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Bosses Bull Becoming His Master

  • desipapa
  • August 17, 2015

Hi all, , this is completely fiction, idea is to write erotica on different aspects of it, which helps the arousal around, mail me on for feedback, please respect girls, I do.

It was an usual office day, I started working in a manufacturing company as general manager, reporting to the owner, the md of the office, my boss was a very strict man, who expected lot from his employees, he was strict on schedule, money, he was an upright man, who made his empire on his own, he is close to 50 years old, though he was strict, I liked working under him, but due to his tempers, sometimes I hated him.

I had heard, boss is in his second marriage, and his wife is really a sexy piece of art, who was aged in her early twenties, I wondered how, thought money can bring in magic, and my boss had lots of it, one routine day, I entered the office lift, where I see is a very sexy women, rather a girl,wearing a revealing outfit in lift, I was amazed who she was, as it was a manufacturing company, most of the workers were male, and anyhow this sexy lady such a misfit here, I smiled at her, she smiled back, I complemented her dress, she blushed and thanked me.

The seating arrangements in my office is such that I sit next to my boss seat in his cabin, as I handle most of the job, its important to have a seat next to my boss, I see the same lady entering the boss cabin, I was still wondering, who this lady might be, though I didn’t ask her, some where I had a doubt, is this bosses wife, then I was in my gaurd, I ordered coffee to her, and was in immersed in my work, though I could see she was observing me, and I obviously liked the attention.

Come now, the boss entered the office, he gave a warm hug to this lady, and try to cheer her up, but the lady was clearly embarrassed, boss asked me to go out for sometime, I went, but could not resist the curiosity, who this lady was, so I went out closing the door, and stood behind my bosses cabin, there was a place I could see and here what was happening inside the office, and what I saw shocked me.

So this lady was the boss wife named sahana, she was a sexy siren, her body was as fresh as dream, she oozed attitude, with such charm, I wondered how lucky my boss is, to have such a wife, in his age, that also made me jealous, now I see a marked difference in my bosses behavior, she is sitting in my bosses chair, and he sitting opposite her, she was abusing him in bad language and he was just listening to this quietly with folded hands, she started smoking, and boss brought her ashtray, now I realised, something was a miss, she asked for a lakh, he gave her without talking, and she said something very slowly, which made my boss in tears and begging her not to do this to him, she gave a tight slap and asked her to obey him, or else she leaves him by telling the world his secret.

Now, I get a call from my boss, to come to his cabin, I enter in, she is still sitting, and my boss is standing, he asks me to sit down, I hesitate a bit but then I sit, he was hesitating to speak then sahana said, would he tell, or she would only ask, now my boss goes on his knees and begs me to give her wife a good fuck, as he is not capable to satisfy her, and she has liked me, and he is ready to give me anything I ask. I was shocked to here, now sahana comes in and sits in my lap, and tells, don’t worry darling, what all he is telling is true, he wanted to marry me to show off, and I married him only for his money, I knew at outset this moron could not satisfy me, I am sleeping around for last 2 years, the minute I saw you I am bowled over, I want you, I want you now, don’t worry about him, he is fit to be cuckolded and we both will jointly abuse him.

Wow, can life turn around like this, here I am, the sexy lady sitting in my lap, and the most powerfull man I thought till yesterday is begging me to fuck her, and telling me I would get any thing I want, sahana is such a peice of ass that I would give anything to fuck, so I digested the whole scenario, took the cigarette from her, took a long drag, and shouted, you moron, give me the ash tray, boss did not realise this at first, I held him by his hair and said that was for you bastard, he hurriedly went on and brought my ash tray, and gave to me, she gave one tight slap, and said call him your master, I pushed him aside and gave a long smooch to her, and thinking how life changes, from a normal employee to the master of my boss.

So I was invited to there palatial bungalow on the weekend, her car came and picked me, I enter the building, and saw the place, it was luxury at its best, the garage had the best cars, the garden was beautiful, totally my boss, no my slave lived king size, I entered the house, and was waiting for my slave and my slut, she called me to come to her bathroom, she was having a lavish bubble bath, and she was showing and teasing me her parts of body, sometimes her naked legs, sometime her midriff, I was going mad, and was ready to go in the tub, she said, no honey give me some time, will be there with me, and to have some patience, that was the only I didn’t have, she was master seductress and seducing me to the core.

I was sitting in the lobby, she comes in ever so slowly, with a sexy red bikini on, she comes sit next to me, I try to kiss her, she escapes, she is playing with me, knowing exactly my situation, she shouts for her husband, he comes in with a women costume, with loud make up, and a wig, he was hilarious to look, she asked me what I would drink, I said, your pussy juice first, she said, you naughty, that is yours but what else, I said whatever , she smiled and ordered drinks for both, he came with a tray of assorted drinks, I chose jack daniels , she chose a choice champagne, both were served, I was dying to kiss her.

She said, what do I want in return to fuck her, I said are you mad, let me fuck you honey, will think after this afterwards, then I realised, though she wants a good fuck from me, she also intends to humiliate her husband, I took her around my arms, droplets of her shower, making me go mad, and said, you moron, what will you give me, he said, anything master, I said beg me to fuck your wife, he murmured please fuck my wife, hearing this, she gave me a smooch, I realised you humiliate this shit, you get more sex, I asked 10 % of company, she said, oh honey, whole company is yours, I stared at him, he said yes 10 %.

I ordered him take a lipstick, and write on her ass, that this belongs to my master, he did it diligently, now I could see her clean shaven pussy, which was radiating, I asked her to give me a blow job, where he licked her pussy to get wet, she said, not required honey, its already drooling with wetness, I smiled and said, its an other way of submitting your rich husband, to accept his slavery, she gave me a nice blow job, bitch was experienced in this, he was licking her off, she was moaning at the same time, I pinched her nipples, she would say, pinch me harder, punish your bad girl, the game has started, by her teasing her first, now she is surrendered to me.

After that, I asked for a cowgirl position, she rides me very sexily, with such rhythm that it felt like heaven, I ask him to smell her ass, and lubricate it, she is in heaven, now was shouting, this is how you fuck a women asshole, learn from this, you fit for licking, lick my ass deep, she slapped him quite sometimes, I didn’t care a dam, this piece of ass was the best I had, and was thinking, bring it on.

After a long rauncy sex, I came in her pussy, both were exhausted, both were lying down, she ordered him to crawl and clean her pussy, from the mans sperms, he came in like hungry slave and cleaned willingly, she was both satisfied and relived by the sex, she orderd for the food to be served in our room.So we depart to one of the rooms, our slave came in with food, I ordered for a drink, she was smoking, she made me eat from her hand, pampering me thoroughly, I teased her, she teased me, it was like newly weds having there romance, slave was standing in the corner, very near to tears, I must say I also enjoyed this thoroughly.

We were in deep sleep, slave entered room with a phone call, she slapped him, telling, cant he understand we are sleeping, he said its swatis call, then she spoke something, and ordered to switch on the big lcd in her room, she connected a video chat call to her tv, and woke me up, and what do I see, an even younger and sexier girl, having steamy sex with 2 old men I thought this was some porn she has put, this hot chick in school uniform is submitting her to 2 old men, and they are fucking her balls out, we were really aroused, after an hour ,she came to call, and started abusing slave with choicest abuses, I didn’t understand anything,

Then sahana told that she was his daughter with his fist wife, she was a bigger whore, who liked older men specially and would like to show her father such a whore she is, she made him see live sex of her, I cheekily said, so I miss a chance as she only likes old men, swati flirtingly said, don’t worry stud, ill do anything to humiliate this slave, tomorrow I will be there, we will have a orgy and humiliate the worthless fellow thoroughly.

I was amazed at turn of events, tomorrow I will have two sluts, sexy one and both willing to surrender, I shunt our slave out and wait by the door, and started fucking sahana with all my might, but I must say, I was imagining swati here, and imagining what all I could with her tomorrow, sahana was in heaven, and me I don’t know how to describe the bliss.

Await for the orgy with step mom and daughter, encourage me to write more by mailing me on for feedbacks, suggestions and appreciations,please respect girls, I do.

Bosses Bull Becoming His Master.