachaa- nahi wo to apne ghar gai hai par tu kaam karle MEIN TO HUN. The maid smiled at this and went to kitchen to wash utensils but my uncle followed her and said – Bartan badme dho liyo, pahle meri jara masaage karde bahut dard ho raha hai and the maid agreed and in few moments uncle was lying only in his underwear on the bed and sheela(maid) who was 20, unmarried and fair in color was massaging his back with oil . Uncle told her to massage the bottom of his back complaining of pain there and told her to be more neeche-neeche & neeche and by being more and more downwards she ultimately inserted her hand in his under wear and in few seconds maids hand was massaging his hips inside his underwear. She was now becoming aroused. Uncle told her that she might have the problem in massaging like this so better to take off his underwear so that her hands move freely and she obeyed what his master said. She removed his under wear.

Now that was the green signal from sheela that was much awaited. Now my uncle was fully nude and asked sheela to take off her clothes as it was his turn to massage her, she blushed and my uncle took the chance and took her boobs in his hand and kissed her. He than took off her kurta and than unhooked her bra and her medium sized whitish breast with dark brown nipples was out. I was having a glance at this from behind the curtains and my dick fully erect as I was seeing woman’s breast in real life for the first time. He sucked at it like a hungry dog, taking her one nipple in his mouth and pressing the other breast very harshly and than interchanging the boobs. He was squeezing, rubbing and even biting her tit. This went for a few minutes before he pulled the nada off her shalwar and to our surprise she don’t wore the panty. She said she was not in habit of wearing panty under shalwar when asked. Her pussy had big and bush hairs on it. Now my uncle took her in his arms to the bed and started licking all over her body. He is caressing, rubbing and pressing her clit while all this time she was playing with his cock that chacha had put in her hand. He than asked sheela to take his cock in her mouth She resisted but after some resistance and his long request she finally agreed on the clause that he will not discharge his cum in her mouth. Uncle agreed and she turned out to be a good sucker and sucked his cock like a real bitch as she was also enjoying the process now. And after some sucking he made her lie on her back and than took the condom from almirah, put it on his penis positioned himself so that his cock was on the vulva of sheela, He than began pumping it in and out of her cunt. He released early in a minute or so and withdraws his tool.

Some white material was also coming from shela’s cunt probably her cum. Now both were tired and were sweating in each other’s arm before he realized that I was also present. Than sheela went to bathroom to clean her and meanwhile uncle charted out some plan and put that in my ear. I came a few seconds later after sheela came out from bathroom claimed to have saw everything and threaten uncle to tell everything to my aunt. Sheela was shocked to see me and uncle pretend to be so. Than uncle tried to console me and bribe me anything in front of sheela for not telling anything to his wife but I disapproved strongly and later he asked me that I could also do it if I want (this was all in the plan). Uncle convinced sheela that Im still a child and do nothing much and will be released in a short time. So sheela agreed and There I had sex with sheela and than three of us together again, uncle teaching me on how to do this effectively and efficiently. From that day we regularly fucked sheela whenever we got the chance and aunt was out. And now the other part of the story. Now we- me & my uncle were frank enough to discuss anything and everything So he used to tell me how he use to do it with chachie and how he use to take off her saree,blouse,petticot,bra,panty and fuck her. So I also grew a lust for chachie while hearing his talks. I dreamt of being in his place and thought how lucky he is to do it with my aunt as well as maid. Now we both chacha –bhatija had sex with the maid on the regular basis. This kept on going for 3 yrs. with the maid until the day, When my aunt came to know of this – My uncle relations with the maid. She had an idea before and sometime also caught uncle squeezing sheela or grabbing her by her back or playing with her breast but one day caught him red-handed while he was on bed with sheela. But I don’t know what did my uncle did in few days to console her that she even did not mind of his Husband going around with the maid. And contrary to this, after some days she herself joined them – her Husband & Maid while having sex. Uncle also told my aunt that I was also involved in screwing the maid. Firstly she did not believe of a young child like me doing this but later she believed it when sheela told her- That is what led to the other incident and the four of us had it together but that is a different story, which I will narrate you later sometime So Goodbye for now. And Wish you all a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali. I will appreciate your precious comment at Mail me and tell me about your Fantasies or your real Life Experiences. If you are Lonely or require some Fun in Life than definitely mail me. Play Safe, Always Use A Condom

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