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Brotherly Love For His Married Elder Sister

  • desipapa
  • November 9, 2015

Hi, this is a story about me and my elder sister which happened in May, 2014. This fascination for me regarding her started when I was very young. My elder sister is 7 years elder to me, and I am currently 24. She is my chacha’s daughter and one of the hottest girls I have seen. She is 5.4, white in complexion, dark long hairs, perky breasts and around 55 kgs in weight..

For an Indian society anything like this is considered to be something that is very incest, so getting her to allow me to do stuffs to her was a very difficult work for me, but there was something in me that was always pulling me towards her. There was continuous fear in me that if I push her slightly too much, then she might make a scene out of it, but her body was constantly calling me and I finally succeeded.

She always loved me the most amongst all my brothers and sisters and we used to spend a lot of time together when I used to visit her place. We used to play cards with each other till late nights every time I was there, but were just restricted to just this because for her I was only a kid. We used to pinch each other in the cheeks a lot and used to have a lot of fun running around each other trying to pinch. Of course during these games we used to sometimes have contacts to each others personal parts but it was nothing sexual for her at least.

She got married very early, at the age of 21. She is currently a mother of 2, both daughters, and my fascination for her started when she had just had her second baby. This happened some 6-7 years ago. We visited their home to see her and the child. We had the normal chit chat and had our dinner along with the whole family. The people in her house sleep early and every one was in bed by 11. It was late in the night when I entered the room where we had planned to play cards.

When I entered, I saw that she was feeding her baby. The face of the kid was covered by her saree pallu, and hence I was not able to see anything. But what followed later on changed my whole perception about her. The kid was continuously playing with her the whole time. Suddenly my sister took the kid from that position and placed it near her other boob, and for a split second or two, I got a bare view of her right breast and till today I remember that in front of my eyes.

Like general Indian girls, she did not have big nipples. She is very white in complexion, and her nipples were light brown and small. They were just so cute. She might have not noticed my eyes because she was busy with the kid itself. My sisters breast during that time was maybe 34 C, currently she has reduced a bit and she is back to 34 B.

That was the first time I had seen the breasts of my sister and that image has been printed into my conscience since then. After that whenever I got a chance I used to take the opportunity to peek inside her clothes. The chances were very rare but the hunger in me for her kept on increasing every time. It lasted for a few days till we were there.

Following this, I had gone for my studies and my visit to her place was reduced a lot. Even the visits we had was restricted only for a day or two which was used only for playing cards.

One day while I was in my class, I got a friend request from her in facebook, but do not raise your hopes as nothing happened over chatting over facebook. She was quiet new to this online world and was just getting the hang of it. Her typing was slow and she had a lot of doubts about the usage and all.

I volunteered to help her in learning the INTERNET. This was just the beginning. She asked me about some good websites to visit and all. I used to send her normal websites which would contain no sexual materials at all. But even though these websites purposefully dint show anything, one cannot help the adds and all that are present in them and sometime or the other she would see some sexual materials – which of course she never told me over our chat but only revealed once we met.

After completion of my course, we had gone to visit her place and this is where all the fun began. The day before me reaching her house I messaged her stating that this time I shall teach her lot of fun stuffs, and thats all. When we entered her house, it was all normal, we exchanged our glances, everyone met everyone. I was travelling with my parents.

After all the dinner and all was over she pulled to a side and asked me what did I mean by fun stuffs. I said I shall tell her that while playing cards and that she should have some patience. At around 10 or 10 30 pm we started playing. Our topic shifted towards internet and she asked me about some good websites and all to visit.

I asked her if she had come across some different kind of stuffs on the websites that I had asked her to visit before. She said not much but yes she definitely saw some nude pictures and all. I asked her if she liked it, and she just smiled, so that was the green signal.

I know I wanted to fuck her but dint know the way to do it and suddenly it was all there in front of me. The internet coverage in her place was poor and was only restricted to 2G as such. I showed her our this website and told her that she can read some sex related stories from here when she is bored. First she asked me as to why am I showing her the particular website, to which i cooked up some answer and managed it.

She was a bit reluctant but then I opened some story and made her to read it. I think she liked the story because the next question she asked was how many more stories are there, and my answer that there are thousands pleased her a lot.

Then we played a few rounds of cards which was our favourite passtime but neither her mind or mine was in the cards. Then we started talking a bit about sex and she told me that your jiju has become old very soon, while she was still very young. He was some 8-9 years elder to her. This statement was like a shock to me as I never expected her to utter those words. I understood the hidden meaning behind this.

I took it very calmly as I knew a few wrong steps and I will be screwed. I told her that there are ways to do it by yourself, which she did not understand at all. I told her I will show it to her. After almost 5 years I opened the porn website for 3GP videos as that was the only one that the particular net connection would have supported.

I opened up a video of a girl playing with herself, and she used my headphones and saw the whole movie. She was aroused and I could feel that from her breathing. After that i showed her one more porn movie that include all the hard core actions. She asked me if all these things are possible and do girls do all these stuffs, and especially do Indian girls do all these stuff. I told her that not all indian girls do such stuffs, especially the stuffs like doggy style, and riding on top and stuffs like that.

By this time I was very open with her. So I gathered some more courage and asked her to see a movie with only blowjobs. I told her that this was my favourite thing to get, following this I showed her one more movie that included pussy licking, and told her that this was my favourite thing to do. She asked me if I have any prior experience of pussy licking and I told her yes, and also told that my friend whom I had licked cummed 3 times in 5 minutes when I was sucking her vagina.

While she was seeing the last movie in my I-phone, I had freed my penis from under my jockey. It was only covered by my night suit now, which was so thin that my penis made a tent in it. I purposefully wanted her to see that bulge of mine. I saw her looking at it from the corner of her eyes and smiling too.

It was already 2 am by this time and we decided to call it a day. It was a great advancement that we had made today and I dint want to push it further. When I got up from my position in the bed, my tent was clearly visible and neither I was trying to hide it, nor she was trying to take her eyes of it. She looked at it and told that I was the one seeing the movie and looks like all the effect is on you. She smiled and nothing happened after that.

I was so horny but I dint want to jerk off because I wanted my sperms to go inside her, and I knew that all this could happen. The next day passed on uneventfully almost. In the evening I took a small nap and when I got up I found her on my side. I asked her what she is doing, to which he told that she was reading some stories.

I told her that I will show you something. I took my mobile and showed her a picture of a penis. She said that looks good. I told her that mine and she just smiled. Actually I do not have a very big penis like others say of 10-12 inches, I have a normal 6-7 inch penis with a very voluptuous red top. The picture which I showed her, I had pulled the skin down and the red top was looking very eatable and she loved the picture. She stared at it for some time and then asked me to remove it, maybe she was loosing her control.

At night we again started playing cards around the same time but we dint even play one round completely. I told her that lets see some more movies and she agreed but this time we will see the movie together. She was a bit hesitant but then agreed. I had already freed my penis from my jockey and it was just my night pants that was covering it.

We only saw hardcore movies that day which included everything from blowjob, pussy licking, boob fuck, vaginal fucking, etc. Once the movie started my dick started to grow, and I started rubbing it slowly over my pants itself. She was also very horny as her nipples were fully erect and visible to me.

I gathered some more courage and started rubbing myself above my pants just enough for the precum to ooze out and make the pant slightly wet. My intention was to make her more aroused. After watching a few movies I confessed to her that the first breasts that I had seen were hers and that was very lovely. She slapped me very lightly on hearing this, but again the reaction that you normally expect on such a comment is a tight slap, so that was actually a green signal.

After saying this we continued watching the porn movie. She moved herself in such a way that I was able to see her breasts more prominently from above her blouse. I also took my hands inside my pants and started playing my penis. I knew she was looking at it from the corner of the eyes, but it was all about who makes the first move.

After sometime, I asked her if she would like to do the favourite thing of her brother, to which she told that she had never done anything like that. But she never said that she does not want to do. That was it. I took her hands and kept it on my penis above the pants itself. For a second she was in shock and tried to remove her hands, but again at the same time watching all those movies had made her very horny. I kept her hand on my penis firmly and just started pressing it over her hands itself.

Slowly she started doing it by herself with her left hand. That scene was awesome, while the porn movie was going on in the mobile on one side and on the other side there was practicals going on. I asked her to put her hand inside my pants which she readily did. She touched it and said that it was very warm. I told her that her saliva can make it cold, to which she just smiled.

I asked her if I can switch off the video and enjoy the touches of my elder sister. She said yes. She said that she wants to see my penis. She pulled my pants down and my penis sprung up saluting her. She looked at it and said that it was very lovely to look at. I told her it was lovely to taste also. Meanwhile I took my hands to her breasts and started pressing it a little over her blouse. Ohh that was just so lovely to touch. I wanted to just rip everything off and eat them.

Suddenly we heard some voice from the hall, and we came back to our senses. It was my dad going to the kitchen to get some water. Once he went off, we decided to lock the room and continue again. She asked me to wait for some 15 minutes, she said she had a small work in the kitchen and she will be back.

I wasn’t sure what to say but said yes. I was doubtful if he will return or not, and those 10-15 mins were really long for me. My penis had already died by the time she came. She came after about 15 mins, and entered my room. She told that her husband and her kids are fully asleep and so are my parents. She changed her dress and came in a nighty.

She kept her hands on my penis and said that looks like your little brother has slept. She asked me to remove my pants and I did so. She kept her hands on my penis and they were really cold hands. She said that she had just washed her hands. She was doing a good job with her hands. I took her to the sofa in the room, we both sat down, I gave a small kiss to her on her lips.

Following this we were involved in a long passionate kiss, while my hands were hovering all around her body. I pressed her back, her hands, her breasts and also moved my hands to her thighs. I realized that she was not wearing anything underneath the nighty. That made me very horny and I started pressing those lovely breasts of my sister even more. I took her hand and placed it on my penis. She started moving it up and down a little. I asked her to kiss my penis. She had never given a blowjob, nor had she ever received a pussy licking. It was all new to her.

She brought her lips forward and kissed the tip of my penis. I made her to pull the skin of my penis down completely showing her the red tip. She kissed the small opening in the front of the tip. I asked her to bring her tongue out and start licking the tip and she obliged with it. Then she slowly started going down to the shaft of my penis and started taking it inside her mouth.

Within a minute or two she was taking it fully in. I had shaved my penis a few days back so the hairs were pretty less, almost negligible and that was helping her to take it deep inside her mouth. She took her hands and started playing with my balls too, squeezing them a little. I had to ask her to reduce the pressing because it was hurting a little when too much pressure was applied.

Then I stopped her, pulled her upward to me and kissed her lips once again. Her lips were so soft that I kept on licking them for a long time. We also had a few tongue fights which was awesome too. Then I asked her to remove her nighty. She was a bit shy and asked me to switch of the lights in the room first.

I reduced a few lights, not all because I wanted to see everything. So I just switched off one light just for keeping her word. I helped her remove her nighty and in a second I had my sister nude in front of me. Ohh that sight is still so fresh in my mind. Then I realized that she had a shaved vagina. I asked her that when did she do that.

She replied just now, and smiled, and added that since I told her that I like licking vaginas a lot and enjoy the taste of the liquid that comes out, she has shaved it in order to give complete access to me. I thanked her and kissed her in her lips and without wasting any time I went to her vagina. She sat on the sofa and I kneeled down to give just the proper height for me to lick it.

She asked me to be gentle and I said her to just enjoy the feeling. I kissed her vagina. That was the first time she was experiencing any of that and hence she wasn’t sure what to expect. I kissed it a little and then I suddenly parted her vaginal walls with my fingers and inserted my tongue inside it. The moment I did that she left a loud moan.

I started tongue fucking her and she was getting out of control every minute. She kept one of her hands on her breast and started pressing them herself. She kept her other hand on my head and was forcing me to go deeper inside her. Within a few pushes her pussy was completely wet and her juices started oozing out. The juice was so salty and mixed with her smell was creating a sensuous environment for me.

Her body had already started making contractions within minutes of me sucking her vagina, and suddenly her body contracted making me almost breathless caught in between the legs, but I continued my licking and she came in my mouth.

I always have a habit of going for multiple orgasms in the same time, hence I was in no mood of stopping and continued my tongue licking action. This time I also inserted my finger inside her vagina. It went in without too much hustle. Hence I inserted one more at the same time and started fucking her and licking her at the same time.

I did this for not more than 2-3 minutes and during that time she had already cummed twice more in my face. I drank all the juices coming out of it. She then asked me to stop and was begging for me to come up. Before coming up, I made my face wet with all her juices. The satisfaction that she got was seen in her face, but for me it was real satisfaction too as I was enjoying the feeling that because of me he got all those orgasms.

I went up to her face and started rubbing all her juices on her face itself. She licked my tongue and tasted her own juices from my tongue. There was a sense of satisfaction as well as a sense of shyness also in her face, because at the end I was her brother. But I think at that point of time, satisfaction has taken over her.

Now she turned her attention towards my penis which had become smaller, she kept her hands on it and started making it hard again and within a few strokes it regained its stiffness. I asked her very frankly if she wanted me to fuck her, and she without any hesitation said yes. And that was all the confirmation that I needed.

I placed her on the side of the sofa, I myself went in a half knee position and placed my dick in the love hole of my sister. She guided my dick inside her and within a few stroke it went inside her completely. I loved that sight seeing my dick getting completely disappeared inside her. I kept it inside her for a few seconds and was admiring the moment.

Then I started twitching it inside her vagina a little just for fun. I told her that Di, I doubt I will last more this time because the feeling of me inside her was making me so horny that I was sure that I would not be able to control. I had seen almost 10-12 porn movies and still I didn’t cum. I hope you can understand the amount of pressure buildup in my shaft.

She said you have already made me cum 3 times in less than 15 mins. This is more than what happens to me over a fortnight. And even the ones that happen are not that fulfilling. But you have already fulfilled me so much. I never asked you to stop in only one time.

I told her that I never intended to stop in one, as I was just getting started. I started pumping her again and within a few strokes I was almost about to cum. I asked her that where she wants me to cum. She told me that she had already done her family planning operation and hence I can cum inside her.

She did not even finish the sentence and I came inside her. Normally I would shot some 15-20 drops of sperms but this time it was very different. I dont know how much I came, but I shot way more than my normal limit. I almost collapsed for a second after such a loud orgasm.

My penis was still inside her and I was feeling the warmth of my sperms and her cum inside her vagina. There cannot be a feeling better than that. Then I took my penis out and ask her if she would like to taste it. She said next time do it on me and I shall taste it then as she wants to drink the pure form, I just smiled to that.

I told her to start sucking my penis again and make it hard. She was in no mood of stopping either, the hunger in her was too much I guess. She took my tool inside her mouth and started the work of making my limp dick hard again. She said that she loved it even more when it was limp as it was very soft to play with her tongue.

While she was sucking my dick, I was staring at her vagina which was oozing liquid mixed with our cum and that sight was making me more horny again and again. I was pressing her nipple with my hand and squeezing her breasts. Till now I had not eaten her breasts, and my tongue wanted to feel that so much.

I asked her to stop for a while, I made her to lay down to the sofa, and I started kissing those beautiful nipples. Because of all the work that we had done in the past 20 mins or so, she was a bit sweaty. I confessed to her that I wanted to suck the milk out of her nipples the day when I saw her feeding her baby daughter.

She said, that the milk is not there, but the breasts are fully mine. I was licking one breast while I was pressing the other. Those breasts were so soft and the best part was her nipples, which were small and very perky. I was able to feel them with my teeth and tongue and I was biting it a little too while sucking them.

After sometime I shifted my attention to the other breast, and following that I was playing and licking her cleavage. I got on top of her tummy and placed my dick in between her breasts. She was a bit confused, but I made her understand what I was trying to do. She pressed her boob above my penis and I started my two and fro movement. Boob fucking was a great experience. I was fully hard by then, and I badly wanted to fuck my sister again.

I asked her for her permission for one more time and she nodded with a yes. I told her that let me be below you and you come and sit on me. She agreed and sat on me, not facing my face. I made her to shift her position and face me as I want to see those beautiful boobs bouncing. She was a bit nervous but she turned.

Moment she sat on my cock, my cock disappeared. I asked her to stay still and that I shall fuck her. I started my movement from below but that particular position is very tiring, I fucked her with full force for about a minute and then I was tired. Then she stopped me and started moving up and down herself.

I just laid back and was enjoying the feeling of her breasts moving up and down as well as the mixture of satisfaction and nervousness on my sisters face. After a minute or two, I made her change the position and started fucking her in missionary position over the sofa itself.

That continued for 5-6 minutes or so. While I was fucking her she climaxed twice, every time she climaxed, the pressure that was exerted on my penis was really great. When ever she was about to climax, I would keep my penis inside for a second or two longer to feel that muscle contraction.

Finally, I was about to cum and I took my penis and placed it near her mouth. She brought her hand to hold my penis and started her mini handjob and within seconds I sprayed my cum all over her face. She opened her mouth in the right time and a few drop went inside her which she drank happily.

I was so tired that I collapsed over her itself. We were both lying on the sofa, tired and fully satisfied. I asked her if she liked it, and her smile said it all. The lovely smile of her made me feel relieved for what we had just done. It was around 1 am by then. We decided to sleep together as no one was going to doubt anything about us.

We went to the bed, which we had not used till that time. I asked her if she wants me to eat her vagina again. She asked me to rest for a while and do that again in the morning. We slept hugging each other, but we did wear the clothes, just for the safety shake.

I slept with my lips kissing hers and my hand caught in between her two thighs. She kept on playing with my dick the whole time we were awake that night. We did not discuss anything about what to say, what not to say about the night, because we had that trust in ourselves. I had to leave her place the next day, as we came back to my hometown along with my parents. We keep on messaging each other on whatsapp regularly now, and are eagerly waiting for our next chance.

Please send your feedbacks at I shall wait for your feedbacks, and I hope to make some good friends from this site, especially ladies. Love to all the readers, and special love to all the ladies who read my story. Thanks for reading my story, and I hope i made you all Horny. Love you all.

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