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Bus Journey

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

I happened to visit this site by chance, read the stories enjoyed some of them and thought of sharing my real incident. A lil bit about my self, I am fairly good looking and well built guy, love to exercise and goto the Gym. This incident happened quiet some time back while I was travelling from Punjab to Delhi by a State Transport Bus, normally I would never travel by a ST bus but it so happened that all luxury busses were full, there were no train tickets available and I had to reach Delhi for a function, so I had no option but to take any means of trans port available and I got a St bus so just hopped in.

The bus was full but there was a seat empty and there was a lady sitting, she moved and let me go inside near the window seat as it was very cold and the window was jammed and could not be shut completely. It was December winter very very cold and I got the bus at 3-4 Pm , soon it was dark.

The lady was attractive with a very good figure a nice tits and a firm arse.I got to see her when she got up to put some luggage on the top rack.

soon it was pitch dark and silent outside and the bus moving on the highway at full speed, most of the passengers were sleeping, even my ovely lady was alsleep and started to fall on my shoulders, at first I moved she also moved away, again after sometime she was leaning and resting on me I was not sure whether she really was asleep or just pretending, so kept moving away but finally i got the hint and let her rest, slowly my elbow brushed her boobs and she did not move, i got a bit bolder and let me elbow be there then I deliberately pushed her boobs she did not react , i understood and put my hands staright on her tits she did not stop but willing slept on my lap completely and het face resting on my rock hard cock, she felt my throbbing cock with her hands, wanted to open my zipper but could not as I was wearing tight jeans, in the mean time i put my hand inside her salwar and felt her pussy first played with her pubic hair then pushed my finger in her cunt she was very wet, her pussy was tight she moaned and also told me it pained her, i was playing with her tits pressing her nipples squeezing them, kneading her boobs all that I could I did , i kept playing with her clitoris and kept inserting my finger deep in her pussy and kept rubbing it till she came, even I was very excited my cock was hard and bursting out of my jeans she was trying to take out my cock I helped her opened my zipper , she played with my cock tried to play with my balls too but it was a bit difficult so she held my big cock in her hands and kept playing i was also busy exploring her body pressing her arse putting my finger everywhere, she also finally took my cock in her mouth and kept sucking it till I finally exploded she swallowed whatever she could and wiped the rest with a napkin.

Both had come, and both were happy she sucked my cock again and made it hard kept holding my cock and stroking it.

later when we were to reach Delhi she invited me to her sisters house(her sister stays in Delhi) saying that she was alone and her sister was expected in the morning , my bad luck that I could not as I had to reach for a important function

or I would have fucked her to my hearts content, she sure was a tight pussy. Girls and women can reach me at

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