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Bombay To Bangalore

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

A big HI to everybody. this is a amazing site & one really gets stuck on to it. especially when a person likes to let his/her experiences out, this is the best place to be in. well to begin with, iam rajiv, 34now, 6.2 tall, well, v. handsome, fair, atheletic body. this is a 100p.c true incident of mine.there is no reason for me to hide anything or say anything more. this was my past and till date iam relishing it. so it goes this way…

I had a friend in our college group. her name is NEHA. not to exaggerate, if i say iam handsome, she is one of the most beautiful person one can ever come across. be it beauty, intelligence grace and what not. we were close friends & shared a v. healthy platonic relation. nothing more than holding hands & that too in fun.we also had a special liking towards e. other . we were the best looking in our group & our friends kept teasing us. eventually, as time passed, we both got married, had kids,etc. we were in touch once in 15/20 days, ie on was nearly 6yrs back, when we both were sharing our lifestyles, i said to her.. neha, i always liked you, but now iam loving you. i really love you as you are my very close friend and we have always shared our lives story.i told her whether or not you like my openness, we are and will continue to remain close friends forever. she asked me to meet her one evening. we both stay in bombay.

I met her & started meeting her once a week, in my car only in some secluded was a big risk we both were taking. finally she too said . i love you after about 3months. as i mentioned she is too good a person, we never did anything except holding hands. after having said ilove you, iimmediately kissed her on her lips & came back a bit to see her reaction. but she held me tight and started pushing her tounge deep inside my mouth. i relished it & we kissed for 15 minutes for the first time. after which kissing, necking etc.. contined for 3/4 months in the car only. I still remember the date, it was may holidays when she decided to go for a vacation with her kid to stay with her aunt in bangalore for a week. i thought this is the best oppurtunity to be near my ladylove. i excused myself at home & left for banglore on the pretext of a busiess visit. i stay put in taj. i had her aunts nos which she had given me so that i can call her from bombay at exactly 6 in evening.

I called her &told her that iam in bglore & she was so surprised that i could come all the way for her. i told her to meet me, she said its difficult as there were relatives, she had her children etc. but she assured that she would meet me only 1 day in the afternoon as she would go for some shopping alone at brigade road. that day 18th may, she called my hotel room and told me to be in lobby at exact 3.00 p.m. we both met. i took her to my room, nobody could even think of stopping us as we both are v v classy. as we entered we chatted for 20 she was sitting on a chair, i went behind her & put both my palms on her face i decided not to waste time as she had v less of it. & we both admitted that we wont do anything more than our usual kissing stuff.she closed her eyes as i rubbed my palms on her marvellous face. then i held her hand & made her sit on the bed so that we both can be comfortable. she was wearing a tight yellow top and tight blue jeans. we both lay down and started deep kissing for nearly 20mts. we both got excited & started hugging each other madly. what a figure she has, 35-24-36. i started rubbing her breasts even while my lips were moving vigoursly in her mouth. she now got too hot & asked me to take off her top, which i did & also removed her cream bra.what a sight.

Milk white boobs asking to be eaten up. without thinking what was down , i madly started sucking both of them one after the another. she kept on moaning heavily now. i had never ever before and till date sucked boobs for 30mts. now my hands went down & were rubbing her pussy over the jeans, to which i thought she might control & stop me. instead started thorwing herself up slowly each time i rubbed her. i sought her permission whether i can remove her jeans, she , with her closed eyes just nodded. i like a hungry man, took off her jeans & threw it on the chair.she was in her classy frilled tiny black panties.i have all these yrs. loved her legs, adored them. now they were infront of me, like white marble. i bent down & began sucking her thighs above her knees, my one hand caressing her face.

I was so wild that the next day she told me that her inner thighs had turned blue & that was confirmed the next day. she now told me to come up & kiss her lips. they were inviting me & now she began biting my lips & sucking my lips state of excitment i slid my hand in her panty suddenly& put my first finger in her cunt. she went crazy, & raised her hips. i like a gentleman asked her.. can i remove your panties? with closed eyes she moved her head up & down which i still remember. i took off her panties & saw a beautiful pussy with trimmed hair. she was, she still is a class yaar. i continued my sucking to her pusssy lips & her moans making me mad.i took off my jeans & undies & flung them. we were rolling on the dunlop bed now with our legs entwind inbetween.she herself took my dick & started to shake it. i know iam not big, but huge. i was waiting for her to say. when i asked her to take it in her mouth ,she said i would have but its very big yaar. i asked her to try it atleast which she did. now she was not letting it out, it was like relief for me as my huge dick was burning. it had become hot red iron.jokingly she said, your dick can make a hole in the bed. i have never seen anything like it before.she took my dick out and climbed up on me. she said i want it in me fully. she guided me in fully and began moving herself.

She was wet. i just kept pressing her boobs & was having a gr8 time lying she stopped & it was my turn. i started giving her massive thrusts.she was gruntling heavily. i told her to save her energy as i come very late. after about 40 mts. of non stop fucking i told her that i may cum any minute. to be honest enough she said pleas dont cum in & i immediately withdrew & spurted like a shower on the bed. i had no problem as we both couldnt ask for more fun than this.we both dressed up & when she began putting her lipstick, i kissed her again for about 5 mts. i then dropped her outside her aunts house in my chauffer driven car.she was late but didnt mind as she too had a gr8 afternoon. even holding her hand all the while on the way gave me great feeling. again the next day we met at my hotel & had good fun in my room. we had lunch without our clothes & did everything except fucking.till date we both have excellent memories of our bangalore incident. any comments, most welcome

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