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Breaking Rashmie’s Virginity

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
Hi Friends! Myself Rounak, final year computer engineering student from Pune. I am basically from Jaipur. There are certain incidences in our life which make our life different than that of the previous span. Today I am going to tell you about the incident which have changed my life and given me the immense pleasure of the world.  It was our first day in engineering college. Before classes start, me and my hostel mates decided to move around the campus. After seeing the entire campus we decided to sit near our main college gate to glance the babes coming in the college. All of them were good in one or the other manner. Suddenly a rickshaw stopped at the college gate. One girl wearing blue skin tight jeans and tight fit red sleeve less t-shirt came out from the rickshaw. Her back was towards me. Hong open hairs, figure approximately 34-22-35. She paid the rickshawala and turned. It is like clearing the night sky, full of clouds and appearance of full moon, so cute, so delightful. Her face was too nice with brown eyes, sharp nose and juicy lips. She had a fare color figure and the beauty like a pink rosebud which has just started to flourish. I was continuously glaring her. Her busts were round and well sized. From her tight t-shirt and jeans any body can see the edges of her bra and panty. The rhythmic movement of her buttocks was so delighting forcing my junior to salute the beauty. She disappeared like a dream in the crowd but I lost my heart inbetween those two buttocks.  

Lecture bell rang. We entered the class. I was surprised to see that girl in my class. Her name was Rashmi. She was from Mumbai. As our initials were same we were in the same assignment group. Two other girls and a boy was with us in that group. Within some days all five of us became good friends and used to chill out in the city together. Rashmi had an extrovert personality. She was always involved in one or the other function in the college. She was sharp in studies also due to which became the leader of our assignment group. I always find warm and energetic in her company. Her body always attracted me. Whenever I get the chance, I used to peep in her blows, try to touch her boobs and back side pretending it was just an accident. But she never got angry. She always took it lightly by giving a cute dimple smile.  

One day previous to our annual get together day, she came running towards me and told me that she had forgotten the group assignment, which was to be submitted in that day’s lecture, in her flat near to our college. In that flat she used to stay with her friend Sakshi. I told her to call her friend to get the papers. She replied that her friend had gone to her hometown for a family function and she can’t go as she was busy in organizing the fashion show. Finally I agreed and she gave me the keys. I took my bike and went to her flat. I was there in her flat before with my other groupmates for submission purpose. I unlocked the door and entered in the flat. The flat was typical two BHK with decent light color shading. I entered in her room. The assignment was on the table. I took it. As I was turning to leave I saw a bucket under her bed with some famine cloths. I took that bucket out. It was containing a black nighty, white bra and a pink panty probably of the last day. I got excited. A sudden shock passed through my body. I have always a great attraction for the ladies undergarments. I took the bra and started kissing it. It was smelling sweaty. Then I took the panty and started kissing it also. It was smelling erotic. My junior extended to the maximum. Suddenly door bell rang. I put the cloths in the bucket and placed the bucket to its original place. I went to living room and opened the door. Rashmi was there. I asked her, what happened? Why she had returned? She told me that the lecture has been cancelled. I asked about the fashion show. She told that, due to college transformer failure they were enable to continue the rehearsal.  

We sat on the sofa in the living room. She was looking tired. She closed her eyes and started relaxing. Her armpits were completely wet due sweat. One bra strip was appearing outside the t-shirt on the shoulder. I was glaring her boobs. I could see the small projections at the center of the boobs. She opened her eyes and said, “Ronie, you sit here. I will fresh myself and bring some fruits from the fridge.” She went to bedroom. I switch on the TV. The remote was not operating well. Soon after that toilet door got shut and a silent sound of pshhhhhhhhhhhhhh! started coming from the toilet. She was peeing inside. That made me excited. The sound stopped and she came out of the toilet and went to the bathroom. After some time she came to living room with grabs in her hand. She was wearing a dark blue nighty. Her hairs were open. Some water drops were sparkling on her shoulder. She sat on the sofa and offered me the grabs. I took them and started changing the TV channels. All of sudden remote stopped functioning. On that channel a chudai scene was going on. The heroin was in bra and panty and villain was trying to pull out her bra. I started trying hard to change the channel but was enabling to do it. I was filing very bad. I stood up and going to change the channel from the TV. All of sudden Rashmi stops me and said, “Ronie, don’t be so panic. ESME  SHARMANEWALI  KONSI  BAT  HAI. We are of the same age and having the same wants and desires.” As usual she was very bold at that time also. I sat down and we both saw the entire chudai scene. My junior stood tall creating a bulge in my pant. I could saw that Rashmi was also excited as her lips were open and she was rotating her foot fingers continuously while watching the TV. I decided to dare and take the chance. I asked Rashmi, “Rashu, have you been done before?” She replied, “What? I didn’t get you.”. I said, ” Have you been fucked by some one before?”. With some shy she replied, “No. Never.”. I asked, ” Do you know how to intercourse?”. She replied, ” Yes I have gone through some of the books on sex and pregnancy.”. I said, ” Do you have any practical knowledge of sex and intercourse.”. She replied, “No Ronie. How could I get that before my marriage? And there is also threat of AIDS.” I was so surprised that the girl who was so famous in our college for her modern lifestyle was having so many wrong conceptions about the sex life. I said, ” See Rashmi, just having the bookish knowledge is not going to help. If you don’t have the practical knowledge of sex and intercourse, you will not able to satisfy your husband and there is always a possibility of unsuccessful marriage life. I will advice you as a good friend to have the complete practical knowledge of sex before you marry. And if enough precautions like condom wearing are taken there is no threat of AIDS also.” She was puzzled. After some time she replied, ” Ronie you are right but who will provide me the practical knowledge and if it got public, then?”. I hold her hand and said, ” I will do it for you. If you have faith on me, give me a chance”. She replied, “Ok!”. I took her in my arms. She rests her head on my chest. I said, ” Rashmi Darling. Going smoothly and making no hurry is the first lesson to get the sex satisfaction. You wait here. I will bring some condoms and then we will start the show.” She nodded. I went to the medical shop near to her flat and brought some condoms and one time pregnancy preventive tablets for extra precaution.  

I returned to the flat. Rashmi opened the door. I was surprised to see her on the door wearing yellow sari and sleeveless blouse with a red Bindi on the forehead.. I had not seen her in Indian Costumes before. I entered inside and locked the door. I pulled her in my arms and said, ” AAJ SWARGME RAMBHA BHI TUMHE DEKHKE TUMSE JAL  RAHI  HOGI.”. I hold her tightly, her boobs were resting on my chest and gave her a long kiss. She said, ” Honey, MAI  TUMHARI  HUN. Do, what ever you want to do.” I lifted her in my both hands and took her to the bedroom. Put her on the bed and rests my body on her. Started kissing every part of her body from above the cloths. I started with footfingers, then knees, thighs, west, belly, breasts, armpits, shoulder, back neck, chicks, lips and forehead. She started moaning lightly. I could feel the heat coming out of her body. She was breathing rapidly. I started undressing her. I pulled out her yellow Sari. Now she was in her yellow petticoat and sleeveless blouse. I unhooked her blouse and pulled it out. She was wearing a black netted bra inside. I started pressing her boobs from above the bra with my both hands. Her moaning sound increases. After some time I lowered my one hand, untied her petticoat and pulled it down. She was in a black panty. Till that time she also start participating actively. She removed my shirt and unhooked my pant and lowered it down. Now I was in my underware and she was in her bra and panty. I unhooked her bra. Her boobs with pink pointed nipples sprang out. I started sucking her nipples strongly. She inserted her one hand inside my underware and started playing with my junior. Her one hand was massaging my head continuously. After a long time pressing and sucking, her breasts became red hot. I pulled down her panty and her pretty cute pussy got exposed to me. With shy she closed her face with both of her hand. I removed her hands and placed a sweet short kiss. Pussy was cleanly shaved. I started massaging her pussy slowly with my fingers. After some massaging her pussy became wet. I inserted my forefinger deep inside. She was moaning, ” Aaaaa! Ahhaaaa! Ahhaaa! Aauucchh! DUKHATA  HAI! MAT KARO!”. I said, ” Be patient. PEHALE  DUKHEGA. BADME  MAJA  AAYEGA.” When she got completely developed I  decided to move ahead. I pulled my underware down. She got afraid by seeing my fully developed penis.” She said, ” No Ronie. Don’t do this. Don’t put it in my pussy. PHAT  JAYEGI.”. I replied, ” MAT DARO. KUCH NAHI HOGA. I will not do anything that will hurt you. Trust me.” I coat the condom on my penis. I laid her on the bed facing the ceiling. Lifts her both legs with my hands. Sat in front of her buttocks on my knees. Spread her legs apart. Told her to hold my penis in her hand and guide it in her pussy. She put the penis on the hole. I gave a strong jerk. She cried, ” MAR  GAYI!  RONIE  MUJHE  JANE DO. MAI  MAR  JAWOOGI. BAHOT DUKH  RAHA  HAI.  PLEASE  MUJHE  JANE  DO.” I said’ ” THODA SABRA KARO.  This is your first time. MAI  TUMHE  YAKIN  DILATA  HUN  KI  TUMHE  BADA  MAJA  AAYEGA. Darling I don’t want to hurt you because I love you.” Her pussy started bleeding. I stopped with my penis inside for sometime to help her to recover from the pain. When she recovered she said, ” Ronie, I Love You.” I started stroking hardly. She was moaning loudly. Her boobs were jumping rhythmically.  After 20 to 25 strokes I cummed. I laid down on her body in the same position. After some time I removed my penis with condom full of cum. I put the condom in the dust bin and laid near her. She hugged me. She said, ” Ronie, AAJ  MUJHE  TUMNE  DUNIYAKI  SABSE  BADI  KHUSHI  DE  DI. Thank You. Darling you are my SEX GURU!”. I replied, ” Sweet Heart! anything for you.”. We got asleep.  

After this incident Rashmi has started calling me GURU in the college. When someone asks us for that we just look at each other and give a naughty laugh. After that incident I fucked Rashmi regularly in many positions at her flat, sometimes in college ladies bathrooms, at once in a bus and at once in jungle while our trip was on. In the absence of Rashmi I fuck her roommate Sakshi. Whenever I visit to Jaipur, I fuck my neighboring Aunty Manisha and my schoolmate Guari. Dear Friends please send me the feedbacks and your experiences at  This is my first letter to Doodhwali. I will continue to share my different experiences with you all.

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