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Breast Feeding Chachi And Me

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

How r u all my desi fans . I have read many of these fantasies and I think few of them r fake ones . so the story or incident that I am going to tell u is the truth of my life which I can never forget n which changed my life into a completely different thing . So let me first describe u about my self . I am a normal built guy .

I was born in one of the gulf countries n now I am here in karachi ( pakistan ) living with my grand parents n few chacha’s n their familes as it is a joint family system . I am doing my higher studies over here n my parents r still abroad . so from my school days I used to attract few nice girls towards me because of my good nature aswell as my studies . I was good in talking , studying n respectful aswell . so I had few number of girl friends till my stay in the arab country but I never did any thing more than kissing their hands . so now I would like to tell u my name kashif ( not true ) So then I came to pakistan n started a new life over here . so let me tell u now about mu joint family . the family comprises of three of my father ‘s brothers n they all r married . the first one have no children , the second one with four in five n half year of his marriage n the third one with one child . all three womens are very sexxy but the one which changed my life was the wife of my second chacha . her name was saba . she was young n about 26 year old . she was of the best figure . big boobs always filled with milk as she had 4 children in a row .

Her stomach was slim n her hips so thght that I always felt touching them . more ever she was very uncarefull in her dressing . she wore dresses with deep cut kameez that showed her secret treasure most of the time . n she never cared of her dupatta . her bra can be easily seen through her neck . thus she was my dream fuck girl n I usually masturbate thinking of her . In our house there r two portions one for in the lower there live the other two brothers with their families n on the upper portion lives me an my saba’s family . this gave me a golden chance to watch her without being noticed by any one else . most of the time when I used to come out of my house I see her breast feeding any one of her children as they all were small . n I used to watch her white baloons filled with milk .

The story happenned like this that one day I went out for some work n tod every body that I will return till evening . but due to some reasons I returned back early . then when I came to the upper portion to get changed in my room the scene that I saw was the remarkable n unforgettable one . when I opened the door I saw my saba chachi completely naked with shampoo in her hairs n soap all arround her body n she was breast feeding her baby standing in the passage . I remained stunned after seeing her n she also stood there in a fix what to do n what not to do . we both saw each other for few minutes then she moved in to her room n closed the door behind her . I too went into my room n masturbated thinking of my chachi naked body . she was too sexxy with milk white complexion big eyes , barl black nipples small hairs on her pussy . oh god what was that scene . thinking of that moment make me horny even now . So after that incident we both cannot see into each other eyes n not even talked to each other . After few days of that incident she broked the ice by talking to me . she came into my room n said me kashif I am very sorry for that day . I should have closed the door before coming out of the bathroom . she told me that ‘actually I was thinking that u will come in the evening n there is no one in te upeer portion so I cam out from bathroom to feed the baby then continue my bath as the baby was crying very loudly with hunger . so I came out naked . please forgive me kashif n don’t tell about what u have seen to any body .

I said ‘ saba chachi it is all right have just seen nothing bad it was only u in ur birth suit . n if u don’t want me to tell this incident to any body u have to promise me one thing . she got confused n strange by my wordings n asked me what is it . I told her very confidently as I knew that she is an absent minded women that ‘saba chachi I want u to show me ur mummay when ever u breast feed ue baby ‘. she asked me why I told her that I just wanna know how it look like n how it is done n if u will not then u will suffer . she got frightened n atlast agreed with terror n tears in her eyes but that had no impact on me . then I told her why not to start the classes from now onward n then I went to her room n brought her child . after giving the child to her I asked her to breast feed the child . she was a lot hasitating n finally pulled her shirt up n there came her big boobs covered with bra . she pulled her right boob out of her bra cup down ward n pushed the nipple into the child’s mouth . she was looking down in hasitation in all this process n I kept my eyes on her sweet breast after that the baby stopped drinking the milk n some came out of mouth flowing on her boob I quickly caught her dupatta n wiped it my self she took a deep breath n moved away . then she covered her boob n left away . this continued for fifteen to twenty day n she also got habitual to it . then one day I asked her that chachi I wanna suck n taste ur milk . she looked at me with open eyes n refused . I said her that I will not bite u n not do any thing else plz let me do it I will not tell about it to any body . thus after a long debate she gave up n I lied on her laps like baby n she put her boob in my mouth .

I started sucking it she started breathing heavily escatasy then I speeded up my pace of sucking her breast mean while I caught her from her back so that she cannot move back . then I started biting her nipples slightly with my teeths . she was now unable to take any more n was saying plssssssssssssssssssss kashiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffff abbbbbbbbb bas karoooooooo . hohot ho gayaaaaaaaa . ahhhhhhhhhh buhut darddddddddddddd ho rahaaaaaaaaa haiiiiiiiii uffffffff. But I paid no attention to her . now she was screaming n also moving her hands in my hairs which confirmed me that she is also enjoying it . slowly I opened her bra from behind her n took hold of her other boob . this made her enjoying more n she was constantly saying bas kashif bas n massaging n pressing my head into her chest . she was completely out of her mind . I took advantage of this n took her shirt off while sucking her boobs . her boobs were continuously giving hot milk into my mouth which I was drinking all . after her shirt I removed her bra aswell . then I pushed her onto the bed n lied straight above her with my lund on her choot . I was pressing it slightly n saw in her eyes . she was lying with her eyes closed n was saying in her lost senses that . plsssssssssss kashif matttt karoooooooooo . yeh ghalet haiiiiiii .

But I appeared to be a deff person to her n kept on sucking her n now I came up n started kissing her lips n after some efforts I put my tounge in her mouth n tasted her sweet sliva we kept kissing for few minutes n then I sucked her full face n while doing this I opened the not of her shalwar n in one push I took it off her legs n there was she naked once again . before she could say any ting I again lied above her started french kissing her n massaging her choot with my palm . then she started to get up . sudennly I put my middle finger in her cunt n moved it in n out . she fell on the bed once again n started moving her head from left to right . then quickly I put off my clothes n entered my lund into her choot . as it was my first time so I came within few minutes . then I lied on her as I was too tired n after coming into senses she started crying that u have destroyed my life . why have u done this .

I cooled her down n told her that what has happenned was bad but because we both have enjoyed it so it is of no use to cry over it . n nobody will ever know about it I promise . then she took her clothes n went into her room . this was my first sex eperiance . the relation with my chachi is still good n we do it once in ten to twelve days . we enjoy each other very much n she then also helped me in getting few other girls which I will tell u later . any girl women that wanna share their experiances with me or wanna like to have a friendship with me u can mail me at Reply is a promise n girls n womens from karachi r prefferred . Bye n take care.

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