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Buaji Ki Malish

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi. I’m Munrik and age 21 from Karnal. I’m currently doing my BBA from one of most reputed colleges of Delhi. This is about how I fucked my Bua Sunita, who is 42 years old, who have 3 children. My Bua is illiterate and does house work. She has got attractive figure.

She has curvy waist with average size boobs and fleshy thighs and her skin color is whitish. She always wears sari and you guys can imagine how big her ass is. I had a great lust for her, from my childhood. I had many masturbate session thinking of her.

This is a true incident happened just few months ago. Buaji came to our home in the city as my parents went out for holidays with my younger siblings and someone needs to be here for my food and all that and she came on Sunday.

She came by bus after having a one hour long and exhausting journey. She does all the household works and takes care of cattle also in the village. She was in the sari and her bra is hanging from the blouse which is just visible. She prepared food for me and we both ate together.

After some time she asked me pain killers as she is having hadkal body-pain. I told him, that the medicines are expired and told me I can give her a Malish after all she was illiterate and I was always looking for a chance to touch her.

I was full of joy because at last I got the chance to touch her body with bare hands. She agreed for that. I told him to remove sari and koti blouse as it may get stain due to oil and cream. I was surprised to see that she did not hesitate.

She was looking at me normally then I made her lie on bed on her breasts. I pour oil on my hand and spilled it on her back and I started Malish on her back but the bra was disturbing me a lot. I told Buaji if I can auntie’s the bra.

She said ok and now she was only in her petticoat and I can see sides of her boobs being popped out. I rubbed my palm on her back slightly above her hips for some time. I asked buaji to lower her petticoat so that Malish can done up to starting of ass crack. The ass was very smooth and milky but only a little part was visible.

She did that and then I started asking some meaningless questions. I asked her Buaji you don’t have any hair on your back as well as on your chutad ass and armpits. She told me that women don’t have hair on back and chutad ass but have hairs on armpits.

I was thinking to ask about pussy hairs but postponed it for later then I brought my palm quite above and near her boobs. I was getting aroused touching the side of her boobs. I pressed them and massaged them. Bua was bit relaxed her eyes were closed when I finished massaging her back.

I moved to her legs and started my malish from the foot. I shifted the petticoat a little bit upside so that I can easily malish her legs. She was still lying on her stomach. Now I told buaji to bend her legs. I helped her in doing this.

Now I can see her ass and pussy hairs and I forgot to tell you that she doesn’t wear a panty. I came to know about this last year, when I went to Bauji’s home and found that there is no ladies underwear lying between the clothes on the roof and also searched the wardrobe and found only bras, hurray no panties!

I told her that this bending exercise will be beneficial for her knee joints. Now I moved to her thighs. She told me it is not required but I convinced her. Then I said to her buaji remove the petticoat, she replied she can’t because she doesn’t have anything beneath. To this I replied why buaji you don’t wear Kacchi Panty?

She said no most ladies in the villages don’t wear kacchi panty. I said Bua, you can wear any underwear from the wardrobe. I’m going outside, so that you can change. She said ok after this I went out of the room and came after 5 minutes. Now she was lying only in Kacchi panty with her bra open from back. She was looking damn sexy.

I was getting aroused. Then I started malish on her thighs. I felt the current running in my body. Now I moved to her hips, sliding my hands under her panty. She didn’t respond to this.

After this I stopped as Bua told me she has to finish some work. I said ok, we’ll continue after dinner. After the dinner I reminded her of malish, she said 5 minutes more. After 5 minutes I moved to the bedroom and surprised to see bua in panty and bra lying on her stomach.

I was looking at her ass which was barely six inches from my mouth. I just wanted to eat her beautiful white ass under the blue coloured panties. I started malish from back and unhooked her bra n slid down the panty so that her ass curves are visible. Now I moved to her legs and gave Malish on her thighs.

She was feeling too good while I was enjoying her body with my hand. That night I was very horny and again masturbated, but this time on the thoughts of fucking my dear bua after I ejaculated and I felt very guilty for thinking about fucking my bua

Who cared for me a lot but little did I know that after some days it would become a reality everything was normal in my home from the next day but still bua was having pain in her body. The Malish sessions continued for the next four days on fourth night I was giving malish to her.

Now I want to do something new so that I can see her pussy. I told bua that my lullo penis is paining. She asked me to show my lullo penis to which I replied I can’t. She said why, I have seen you naked earlier too. I said “Bua I’ve hairs near my lullo penis.

To which she laughed and said it is natural thing. No need to shy. I showed her my lullo penis which has grown to sin inches. Bua have never seen lullo penis other than that of her husband may be that too in dark in erect position.

She was surprised and worried that how it got erected and what should be done to relieve pain and I told her that whenever pain occurs. I and Malish my lullo. She said that she can do that and started giving Malish to my lullo penis and my groin area. Now I asked why do only men have hairs on their lullo penis?

She said not only men but women do have hairs on their bur pussy and I said haven’t seen anyone with hairs as I showed her some nude pictures on my laptop. She said they have done shaving and I said can I see yours bua? She didn’t reply during the time my load fell on her hands and I asked bua what is this coming from my lullo?

She was surprised too and she might have seen the load earlier as her husband puts his penis only in the pussy and pour the load in it. Bua was excited as she heard about the load from her neighbour. She said I don’t know about it. I again asked my previous question whether I can see her pussy hairs.

She said no and on insisting she agreed and slid her panty down to show me the heaven. It was full of hairs and lips were of pink in colors and little bit moist as she might have felt some heat during Malish. I asked bua you don’t shave your hairs. She said she do cut some of it months but never shaved and her husband never told to do so.

I told you must clean it, it is good for health. She said she don’t know shaving. I told her that I’ll help her and then on my advice, she moved to bathroom and I applied some shaving cream on pussy hairs and started shaving. When the razor touched her pussy cutting the first of its hair.

She closed her eyes and moaned a bit while shaving I asked Bua, why don’t you remove your hair regularly? You should maintain it. To that she replied for whom should I maintain it. No one cares for it, so why should I? She was getting heated as I felt some more moist on her pussy.

I cleaned her with water then without telling anything, I put my hands around her naked ass and pulled her close to me and made her sit down. I moved my hands around her back to unhook the bra. I told now that I’ve seen all parts of my lovely bua.

She will have no objection in getting completely nude in front of me and her bra was removed and my bua for the first time was all naked from top to toe. I brought my hands to her boobs and took then in my hands and squeezed them hardly after that I took her to bedroom. I took a cream in my hand.

She asked me about the cream, I replied it must be applied after shaving. I took some of it in my hand and applied on her pussy area and started rubbing her pussy. I asked bua I want to lick her pussy to check whether shaving done properly or not.

She nodded and I licked her pussy and I was getting the juices from the heaven; it was not so tasty but can be licked. She was moaning a lot. Now hearing her moans I put my tool in her pussy, she hesitated and asked not to do so.

I assured her by saying after shaving malish should be on both inner and outer sides. He said do it with your fingers. I told the fingers are small, can’t go inside and nails may harm you, that’s why I’m using lullo penis. She lied down on bed. I spread her thighs to see her love hole.

It was so tight that I could not insert my finger inside, but due to licking it became soft. I saw that bua have started moaning and began pressing her boobs. I adjusted my dick at the entrance of her pussy hole and laid myself on her.

She was completely under my grip. I pushed my penis deep inside her and started thumping her pussy. I gradually increased my speed. Her moans have also become louder. I can feel the heat of inner flesh of her pussy. She said you have done enough of Malish.

I told her to wait and my hands were squeezing her mangoes. She started to moan again with pleasure. I gradually increased my speed. She started to hiss like a snake now pushing her hip up to take the entire length of my dick and then our thrusts were synchronized into a rhythm and then her movement increased to a hysterical level.

She was shivering and with few jolts she exploded. My dick felt her gushing juices and with few more deep strokes I too came inside her and I was exhausted and lied on her body for a while and then I pulled out and now the Malish is over Bua and I told her wiping her pussy with her panty.

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