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Chacas Story

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

This is a real story but the Names have been changed for privacy) This will be a big story but read on till the end & you will cum I am Slash from Pakistan.I am 16 & believe I am quite well built.I will narrate to you one of the most horny & sexy experience that I have had In this short time of 16 years since my birth.I was a virgin till age 15 but the times have now changed.Believe me or not I am a married boy who is secretly married to a 31 years old woman who had beared my child but aborted it before it was born to to avoid public shame.You must be in a sort of a dilemna but I will explain this to you as the story proceeds. One day,I don’t remember exactly when I had to stay alone in my house.As ours is a conservative family I was made to stay in my friends house with his mother for about a year as my parents had left for the U.S. to look into their business their.Unknown to my parents I had already made up my dreams.I would have sex with my friend’s mother & thus break my virginity.According to me she was the one in my dreams ,my dreamlove the one who should be my child’s mother.But in real life it was impossible as she was already wedded & had a child who was my friend.So when my parents were leaving for the U.S.

They decided to keep me with this lady who was also living alone currently as my friend had gone to a boarding school & her husband was preparing for a divorce with her regarding some family problems.Now was my time to win her body. The day had come & my parents left for the U.S.Malvika as my “auntie’s “ name was there to take me to her house.I went there to stay with her & after that a couple of days passed.I masturbated regularly when I saw her getting ready to take bath imagining that I was also taking the bath with her & we were having sex with her under the shower.I imagined she was all wet & her nipples,ass,boobs,pubic hair,clit & everything female shining with the wetness.When I had already stayed a few days in her house I guessed she must have guessed my feelings for her.She started bathing with her bathroom door half open,started dressing in tranluscent nightgowns & many a time hugged & kissed me without reason pressing me to her private parts.

THE day had arrived.I was laying about in my aunti’s bedroom while she had gone inside to take a bath with the door open as usual.I heard her groan in the bathroom but restrained my curiosity just to keep up the respect for her.She called me in for some reason.I had to go inside hesitatingly even though my adrenaline was running like wild.I went inside to see her dressed in her bras which were black in colour.She had the largest boobs I had ever seen on any woman.Noticing my risen prick she told me that she couldn’t open the bra strap & wanted me to open it for her.She obviously was wearing the panty at that time.I went behind her & opened it quite easily.The bra fell on the floor I waited in anticipation for what waited me next.She then turned around & faced me all nude in her breast portion showing me her brown apple sized nipples.I was not used to such a site so I peed in her front,I guess it was the precum.She then told me that she wanted me to be her husband but at first she wanted to have sex with me to have the time of her life.I did not show any hesitation but only said that it may not be currect.She didn’t care & if she didn’t I didn’t either.She started the shower.water poured down her back.

She then guided my hand to her panty & opened it.Her pussy,boobs.ass were all in front of me wet as I had seen in my heavenly dreams.She then undressed prick stood up tall & thick with a little juice in the front.She rubbed it up & licked it up from her fingers.She then took her hand to her ass & slowly moved it to the front giving me the full treatment.She then took My prick in her hand & massaged it back & forth as done when we masturbate.She did this with both her hands to give me the maximum exitement.She made my dick to rub against her hardened apple sized brown nipples.I came again my cream on her belly & boobs as she was lying on the floor while she did all this just below me.She rubbed it from her belly & licked it up.We then did all the stuff which I saw in my dreams but I am not going to tell that as I have to get to the main part. We then came both of us nude & covered with cum & the ozzy smell & laid ourselves on the bed.My aunty had brought an XXX movie fron the store & we played it on while we had sex.I started licking her from her hair.I came down to the face to the ear to the eye I licked the inside of her mouth & felt I was in heaven.I then licked her armpits which were perfumed like honey.I came down her neck to her belley then inserted my tongue into her navel.

Went a bit further down.Here came her pussy which was all wet & waiting for my touch.I then sucked her on her clit while I pushed one hand into her vagina to tickle her from inside.While doing this I had already sucked at her nipples about a thousand times & her nipple had my teeth marks on them.I massaged her boobs & genital parts with butter so that she was all wet & shining by this time.She could not resist any longer.She raised her body.Her boobs went up & down & then she came in my mouth for the n-th time.I liked the taste greatly.All this time she had my prick in her hand & was masturbating me.She then gave me the same treatment as I had given to her & gave me oral service for the millionth time.I spermed all over her boobs her nipples.Then she told me that she thought that we should start having it.She then laid down on her back.Opened her pussy cheeks with her finger & made way for me to enter.I then applied some cream on my dick & some at her hole.I turned over & then I started going inside her.I entered her bit by bit at a time & not hurrying things up.It felt that I would burst up with everything.She started to groan,moan & then finally scream her self out.we had started dancing in the pleasure that we were giving each other by fucking each other this time.

Then it happened.I released all my load inside her body & then felt flat on my back beside her.I was pumping her boobs all this time as hard as I could.I had lost all my strength as I felt like dead but she didn’t.She then climbed on top of me to have her share of the masti.She tied my hand to the bed rails as seen in basic instinct.She climbed on top of me & guided my dick inside her wet lubricated pussy.I felt my dick would burst as she started dancing on top of my body & allowing me to suck at her nipples as hard as I could.She then achieved her millionth orgasm & came all over my body & I came inside her too.Her juice started flowing all over my dick.She then told me to change positions & to fuck her like a bitch who is on her heat period.We had fucked in all the positions possible for a human being & even for an animal..We both lay down flat on our backs for about an hor to regain our senses.I calculated that I had cum for about uncountable times & even thought laughingly that my supply would not be regained in I guess about a couple of weeks.We then decided to marry each other so that we could have a baby who had a father as well as a mother.I put sindoor on her head as was the custom in our religion.We had sex many times in the year later & enjoyed every part of our stay together.We could even have our baby but later she aborted it for public humiliation. I hope you enjoy my story & have similar experiences yourselves.Me & my wife malvika thank you lots for hearing to our story so passionately.Hope to fuck you soon if you are a e_mail add is

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