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Brother Caught Me And Taught Me

  • desipapa
  • November 11, 2015

Hi everyone, I’m Sanjana and I’m a very big fan of ISS and I read it daily and will be busy fingering my pussy till I cum. Now it’s my time to say my own and best sex experience with my cousin bro. First let me tell you about myself first and well I’m 18 years old and doing my Bbm in Bangalore and you look really hot and many boys in my college have proposed me and given a lots of letters and about my body.
I’m 5.7 feet tall and I look curvy my size is 36 28 30 and whenever I go out people keep staring at my body especially my boobs because its really firm and is perfectly round shaped and it keeps jumping up n down when I walk and now the incident. It was during my summer vacation and we my cousins had come to my house as even they had their vacation. Nikhil my favourite cousin had also come.

He was really hot and handsome and he had very good built up body and is also very tall 6.2 feet. He is my favourite cousin because and he takes good care of me. We all had gone to wonder la one day and enjoyed there. We all were tired that night after all the enjoyment and we returned him and everyone went to sleep. All the rooms in my house were fuck except my room and my cousin bro asked if he could sleep in my room.

I agreed and let him sleep in my bed after two hours u woke up to drink water and saw my bro was in a deep sleep. I did not get sleep then so I switched on my computer to watch some porn movie as my bro was sleeping but I forgot reduce the volume and the girl in the porn screamed and I suddenly pulled the speaker plug but thank to my bro did not wake. I again turned on the speaker had reduced the volume.

I was wearing a track pant and a tee and the porn had made me horny andu started to rub my pussy and press my boobs and started to moan aaaaaaaa my bro woke up and suddenly asked Sanju what are you doing and I really hot shocked and put on my dress and begged him not talk it to my parents but he said me too cool down and also said that he will not tell and I was crying.

He came near me and put his hand on my shoulder and said its ok and convinced me that even he had also seen these movies. I stopped crying and hugged him and said thank you. We later started to talk about porn and we were talking for half a hour and he asked whether I a big cock or small. I said I like huge cocks and asked how big his cock was he said it’s a secret but you got know that his cock is big. I asked him if he liked big boobs or small obvious he said big boobs.

I asked him to show his cock and he said no then I asked whether if I could hug him once more he agreed and I hugged him tightly and I was rubbing my boobs against his chest to make him horny after some time I felt something hard touching my thighs when I looked down it was his cock . It was like a rock trying to tear his pant I slowly tried to put my hand into his pant but he caught it and said not now and said well do it tomorrow.

He said that I did not know how to finger my pussy. I said him to teach. He came close to me and started to kiss and hug me slowly his had moved to my pants and started to rub my pussy over my pants and slowly moved his hand in side my pants and removed my pant and panty and was rubbing my pussy lips. I felt like I was in heaven. He then slowly inserted his finger in to my pussy and stroked it slowly.

He put 2 fingers and stroked very fast, it was the best felling ever. He stroked for 10 min and I came out he the stared to like my juice and the kissed me again and said that we will do the real thing tomorrow and slept hugging each other and the next day my mom said that they are going to a temple and asked me and my cousin if we were coming and we said no. My parents said they will not be coming for 4 days as they were visiting many temples.

I was very happy and they left after some time the servant came I said to her that she need not come for 4days as there is no one home and sent her back. I came to the hall I saw my cousin was only wearing small shorts and excising it were the first time I saw his body. I was amazed even I wore a shorts and a tight low tee did not wear a bra so that he could see my cleavage and started to do yoga in front of him.

I saw him staring at my boobs. He then went for a bath and came out only in a towel wrapped around his waist and went in to a room and changed i tried to see him naked through the key hole nut could not see him. I also went for a bath and came out with a towel around my boobs. I went into my room to change and did not lock the door. I wore my panty and a very tight leggings and small petti which exposed my navel and my cleavage and came out.

I prepared some breakfast and also talked him we sat face to face so that he could see my boobs i always used to been very much to show him my boobs . He was staring at my boobs had said it’s very nice and I asked what my boobs or breakfast he said both especially my boobs. I was busy washing the plates suddenly I felt something touching my boobs it was my brother.

He hugged me from the back and started to press my boobs over my petti he slowly moved his had to my pussy over my pants and started to rib it. It was heaven. I said to him first his cock then my pussy. He agreed and asked me to take it turned to him and stared to kiss on his lips for 10 minutes. I pushed him on the couch and rubbed his pants his cock stared to become hard. I removed the his pants and touched his cock over his underwear then slowly put my hand into it and took his cock out.

I was really shocked to see his cock it was 10 inches long and 2 inches thick. I then started to lick his cock like a lollipop and sucked it for half n hour he then cum in my mouth and the taste was like honey to me and I drank it all then I asked him to undress me. He first removed my petti and pressed my boobs and pinched my nipples. Then he stared to suck it very hard I liked it very much. the then removed my pants and stared to lick my pussy I was waiting for his monster to enter it to my pussy. He then took his cock and placed it on my pussy and tried to push it in but my pussy was very tight as it was my first sex and before I used only small dildos. He applied more force and pushed his full cock inside my pussy.

I screamed loudly aaaaa and he started to fuck me slowly and increased his speed he fucked I’m many positions for 3 hours and then we he was about to cum he said me to drink it and I drank all it and hugged him and said I love him and he said me too later we took a bath and had oral sex in the bath also. We fucked for at least 15 time in those four days and we also had sex very night when all others slept and then he went back to his home and I’m waiting for him to return but we have phone sex daily and I really like it and so if any one wishes to have phone sex with me hit me up at

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