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  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Good day everyone. This is an incident that happened to me a month ago and i made up my mind to write it as i had written down in my MIND with some vivid descriptions. I am an Indian Guy living in Los Angeles Area. It all happened inthe month of Novemeber 2002 on the 6th. i had to go to the union station to pick up my professor who is flying dowm from Miami Florida soi had to go and pick her up.

As usual because of the heavy traffic i was delayed and it seems to me that when i went to the station, she had already left the station and is on her way home on a taxi. I was a bitangry at myself but at this moment a good looking fine young lady about the age of 27 years, she looked like some Italian descent she approached me and asked me whether i am aware of the city, and she asked me for some directions. I told her the directions and was completely attracted to her in some reasons which i fear. I told her that i will take her to the location she asked for, she was being sweet to me and she thanked me, and she hopped in the car, it is a dodge caravan which was my professor’s car, i know that i had to give it back to her in a little while but hey what the hell !! Why not give a ride to a young beautiful lady who looks like Monica Belluci ?. We started talking and i was so persistent that day i do not know what overcame me i just knew that i can have her for what is she like ? she was stunning like a typical American business woman she waswearin a black top with a suit on and black trousers.

She told me that she is just on a trip to finish a business deal and blah blah blah!!!!!!!! I invited her for some lunch we sat in a corner place a tableof two the lunch was great as it began she asked me “Why you wanted to give me a ride i mean Do u expect something from me “. i said ” well for reasons that i fear u are amazing beautiful.” She laughed and said “you will be paid in full for the same reasons you fear . I dropped her off in a pretty decent hotel and che checked in and gave me her phone number and asked me to call her tonight after 5pm. I was appaled by the offer went home had a hearty lunch with my professor and asked her permission to useher car for the night, as usual she aggred, nice professor…… I called her when the clock struck 5pm. She asked me to come over to her hotel. I went over the hotel as i said was pretty decent was areal mistake it is one of the finest in Los Angeles had one of the expensive meals in her room, as the dinner proceeded had some expensive Soul Kiss french wine. I was sitting in the opposite of her and i made a move as with my right feet i just grazed throught her legs i felt her breathing heavily her bosom going up and down and i did not eve hesitate to take my legs up and putitin her thighs and gently scratching her in the meantime she took her legs and slowly started to legs.

She shut her eyes and started enjoying it and i slowly got up from my seat and approached her and kissed her softy. I could smell her perfume from her clothes and smell of the wine from her succulent lips. I slowly undid her hair it was pretty long until her back.i slowly started to take her suit out from her nice body. i untied her tops and it went smoothly past the body it cared for.SHe started to kiss me passionately her tougue was twirling inside mine. She started to remove my tshirtand in the mean time i spilled the wine bottle which we did not care and especially i did not give a damn, and we jumped into the bed like savaged creatures. she removed my belt and i undid the hooks of her trousers and i was just in my boxers and she was in her bra and panties ,and a mention about the panties they were g-string a lot sexier one. i just ripped apart those bra and could see those two beautiful melons just right in front of me to be sucked and made best use of. i licked and started playing with it with my left hand and with my right hand i took her panties off ,she had abit of shavedpussy and a bitof hair on top.

A kind of woman who takes pride in her looks. i rubbed her clithoris and she started moaning and her hand was in my dick she was stroking in realhard and making me real horny.she got up fromthe bed and with one full pull off came my boxers and she gave me an evil look and i pulled her hair and took her face to my cock and shoved it right in her mouth she started to choke for a second,- fantastic blow job , those swirling movements made by her tongues just gave me shivers dowm my spine i started playing with her breasts , she started to give long slow strokes and i started to fuck her in her mouth. i cummed in her mouth, deep inside her throat she took it with noises i took her and rolled over to the bed and i started to go down on her slowly started to kiss her navel and starting to lick her clit and was moving my toungues in gentle swirling movements, she put her up in the air and gave way for my toungue for maximum penetration and in the meantime she started to talk and saying fuck me babe fuck me.I got up and inserted my dick slowly into her she was gasping and enjoying each and every moment of it i slowly started to fuck her while i was on top , after a while i put her on top so that i could see those two beautiful melons just jumping all over with joy, my whole cock went inside her and she was moaning a lot aaahhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhahhhhhaaaahahhhhMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmM

Then i put her in Doggy style for a pleaure and pain sex , she started cum and it is strage how women react when they cum they in fact moan a lot…… I rolled over as our bodies were covered with sweat and with the twilight sun it look like as if we were drench in for an oil bath. I wanted to fuck her in the ass , and also wanted to surprise her, i rolled her to the back and slowly started to stroke her, then i mounted on her and she sensed it that i am going to wreck her ass hole, i gentley parted her ass and inserted my dick slowly in a lot of pain she put a pillow towards a mouth as not to scream i pulled her hair in doggly style and i inserted it and she took out the pillow and now she was breathing really heavy , i took my cock out her ass and asked her, ” What is my name “, she was surprised by that question and she replied “WHAT “, at that time i inserted my cock so hard into her cock she squeaked like a little chicken AIEEEEEEE AIIIEEEEEEEEEEE UUUUUMMMMMMMMMM OOHHHHHHHHHHOOOHHHHHH HUH HUH and was gasping for breath she brought her left hand towards my cock and touched it and said it has torn my virgin ass and pleaded me not to move as she feared that she might experience a lot of pain i slowly started caressing her boobs and her cunt and she started moaning and then i started to really rock the boat for a while all i could hear was her pain and askingmeto stop and after a while she started to go with the flow and she started to move i spanked her ass a couple of time to getmy aroused a bit more and and i fucked very hard in the ass and i cummed right her in her ass, when i took my cock from her ass i could see my cum oozing from the pussy and the ass that was a pretty good sight to watch — with a lot of satisfaction INDEED.

We were so soaked up in sweat by the time i was finished with her.We looked like a bunch of burnt up horses after a long ride, sweat was emancipating from our bodies……………. I fucked her till the time she stayed in Los Angeles. She went back to Chicago,.It was a very wild experience to remember.I did realise that day for some reasons that i feared paved way for this wonderful experience.Now she has left toher home town Chicago. Comments more than welcome. ANY WOMEN FROM CALIFORNIA STATE AND IN USA, PLEASE BE MORE THAN WELCOME TO EMAIL ME ,I HOPE WE CAN MEET AND HAVE A GOOD TIME,EMAIL ME AT : ENJOYSHYAM@YAHOO.COM.

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